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The Best Infrared Massagers: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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The Best Infrared Massagers: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


Back pain, one out of every three people is suffering.

back pain

Wherever you go, you find someone talks about it. And it is more prevalent because of our daily routine which lacks any of healthy physical activity. Massage is one way to relieve our pain.


In past days it was done by professionals as they knew precisely which point on the body they can press to ease the person. But as we are making ourselves dependent on machines, there are machines available for massage too.

Now if you are tired and don’t want to go to the massage center, you still can get a massage as you have your personal massage. Several companies are manufacturing massage machine with different features, and their size also varies.

You might have heard of the infrared massager.

Now, what is infrared massager?

It is a gadget that uses infrared light and vibration to give massage to the body.

Infrared light is basically used to treat problems related to skin such as wrinkles, wounds, and scars. Vibration relaxes the muscles of the body. In infrared massager, the properties of a massager and infrared light are combined to give you best results with a single gadget.

infrared spectrum

It helps to improve blood flow, which in turn enhances the skin features like skin tone, contour, etc.

Some problems have a solution in nature. As when we suffer from body ache, and we lie under the sun, we feel relaxed. There is a reason behind this, which is the release of infrared light from the Sun, which soothes the muscles and helps increase blood circulation. So now you don’t need to worry about taking extra medicine, let utilize the power of nature which is fixed in the new infrared massager.

When you are choosing your infrared light massager some of these questions might appear in your mind;

How to use infrared massager?

Is there any handheld infrared massager?

Is infrared heat safe?

Is infrared light visible or not?

Now we should come to the point!

We are here to discuss the different infrared massagers available in the market as every massager is not suitable to your body requirement, so we need to check the properties of the various infrared massagers and then choose which one to buy.

These massagers are available in different size and shapes in the market along with their unique features they are suitable for use on different body parts. The demand for massager depends on which part of the body we want a massage. There are massage machines which are specified for neck region, for shoulder region, for back and legs and arms.

If you are a fitness freak, you can also get these massagers and perform your exercise at home. While selecting an infrared massager, we should have an answer to these questions in our mind. Such as;

Which body part need a massage?

How much is the cost of the massager? Is it affordable?

Can you get a massage at home or anywhere outside? Is it portable or not?

If you have the answer to these questions already in mind, you are ready to get an overview of the different infrared massagers and decide which one to buy. For that purpose, we have collected information about some of the best-infrared massagers available on Amazon, which can help you choose one for yourself.

Let’s begin

AMEISEYE Handheld Fat Cellulite Remover Electric Body Massager

Starting with the handheld electric body massager with additional fat removing the property, the product is manufactured by AMEISEYE. Relax with this fantastic gadget, with multifunctional massage options. You can release pressure with a flat head, wave head, and ball bearing features. The massager comes in an ergonomic design which is comfortable to use. With 12 months of warranty, you can get a massager, three different head spins and a plug.

Let’ have a look at the fantastic features:

  • Its extraordinary wavering element enters profoundly into the inward layers of skin for muscle conditioning and deep tissue massage.360-degree topsy-turvy pivot configuration sways more than 2500 times each moment will enable you to loosen up stiff muscles or get in shape adequately.
  • Vibrant appearance, protected and down to earth, light and helpful to deal with.
  • The massager is used on the waistline, neck bare, arm, hip, thigh, and calf regions.
  • The flat head feature is best suited for releasing neck pressure.
  • Wave head gives you deep massage with blood acceleration.
  • Ball bearing massage enabled with essential oils provides the absorption of fat in the body.


  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • 3 in 1 feature


  • It is directly attached to the power source.
  • Can be strong enough for some people.

With the 360o rotating feature and the multifunctional massager with ergonomic design, this massager is the best fit for your daily use, and it also gives you the function of fat removal.

Celluless MD Cell U Vac Electric Breast Augmentation Body Massager

Now comes the body massager with electric breast Augmentation feature which is not specified for use on a single body part. It has no side effects on surgery and injury area and gives smooth rolling over these parts.

