Does red light therapy burn fat?

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Does red light therapy burn fat?

weight reduction on face after doing infrared light therapy

Are you a person who is struggling hard to burn fat and lose weight?

Then you are strongly encouraged to take a look at red light therapy. It is one of the proven methods that you can follow to burn fat and lose weight with minimum hassle.

Why should you think about losing weight?

Plenty of reasons are available for people in today?s world to think about losing weight. Obesity is linked with a variety of negative health conditions. For example, it can increase your risk of getting diabetes and cholesterol. On the other hand, it can also increase your chances of ending up with fatal healthcare conditions such as diabetes.

A variety of methods are available for the people to burn fat. However, most of those methods are linked with inconveniences. Therefore, people don?t feel like going forward with those methods to burn fat and achieve their weight loss objectives. That?s where they can take a look at red light therapy.

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy is where a low powered red light is applied onto your skin through a specialized device. You will not be able to feel it and it is never a painful procedure.

That?s because red light therapy is not in a position to produce any heat. Red light that is given out by the red light therapy device will be absorbed into your skin.

infrared light therapy on skin
It can penetrate to around one to two inches of your skin as well. As a result, it can increase circulation of blood and deliver many other positive health benefits to you.

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How can red light therapy assist you to burn fat?

Now let?s get into the topic and figure out how red light therapy is in a position to help you with burning fat.

Red light that is applied to your skin is in a position to reduce oxidative stress. In the meantime, it can increase cellular energy production as well. Therefore, it can help your body to power itself in an effective manner.

Red light therapy is also in a position to go ahead and create an impact on adipocytes. Adipocytes are the cells in your body, which are responsible for the storage of fat. It would allow lipids to disperse. When you go through a red light therapy session, your body will wash away all the fat cells.

Red light therapy is also in a position to act in many other ways to affect your weight loss goals.

weight loss goal

For example, it can create a direct impact on your hunger levels. When you aren?t feeling hungry, you will be reducing the overall fat intake. As a result, you can make sure that you eliminate buildup of extra fat within your body. This is done by creating an impact on the leptin and ghrelin hormone levels, which are responsible for controlling your hunger.

How red light therapy can supplement fat burning initiatives?

Apart from helping you to burn fat and reduce the deposition of extra fat in the body directly, red light therapy is also in a position to supplement your fat burning initiatives in many different ways. Here is a list of some of the most prominent methods out of them.

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According to a study conducted back in 2011, it was identified that red light therapy is in a position to deliver amazing results with cellular reduction. For this study, a group of women who were aged in between 25 to 55 years were selected. They were divided into two groups. The first group of women were asked to go through red light therapy and treadmill exercises for a period of two weeks. However, other group of women were only asked to engage with treadmill exercises.

At the end of second week, researchers measured the changes in thigh circumferences of these women and they were able to figure out some amazing results. In fact, they noticed how the women who engaged with treadmill exercises along with red light therapy showed better results when compared to others.

Therefore, people who are concerned about body aesthetics are strongly encouraged to take a look at red light therapy.

One of the key objectives of losing weight is to contour your body and make yourself look better in front of the mirror. Then you can increase your confidence levels.

It can even assist you to wear your favorite clothes and visit places, such as beaches.

Red light therapy is in a position to help you with that. This is a completely non-invasive natural treatment option available for you to consider. Therefore, any person who wants to enhance appearance naturally can take a look at red light therapy and go ahead with it.

before and after red light therapy fat loss

From another research that was conducted by ?Lasers in Surgery Medicine? magazine, it was identified that red light therapy is in a position to contribute towards targeted fat loss. People who went through the experiment showed how they were able to reduce overall body circumference through the application of red light therapy.

  • – Tighter thighs and hips
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One of the best things about red light therapy is that it can provide a great assistance to you with obtaining tighter thighs and hips. This fact was proven from another study that was conducted back in 2013. According to the research, it was figured out that women who took part in the experiment were able to reduce the overall hip size by around 3 inches with long term red light therapy sessions.

Final Words

As you can see, red light therapy can provide great results for the people who want to lose weight. Therefore, all people who want to lose weight and burn fat can go ahead with it. You will be amazed with the results that you can get as well.

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