12 Ways On How Using An Infrared Heating Pad Before Bed Can Improve Your Sleep

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Heat Therapy to Improve Blood Circulation and Reduce Muscle Tension

In addition to assisting patients in reducing stress, pain, fatigue, and muscle stiffness, heat therapy is an effective remedy for numerous medical conditions, including arthritis, back pain, insomnia, memory loss, and even flatulence.

It is generally used as an adjunct to other treatment modalities, or it can be used alone.

Regardless of how the therapy is administered, the patient’s attitude towards it should be positive.

That means that the person should be relaxed, with a calm demeanor, and a clear mind.

The intensity of the heat and the time of day when it is applied should also be considered carefully.

Infrared heating pads are designed to have a specific temperature and are measured in degrees Celsius.

  • In order to make the best use of this type of therapy, the pad should be applied using a specific angle.
  • At a certain temperature, a person will begin to feel some warmth and will feel more relaxed.
  • Patients should be advised that during the process of the therapy, the body’s temperature and pulse rates will increase.
  • However, they should not remain under this level of heat for an extended period of time.
  • Once they have been treated, they should slowly return to their normal temperature.
  • By following these guidelines, patients can start enjoying a much more relaxed state of mind.

Infrared heating pads provide a safe, convenient, and inexpensive alternative to traditional approaches to treating back pain.

  • They are made of non-toxic materials, so they pose minimal risks to patients and offer fewer side effects.
  • They can be used for all types of injuries and patients who suffer from chronic pain can enjoy significant improvement.
  • Because they are completely safe, patients should be told that the pad does not conduct electricity.

This is another reason why the procedure should be completed by a trained professional.

Patients should be careful not to let the infrared pad come into contact with their skin.

This is what happened to me when i set the settings too high on the Infrared Heating Pad.

minor skin burn

Personally I have been using Infrared healing pad for a long time already about a span of 10 years and I was very careful not to get burn.

I sleep on my Infrared healing pad and the benefits outweight more than being burned which is minor and eventually will disappear as time goes by.

You have to keep in mind that the settings of the Infrared Heating pad should be set at very low to avoid future burns.

Here is a snapshot on the settings I used when Im using it for my bed preparing for my healing when sleeping

low infrared heat settings on the controller

You should put a blanket on top of the heating pad when you are going to sleep on it

blanket on top of heating pad

How To Reduce Stress And Relieve Pain With An Infrared Heating Pad

Infrared heating pads, also called infrared devices, are specially designed to heat the affected area of the body.

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They work by emitting infrared energy through a heat emitter, which is placed on the body.

The heat can be directed to the affected area or can be passed through the body via the skin, reducing the pain and inflammation.

However, this type of treatment is only beneficial for certain patients with certain types of injury or illness.

Some studies indicate that the infrared therapy can provide pain relief for those who have injured muscles. However, the use of an infrared pad in such situations should not be the main goal of the treatment and should be secondary to the medical diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

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What is the Infrared Heating Pad?

The Infrared Heating Pad, which is based on infrared light, has many different benefits to it. When you start to research it further, you will discover a number of benefits. For instance, the infrared heating pad lowers blood pressure through the release of serotonin, which is also known as the feel-good hormone. The increase in serotonin is released, which gives the skin a feeling of well being and contentment. The release of serotonin is another benefit that comes from the use of an infrared pad.

Heating Pad – How Can a Heating Pad Cause Cancer?

Can a heating pad cause cancer

How can a heating pad cause cancer? What are the dangers of heating pads, how do they work and how can you use them safely?

Most people, including a growing number of professionals, believe that heating devices provide a range of health benefits. A study released in September 2018 concluded that heat is beneficial to our health when used appropriately.

Scientific Research:


That popular belief – that too much heat can be harmful to the body – is not based on research data.

Contrary to popular belief, heating pads and other heat sources do not cause cancer or any other disease. But, did you know that people that use heaters have been found to have:

Step by step methods – found in a news report were published to show how to help reduce the risk of cancer. This step by step approach was very easy to follow and involved three simple steps:

  • One of the health benefits of using heating devices is their ability to keep you comfortable.
  • Step one of this plan was simple: get an electric blanket to use around the entire house, either in the summer or winter, to keep you warm during cold weather.
  • For this next step, you’ll want to find a place to place your heating pad. You will also want to lay out a blanket underneath the pad so that you do not get burn.
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Can You Overuse a Heating Pad?

Using a heating pad in an improper manner could lead to injury in the form of burns. Let’s look at some of the possible injuries from overusing a heating pad.

Can you overuse a heating pad

Heat burns can occur when the skin gets too hot, from direct contact with the heating pad. Heat burns are more likely to happen to individuals who wear clothes and more prone to developing in warm temperatures, such as during summer.

Also, it is very hard to burn yourself with a heating pad.

Skin irritation and dryness are often caused by overuse of the heating pad. In general, as we get older, our skin becomes less flexible. Because of this, the skin can stretch and tear more easily.

  • Heat rash can be a serious problem. It is a type of itching rash that causes the skin to become red and raised. The more heat, the worse the rash will become.
  • Irritants can cause burns when the burners are not properly cleaned and disposed of. In general, the best way to prevent burns from occurring is to use the pads with gloves on.
  • Heat blister is a blister that develops when the body overheats. It is not painful or contagious, but it can be embarrassing to go to work in this condition.

It is usually characterized by redness, scabbing, and swelling. The blister itself is not painful, but it can be hard to treat once it forms.

Heat rashes are not always serious, but they can be. In general, burns cause irritation and dryness of the skin, but heat rashes have been known to result in infections.

Heat rash is often a form of an allergy, such as eczema or psoriasis. Because of the sensitivity of the skin, the first thing a doctor may want to do is provide some steroid cream for the affected area.

Burns often go undetected until they are at least half-healed. If you burn your arm on the heating pad and do not seek treatment immediately, the skin may become hardened, causing infection to occur later.

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Any burn, especially those that develop over a long period of time, can be a fire hazard. Burns can also cause scarring and bleeding. Surgical incisions that become infected are also very painful.

How Long Should You Keep a Heating Pad On?

“How long should you keep a heating pad on?” While many people think that the answer to this question is obvious, the answer isn’t.

When it comes to whether or not you should keep a heating pad on after a certain amount of time, you need to think about why you are using the pad and how long you have it on.

It really depends on where the heating pad is used for.

For instance, I use a small heating pad placed on my work chair to keep me warm and comfortable the whole morning or evening and just use a timer.

I set it up to 55 degrees C and leave it on for 3 hours.

The long term effects would be very good blood circulation at your back and will give you a relief on all sorts of pain.  If the blood is heated then there will be a very good flow of blood inside your body.

Here is a picture on a heating pad at work with the settings I use.

infrared heating pad on chair

settings i use for heating pad chair

Can you use a heating pad for sleeping?

At night when I go to sleep I set my infrared heating pad the whole night but at very low settings to keep me warm.

  • The benefits I can say is that Im always full of energy, never get sick and very strong immune system.
  • I recover mild symptoms of colds and flu and virtually pain free.

Should you use a Infrared heating pad for sleeping?

  • For me, Yes, im very happy with the long term results
  • For you, it can be Yes or No.  If you are being responsible and make sure that the settings are low and making sure that you turn on the timer you can use the heating pad for sleeping.

But my advice is to use it for just 45 to 1 hour for your health benefits which is sufficient.

But me as a veteran using the the infrared heating pad, I can use it as long as i want and even go to sleep with it.

Infrared heating pad when used properly is an arsenal against aging.

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Dr. Mark Wiley The Healthy Back Institute
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