15 Side Effects Of Infrared Sauna

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Infrared Saunas Heat Core Body Temperature to About 150F

Infrared saunas are now quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to enjoy a relaxing sauna session.

While the traditional infrared sauna is heated by overhead or lower cabinet temperatures using a special infrared light source, newer saunas include a unique heating system which operates on natural infrared energy.

The heat from this infrared source heats the air surrounding the sauna and the user by convection.

This means that the sauna user does not need to worry about humidity, steam or electrical outlets.

Infrared saunas can be found in two basic forms.

The first is the core heat sauna, which has a built-in heater to maintain a constant internal body temperature for users.

This is the most common type of sauna available and is found in most gyms and public libraries.

The second type is the heat box style sauna, which features built in fans and digital controls to monitor the temperature.

When using either type of infrared sauna, it is important to follow any safety precautions that might come with the equipment.

Infrared sauna is considered safe for the most part, but in the article i will show you that the risks involved outweight the benefits.

Infrared Sauna Heat Therapy Penetrates Deeper Into Your Body to Give You the Deep Massage

Infrared saunas have been around for some time and they are a very popular addition to many homes.

People love being able to take a long relaxing bath in the comfort of their own home, but sometimes you want that feeling to extend to the sauna room as well.

If you are looking for a way to enjoy your sauna more, there is another option that can help you get the best possible experience from this wonderful new device.

Using infrared sauna heat therapy penetrates deeper into your body than traditional steam, giving you a much more relaxing and soothing experience.

Traditional steam saunas use large steam boilers that create the heat, but they also use a lot of energy.

Using infrared technology, infrared saunas allow you to enjoy the benefits of infrared heat without using as much of your energy.

You may not realize it at first, but using infrared sauna heat therapy can actually save you money on your heating bill, because it works faster and longer than traditional methods.

The infrared waves penetrate deeply into the body and can actually repair damaged tissue, unlike traditional heating methods which just reach the surface of the skin.

  • By penetrating down into the layers of the skin, the infrared sauna heat therapy works to improve circulation and remove toxins from your body.
  • It can also strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health. There are many other benefits of using infrared rays as well.
  • Not only can you enjoy a more relaxing, soothing bath, but using infrared can also increase blood flow, help to reduce stress, improve your sleep, and more.

How Infrared Sauna Heaters Can Help You to Detox

The skin and outer surface areas of the body are ideal places for penetration through infrared radiation.

Sweat glands produce lots of heat and the human body can not only absorb the energy but release it as well.

So the skin surface and even areas under the skin can absorb infrared radiation and release it as sweat. When we are in the sauna, our body increases its metabolic rate and burns more fat calories than before.

And this is where the infrared sauna heat penetrates detox through sweating through tiny pores.

One of the popular infrared sauna heat therapy benefits is detoxification through sweating through tiny pores.

The pores close up as heat is absorbed.

With the pores closed, the infrared energy passes through undamaged skin layers and blood vessels without heating up the surrounding area.

This is how infrared heat penetrates detox through sweating through pores.

It also increases the metabolic rate of the body and accelerates weight loss and muscle gain.

If you are a person with dry skin and flaky skin, you should consider infrared sauna therapy.

You may want to try infrared sauna therapy now to help you with your skin problems.

And also if you want to lose weight and keep the excess fat from forming in your abdomen and thighs, then infrared sauna therapy is also for you!

Negative Side Effects on Infrared Sauna Heat discomfort

The use of infrared sauna on heat discomfort has become a very popular alternative form of detoxification. In addition to its detoxifying abilities, it is said to be very beneficial in relieving stress, anxiety, insomnia and other negative side effects on your health.

A study conducted in Finland compared the effects of sitting in a traditional sauna room with infrared sauna treatment on a number of measures taken by a variety of participants.

The conclusion of the research was that there were no significant differences between the groups when it came to feeling better, more relaxed or sleeping better.

This means that with few negative side effects on heat discomfort, you can now enjoy the benefits of an alternative form of detoxification treatment.

Some negative side effects on heat discomfort that can occur are: dry mouth, dry or itchy skin and hair loss. It is best if you allow someone else to use the sauna room at night, if you have these negative side effects on heat discomfort then you may not be able to sleep at night.

If this happens you may be awakened by intense pain or discomfort in the morning.

