Top 4 Infrared Hair Laser Comb and Helmets Reviews

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Top 4 Infrared Hair Laser Comb and Helmets Reviews

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Can you really grow hair using infrared light therapy?

The answer I can give you is that it is not for everyone. The Infrared laser hair comb will work for people who still have hair follicles in their scalp.

People who do not have hair follicles will not work from this very effective, non-invasive and natural treatment.

The Infrared hair laser comb is a very practical and cost-efficient method.

Is there a scientific study done on using Infrared light for hair growth?

There was a scientific study which was conducted using Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) for hair growth. The study consisted of 28 males and 7 females patients. The patients were given a HairMax LaserComb 655nm.

This is to be used at home for the duration of six months with 5 to 10 minutes every other day. The study showed is very promising and it showed an increase in mean terminal hair density. There was an overall hair regeneration, slowing of hair loss, thickening of hair, good hair scalp and great hair shine.

In this study, they also use an LLLT Infrared Helmet combining 650nm laser with 630 and 660 nm LEDs. Findings again with a study by Avram and Rogers had an increased hair count and shaft diameter.

Since there is a shred of compelling evidence that the LaserComb and Infrared Helmet Hair Growth works then I will review the devices for hair growth.

Do you think Infrared Hair Laser Comb Will Save You Money?

Going to a hair growth clinic is very expensive and you have to endure the invasive treatments.

The price of a hair transplant generally ranges from $4,000 to $15,000. It is true that 10 to 80 percent of the transplanted hair will fully grow back in three to four months. The transplanted hair will thin over time.

Confusion over laser combs or laser helmets?

There is a lot of confusion about which product is better. Before you make a decision to buy, there are some considerations whether it will be a laser comb or a laser helmet.

Comb or Helmet?

Combs basically are very easy to use and less expensive compared to helmets. Combs require you to use it every day manually. Helmets, on the other hand, just plug and play. You just put it on your head and turn it on, but a bit more pricey.

People who do not have the luxury of time would, of course, opt for the Helmet. The helmet covers the entire head and the treatment will be equally distributed.

Shiny Head?

If you have bald is where there is not a single strand of hair and it is smooth and shiny then it means that there are no hair follicles. If there are no hair follicles in that area then it will be almost impossible for the LLLT (Low-Level Light Therapy ) to work. The bald area would then be better suited for an invasive treatment option.

Does the Infrared Laser Comb and Infrared Laser Helmet Have any known side effects?

The LLLT is very safe and is rest assured that you will have any burn on your scalp. The only side effect reported from a handful of users is the itchy scalp and negligible mild irritation. The laser comb and laser helmet are FDA-cleared and there are no problems and there is a built-in automatic shut off when the session is over.

What do you mean by FDA-Cleared?

I have to mention that the laser comb and laser helmet are FDA-Cleared. The difference between FDA-Cleared and FDA Approved means that the FDA-Cleared means that the infrared therapy devices are not approved for proven results. We have to respect the FDA decision since this is a virtually new technology and needed more time for research and study.

I have mentioned previously that there was a study made on using Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) for hair growth. The study consisted of 28 males and 7 females patients. The patients were given a HairMax LaserComb 655nm. The results were concluded to increase hair count and shaft diameter.

Are Infrared laser combs and laser helmets expensive?

LLLT combs and helmets are not cheap and disposable. You have to consider your priorities. If more hair is your concern then you definitely have to try it out and it is backed by scientific study and research that it works as mentioned above.

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Buying the LLLT combs and helmets is definitely cheaper than going to for an invasive hair transplant which will cost you around $4,000 to $15,000 depending on the severity and condition of your baldness.

Top 4 Infrared Hair Laser Comb and Helmets Reviews

Hairmax Ultima 9 Lasercomb

hairmax ultima 9 classic laser comb

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Hairmax was founded about 20 years ago. Hairmax has created a product line of LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy ) devices that utilizes infrared as a safe and effective way to treat hair loss.

There was a 26-week trial on the actual use of Hairmax LaserComb by 110 patients. The treatment group was concluded with a greater hair density and it is well tolerated without any side effects. This device actually had hair growth as a result of this study.

Hairmax utilizes a process which can be compared as photosynthesis in plants. This process is termed as Photo-Biostimulation. The Hairmax LaserComb 655nm, 20 seconds daily, 3 times a week for 6 weeks showed the best results when there was evident hair growth.

This photo-bio stimulation uses infrared light to the scalp stimulating hair growth just like photosynthesis analogy to plants. This biostimulation extends the growth phase of hair (anagen).

What is anagen?

Anagen is the active growth phase of hair follicles when the root of the hair is dividing rapidly which is adding to the hair shaft. It is during this growth phase that the hair grows about 1cm every 28 days.

The Hairmax Ultima 9 consists of 9 medical-grade lasers. It is completely safe and FDA-cleared. It is very safe and will not burn your scalp.