You can easily carry it with you. It is enabled with different cups and rollers, which gives you smooth and shiny skin. The vacuum massage gives you relaxation.

Here come the fantastic features

  • The massager is portable, and you can carry it anywhere with you.
  • It can be used on arms, abdomen, back, buttocks, legs, and breasts too. Its massage application gives you a shiny look of skin.
  • It has different sized cups with rollers which rolls freely on the body. The suction provides by the cup gives massage with changes in air pressure and does not harm the body.
  • It also has a compact feature for full body massage. You can do massage anytime. The cups are interchangeable and give you different massage options with different methods.
  • It helps improve the skin shape and appearance. It helps to improve blood circulation, which relaxes the skin with an in-depth massage feature.
  • The vacuum suction feature helps loosen the skin, and the contour on the body are highlighted.
  • It’s vacuum suction also add elasticity to the skin.


  • It comes with a multi functional massage purpose.
  • It reduces cellulite.
  • Smoothes the skin
  • Can be used on different body parts
  • Portable and easy to use.


  • It is costly.

Though the product is quite costly, the fantastic features that it is used for different body parts with cellulite removal option somehow encourages us to have this massager at home.

FasciaBlaster®, FaceBlaster™, Nugget™ by Ashley Black

Another fascinating massager is the FasciaBlaster by Ashley Black, implied for smooth skin and hostile to cellulite! It’s a manual massager, so it doesn’t utilize power, a self-kneading apparatus that spotlights on your muscle tissue. While it might appear to be a burden, it’s invaluable since you won’t need to stress over connecting it to work.

This FasciaBlaster is specially designed to treat skin issues such as wrinkle, spots and face curves. It helps to normalize blood flow to your skin to get maximum exposure to blood and glows up. It helps to reduce wrinkles on the skin. It has a durable design which helps ease the massage process

Have a look at the exciting features

  • It comes with a unique design and provides with three small, claws which give massage to the minute and delicate areas.
  • The nuggets supplied with the massager relaxes connective tissues, increase blood circulation, and also remove cellulite.
  • Nuggets also give massage too hard to reach body areas.
  • FascialBlaster tool is designed to massage any part of your body. It gives a deep massage option, increases blood circulation.
  • The cellulite of the body is loosened temporarily with FascialBlaster tool.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It Reduces cellulite.
  • Is portable and can be used at any place.
  • It has different parts for use on different body areas.


  • It needs to be operated manually as power is not used.
  • There is no warranty given.

The FascialBlaster is a fantastic gadget to have in your house as it comes with cellulite removal feature along with the different massage options which come with it.

Electric Body Massager Vacuum Cans Cellulite Suction Cup

With time, our skin starts losing its firmness. We have to apply different products or skin treatments to maintain the skin in a firm form. But still, the result is not satisfactory.

Our new product is the Electric body massager with vacuum cans Cellulite suction cups, which is suitable for all body parts. It helps you keep your body in shape. Makes your skin look younger and fresh.

It does not have any side effects, and you can carry it anywhere and use it.

Let’s have a look at the features:

  • The gadget comes with a vacuum suction cups and is fit for use on arms, abdomen, back, hips, buttocks, and legs.
  • It is portable, and you can carry it with you anywhere.
  • The tumblers are interchangeable with rollers and give you maximum satisfaction.
  • It is time-saving. With a massage of about 5 to 10 minutes, you can easily shape your body.
  • It does not come with any side effects, is safe, so you don’t need to worry about that.


  • Safe to use
  • It can be carried and used anywhere
  • Is time-saving
  • Fit for use on many body parts
  • Treats cellulitis


  • Costly

Aren’t these fantastic features enough to urge you to buy a massager for yourself and relieves you from the extra worries of booking an appointment at the massage center?

Osaki OS-109G Handheld Dual Head Body Massager,

The Dual Head body massager by Osaki is held in hand. It performs a dual function and comes with three different interchangeable heads. You can control the speed of the massage head. With its rubber grip handle, it is comfortable to hold in hand. The portable design further adds the benefit of carrying it anywhere and use.