If you do start to notice any strange symptoms such as an unexplained rash or hives, swelling or redness, then you should seek medical assistance.

The infrared sauna on heat discomfort has also been reported to create positive health benefits such as better blood circulation, increased energy, weight loss and better heart health.

This makes the sauna one of the most popular alternative therapies for today and past generations.

So next time you think about your health and what’s good for it try using an infrared sauna.

Negative Side Effects on Infrared Sauna on Hypertension

When you use an infrared sauna on your own, you are creating a powerful detoxification process which can help to improve and cure certain medical issues.

By detoxifying and repairing your body you will also find that you feel more energetic and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Some people believe that negative side effects on infrared sauna on hypertension occur because people who suffer from various ailments and diseases often neglect to exercise or eat properly.

However, this is not true. Many individuals who suffer from ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol have used infrared saunas to help them lose weight and feel healthier.

If you use an infrared sauna on your own to help treat various ailments, you may experience some negative side effects on infrared sauna on hypertension.

In fact, sometimes these negative side effects are not from the sauna at all but from simple lack of practice.

It is extremely important that you completely follow the instructions that come with your infrared sauna. If you do not follow the directions, you can potentially cause injury not only to yourself but to others who may be in your home as well. If you fail to follow the directions, you can wind up causing more damage than if you had simply begun exercising and eating correctly beforehand.

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Negative Side Effects on Infrared Sauna on Light-headedness

infrared sauna 2
  • The first negative side effect on infrared sauna on light-headedness is that it causes the skin to look puffy.

Some users have reported that the puffiness does go away as soon as they take a shower, but this only seems to be because the moisture content of the skin is greater after taking a shower.

You could try drying your hands and getting into the sauna a little earlier to let the water evaporate more quickly, but this might not get rid of the puffy look.

It’s hard to believe that drying the skin would make it less puffy, but it may be an effect of this heat source, which is also why we don’t usually see people getting very wet in saunas – they typically just take a shower.

  • The second of the negative side effects on infrared sauna on light-headedness is that it causes the skin to become dry.

Again, this seems to be a symptom of the dehydration that often occurs after a sauna session.

Some sauna enthusiasts report that this doesn’t happen with them, and that their skin looks just as dry when they get out of the sauna as it did when they were inside.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you’ll want to make sure that you drink enough water after your sauna session to replenish whatever fluid you may have lost from sweating.

  • Finally, one of the least pleasant negative side effects on infrared sauna on light-headedness is that it can cause your eyes to water.

Again, this effect may be due to the heat, but it may also be due to residual moisture from your skin.

Either way, it’s annoying in a different way that you don’t want to deal with. If your eyes are dry, you won’t be able to focus on anything, and this can lead to poor vision.

Again, this isn’t necessarily a problem, but it is something to think about.

Negative Side Effects on Infrared Sauna Use on Transient Leg Pain

There have been studies conducted by health professionals that showed that negative side effects on infrared sauna use can occur if you are not used to the sauna and do not acclimate yourself to the heat and pressure that are associated with it.

Some of the negative side effects on infrared sauna use that have been reported in reports include dry mouth, wooziness, cold sweat, dizziness, a pounding heart, nausea, diarrhea, and cramps.

In many cases, individuals that are experiencing negative side effects on infrared sauna use are not informed about their illness and do not make an appointment with their doctor as soon as possible.

The best way to avoid the negative side effects on infrared sauna use that can cause discomfort is to know what is causing the discomfort.

Many people find that their discomfort is a result of an illness, such as mononucleosis.

Others experience discomfort from being overused and not acclimating themselves to the heat and pressure of the sauna.

Many individuals that do not visit their doctor when they first notice the discomfort from negative side effects on infrared sauna use find that this discomfort becomes chronic and can cause them significant problems that may affect their ability to function normally on a daily basis.

Negative Side Effects of Infrared Sauna Use On Airway Irritation

Many people do not realize that the reason why infrared saunas are popular is because of the many positive things that they can do to help people with airway irritation.

Airway irritation can be caused by many different things, such as colds, flu and allergies.

Infrared saunas are used in saunas that are used for relaxation and stress relief.

There are a lot of different benefits that a person can experience with infrared saunas, but there are also some negatives that can occur. Here is a look at how these negative side effects can occur with a particular style of infrared sauna.

