Does red light therapy cause wrinkles?

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Does red light therapy cause wrinkles?


wrinkles on the face of the man

The answer to this question is a big NO.

Actually red light will clear wrinkles on your skin and you’d look younger than your actual age.

A lot of people usually doubt about how the red light therapy would clean up your wrinkles.

So that you get the whole truth about red light therapy issue, just sacrifice a few days every single week and attend a few sessions of red light therapy.

red light therapy used on skin

It’s obvious your skin will improve a lot and you’d look younger. In this article, we are going to help know how you can get wrinkles and how red light therapy will help you to reverse wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.

How do you evolve wrinkles and fine lines on your skin?

elderly woman

As you age, it’s obvious that you’ll lose your skin suppleness since your body would produce minimal collagen. Due to this reason, your skin won’t be capable to rebound to its original status. Some natural and exterior elements will chip in and you’d form wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.

You won’t have any control on natural factors such as your birth age and genes. Some day you’ll age and have those wrinkles and fine lines on your skin and you won’t be in a position to control time. It’s important that you’ll age in a graceful way and you’d focus more on the things that you can control.

Exterior factors are the ones that you’ll be capable to have control of. If you’ll not be careful, they would make you develop wrinkles and fine lines. These factors are poor dieting and lifestyle, smoking of cigarettes, subjection to severe skincare products and severe sun.

sun burn on skin which is not good

How would red light therapy reverse wrinkles and fine lines on your skin?

flawless skin

If you have wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, it’s good that you’ll start going for red light therapy sessions so that you reverse the situation.

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light therapy face mask

The red light therapy would enhance your cells to unleash Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). This will help to grow metabolism, cellular processes and would help your cells to regenerate. The exposure of red light therapy will repair, oxygenate, detoxify and provide essential nutrients to your skin.

Red light therapy will reverse wrinkles and fine lines on your skin by stimulating the circulation of blood and would also boost the evolvement of fresh capillaries.

blood vessel

Due to this, your skin will have more oxygen and nutrients and you’d have a healthy skin and it’ll radiate more. This therapy will help you to gain speedy glow that most people relate with healthier and younger skin.

Red therapy will also make your lymphatic system to be active even more and this would decrease swelling. When your lymphatic system has increased activity, it will remove unwanted wastes and fluids from the tissues of your skin. If you’ll succeed in the first session of red light therapy, you’d start to see immediate results.

Red light therapy also enhances the manufacture of fibroblasts and collagen. The two elements are the ones that will make you look young with time. When you have sufficient collagen, your skin will be supple, firm and full. However, when you’ll grow old, your skin won’t produce collagen and this is what makes aged people have fine lines and wrinkles on their skin. When you have more fibroblasts and collagen, they will:

· Decrease the size of your poles

· Smoothen wrinkles and fine lines

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· Better the texture of your skin

What are the anti-aging results of red light therapy?

before and after red light therapy

The anti-aging results of the red light therapy will be evident on your skin. The red light therapy will enhance the circulation of blood, the evolvement of fresh capillaries, manufacture of fibroblasts and collagen. This will make your skin to:

· Have an all-inclusive and smooth skin tone

· Minimize wrinkles and fine lines

· Lighten and pale scars and stretch marks

· Restore sun spoiled the skin

· Reduce redness, flushing and impaired capillaries

· Speeds the capacity of the skin to heal disfigurements

How can you get the red light therapy?


You can get the red light therapy at your local beauty salon, beauty spas, and dermatologist polyclinic.

The moment you’ll visit a beauty spa, expect to go through red light therapy on your entire body. This will eliminate skin aging and stretch marks on your skin.

The stretch marks won’t disappear on your skin with just one session of red light therapy. It’s good that you’d go through sequential treatments so that you’ll achieve and sustain anti-aging outcomes. However, this treatment doesn’t come cheap.

You can also do the red light therapy on your skin at the comfort of your home. You’d get a lot of devices today in the market that will guarantee similar anti-aging results as the skilled red light therapist.

You’d get today red light therapy devices that you’ll hold with your hands from distinctive brands.

A lot of individuals today prefer these devices. In just 5 minutes, you’ll undo fine lines and wrinkles from your skin and you’d have a youthful look.

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What do you need to do in red light therapy?

red light therapy device

Here is the link to AMAZON on the device above which is very affordable for eliminating fine lines on face, neck and reducing pores.

Mostly a lot of people will follow the manufacturer’s advice on the pack. However, this is what you’re required to do on the red light therapy.

1. Ensure to wash your face so that you’d eliminate dirt, oil, and grime from your face. This is very important so that the red light would penetrate through your skin so as to enhance cellular modifications.

2. So that you’ll attain positive results that you desire on your skin, you’d have to follow a specified period of time. This will depend on the products that you’d pick.

3. Various people will react distinctively to red light therapy. You’re not supposed to feel uncomfortable with this treatment since it’s painless.

4. There is no winter in light therapy and you’d apply moisturizer and serum after the therapy. You’d also apply makeup after finishing every session.

5. Red light therapy would improve the circulation of blood and provide essential nutrients on your skin. When you’ll either apply antioxidant or serum of highest quality, you’d increase the benefits you achieve in red light therapy.

light therapy to rid of wrinkles

There is also another product that is easier to use for total face wrinkle treatment. Here is the link to Amazon.


This article has answered some of your questions and hope you’ll sacrifice some of your time to go for this therapy.

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