Amethyst Bio Mat Therapy

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Amethyst Bio Mat Therapy

Since 1997, the biometrics have been working successfully on a gradually damaged minority muscle and joint pain.

There is a lot of pressure on our body and mind in daily life. As a result, pain, irritability, and fatigue are increasing.

Amethyst Bio-mat is a revolutionary healing device for those wishing to improve the overall health and well-being of the human body.

Amethyst bio-mat is a high-tech negative ion and infrared ray treatment system that fills negative ion and far infrared rays contribute to creating a living environment.

The gentle warmth of amethyst Bio-mat creates the overall massage effect for your body, removes the natural germinated nerves naturally increases the healing power of the muscles and cleanses your body.

You will feel refreshed and renewed, body and mind will be rejuvenated by supporting its stress, inflammatory response, and alkaline balance.

The bio-mat device enhances body caution, improves memory efficiency, removes toxicity from the body and helps in finding inner peace is a safe FDA registered which works as a way.

The Procedure of Biomedical Therapy

The Effect of Powerful Spiritual Healing Amethyst

The prolific Amethyst has been known as a powerful spiritual healing crystal. Amethyst is a well-known healing stone or crystal that is used as a cure for central nervous system treatments due to sobering and calming properties.

Its crystal structure causes heat energy in biometrics to increase light waves and ions in very infrared light efficiently.

It has its immune system healthy at the heart, neural signals reduce transmission rates, increase hormonal production, strengthens limbs, increases circulation, increases respiratory defense, cellular renewal and metabolism.

Use of FIR policy

Far Infrared is ray energy similar to the radiated from the sun which gives warmth and relaxation.

When the FIR is entered through the skin, it turns out to be beneficial to light energy from heat waves.

Bio-mat penetrates between 14 to 15 cm in the body, not only benefits the muscles of the surface but also increases blood flow, generates more efficiency by benefiting all types of cells and tissues, including lymph glands and nerves.

The FIR route plays a major role in the development of a mitochondrial activity, circulation, and detoxification.

Applying Negative Ion Law

Negative one type of electron particle particles that removes negative ions in special functions and transforms positive ions into beneficial ions for the human body.

These ions refine blood, increase vitality, increase the body’s strength, hunger and relax.

You can understand the benefits and precautions of improved mood and alertness by increasing the levels of serotonin.

These ions are rich in odorless, odorless and invisible particles, which are rich in natural areas such as waterfalls, rain forests, and sea beaches.

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During the use of biomass, you will feel completely safe in your own personal room.

It will be so enjoyable that you can feel the feeling of the situation surrounding the whole room with a pleasant, delightful, clear music, and sit for some time after using it.

Glass may give importance to drinking water. Within the next few days, you may feel more energy or you may feel the lack of energy, both are natural.

If you feel lacking, it cleans your body and is working on recovering in deep cellular levels through the use of lots of energy.

Drink plenty of fluids, you can quickly move your body through the healing process.

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