Infrared Cellulite Massager Reviews

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Infrared Cellulite Massager Reviews


The medical term for lumpy, bumpy flesh that appears mainly on the thighs, buttocks, hips and stomach is cellulite. It affects women of any age group.

There’s nothing that a woman can do about stopping cellulite from building up; no matter if a woman exercises, eats the best food, or uses the best creams and ointments, cellulite will appear whenever it wants. About 80 percent of women over 20 years of age will have cellulite. It occurs when fat passes through the connective tissue under the skin, causing a wavy appearance.

Women are more prone to cellulite because of the structure of their connective tissue. Men’s connective tissue forms a cross pattern while women’s connective tissue appears as vertical columns and, in addition to having thinner skin, these columns allow fat to pass more easily to the skin’s surface.

Poor nutrition, smoking and alcohol consumption can promote cellulite, but it can also be due to factors beyond our control, such as genetics or hormonal imbalances. Although there is no permanent solution to banish the orange peel effect, masseurs can do wonders to improve it and there are many types, from electric to manual, depending on your preferences and budget.

1. Coolife Fascia and Cellulite Blaster

Coolife Fascia and Cellulite Blaster


The first one on our list is not only great for fighting cellulite but is also a great whole body masseur. This is especially good to help warm up your muscles before starting a workout, and even better to relieve your muscles after a workout to ensure that your muscles are not tense, do not have cramps, and avoid pain and long-term injuries.

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This massager can be combined with a lotion or cream against cellulite to increase the effectiveness of the massage. The intensity levels also allow you to adjust the masseur to the level you feel comfortable with, so the massage is relaxing and has nothing to do with work.

The Pros:

1. Feedback shows real results.

2. Lightweight frame.

3. Relaxes muscles and relief pain.

The Cons:

1. Individuals with very sensitive skin will see brushes after extended usages.

2. NuBODY skin toning kit



Designed and developed in California by a beautician, this kit, which also comes in an elegant grey travel case, is one of the most expensive kits on the list, but it works with the efficiency you can expect from a product at this price.

It is an FDA-approved micro current device with four metal spheres to descend into the layers of the skin and really smooth these bumps and bumps.

The guide clearly indicates the seven areas that can be treated, each of which should not exceed five minutes. Once the device is charged and the gel primer applied, choose an intensity between one and three to start. Slide the device upwards until you hear a beep and start from the bottom again. The device, which is well-designed as a handle, can also be held on tough areas for 2 to 3 beeps.

Make sure you have previously shaved off the area you wish to target, as the device reacts with the hair and creates a very uncomfortable tingling sensation. It automatically turns off after five minutes, so there is no need to use a timer, and can be used five days a week. After one month, signs of thinning and smoothing appeared, especially on the stubborn and greasy pockets of the legs.

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The Pros:

1. Approved by FDA

2. Easy to use.

3. Ergonomic design makes it easy to control it.

4. Automatic timer to switch off after 5 minutes.

The Cons:

1. Not affordable.

3. Infrared Slimming Body Massager

Infrared Slimming Body Massager

Make your dream of smooth, flawless skin come true with the infrared slimming body massager that offers multiple benefits!

This slimming body massager produces infrared heat to promote the flow of blood under the outer layer of the skin. In addition, it breaks down and eliminates fat deposits from the body. Pain is also reduced through better blood circulation.

In addition, you can benefit from the infrared slimming body massager as an infrared tool for face and body that targets wrinkles and skin texture with constant use. For a very affordable price, you will get an excellent device that will add to the joy during your relaxation time and make you healthier!

The Pros:

1. Can be used on both face and body.

2. Super easy to carry around.

3. Lightweight yet durable.

4. Uses ultrasound to penetrate deep into the skin.

The Cons:

1. No clear refund policy.

4. Silk?n silhouette

Silk?n silhouette

As the world leader in cosmetic devices for home use, Silk’n is the name of the brand behind the silhouette, which is perfect for all those people who are not enthusiastic about vacuum and roller suction technology – this one works with heat.

Its USP uses HT (home tightening) in combination with bi-polar RF technology to firm up deep layers up to 10 mm, and LED light energy to rejuvenate the skin and infrared thermal technology to improve texture. Apply the sliding gel before using the device and use it for 20 minutes on each affected area. The feeling of heat is really relaxing and there are three settings: low, medium and high.

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Choose the one you can tolerate the most. Don’t worry, the device is equipped with a thermal sensor, so if it measures more than 41 degrees, it will stop emitting heat.

I have used it every day for 2 months and, although there was no significant reduction in thigh or buttock size, I certainly noticed a smoother appearance in two months. The only disadvantage is that you will run out of slippery gel fairly quickly, so be ready to buy another one after three weeks of use.

The Pros:

1. Uses home tightening technology.

2. Sensor to stop device from emitting heat after it reached 41 degree.

The Cons:

1. Costly.

2. The gel provided with package is not sufficient.


I am not claiming that these massagers can cure cellulite, but we are confident that massaging with them can help reduce cellulite, leaving your legs, buttocks and stomach in better shape. This change will definitely make you feel more confident.







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