Can You Wear Fitbit in Infrared Sauna?

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Wearing Fitbit Infrared Hot Yoga Leads to Damaged Components

Over the past few weeks I have been wearing the Fitbit Infrared Hot Yoga Left the Fitbit Charge 2.

I use the Fitbit Charge by Proactiv to help keep my weight down, and now I am seeing why.

I had two alarms on my wrist that were not working correctly. One of them would wake me up, when I had not moved my arm in an appropriate way, while the other one would constantly be wrong.

wearing fitbit infrared hot yoga left the fitbit Charge 2 damaged and not working

So, as soon as I started wearing the infrared hot yoga I decided to check the monitors. After about an hour and a half, both alarms began to reset themselves.

When I went to reset them I found out that the first one was incorrect. It should say that it is “off”, while the second one should say “on”.

Are Fitbit Devices Designed For Use In a Very Hot Infrared Sauna?

While the Fitbit was originally developed as a cardiovascular fitness machine, it has since developed so that it can also measure the user’s heart rate.

It is not advisable to use FitBit in very hot extreme heat and humid conditions. Electronic components will eventually fail.

Many people find this a useful way of keeping track of their fitness levels and have found that Fitbit can be quite accurate when doing so.

This is good news for those who do not necessarily need to measure their heart rate very often but can still benefit from it by being able to track the progress they are making in certain areas.

The Dangers Associated With Wearing Fitbit Inside Infrared Sauna

The Fitbit technology was originally developed to help track one’s heart rate.

But with the numerous health benefits that it can provide, a lot of people have been using it for other purposes as well such as in fitness centers and saunas.

For this very reason, it is not advisable wearing Fitbit inside infrared sauna or any other form of sauna for that matter. According to the manufacturers of Fitbit, the Fitbit infrared device cannot be used in extreme heat conditions since it is electronics in nature.

The FitBit is not designed to withstand high heat.

not advisable wearing fitbit inside infrared sauna

If you are wearing a Fitbit inside infrared sauna, there is a high chance that it will slowly erode the components inside the FitBit and will result into malfunction.

If you accidentally used FitBit inside a sauna, it normally does not pose any problems but continued usage inside the sauna will surely damaged it.

Will Wearing Fitbit Accessories Inside Sauna Will Melt the Plastic of FitBit?

If you are looking forward to using Fitbit technology to lose weight and to have healthier skin then the use of a Fitbit inside sauna can actually melt plastic components.

It is true that you need to use electricity to run the Fitbit system but the use of plastic as a conductor has many advantages over electric conductors.

These advantages include the fact that the resistance that is developed in the process of heating up the plastic will cause the plastic components that are used in the Fitbit system to break down at a much slower rate than the components made of other materials.

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wearing fitbit inside sauna will melt plastic components

This means that the rate at which the plastic components of the Fitbit inside the infrared sauna room melt will be much faster than the rate at which the plastic components of some other heat sources will expand and contract.

Will Wearing Fitbit Technology in You Sauna shorten Battery Life

Problems Wearing Fitbit Watches?

  • If you have tried Fitbit and had no success in your quest to lose weight, then it is most likely that your problems are with the Fitbit watches.
  • Fitbit watches are built with sophisticated algorithms that monitor your body’s movement and record your data.
  • After storing all of this information it will analyze your body data and recommend certain activities that will help you burn calories and lose weight.
  • Unfortunately, many people have problems wearing Fitbit because of the materials that were used to make the units.
  • While Fitbit makes advanced technology, there are still people who are having problems wearing their Fitbit units and are having trouble reaching the portions of their watch that display their information.
  • Fortunately, there is an easy way to fix these problems by following some simple steps that will help you fix your problems with Fitbit.
  • In order to fix the problem with Fitbit, it is important that you clean your Fitbit for at least once every week (I would recommend cleaning your Wearbit every single week if possible).
  • The reason I recommend cleaning your wearables is because dirt can cause your units to malfunction.

Is the Fitbit Not Designed Specifically For Those Very Hot Infrared Sauna Users?

The Fitbit is not designed specifically for those very hot infrared sauna users, but it is designed to make your workout easier and sweat more evaporated.

You see, the Fitbit family of devices includes both heart rate monitors and weight loss monitors.

They have integrated systems that allow for the automatic measurement and monitoring of calories burned, heart rate, and temperature and even how long you perspire.

wearing fitbit Ionic is not designed specifically for those very hot infrared sauna

These types of sophisticated technologies were developed in the science lab of a biomedical research institute in Sweden.

Scientists there have spent many years developing software programs that can accurately track and measure a person’s heart rate, metabolic rate, temperature, and perspiration.

Once they have mapped the body’s functions using this information, they can use these maps to precisely monitor a person’s health and performance in many physical activities including fitness saunas.

They have successfully created software programs that will monitor things such as heart rate and blood flow throughout the body as well as track the heat output from the body to determine what temperature the skin should be at to activate sweat glands.

What You Can Expect To Learn From An In-Depth infrared Sauna Study

There are many infrared sauna benefits that you will enjoy when you take advantage of this type of sauna.

