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Crystals are found everywhere.

To be used as decorative items or to be used as a meditative tool and most important of all is the use of for healing purposes.

Infrared mat with Amethyst Crystals is found to be very effective in the aid of healing.

We all know people also wear crystals of some sort.

Do some people use crystals for meditation?

Many people believe that the crystal as metaphysical properties.

But, do you know Crystal is a healing stone?

Yes, there are many kinds of crystal out there.

But, some of them actually work to heal your body.

I am not talking about any kind of religious or horoscope thing here. Actually, the crystal is a powerful stone.

And it has the power to heal the human body. Above all of them, some crystals are actually work. Some of them are:

  • Amethyst
  • Turquoise
  • Bloodstone
  • Quartz crystal
  • Celestite
  • Shungite

At the time crystal get the heat, it produces the radiation. And this radiation is not harmful to the human body. It’s a powerful healing energy for the human body.

Infrared Heat

Infrared mats produce infrared heat.

This infrared heat is a kind of energy which is mostly known for healing the human body.

The main source of infrared heat is the sun.

But, we all know the sun is not only give good energy but also it gives us some harmful UV energy if it is too much.

The infrared heating mattress is a technology that can produce infrared heat and we can get that whenever we want it.

There is numerous infrared health device in the market such as:

  • Mats
  • Heating pads
  • Belts
  • Pillows

Amethyst Crystals Infrared Mat

Infrared mats are a very useful tool.

You can produce Infrared heat by helping of the infrared mat.

There are many kinds of things used in infrared mats like carbon fiber and crystal.

Crystal is considered one of the best materials for infrared mats.

The crystal can aid in the propagation of the much needed beneficial infrared heat for the body.

Infrared Mat With Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst Crystals are the most useful crystal.

There are lots of benefits of Amethyst Crystals.

Who use Amethyst Crystals, they get these benefits:

  • It helps to heal the human body.
  • Amethyst Crystal has the power to grow productivity.
  • It can relieve daily stress.
  • Amethyst Crystal can make peace your mind.

Many people wear it as a ring for their good health and grow their self.

But, if we use it as an infrared mat we could get all the benefits and also some more benefits.

An infrared mat with Amethyst Crystals can surely pave the way to healthy body free from diseases.

It can also be a tool to prevent future problems and the maintenance of health.

infrared heating mattress

Benefits of infrared Mat With Amethyst Crystals

Infrared mat with Amethyst Crystals has a lot of benefits. Now I am going to show you them:

Pain Relief

The main thing is Amethyst Crystal infrared heating mat can relief you from pain.

Most of the people feel many kinds of pain in their daily life.

For our daily life habit and sitting positions are the cause of all of the body pain.

But it can relieve the pain with the help of this Amethyst Crystal infrared heating mat.

This infrared heating mat can take away all the pains from your body.

Blood Circulation

The infrared mat with Amethyst Crystals can produce a good quality of infrared heat.

It can directly go through 2 inches to 3 inches into the body.

You use it lying down on your full body to absorb the infrared heat.

Infrared heat aids on the blood circulation of your body.

Do you know that using the infrared heat mattress, the infrared will aid the blood circulation that is much needed for your body to go into the healing process?

And when your blood circulation increases, your body will release the toxins from your body.

As we all know, when toxins are released, then our body will be healthier.

Toxin Release

Infrared heat can eliminate all the toxin of our body.

When Infrared heat is going to our body, all the wastes are going to release.

But it’s not only waste some harmful and dangerous things are also released with this procedure.

It makes our skin more glow and immaculately clean.

Immune System

This infrared mat can help our immune system.

Infrared heat does not only help us with body pain. It also helps us with our immune system.

And Amethyst Crystal is well known for the great solution of good health.

It can make better our immune system and make us healthy. When our immune system will be good, our body will be safe from diseases like common cold and flu.

Stress, Deep sleep, and peaceful mind

Most people know that Amethyst Crystal is the best solution for stress relief.

We all want a peaceful mind and a deep sleep.

Cause only and peace mind and deep sleep can give you healthy working life.

Without these things you never get a proper working day.

When we don’t get good sleep at night, we don’t work properly on our hard working day.

