Does red light therapy promote hair growth?

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Does red light therapy promote hair growth?

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Who doesn?t like to have a head full of hair? For this desire, gender no matter. Geographies no matter. Or for that matter, age is also no matter. The truth is – everyone would like to have their heads full of hair.

Generally, people perceive baldness as a kind of stigma cutting across boundaries. Be it in the USA, the UK, or in the far-away India or in any other country, people feel it shame having thin hair or baldness. Barring a few aged or a few others, many with this issue have low self-esteem.

There are many alternatives for hair regrowth in practice but are not effective

In order to cover up their bald patches, people are trying various methods.


Sensing this much-desired need, many hair transplantation centers have come up even in developing countries.

People who like to go for hair transplantation have to shell out huge amounts in getting their back.

They have to undergo surgery though it is done under local anesthesia. Before undergoing surgery, to be on the safer side, they also have to undergo some preliminary other tests.

Even after the surgery, they have to take extreme precautions to have the proper regrowth of hair. All these make hair transplantation tedious, expensive, and complicated too.

expensive hair transplant procedure

As an alternative to hair transplantation, there are many non-surgical hair restoring centers have sprung up. The advantage of this method is ? you can have hair on your head instantly.

You just have to spend an hour or two to get the hair back. However, the hair what have with this method is not original. However, compared to hair transplantation, it is a bit cheaper.

Some people who even use medicines such as minoxidil to get their hair back. There is another drug called Finasteride also being used for hair regrowth. There are some hair re-growing shampoos too are available promising minoxidil in it.

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However, all these methods proved not so effective. The desire for regrowth of hair seems endless.

There are multiple reasons for baldness

Be it male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness, your gene is the culprit for causing it. In the majority of the cases, baldness is hereditary. The chance of you becoming bald is more if somebody such as your grandfather or father has it. There are other reasons too for the incidence of this baldness.

Stress is one of these.

People experience more stress may get their hair receded.

Even before attaining 25 years of age, people working in high-pressure jobs are losing their hair these days. In some cases, even some illness or accidents are resulting in baldness. There are many reasons, in fact.

stress at work causes many ailments

Red Light Therapy is the best option for hair regrowth

red light therapy for hair loss

Red Light Therapy, which is called LLLT (short form for Low Level Laser Therapy) is a viable option for hair growth. It is not just a perfect alternative for the existing practices including hair transplantation or non-surgical hair restoration or minoxidil, etc. It is the right solution, in fact. It is safer too.

Both male and female can use it. It causes no pain, and compared to other existing methods, it is cheaper too. More than all these, ii has been approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Authority) too.

So, what is this Red Light Therapy?

As mentioned earlier, Red Light Therapy is known as LLLT. It is also known as soft laser or cold laser. As part of the Red Light Therapy, you will have to expose the bald area of your head to the red light using one of the available devices.

How does Red Light Therapy works?

When the head is exposed to red light, hair follicles absorb it and hair growth is stimulated. The red light will be absorbed by Cytochrome C (an intracellular enzyme) and then it stimulates the follicles. Once stimulated, the gene activity is promoted. Also, the death of the cells will be lowered.

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How can the Red Light Therapy be used?

It is simple. You can use it yourself. What you need to do is to go for a device.

These devices are available in the form of laser hair growth helmets (caps), bulbs, and handheld devices such as combs.

Using any of these devices, you can apply the red light to your scalp for just 10 minutes. That?s all. You no need to overuse it. You just have to apply it three times a week. You will get your hair back.

Here is a link to a very good red light therapy for hair loss product review.

However, you can?t expect the results instantly. You have to have patience. You can see the regrowth of your hair in 12 to 25 weeks. You will agree ? it is not a very long time. In some cases, it may take more time i.e. even up to one year depending upon the condition. But what is very important in the application of red light is ? you need to be consistent in using it. You should not give it a miss.

So, in a nutshell, the following are the advantages of Red Light Therapy:


First and foremost is ? it is painless.


It is safer and natural too.


Compared to the other form of hair regrowth methods, it is cheaper.


It doesn?t take much time.


Both, male and female can use it.

? You just have to spend a few minutes every day to use it.


It is easier to use.


No installation is required.


It is approved by the FDA.


You don?t need to undergo any surgery.


The hair growth is permanent.


You don?t need to take any medicines internally.

Is there any scientific evidence?

There are evidences that prove the efficacy of red light therapy. The scientific studies conducted on a group of people have proved that there was a significant improvement of hair regrowth after those people underwent red light therapy. It has been mentioned in a paper published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. Here is the link:

No potential risks

There are no potential risks with Red Light Therapy. So far, no studies have come out with any risks, negative effects, or pain associated with the use of this Red Light Therapy. What is paramount important here is ? you need to follow the manufacturer instructions and use it accordingly. That would suffice.

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So, Red Light Therapy is the go-to solution for hair regrowth.

To sum up

Baldness is a common phenomenon in many countries cutting across geographies.

It is more prevalent in men than in women. People with the family history of baldness are more prone to getting it. In order to conceal the bald patches, many practices or methods have sprung up.

These include hair transplantation, non-surgical hair restoration, wigs, and using medicines such as minoxidil, etc. However, nothing among these proved highly effective.

Hair transplantation is very expensive. People who undergo hair transplantation have to take many precautions to get the proper regrowth of hair. Though non-surgical hair restoration is instant, the hair what you have with it on your head is not original.

Now, finally, there is a solution in the form of Red Light Therapy, which is inexpensive, safer, and easier to use. The efficacy of this Red Light Therapy has been proven in multiple studies conducted on a group of people. It also has the approval of the FDA.

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