The Hairmax Ultima 9 laser comb comes with the following:

  • 9 medical grade lasers
  • cordless and lightweight
  • exclusive hair parting teeth
  • designed for full scalp treatment
  • 11 minute treatment time

Laser stimulation increases the blood flow to the hair follicle cells this will dilate the blood vessels underneath your scalp to promote hair growth.

Therapeutic infrared light emit energy that increases blood flow in the scalp. Once the scalp is energized by the increased blood flow the hair follicles will grow back to its original thickness.


  • FDA-Approved for safety
  • Improves Blood circulation to Scalp
  • Encourages the growth phase to hair follicles


A handful of users cause minor irritation and itching

Bottom Line

HairMax is a leader in most laser comb reviews and they have been in the business for 20 years. There is already a scientific study that was done using the HairMax and clearly that infrared laser combs and laser helmets work.


NutraStim hair laser comb

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The Nutrastim is an FDA-cleared comb that utilizes 12 medical grade low-level lasers to encourage blood circulation on the scalp and help in hair growth from the root.

There are three main features on this product:

  • FDA-Cleared – The Nutrastim Laser Comb helps to stimulate the hair follicles on the approved FDA-cleared low-level laser technology. Convenient home use for loss of hair and thinning for both men and women.
  • Grow Healthier Hair, Fuller, & Thicker – This product will restore to your hair to its natural looking former hair volume and thickness. This uses 12 low-level laser lasers to stimulate hair growth on regular use.
  • Easy to Use – This device is very easy to use and it is recommended about 3 times a week for 8 minutes. Users will be able to see results after using it for 4 months and will see the desired results in 6 months.
  • Lightweight and Cordless – It comes with a charging base, universal AC adapter, instruction manual, and a warranty card. Nutrastim is designed and assembled in the USA.
  • Money Back Guarantee – Nutrastim guarantee behind its product. If you are not happy and not 100% satisfied, you can return it within 6 months.

Comes with the following:

  • Nutrastim Laser Hair Comb
  • Charging Base
  • Universal AC Adapter
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card


There are clinical studies that the infrared laser comb will encourage hair growth. Regular use of this product three times a week for 8 minutes per session in a period of 4 months will generally see results and 6 months will see significant improvement.

Keep in mind that this is non-invasive vs going to a hair clinic which will cost you a minimum of $4,000 for hair transplant.

This product is safe for everyone that is 18 years and older. People who do not have any visible hair follicles will not be able to use this product.

Before And After

before and after hair treatment pictures


  • FDA-Approved for safety
  • Well-Designed
  • Convenient
  • Cordless
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Bottom Line

NutraStim’s Laser comb is safe and easy to use. It is used for growing fuller and thicker hair when used regularly. It is one of the best laser combs that have a well-thought design.

If you are looking forward to purchasing a new hairbrush, you shouldn?t just settle down with an ordinary one. Instead, you are strongly encouraged to go ahead with an infrared massaging hair brush.

It can provide you with the opportunity to experience numerous benefits.

In fact, the infrared brush that you use has got the ability to stimulate the hair follicles and provide you with a relaxing effect.

It can also provide a gentle head massage while you are brushing. Moreover, the infrared massaging hair brush can promote the circulation of blood within your scalp, while stimulating hair follicles.

Therefore, you will be able to ensure the overall well being of your hair and promote its growth.


Irestore laser helmet

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This is a cool product because it is virtually hands-free. iRestore is an FDA-cleared medical device that is clinically proven to stimulate hair follicles to grow denser and full-bodied hair.

The iRestore uses low laser therapy which is non-invasive, very safe to used to restore receding hairline, balding and thinning hair.


There was a conducted study by the manufacturer iRestore to determine if users will eventually grow back thicker hair. The results were astounding and 100% of the users actually showed visibly hair growth with an average increased of 43.2%.

The protocol which was conducted by Dr. Adam Bodian was participated by 40 men and women within a 16-week time frame. The results again were 43% increase in hair growth in the 4 months period.


  • The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System utilizes around 51 medical laser and LEDs using its propriety infrared light therapy system to restore the health of the hair follicles by increasing the blood circulation on the scalp. It reactivates the hair follicles by increasing blood circulation increasing its metabolism to stimulate hair growth.
  • To enhance the hair growth and restoration of healthy hair follicles, you can use it in conjunction with Minoxidil and serum for hair loss. But of course, iRestore works on its own without any added chemical which might cause some side effects.
  • iRestore is absolutely drug-free and there are no side effects and its safe which I mentioned FDA-cleared.

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is applied topically and is used for the treatment of hair loss. This Minoxidil, when applied to the scalp, widens the blood vessels around the hair follicles.

