Red light therapy pros and cons

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Red light therapy pros and cons

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Red light therapy has received a lot of positive attention in the recent past. The amazing health benefits that come along with red light therapy have contributed heavily towards its popularity.

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy is all about applying a red colored light to your body through a low powered laser or a LED. When the red colored light is applied, cell level simulation will take place in your body. As a result, you will be provided with the opportunity to experience a large number of health benefits.

However, red light therapy is linked with some drawbacks as well. When you go through red light therapy pros and cons, you will be able to get a better understanding of it. We will let you know about the most prominent pros and cons that are linked with red light therapy.

Pros of red light therapy


If you are affected with joint stiffness or rheumatoid arthritis, red light therapy is one of the best options available out there to consider. That?s because the stiff joints are in a position to respond perfectly well to heat. In fact, you can use red light therapy to get better results to overcome stiff joints instead of heating pads. That?s because the heat generated by red light therapy will not cool down quickly. Therefore, you will be able to receive consistent results along with time.

Red light therapy can also heat up the joint response and internal tissues. Therefore, you will be able to receive effective results without experiencing surface heat. When you go through red light therapy, you will be able to make your joints more mobile and usable. Therefore, you can effectively keep away the stiffening from becoming worse. If you can make it a habit to subject your joints to red light therapy on a regular basis, you will be able to increase the mobility of them by around 30%.

It has also been identified that red light therapy can effectively enhance the production of collagen within your body. As a result, you can rebuild collagen. This can lead you to reducing the pain that you experience. It doesn?t lead you to any side effects when compared to the prescribed medications available to treat the same health condition.

With the help of red light therapy, you can easily enhance the circulation of blood as well. In other words, it can help you to enhance the way how blood vessels are working within your body. When the blood vessels are functioning well, you can easily allow blood to go through the body. Therefore, you can overcome all sorts of vascular illnesses that you will come across, such as clotting of blood.

  • – It can help you to recover from wounds quickly

If you have any wounds in the body, you can get the help of red light therapy to recover quickly. This is one of the most prominent pros associated with red light therapy. Your body has the natural ability to heal on its own. However, the healing process would be accelerated by stimulating the blood cells. On the other hand, the lymphatic system will be in a position to collect waste products efficiently and remove them from your body.

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The ability to recover from wounds is further supported with an improved circulation of blood. That?s because you can reduce swelling and minimize the chances of ending up with an infection. Moreover, red light therapy can help you to reduce the chances of ending up with scars after healing.

Most of the dermatologists out there in the world prefer to use red light therapy to treat the people with healing wounds because of the amazing health benefits that it can offer. The dermatologists also tend to use red light therapy to address skin rejuvenation, wrinkles, skin grafts and burn to heal. The dentists tend to use red light therapy to help you overcome cold sores and mouth sores, which take place around the mouth.

  • – It can boost your immunity

The ability of red light therapy to boost your immunity is impressive. If you want to reduce your chances of getting into illnesses, this is one of the best options available out there to consider. The ability to improve your immunity will be offered through boosting the circulation of blood.


You will be impressed to see how you are less likely to end up with common health conditions such as cold and flu. On the other hand, you can also receive great assistance with minimizing the chances of getting critical illnesses.

  • It can help you to overcome thyroid hormone related issues

Thyroid hormones play a major role in the overall functionality of your body. In other words, it is responsible for helping you to maintain energy levels and regulate metabolism. However, a considerable percentage of the world population is affected by thyroid hormone related issues. Within the United States, over 20 million individuals are affected by it.

When you expose your body to red light therapy, you can increase the natural ability of your body to boost the functionality of the thyroid gland. Therefore, your thyroid gland will not be affected by your immune system.

  • – It can help you to reduce pains

People who subject themselves to red light therapy have better chances of overcoming the pains that they go through. This is another side-benefit that you can receive with improved blood circulation.

Even if you are affected by pain associated with arthritis or inflammation, you can receive outstanding results with red light therapy. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to go ahead with it and receive the outstanding results that come on your way.

