Negative Ion Mattress Review

Negative Ion

Because most people in the U.S. are more constantly exposed to UV rays and artificial environments than they are to natural elements, it is thought that these people may be suffering the negative effects of positive ions. Therefore it is a good reason to include some negative ion therapy.

Negative Ion Mattress

Because of Negative ions advantage, many products are made from it. These products are very helpful and they do some good works. Negative ion mattress is one of them. Negative ions can get you a positive effect on your body. It can circulation hence to your health.

If you want to heal your body with some energy then this mattress is for you. You can’t even imagine being wrapped by a layer of negative ions constantly over your sleeping period. The negative ions penetrate your skin and go deep into your body to assist in cleansing and rejuvenating your organs, tissues, blood vessels, and your skin.

You don’t need to tension about your skin. Negative ion energy doesn’t make any bad effect on your body or skin. It seems negative but you will surely get positive energy from it. It will help to penetrate your skin. It can go deeper into your body and can help your body with some good energy. These negative ion mattresses help you to heal your body.

You don’t need to use it like any other far infrared heat product. When you take rest to mean on the mattress, you’ll get the benefits. You don’t even have to lose your time to get negative ion treatment. When you are sleeping you’ll get the benefits, when you are taking rest you’ll get the benefits. That means every time you’ll get the benefits.

Negative Ion Mattress Benefits

The negative ion mattress is made with viscoelastic memory foam. Viscoelastic memory foam is thermos sensitive. It responds to your body heat. When your skin gets direct contact with the Negative Ion release layer you’ll start to get the benefits. The skin will greatly absorb the negative ions emitted by the mattress.

In this process, you’ll get an improvement to the blood circulation, re-balance the pH from weak acidity to weak alkaline. And you’ll get these effects all the time. It’ll not give you over effect and make you weak. It’ll make your body more powerful. Which energy you lost every day you’ll get it back in every night. You’ll get a deep sleep every night. And that will give you a 100% benefits.

The negative ion release layer was formed from 12 natural minerals. It permanently and continuously releases high-density negative ion particles, improving your circulation and air quality surrounding you.

HL HEALTHYLINE Negative Ion Mattress

HL HEALTHYLINE negative ion mattress is made by HL HEALTHYLINE. It’s a white energy duvet comforter. You’ll get natural sleeping aid benefits. It can produce and give you negative ions, far infrared and also biomagnetic therapy.

It is made of 100% cotton cover encasing and natural tourmaline fiber filling. If you want to heal your body naturally during sleep than HL HEALTHYLINE negative ion mattress is for you. It is an energy duvet/ comforter. It’s designed with magnetic field therapy.

After using it all night you can heal your night. You don’t even have to take a needed position. You have to just sleep and it’ll start its work naturally and can heal your body. It can help you to fall asleep faster than before. You’ll get a deep sleep every time after the start to use it. Believe it or not, you’ll get deep sleep each and every time. Most of us suffer from this problem, we don’t get proper sleep at night.

Tourmaline down alternative fiber is created with a patented seven-step process:

Firstly, Natural healing tourmaline stones are crushed into a Nanopowder. Then this Nanopowder is converted to the fiber. Tourmaline fiber is naturally activated by your own body heat. It absorbs heat energy then converts it into the far infrared radiant heat and negative ions.

Tourmaline Duvet can help our body to sleep more quickly. And when you wake up you feel more refreshed and charming. It can help you with your daily alleviate stress and anxiety, boost immune functioning, and detoxify while you sleep.

Far Infrared lights can help you to improve your circulation, stimulate detoxification, and promote relaxation. In a result when you wake up you’ll be feeling more refreshed, more upbeat, and ready for the day. The overall night you can remove all your stress. All night it’ll try to heal your body.


  1. The Size of HL HEALTHYLINE negative ion mattress:
  2. Medium size (98 x 89) in/ (249 x 224) cm.
  3. Weight: 10 pounds (4 kg)
  4. Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0
  5. Color: Solid White
  6. Features: Filled with 100% Tourmaline Cotton, 300 Thread Count,
  7. Bio magnetic Therapy, Far Infrared and Negative Ions

HL HEALTHYLINE Negative Ion Mattress


  • 100% Cotton Cover
  • Nontoxic Natural Materials Hypoallergenic, and odor resistant


  • May not be warm enough in the winter
  • Dry clean only- not machine washable

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4 thoughts on “Negative Ion Mattress Review

  1. Hi there,

    I’m very interested in negative ion therapeutic products, so I’d love to know more about these mattresses.  I have a couple of questions though.  I was reading your article and I can’t work out whether it’s a mattress or a duvet you’re mentioning.  Also, do I have to plug the product in to activate the negative ions?  Is it like an electrical blanket/mattress?  r do we get the product already all charged with negative ions?

    Sorry for my questions but I would like to learn more.

    1. Hello Cath,

      The negative ions is activated when you switch on the device.  It is a mattress.  You can check out the informative website where all your inquisitiveness will be answered

  2. I have never heard of negative ion beds before. However, after reading this insightful post, I’m positive that a negative ion bed will give me a better night’s rest. I’m also trusting in the ability of this bed to heal my body after the stress of the day. 

    Seeing how beneficial the negative ion bed is, I want to know if there are sizes for children?

    Expecting your feedback.

    Kind regards

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