The first negative side effect of an infrared sauna comes from the steam that is produced.

A sauna that is full of steam can cause steam inhalation which is very dangerous for those who have breathing difficulties or asthma.

It can also cause the nasal passages to become inflamed.

This will cause a person to have difficulty with clearing their sinuses and congestion problems can result.

This is why it is a good idea to limit the amount of steam that is created inside of a sauna.

Another one of the common negative side effects of an infrared sauna comes from, how it can affect the throat.

The steam from the sauna can get into the throat and cause irritation and even pain.

This can happen if the sauna user moves their head while using the sauna.

It is a good idea to keep the air in the sauna in the back of the throat and not to blow into it. This can help to avoid the negative side effects of an infrared sauna.

Possible Infertility Side Effects on Infrared Saunas

The use of an infrared sauna has been associated with positive health benefits.

These positive benefits include weight loss, reduction in blood pressure and blood sugar levels, improvement in the immune system, decreased risk for cancer, and improvement in overall well-being.

However, there are possible negative side effects on the use of infrared saunas, and these side effects are potentially serious and even life threatening if not appropriately addressed.

One of the most common negative side effects is on impairment of sperm count in men.

Sperm count is one of the main factors determining fertility in men, and impaired sperm count can affect the ability of men to conceive and achieve successful family reproduction.

  • There are a few possible reasons why there may be negative side effects on the use of saunas for infertility treatment.
  • Infrared radiation cannot pass through the skin or hair of men.
  • So, there is no way that the heat from the sauna can reach the body.
  • Therefore, the man has to move his body about very quickly during the exposure in order to maximize the amount of time that he is exposed to the sauna.
  • Because of this, a man’s sperm count can actually be impaired while the exposure is taking place.
  • Other negative side effects on the use of infrared saunas for infertility treatment include pain and soreness.
  • These feelings may be caused by the increased temperature that is experienced by the body during the sauna session.

While this is generally not a serious problem, discomfort is not recommended during treatment as the sauna session should only take a few minutes.

Negative Side Effects of Infrared Sauna Use on Dehydration

The negative side effects on dehydration are often considered a non-issue with this type of sauna, as infrared heat does not raise core body temperatures.

This heating process is believed to help reduce fluid retention, which leads to the unwanted issue of water retention.

However, there is still some debate on the negative side effects of infrared sauna use on dehydration.

In clinical studies, it was found that patients who suffered from the negative side effects of using an infrared sauna were at a much higher risk for developing hyponatremia than those who did not have this type of sauna use.

  • Hyponatremia is a condition where the patient has too low levels of water in their body, leading to death.
  • The use of an infrared sauna could be the reason why more people develop hyponatremia during the course of using the sauna.
  • Another of the negative side effects of infrared sauna use is related to heart rate.
  • The infrared heat from the sauna causes a raised heart rate, which can cause the heart to beat at a faster rate and consequently cause fainting.
  • Some of these people may also use the sauna to relieve muscle tension, and as a result, they do develop joint pain or cramps in their body.
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These side effects of the negative side effects of infrared sauna use are all relative to each individual.

Negative Side Effects on Infrared Sauna on Heat Stroke

If you’ve read about the negative side effects on infrared sauna, you may be wondering if there are any. There really aren’t any known negative side effects on infrared sauna on heat stroke or brain tumours.

Infrared saunas do cause your blood pressure to increase because the heat increases the circulation and you’ll start to sweat more.

People who have high blood pressure will probably need to talk to their doctor before taking an infrared sauna as they could potentially have some health problems with the extra sweat.

But the main negative side effects on the heat stroke are simply that – negative side effects.

The sauna will make you feel dehydrated, and you’ll get those itchy dry patches on your skin.

This is actually why people who are severely dehydrated often feel very uncomfortable.

The dryness is a side effect of the dehydration and it will soon go away. You will also be more prone to getting bacteria infections because your skin will get extremely hot and you might even develop a rash.

However, the most severe of the negative side effects on infrared sauna on heat stroke is kidney failure.

If you’ve been drinking lots of caffeine or other diuretic drinks, this could spell disaster.

Caffeine speeds up your heart rate and causes a lot of water to be lost through the urine.

This means that the amount of fluids you are drinking will be very low, which in turn will lower your urine concentration, causing your kidneys to work much harder to remove the sodium from your system.