One of the main benefits is that it can be used as a form of therapy for people who have chronic pain conditions.

Infrared saunas provide a unique form of relief from pain because the heat penetration to the muscles and tissues actually causes small damages in the collagen causing micro-tears to the myofascial tissues resulting in pain.

The benefits from using an infrared sauna include improving blood flow throughout the body, improving the body’s ability to heal itself, and relieving pain and inflammation for the patient.

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Another of the many, infrared sauna benefits is that it can help improve the way that the body metabolizes fats and calories.

When the body is undergoing anabolism the body is breaking down the fat cells for energy instead of simply storing the fat cells as a reserve for later use.

The anabolic process also leads to increased energy levels, which is something that we all want to have whether we are trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass.

Infrared sauna benefits also includes reducing chronic inflammation and pain within the body.

Inflammation is characterized by swelling, redness, and often stiffness of the joints. It occurs because of too many nutrients and not enough antibiotics in the system, which often results in the body having too much acid and not enough enzymes to battle it off.

The anaerobic digestive processes help to reduce this inflammation which is why an infrared sauna can be an excellent tool for chronic pain sufferers.

The Infrared Sauna On The Other Hand: A Choice You May Not Have Thought Of

When it comes to choosing the right kind of sauna for your needs, you will find that the infrared sauna on the other hand is a far better choice than that of the other.

This is because the infrared sauna on the other hand heats you from the inside out, unlike the traditional sauna which only heats you from the outside in.

This means that you are heating the air around you, rather than heating up the part of your body that you are sitting in front of.

With traditional saunas, you have to either sit in the corner of the room where the heat is already turned on, or else get up from whatever position you are currently in, and then walk back through the door.

When you go into an infrared sauna, you literally take your clothes off, stand in front of a wall that has already been heated, and then you get the full benefits.

The infrared sauna on the other hand

You may be asking what the benefit is when it comes to being able to take your clothes off. Well, the most obvious benefit is the lack of mess that you would normally have to deal with.

With a traditional sauna, you have to either wash your clothes right before you use them or else risk having your clothing get steamed up in no time at all.

In an infrared sauna, this never happens.

The fact that you can actually use your clothes inside an infrared sauna is just one of the great benefits that you can enjoy when you choose this type of sauna instead of the traditional one.

The infrared sauna on the other hand is much more affordable as well and can fit into a much smaller budget than a traditional one would.

Traditional Sauna Or Steam Sauna – Which is Better?

A traditional sauna with or without steam makes you sweat because heat rises and you breathe through your nose. The reason that this is the case is that there is less air in your body than your skin does and therefore, it can take more time for the sweat to evaporate than it would with less air in your body.

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Traditional saunas use hot rocks placed on a special surface to heat the body.

Sometimes the rocks are heated by electricity from the sauna itself or they may just be heated by an oil that is placed on them by the sauna owner.

Steam saunas are where the heat comes from boiling water that is brought to the top of the traditional sauna and where the air comes from boiling the water that comes to the top of the sauna. Steam saunas are very fast, because the heat comes from boiling the water which causes the water vapor to expand and then become hot on contact with the air. Because of this, the rate at which the sweat evaporates from the skin is much faster than with a traditional sauna.

The disadvantage of using steam saunas as opposed to a traditional sauna is that the traditional sauna is much bigger and therefore it takes longer to sweat.

With a traditional sauna, you have a smaller opening to the air so the heat that comes in is spread out more evenly.

Also, with a traditional sauna, it is not unusual for people to be breathing in steam while they are inside.

This steam can sometimes make people uncomfortable. When using a steam sauna, if you cannot see the bottom of the sauna, then you may end up with water dripping onto your feet instead of onto the floor.

How the Infrared Sauna Operates Vs a Traditional Sauna

The difference between how the infrared sauna and a traditional sauna operate is that instead of heating your body using natural heat from your body, an infrared sauna heats your body using a very precise electromagnetic energy source.

Instead of breathing in steam, you breathe in infrared air which is picked up by a special sensor and then heated by the infrared sauna. This process is much more similar to that of working with a tanning booth than it is to work in a sauna.

difference between how the infrared sauna and a traditional sauna operate

Infrared saunas use less space than traditional saunas do and they are generally cheaper to use as well. Another big difference between how the infrared sauna and a traditional sauna are that people generally spend more time in infrared sauna rooms because the rooms are smaller and more compact.

Traditional saunas are usually very large rooms that house many people and take up a whole floor or even several floors to use.

The smaller saunas use smaller rooms and their designs are often much more aesthetically pleasing. This is why the smaller saunas are typically cheaper to purchase as well because they require less space for storage.

Another big difference between how the infrared sauna and a traditional sauna are that people generally spend more time in infrared sauna rooms because they do not get as hot as traditional sauna rooms.

Traditional saunas tend to be pretty room temperature while saunas that are heated by infrared radiation can actually be warm enough to cause someone to sweat.

This means that the person in the sauna will typically spend a few extra minutes outside the sauna door because they cannot feel the temperature inside the sauna. This is not typically the case when the sauna operates using infrared radiation.

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