With this in mind, the blood vessels will be able to have more oxygen, free flow blood without restrictions, and nutrients to the hair follicles. This will actually cause the follicles to shed and replaced by thicker hairs in the next phase.

iRestore is a very comfortable and lightweight helmet dome-shaped device that houses medical grade infrared low-level light. There is a headband that snugs and keeps it secure during your therapy sessions. Of course, there are soft cushions underneath the helmet to ensure comfort.

Operation of the device is very easy and comes with a handheld controller that starts and stops at predetermined timed sessions. The controller even comes with a small backlit display and the timer. Usually, the LEDs automatically shuts off after 25 minutes.

The unit includes an AC Adapter which removes the worry of charging batteries.

Can you use it daily?

iRestore is safe to be used on a daily basis with 25 minutes sessions. Do not stare directly into the laser light because it might damage your eyes. Everything must be dry when using the device including your hair. You to make sure that the device is from a safe distance on areas where it is always wet.

Take precautionary measures to keep the iRestore away from young children and pets.

iRestore can be used for men and women who wanted healthy and thick hair. As mentioned on the manufacturer’s clinical studies, it noted that at least two to six months of regular use will have desired results.


Easy to use


Comfortable and convenient


Results are not instant

Bottom Line

The manufacturer has clinical research and it proves that this contraption works. It is FDA-cleared and it very safe method without the side effects when using prescription drugs. This product is safe to use in conjunction with Minoxidil, serum shampoos, topical creams, and pills.

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Infrared therapy is absolutely safe and natural.


theradome pro LH80

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Laser hair regrowth treatment using infrared low-level light therapy is very effective and the best non-invasive way for hair loss. The Theradome helmet does not require you to take prescriptions with side effects. It is very safe, lightweight, easy to use and cordless.

Theradome has 80 medical grade lasers within the helmet confines. It is the best technology as compared to the other hair growth systems.

Hair rejuvenation such as Bosley Hair Club even endorsed Theradome Helmet.

Bosley Hair Club Endorsement

Founded by L. Lee Bosley in 1974 and in business for more than 40 years. Bosley provides a variety of medical procedures for hair loss.

They are the pioneering hair transplant procedure which takes about a day to perform. The doctors have at least 10 years of experience doing hair restoration techniques.

Bosely fully endorses using the low-level laser therapy which is non-invasive and very safe and Theradome is specifically mentioned as their approved product.


  • A lifetime of Treatments – If you are pursuing hair growth treatments it will severely draining your financial resources. Hair transplants may cost a minimum of $4,000 to $10,000 depending on the severity of hair thinning, balding and the degree that needed hair transplant procedure.
  • Oral and prescription drugs that the clinic recommends that are to be taken every month is another added expense which you do not need for unwanted side effects.
  • Theradome is a one-time investment and you have 6,000 hours of treatment done at your own convenience.
  • One Button Function – Theradome is the most advanced infrared low-level light therapy treatment with 80 medical grade lasers and you simply have to push a button to have it work. It is extremely easy to use and without the mess of powered dangling cables. 20 minutes a day is all you need for achieving your desired results.

What makes Theradome different?

  • Engineered with 80 medical lasers optimized to stimulate hair follicles without generating heat
  • Maximum infrared laser hair treatment without generating heat thru its specially designed vents, it only generates less than 1 degree C heat on 20 minutes sessions
  • The infrared technology penetrates deeper by 5mm follicle depth for effective hair treatment
  • This device can be used for 18,000 treatments which are more than enough to fully restore your hair
  • The design of the Theradome covers all the scalp for best and evenly distribution of hair follicle treatment
  • Home treatment with zero side effects
  • Theradome is the lowest cost per laser hair growth treatment

Theradome 80 medical low-level laser lights penetrate the scalp at the depth of 3 – 5 nm and reach the end of the hair follicle. When the laser light travels to the root of the hair follicle will ensure blood circulation to induce hair growth.

This device is cordless (rechargeable batteries are included) which is a great plus providing you a greater range of movement. Theradome is a superb design with easy one-touch switch and equipped with foam that can fit different head sizes.

There is also a sensor that shows you when it is placed properly on your head. There is no problem when you use it in conjunction with Minoxidil.

It is mandatory that your head is completely dry. It is understood that everything is dry when operating electronics. It is recommended to use it for 18 to 26 weeks to get results.

One year manufacturer warranty is provided and Theradome is offering a 120-day money back guarantee.


  • 80 Medical Laser
  • Covers entire area of the scalp
  • Fits all head sizes
  • Cordless


Expensive compared to most infrared laser hair products

Bottom Line

This is top of the line infrared laser hair helmet. It has 80 medical grade lasers that cover the entire head. Cordless and very convenient. This is definitely a better option than $4,000 to $16,000 for a Hair Clinic undergoing an invasive treatment.


It clearly shows that the winner is Theradome even thou it is a bit tad expensive. Don’t forget that Theradome consists of 80 medical grade lasers and covers the whole scalp. Theradome was even endorsed by Bosley Hair Clinic.

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