This can lead to kidney failure, so you definitely want to lower your intake of caffeine if you’re going to use a sauna.

The Truth About Negative Side Effects on Infrared Sauna on Low Blood Pressure

There are some very interesting facts that need to be uncovered concerning the negative side effects on low blood pressure that can occur from using infrared saunas.

Most people don’t realize that the infrared spectrum that is used in this type of sauna has a very high absorption level.

This is why most saunas have such an effective affect on increasing the blood flow and circulation throughout the entire body.

Unfortunately, this also increases the level of chemicals within the blood that causes negative side effects on low blood pressure.

  • The most common negative side effects on low pressure that can be found in most infrared sauna reviews is circulatory collapse.
  • This occurs when there is a breakdown of the walls of the blood vessels.
  • When this happens it causes a lack of oxygen and nutrients as well as negatively affects the immune system.
  • This can easily lead to strokes and heart attacks.

The other most common negative side effects on low blood pressure that can be discovered through reviews are changes in mental clarity and/or alertness and a feeling of fatigue.

A lack of energy and a heightened sensitivity to hot temperatures are also negative side effects on low pressure that you will frequently encounter in a traditional sauna session.

All of these things combine to form one overwhelming fact: an infrared sauna can be extremely dangerous if not properly used.

It is not recommended that anyone use a sauna without proper instruction and supervision from a trained and experienced individual.

Make sure you check out all of the information and research before you decide to take the plunge.

Negative Side Effects on Neuro Neurological Deficiencies Linked to Infrared Sauna Use

The negative side effects on neurological deficits of infrared saunas have long been debated.

There is much debate on whether or not a person will develop any negative side effects from using an infrared sauna.

Some researchers claim that it is impossible to develop any negative side effects from using an infrared sauna because the sauna room is so hot and doesn’t allow for most people to feel cold.

It also has the added benefit of being a totally steam environment, which helps produce fewer toxins during the sauna session.

Other researchers state that while they have not noticed a negative side effect on neurological deficits when using infrared saunas, it may be a matter of what you are using the sauna for. If you are using it for therapeutic purposes, then you might have no problem developing a negative side effect.

For instance, some people who use the sauna on a regular basis report feeling slightly tingling or warm in their hands and feet. This is commonly referred to as “soreness”. Another example is where some people feel numbness in their hands, feet or even their legs after having spent time in a sauna room.

This is sometimes described as “pins and needles” in that the sensation isn’t actually pain at all, but an uncomfortable sensation.

Many people feel that these types of negative side effects on neurological deficits are relatively harmless and don’t interfere with the enjoyment of the sauna.

On the other hand, there are those in the medical community who believe that using the sauna can lead to negative side effects on neurological deficits.

These negative side effects can include things such as strokes, memory loss, vision problems, anxiety, depression, and even cancer.

The good news is that many sauna facilities have been certified by the infrared sauna industry’s largest and most trusted body, the World Health Organization (WHO), which assures that the sauna facilities taking their certification are operating safely and responsibly.

The WHO also reminds sauna owners and consumers to seek medical attention immediately if you feel ill or depressed from using an infrared sauna. It is far better to err on the side of caution than to risk your health and safety for something you may not need.

Negative Side Effects on Infrared Sauna on Pregnancy

There are many negative side effects on pregnancy that you should know about before you decide to start using an infrared sauna.

One thing that you will always want to remember is to stay away from dehydration.

Because the infrared sauna will generate very high temperatures and cause your body to sweat, it can actually help you stay hydrated better than if you were just lying in bed or something similar.

Another one of the negative side effects on pregnancy that you will want to be aware of is that you may develop some sort of infection in your uterus.

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This is a particularly serious problem because this is what can be causing you to have major cramping, bleeding, and pain.

You will often see that during a typical sauna session, you will be seeing this type of discharge coming out, and although it can be uncomfortable, it is not harmful in any way.

The discharge itself is made up of salts and minerals that your body is trying to rid itself of.

As for the other things that you will want to avoid doing while using an infrared sauna, one of them is doing anything that can possibly make you dizzy.

This includes standing up too quickly, or even just leaning forward to reach something.

Something else that you should not do is drinking any water while you are inside of the sauna.

This can be dangerous because the level of humidity that is being generated in the sauna could cause you to become dehydrated and pass out from the lack of water in your system.

