Does Red Light Therapy Make You Lose Weight?

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Does Red Light Therapy Make You Lose Weight?

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Are you planning to lose weight?

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We should always try to keep yourself physically fit. Keeping our body in shape make us more healthy. Additionally, it also helps prevent a lot of diseases. There are many ways to lose weight. One of the ways is to use red light therapy.

What is red light therapy?

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Red light therapy is the exposure of muscle and skin to the red light wave. Red light has a small wavelength. When it is released on living tissue, the tissue absorbs energy from the wave, increasing the natural healing and growth process. As a result, the process makes your body active.

In the past, red light therapy was used to grow plants in outer space. Later there have been many studies about red light therapy understanding its effects on the human body. From the result of the experiments, it was realized that red light therapy can boost medical science technology. One of the most important factors of red light therapy is that has no harmful effects. The process is natural, you will understand why, when you understand how it works.

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How Red light therapy works?

When applied with red light therapy, the red light waves enter the cells. Inside the nucleus of the cell, there are mitochondria. The mitochondria produce gains strength from the red light waves. In the body, mitochondria are responsible for producing energy and become activated.

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Now with the efficient energy-producing function of mitochondria, the body has more strength to repair, and grow. Giving the body, more energy to work and grow in the process.

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In addition to giving more strength and energy to your body, red light therapy also helps to reduce weight.

How does red light therapy make you lose weight?

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You know that red light therapy is able to give more energy to your cells. It does so my effect the mitochondria in your cells. But it also influences adipocytes. The adipocytes are the cells that store fat inside our body. When it absorbs energy from the red light, it breaks the fat molecules and spreads it across reducing fat from the body.

Why choose Red light therapy?

Red light therapy has lots of positive effects on the body. AparApart from that there is no side effects to the therapy, making it a suitable option.

Regular exercise with red light therapy is more effective Over the years there is research on how red light waves effect on obesity. In the experiment, two groups of obese people were prepared. One with regular exercise, and another with regular exercise and red light therapy. The result shows that the group with red light therapy proved to be more effective than regular exercise.

In a similar way, another experiment was carried out using placebo tablets.

Placebo tablets are neutral tablets, meaning they don’t have any effect on the body. This is done because sometimes human psychology tends to affect the body, using fake tablets the psychological affect of the patient can be reduced. However, the result remains the same. The group with red light therapy has reduced weight.

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Loose more look better

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Sometimes people try to lose weight not only for avoiding diseases but also for looking better. Red light therapy plays an important role in this area. When you are using red light therapy to lose weight, your thighs, and hips lose fat too, making you look better in the process.

Similarly, when you are taking red light therapy, your waistline reduces perfectly. You will look a lot better with red light therapy than only going for exercise. In a way, you can say that red light therapy shapes you up to look appealing.

Studies show that when red light therapy is used on someone, the weight loss takes place in circumference in several parts of the body.

Hence making you look better. Researchers believe that natural light releases fat in circumference in specific areas of the body. Namely, these are thighs, waistline, hips, etc. So, if you want to lose weight for better looks then red light therapy is a must choice.

A natural process with no side effects Many people want to lose weight badly. They are willing to spend a lot of money on this. There are many surgical process and therapies to remove fat from the body. But what makes red light therapy the optimal choice is that it is a natural process. There is no artificial chemical involved in the therapy. So, there are no harmful side effects of the process.

The only side effects there is, is the overheating of body parts. If the therapist is not careful while applying red light to the patient, there may be blisters and burns on the skin.

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Uses of red light therapy Since red light therapy has proven to have many benefits, there have been many experiments on the matter.

Red light therapy is used in many parts of medication such as:

1. It is used to remove scars

2. Used to treat cold infections

3. Promoting hair growth

4. Used in healing processes

5. Helps in relieving pain

6. Used in the treatment of psoriasis

7. It relieves HIV patients from the agony

8. Fights of carpal tunnel syndrome

9. Helps fighting rheumatoid arthritis

10. Reduces skin wrinkle

11. Improves complexion

In a way, red light therapy has made its way to treating people with so many problems. We can expect it to be the future of medical science.

Since it has no negative effects on the human body. It is one of the most wanted options to lose weight and improve health.

If you want to lose weight and if you want to stay in shape red light therapy is a great option. Add it up with your regular exercise, so you can lose weight.

Of course, if you sign up any place for red light therapy, make sure that you are contacting professional.

For, careless application of red light therapy can cause blisters and burns. And you don’t want that to happen. Hence, only contact a professional to apply red light therapy.

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