After a hard working day, we all need a night of deep sleep.

Otherwise, we’ll be weak. And we don’t find peace in our mind. To get a peaceful mind we mostly need deep sleep.

And Amethyst Crystal infrared mat will help you to get deep sleep and a peaceful mind.

How to use infrared Mat With Amethyst Crystals

If you want to use the Amethyst Crystal infrared mat, then you have you take where you want to use it.

You can use it on a massage bed.

But it’ll be good to use it on your bed.

When Electricity starts to flow into the Amethyst Crystal infrared mat, it is going to deliver the electricity to Amethyst Crystals.

The Amethyst Crystals are started to heat with electricity.

And the powerful energy is starting to produce.

After you lie down on the mat the infrared heat is directly going to your body.

And make you more healthy and better blood circulation where your body needs most.

You can also adjust the temperature level as you want.

12 thoughts on “Infrared Mat With Amethyst Crystals

  1. Wow, I have never heard of these mats to relieve symptoms like anxiety and stress and cause peace and healing in the body.  That’s pretty amazing, and it makes me want to just get one and lay right on it and try it!   Pain relief (my shoulder kills me at night sometimes), toxin release, boosting the immune system?  This sounds like something I definitely have to have!

    1. Hello Babsie,

      I hope you find great value in using the infrared heating mattress.  Preventive maintenance is the best medicine. thanks for the comment

  2. I am a big fan of crystals and have only just begun to realise their true healing power. The body is an electrical grid and it responds to the subtle electrical charges of crystals. My mother in law gave by 4 year old some rose quartz crystals not long ago and I felt she got it so right. My daughter is super sensitive and astute for her age, but struggles with big emotions, so rose quartz was very appropriate. She got a real kick out of putting her crystals out to be recharged during the recent full moon. She thought it was so magical!

    In regards to this product-it looks very interesting. I am curious as to why they chose amethyst over other crystals such as clear quartz for example. Thanks for the info!

    1. Hello Liz,

      Different crystals have different energy used for healing.  They choose the amethyst because it has healing powers to help with the emotional, physical and nervous system.  If you have insomia and nightmares the amethyst will also cure it including the balancing of the crown chakra.


  3. Nice, I have been doing some research on the infrared mats and I must say they sound truly amazing. With the help of circulation, immune system, and stress relief. I have also heard that they can potentially be helpful for many diseases as well, and that they can help with keeping your body grounded. Thanks for the article!

  4. Am hearing this for the first time and this looks too good to be true. A lot has been said about the infrared mat with amethyst crystal. Including its various health benefits, but nothing has been said about how one can get it. 

    I don’t know if the continual use of this infrared mat with amethyst crystal can have any side effects. I will also like to know if it is suitable for everyone. 

    1. Hello AbiodunS,

      Yes of course you can use it for long term health maintenance.  I myself do not have any form of ailments.  The infrared heating mat is FDA approved so there is nothing to worry about.

      The only side effects is that you are disease free if you use it regularly

  5. Hi

    This is a great product review about infrared mat with amethyst crystal. I believe it will be helpful for all types of body pain issue. My mom has some back pain issue which is not fully recovered yet. Can i use this mat for her? Is there any side effect? I’m going to share it with my friends and family members.  Thanks for providing such informative review.


    1. Hello Md,

      I had back pain about 10 years ago and i started using the infrared heating mattress in its basic entry level without any semi precious stones and it cured most of my ailments and especially helped me in my immune system and detox thru sweating on my regular sessions.

  6. Hi Francis, thanks for introducing this product. Like you mentioned in your post, I was always under the impression that people only wear crystals in the form of rings, chains etc. 

    This seems to be a good product as you mentioned its various benefits for the body. I was hoping to know more about how these crystals work and emit the right kind of energy. Also some more testimonials from users will definitely help to promote this product. You can also add links to the website to purchase this and monetise your review.

    1. Hello Rudolph,

      Yes infrared heating mattress couples with crystals will give the extra boost in healing your body.  The amethyst crystal primarily is used because it cures the nervous system, insomia, physical and emotional ailments.  This is one of the best investment for your health.

      Proper maintenance is health is essential to have a truly productive life

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