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Red Light Therapy at Planet Fitness -Fat Burning Session

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planet fitness infrared light therapy

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Red Light Therapy at Planet Fitness – Fat Burning Session


planet fitness red light therapy booth

(Picture above is copyrighted from Planet Fitness ) Image Credit: Planet Fitness

The red light therapy machine at Planet Fitness is gaining popularity among fitness fans. There are real reasons for such popularity; non-UV as well as near-infrared rays used in this machine to promote weight loss.

It also offers several other benefits along with lessening body fat. It is beneficial for stretch marks, improved skin with less cellulite, and several other imperfections. Yes, consistency is needed to get the quick and desired results. Now, the question is:

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy is a therapeutic technique that is used to treat skin problems like scars, wrinkles, and wounds by using red low-level wavelengths of light.

A few of the other names of red light therapy are soft laser therapy, low-level light therapy, biostimulation, cold laser therapy, photonic stimulation, low-power laser therapy, and photobiomodulation.


Scientists used red light therapy in the early 1990s for the growth of plants in space. It was found that LED’s intense light comes out to be helpful for the growth of plant cells.

led light on plants


After that, scientists studied it to be used in the medical field. Scientists are hopeful that the red light will be very effective while treating slow wound healing and muscle atrophy etc.

Scientists have conducted many labs, medical, and clinical studies to know about the effects or benefits of red light therapy in the medical field.

There are still people who look at its benefits as a controversy, despite noticing the promising results shown by infrared slimming massager and this amazing and innovative way of treatment.

infrared slimming massager results

Medical services centers say that further research is needed to determine the effectiveness of RLT. However, there are few insurance companies covering the use of RLT during cancer treatment to prevent oral mucositis.

Red Light Therapy – Types

Red light therapy has a few different types. These are as follows:

  • Red light beds can easily be seen at different salons. These are very helpful in reducing cosmetic skin issues. For example, wrinkles and stretch marks, etc.
  • While more serious problems and issues are treated with the red light therapy that you see in the setting of a medical office. These serious conditions include psoriasis, the side effects of chemotherapy, and slow-healing wounds.

Red Light Therapy – Working Process

Even after looking at the facts and data regarding the effectiveness of this therapy approach, it is still needed to learn about its working process. The simple method is used in Red light therapy at Planet Fitness. The working process of this therapy is as follows:

  • You step into the Planet Fitness red light machine which is an enclosed cabin. Red light therapy bulbs are all around you and you are onto a vibrating plate.
  • The whole body is targeted by non-UV light. Along the process, there is the facility of music to make it an enjoyable and pleasant experience.
  • What makes this approach unique is that a combination of red light therapy and vibrations are used. To stimulate circulation and muscle activity, both of these work together.
  • Additionally, there are four distinct programs that can be chosen on the machine. The red light therapy at Planet Fitness is not only suitable for beginners but also for professionals and experts.
  • The cells that store fat are targeted by red light therapy. It stimulates those cells to release the stored fat. It is an effective way to lose weight along with the varying levels of vibrations.
  • By using it daily along with the proper exercise and nutrition, it will definitely result in weight loss.

Red Light Therapy/Machine Benefits

Red light therapy has the following benefits which make it stand out uniquely over other forms of heat or UV radiation treatments:

  • Ø Red light therapy is one of the most convenient, cheap, and non-invasive methods to deal with weight loss issues as well as enhance the skin.
  • Ø The vibrating effect involved in this approach will definitely cause you to achieve steady weight loss. Additionally, more youthful skin will also be the result.
  • Ø For those suffering from too much weight, Planet Fitness owners have included extra room for Infrared treatments to do infrared therapy. So, it is a kind of infrared fat burning.
  • Ø If a person is suffering from a tanning bed, red light therapies are a much safer option. Tanning beds can really age your skin very quickly. This therapy will not only make your skin radiating but also firm.
  • Ø Tanning beds can also cause different allergies, especially for those with sensitive skin. So, just half an hour is enough with red light therapy.
  • Ø A therapy machine is an amazing tool for those lacking energy before starting a routine workout.
  • Ø The combination of red light therapy and vibration help the cells to release adenosine triphosphate which is a kind of energy created by cells. That is why even the toughest of work can be done or tackled after spending some time in the machine.
  • Ø Just as you get energy and increased physical performance before taking on any challenge, red light therapy can also help you after the completion of the work. It includes muscle recovery after exercise.
  • Ø Joint pains, as well as inflammation reduction, are some of its other benefits.
  • Ø The approach also improves sleep, which itself has to play a very important role during the healing process.
  • Ø To emit light at the desired wavelength, LED lights are used in red light therapy machines to avoid heat and also make devices energy-efficient.
  • Ø Additionally, LEDs are also environment-friendly as compared to the other fluorescent bulbs.
  • Ø Red light therapy has the potential to even out skin tone, repair sun damage, accelerate wound healing, reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines, and of course weight loss.
  • Ø It promotes tissue repair as well as the wound healing process.
  • Ø People having problems with hair growth and androgenic alopecia, red light therapy has shown improvements in the hair growth of such patients.
  • Ø This treatment is also found to be useful and effective for patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (short-term treatment).
  • Ø Helps with issues like slow-healing wounds (diabetic foot ulcers).
  • Ø Red light therapy is also useful in reducing psoriasis lesions.
  • Ø People with rheumatoid arthritis, face the problem of morning stiffness and pain. It provides short term relief from these problems.
  • Ø This treatment reduces the side effects of cancer treatments.
  • Ø Cold sores are prevented from recurring due to the herpes simplex virus infection.
  • Ø It is also found to be useful for those having pain in the Achilles tendons by relieving inflammation as well as pain.