Let’s see the Fantastic features

  • The multi-phase dial control controls the speed of the massage heads.
  • It comes with acupressure, broad acupressure and palm style pressure massage heads.
  • The application of infrared light soothes the skin.
  • The rubber handle gives comfortable to grip, and it prevents the massage from slippage.
  • The body is lightweight and is easy to carry around.


  • The body is lightweight and easily carried.
  • Dual Action Infra red and pressure massage.
  • It is used for acupressure.
  • It also relaxes the skin.


  • Design is not attractive

With your own portable and easy to use massager with dual action, you can take massage to the next level. You can relax your body with massage any time with your portable double action handheld massage.

Sunpentown Infrared Massager

Are you feeling worried about your blood circulation? Don’t worry anymore. Because we have a solution for you. Our new product is the ultimate solution to increase blood circulation with the 8 step infrared treatments. Apart from infrared light, it gives massage option too.

This gadget comes in a unique design. You can use it either by placing your feet over it or put the device on your body part for which you need a massage.

Have a look at the features

  • The Sunpentown massager has a plastic body, which makes it lightweight and easily transported.
  • For included comfort, the Sunpentown infrared massager accompanies a remote control which enables you to alter your settings without breaking your position while accepting your infrared back rub.
  • Various infrared treatments are available. Just select one of them and set your massage time.
  • It has auto and manual mode massage control option.
  • The infrared treatment, along with massage relaxes you along with enhancing blood circulation.


  • The plastic body gives it lightweight design
  • Is remote controlled
  • Comes with different infrared controls
  • Is time-saving
  • Improves blood circulation


  • Costly

Can not be used without physician recommendation

If you have some problem related to blood circulation and you don’t want to eat the medicine you can consult your physician and go for some natural treatment. This Sunpentown infrared massager is the best option for you.

PUREWAVETM CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion

The PUREWAVETM is recommended by the Chiropractors, physical therapist, and sports trainers. It is enabled with micro-vibration massage therapy and also gives powerful percussion. The massager comes with a 90 days return guarantee and is safe to use at home.

You can treat your back pain, sciatica, legs, neck, foot, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, arthritis, with the use of this single message.

Let’s go through the fantastic features;

  • The dual motor feature gives you massage along with vibration therapy.
  • It is cordless and can reach to parts where other massagers fail to achieve.
  • There is a dial to adjust the intensity of percussion.
  • The design is slightly curved and is suitable to use on leg and back.
  • It gives you deep tissue massage, acupressure therapy, and facial therapy.


  • Design is lightweight
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Vibration therapy
  • Recommended by physical experts
  • Time-saving


  • Is Costly
  • Need to consult Physician

If you are looking for a massager which gives you multipurpose use the PUREWAVETM is the best option for you. It is lightweight and has an easy to reach design.

Percussion Handheld Deep Tissue Electric Massager

A product by Liba this handheld electric massager gives you deep tissue massage. There is 3 massager head attachment, and the speed is up to 5000 pulses per minute. The length of the cord is 16 feet, which give maximum portability.

It improves your skin and muscle reflexes. Relaxes the tensed skin and problem causing areas. It increases muscle strength and enhances muscle flexibility.

Let’s get to the features

  • It has three interchangeable massage heads. They give maximum relief from pain.
  • The motor is powerful enough to support 5000 pulses per minute.
  • It comes with a speed adjustment switch to control the speed of vibration.
  • The cord length is 16 feet, which give maximum flexibility.


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful motor
  • Gives relief to the body
  • Deep tissue massage relaxes the body.
  • It is economical and is available.


  • The shape of the gadget is not attractive.

What are you waiting for? If you want your body to be tension free and enjoy full relaxation, this deep tissue massage is the perfect solution for you.

Final Review

This was the overview of some of the best product available with their positive and negative aspects. Now you have to decide which is suitable for you and how much you can pay for any of them. But before buying the gadget, make sure you are purchasing the right one infrared massager for yourself. You have to take care of your back pain as any back problem leads to severe dependence on other people.

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