  • – It can help you to reduce muscle spasms and restless legs
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muscles spasms

Muscle cramps or spasms, along with restless legs can be extremely frustrating. They can even distract you from getting your work done on a daily basis. You will not even be able to get a good sleep at night because of this health condition. The main reason behind muscle spasms and restless legs is a reduced flow of blood. Therefore, you need to think about improving the circulation of blood within the body. That?s where red-light therapy can benefit you with. Then you can make sure that enough oxygen is transported within your body and you have a better chance to overcome muscle spasms and restless legs.

With the help of red light therapy, you can improve the flow of blood. Along with that, you will also be able to enhance the ability that your muscles have to relax Your muscles will not be contracted too much with red light therapy. If you can make it a habit to go through red light therapy on a regular basis, you can completely overcome getting muscle spasms. You will fall in love with the long lasting results that are offered to you.

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Any person who is affected with signs of premature aging will be able to try out red light therapy and receive positive results. In fact, red light therapy is being used for a variety of cosmetic purposes. You will be able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well as all other signs of aging in an effective manner. On the other hand, you can therapeutically treat wounds, scars, and loss of hair with red light therapy. It can also help you to overcome rosacea skin problems and severe acne.

When you go through red light therapy, you can easily boost the production of collagen in the skin. This can benefit your skin, hair and nails. Moreover, you will be led towards getting a better skin complexion. You can receive these results with reduced scales on your skin, and lesser number of wrinkles. Moreover, all people who go through red light therapy can stimulate the hair follicles to develop faster.

  • – It can contribute towards your energy levels and mood

Any person who is looking forward to enhancing the energy levels and the mood will be able to think about following red light therapy. You will be able to enhance energy in cellular levels. Therefore, you can effectively end up with outstanding results. The impact that red light therapy can create on your thyroid hormone production can also help you to receive outstanding results.

If you want to enjoy a better mood, red light therapy is a good option to consider. You can easily increase mental confidence and mental clarity with the support that you get out of red light therapy. It can also help you to enhance general positivity. With that, you can reduce anxiety and make sure that you experience a calm state of mind at all times.

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Cons of red light therapy

Some of the people who are exposed to red light therapy will have to experience short term side-effects. You need to be mindful about this as well. Red light therapy will be offered to you via a low powered laser or a LED. Hence, you don?t have to experience any negative effects. But the glare can trigger some minor effects to you, which you need to be mindful about.

For example, red light therapy can cause irritability, eye strain, and headaches. The glare that is triggered from red colored light is responsible for all these changes. You will notice that red colored light is too intense to your body. That?s the same reason why you will be subjected to these side effects as well. That?s why you should be careful not to wear at the source of light directly. Moreover, it is recommended to wear eye protection at all times, so that you can minimize or eliminate the chances of getting these side-effects.

  • One therapy session is not enough

When it comes to red light therapy, one therapy session is not enough to provide you with the results that you are expecting. You will have to go through multiple therapy sessions to receive all the positive results that come along with it. If you are visiting a professional therapist, this will make you end up with wasting a lot of money. Even if you purchase a red light therapy for your personal use, you will have to spend a considerable amount of time per week to go through the therapy sessions. Without going through these regular therapy sessions, you will not be able to get any positive results. That?s why it is called as a commitment that you should stick to.

  • – If you don?t continue, you cannot maintain results

Red light therapy is not in a position to induce any permanent results. You need to continue with the treatments in order to receive the positive results that are offered by it. This is another important factor that you need to be mindful about. In fact, it is more of a drawback linked with red light therapy because of the commitment that you have to maintain in the long run.

  • It is not for everyone

Pregnant ladies and people who have cancer should be mindful before they go ahead with red light therapy. Then they will be able to overcome any negative effects that may arise. On the other hand, people who are on certain medications should refrain from red light therapy. In all such instances, you can contact a healthcare professional and get useful information needed.

Final Words

Now you have a better overall understanding of the pros and cons linked with red light therapy. With that in mind, you are encouraged to make the decision on whether you are going forward with red light therapy or not.

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