What is the benefit of more energy before working out?

more energy in workout

The answer is quite simple. More energy before starting the workout will cause a more intense workout, which ultimately causes more weight loss.

When you have the extra energy necessary to increase the amount of time that you spend doing exercises, you can start seeing fat burning as well as muscle building results even more quickly.

Red Light Therapy Deserves a Try

The red light therapy machine is a kind of booth just like the tanning booth that is used typically. However, red light is pumped out from the bulbs of this red light therapy device, unlike the tanning booth. This is an approach which really deserves a try to see the results you get after having this therapy.

picture of light therapy booth at planet fitness

picture of light therapy booth at planet fitness

Red Light Therapy at Home – Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to get the benefits of red light therapy at home. In fact, in-house red light devices also save you time.

For example,

Led Red Light Therapy Device – Professional Strength Infrared Light Therapy is a device designed to provide clinical strength and potency to the user. These devices can easily be used at home. The only issue is that enough power is needed to give you the desired results by using the lights for 5 minutes daily.

Red Light Therapy vs UV Radiation Treatment

The red light therapy looks similar to UV radiation treatments. However, there are a few differences which are crucial. These are as follows:

  • Red light therapy devices (Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement machine) are a very efficient, non-invasive, and a very convenient way to lose weight. These innovative devices also produce better-looking skin. The red light therapy device doesn’t use UV rays which are dangerous. On the other hand, tanning beds use harmful UV rays and quickly age the skin.
  • There are certain allergies that can be caused by tanning beds. However, red light therapy has no such disadvantage.

Why avoid UV rays and choose red light therapy?

  • Scientists and researchers have done so much research and the results show that UV rays are extremely injurious. These rays become even more dangerous if the exposure to them is higher. The risk of melanoma is greatly increased, which is one of the most harmful forms of skin cancer.
  • Yes, Vitamin D is good normally but it is not more important than the risks of cancer. However, red light therapies can really give you everything without exposing you to potentially lethal side effects.
  • As we know, red light therapy doesn’t depend upon the UV rays. So, the mechanism of your body can easily be stimulated to lose fat without the fear of any side effects or damage.

Red Light Therapy at Planet Fitness – Customer review

The results and feedback given by users of red light therapy at Planet Fitness were very much the expected ones.

Most of the customers who used red light therapy at Planet Fitness recorded a continuous weight loss. There were people who reported a considerable weight loss within just one week of treatment.

Almost every user reported that they had certainly noticed their skin looking better within 2-3 days of using the red light therapy at Planet Fitness.

Considering these amazing results and feedback from the users, the red light therapy Planet Fitness is offering great benefits along with the money back guarantee to the users who have their memberships. So, it is a very cheap and cost-effective way to get the benefits of red light therapy without investing money in your own home device.

Red Light Therapy – Side Effects

Several people have reported blistering burns after receiving red light therapy treatment. A few people fell asleep with the unit in place, and as a result, burns developed.

A few other reports resulting in burns were developed due to corrosion on devices or broken wires. If the above-mentioned conditions are avoided, proper eye protection is ensured, and appropriate instructions are followed religiously, red light therapy is considered painless as well as a safe treatment.



The goal of weight loss can certainly be achieved with red light therapy at Planet Fitness.

This approach does that through a quick increase in the secretion of collagen by using a vibrating device. It is a body enhancement device that needs to be used a few times a day to get the desired results. Red light therapy has shown promising results in treating some skin issues.

After research and studies, it can easily be said that this therapy approach is a great tool to be added in your overall skin care routines.

The devices are available online to be purchased. However, it is always encouraging to consult with your doctor first before starting anything new. As a user, you have so much to gain and nothing to lose due to the money back guarantee at Planet Fitness. Even for those with very sensitive skin, the vibrating effect of the LED therapy device does make the whole process very relaxing and comfortable.

Just like the other techniques used in the red light therapy, there are questions and confusions about its use and efficiency.

However, by sticking to the usage rules and principles, awesome weight loss results can be achieved with this simpler approach to red light therapy and fat burning. Most importantly, these results remain for a longer period of time.

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