This is one of the most common negative side effects on infrared sauna on pregnancy that you will want to avoid at all costs!

Negative Side Effects on Infrared Sauna on Older Users

It is a well known fact that when we use infrared sauna it can help us to sweat more and we also feel much better.

This is the reason why elderly people use this kind of sauna, but in order for them to have a good experience, it means that they need to be careful with how they use the sauna.

One of the negative side effects on infrared sauna on older users is the fact that they can experience dizziness and lightheadedness if there are too many negative ions in the air when they are using the sauna.

Elderly users also tend to look forward to the time when they can enjoy their next visit to the sauna cabin because it gives them a sense of comfort and a chance to de-stress.

But as they age, this process of getting rid of their mental stress becomes slower and they might find that their skin and the way that they can feel their body heat slows down too.

But what can be done to help them deal with these negative side effects on infrared sauna on older users?

The first thing that they can do is to slow down the pace of the infrared sauna.

Instead of using it as a means of relaxing and de-stressing, it would be more sensible for them to use it only every now and then to help them refresh themselves.

This will allow them to gradually build up the toxins and the acids in their blood streams so that the effects of dizziness and lightheadedness will not be as apparent.

It is always advisable for them to take breaks every once in a while, even if they feel fine.

If these things do not work, then it might be best for them to take medication. The only drug that is generally prescribed for older users who experience negative side effects from infrared sauna is anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin.

These will help make the blood vessels in the body to relax so that there would be less pressure in the veins.

This way, the veins would not be as susceptible to the build-up of acids and toxins in the blood.

This could make the sauna session a lot more enjoyable for them instead of turning it into a painful ordeal. Taking medications like these will also help older users prevent such problems in the future.

Negative Side Effects of Infrared Sauna on Your Protection and Healing System

If you are not familiar with the negative side effects of infrared saunas, then let me tell you a little bit about them. There is a direct relation between the intensity and the duration of heat exposure and the potential for injury.

The human body is extremely adaptable and its internal mechanisms are extremely complex; however, the internal mechanisms of any sauna are essentially the same as well.

Infrared radiation is absorbed and then reflected, both through the skin and through your hair, and the heat then causes a change in the skin’s pigmentation, changes that are temporary or permanent depending on the result of the treatment.

Some people can take to the sauna fairly easily, some people are more uncomfortable than others.

Your age, health and previous medical history can all have an impact on how easy you are to be a successful sauna user.

Those who are less flexible will have to work harder at their bodies to achieve the same benefits as those who are more flexible.

  • One negative side effects of the sauna on the immune system is the potential for your immune system to become compromised.
  • This is normally caused by the presence of toxins in your body.
  • You may be taking drugs for a myriad of ailments and be suffering from other problems that can cause inflammation of the joints and over secretion of mucus in your nose.

When your internal mechanisms are compromised, you are more likely to be open to infections than those who are healthier.

One negative side effects of the sauna on the immune system that I did not think much about until recently was the presence of mold spores in the steam.

You can hardly smell them, but they do exist and can cause serious health issues if you are exposed to them for prolonged periods of time.

The Effect Of Negative Side Effects On Unhealed Wounds

When it comes to infrared saunas, one of the most commonly asked questions concerns side effects to negative side effects on unhealed or otherwise damaged skin.

Some common ailments that can cause negative side effects on infrared saunas are based on the types of negative side effects that can occur when the sauna user is not adequately treated following a sauna session.

The most common of these is dry skin, often due to not being properly treated and hydrated following a sauna session.

Another common ailment that can be caused by the use of an infrared sauna comes from post inflammation that can come from either minor or serious injury, leading to an increased level of pain and tenderness that is often associated with such injuries.

Negative effects to negative side effects on unhealed wounds can be easily avoided through proper treatment.

Negative Side Effects on Infrared Sauna on Heart Conditions

One of the most commonly asked questions about the infrared sauna is, “Is there negative side effects on heart conditions?” The answer to this question is yes.

It is very important for the person that will be using the sauna to educate themselves on the safety features and benefits of the sauna.

Some people do not feel comfortable with the heat in the sauna. They feel more comfortable with the heating elements that are located outside of the sauna.

If you have a heart condition or have a history of heart disease, you should contact your doctor before starting to use an infrared sauna.

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