Negative Ion Mattress Review

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negative ion mattress


Best Negative Ion Mattress Review

Have you ever thought, why you feel fresh when you move out of your office cabin and go to a garden or an open area?

When you are driving in your car with windows closed, and AC turned on, why do you feel sleepy but as you get out of your car and feel fresh?

Well if you don’t know the reason you need to know the terms positive and negative ions.

Any atomic particle which gets charge either by losing electrons (positive) or gaining electrons (negative) is an ion. Ions are particles which absorb energy from our surrounding. They are abundantly present around us and are influencing our body.

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What are the negative ions?

negative ions

When an atom or molecule gains an electron from the surrounding, they get a negative charge and are negative ions.

We cannot feel them around us, but they help us detoxify our body.

These ions are produced by numerous factors such as ultraviolet radiations from the Sun, from the effect of cosmic rays, due to the breaking forces of water (when water is ionized, it produces negative and positive ions ), energy from thunder and lightning and there are plant-based sources which also generates negative ions.

negative ions coming the infrared radiation

How do negative ions work?

There is a compound produced by nerve cells in the body serotonin, which enhances the mood of human.

It regulates neuromuscular and metabolic activities. Due to these functions, it plays a vital role in the essential life processes such as sleeping cycle and mood swings.

Increased production of serotonin keeps your mind and body in a happy and relaxed state. This compound is produced by exposure to negative ions.

high serotonin levels

The level of serotonin in the body links to mental health. If serotonin level is below than average level person undergoes stress and anxiety situation. But in the reverse condition, he feels fresh and relaxed.

Get a detailed overview here. (

Mattresses are daily life essentials which are manufactured to provide maximum comforts to their user.

They relax the body, and as human spend ? of his time on it, they are an efficient source for delivering support to the body.

Scientists are using gem crystals with healing power to provide a cure and therapeutic effect to the people.

negative ion mattress

Since ancient times these crystals are used by people for curing stress, anxiety, muscle fatigue, Spasms.

Tourmaline crystals come in many colors, but the most prevalent is black color. They cleanse the blood and absorb unnecessary positive ions from the body.

You can get detailed properties of tourmaline crystals ( (source)

How do the gem crystals work?

Amethyst Origin

These crystals are placed inside the mattresses and pillows in a crushed form so that they don’t feel hard.

gem crystals inside the negative ion mattress

As these crystals are heated up either by the electrical current supplied to them or by the body heat, they release negative ions and far-red light/infrared rays.

infrared spectrum

These negative ions help to remove toxic components from our body and perform cleansing action.

The infrared rays have penetrating power which penetrates deep in the body tissue, relaxes them, smooths blood flow, and give relaxed sleep to the body.

With all this information comes the answer to our questions asked at the start. In our daily routine, our body consumes too much of positive ions which cause tiredness.

When we move to a green place and start breathing, we intake air with negative ions which cleanse our body from toxic chemicals which have built up for long.

When you are looking for a new mattress with negative ions you should look for some of the given features;

  • Is it comfortable?
  • The weight of the mattress.
  • The operation of the mattress.
  • What is the price of the mattress?
  • What are the health benefits associated with it?
  • Does some physiotherapist suggest it?

Here is my negative ions mattress review to achieve the dilemma on people in the U.S. constantly exposed to UV rays and artificial environments than they are to natural elements.

It is thought that these people may be suffering from the negative effects of positive ions.

Therefore it is a good reason to include some negative ion therapy.

Here is a link what is a?negative ion.

Whenever we go out for hiking, in a beautiful park or near the beach front there are plenty of natural negative ions which is conducive to have a good feeling of well-being.

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natural negative ions

Do you know that the negative ions are oxygen atoms that are charged with an extra electron, which is abundant in nature?

I previously mentioned above that you can find lots of it when you are hiking, near the beachfront and especially forest like trails.

Too Busy With Life?

busy life

You might ask if there is a way to get the negative ion benefits in our busy lives?

Surely you can benefit from it without going out for a hike anymore and get it right inside your bedroom or on the comfort of your chair.

Good thing that there is this?negative ion mattress technology?which you can utilize it to improve your health and well-being.

Negative ions can give you a positive effect on your body.?It can enhance blood circulation which is much-needed by your body.

If you want to heal your body with some energy then this mattress is for you.

You can?t even imagine being wrapped by a layer of negative ions constantly over your sleeping period.

Let?s have a look!

1. TheraMat heated mattress Pad with Far-infrared shield


Orion electronics present you with the combination of comfort in the form of mattress and treatment with the help of far infrared technology.

It has five layers with the top formed of polyester.? It is available in full, Queen and King-size.

The queen and king size mattress comes with a unique feature of temperature control.

This mattress is quite economical for you as you can save your electricity bills.

There are 9 temperature control levels.

The electromagnetic field in the mattress diminishes the chances of presence of any dangerous rays to the maximum.

As we know that infrared light has deep penetrating power, these rays penetrate deep into the human tissues regulating blood flow and improve the health of the person.

It weighs 800 pounds and dimensions of 80 x 76 inches. You can set your mattress temperature between 86 degree F and 140 degrees F.

Most of the users are satisfied with the performance of the TheraMat mattress.

They told that as they started using the mattress, they observed a positive change in themselves and their health also improved.

One of the satisfied customers says that the mattress temperature control is quite easy. It works quickly to heat the mattress, and in the night you don’t need to wait too long for the bed to heat up.

Another customer informed that he was suffering from hay fever, but as soon as he bought TheraMat FIR? mattress and used it, he started feeling better.

He observed that his hay fever has gone.?

The one point which most of the customers felt is that the mattress is not comfortable to lie. You need to buy an additional soft mattress topper to feel comfortable.


  • Temperature control is efficient.
  • It is available in different sizes.
  • The mattress does not get overheated.
  • No harmful rays are present.


  • Its price is quite high.
  • It does not provide comfort.
  • The length of the extension wire is small.

2. Non-Electrical Magnetic therapy mattress with Nanotech


Here comes the mattress with magnetic properties without electrical connectivity that has a therapeutic role in curing many-body problems such as back pain, muscle pain, Sciatica, Spasms, Joint pain, and fatigue.

Due to a loss in the magnetic power of the Earth human body is not getting sufficient magnetic rays to maintain proper body health.

This mattress design is such that the body receives maximum magnetic rays. You also get a pillow that provides a magnetic field and releases infrared light rays.

The weight of the mattress just 11 pounds, so it is not difficult to carry around.

It has layers of Tourmaline gemstone and Amethyst crystals which have a variety of use in Eastern Medicine.

The healing properties of these crystals help in curing stress problems, treating anxiety, recover sleeplessness, and improve blood flow in the body. Tourmaline gemstones are crushed into small pieces and then filled in the mattress which provides a magnetic field to the body for efficient working.?

Tourmaline crystals release 0.06mA current, which enhances blood flow. The Amethyst crystal can release infrared rays which penetrate the human body and helps treat various problems like joint pain, arthritis, rheumatism.

The mattress and pillow don’t need an electricity supply.

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You can get a comfortable sleep with the health benefits of the magnetic field and infrared rays, which improves your blood circulation, eliminates sleeplessness.


  • It provides comfort in use.
  • It is economical to use as it does not consume electricity.
  • It provides therapeutic properties.
  • Weight of the mattress is less.


  • The price is quite high.
  • Don?t allow children to use it as it contains small magnets, which they may swallow.

3.? Mini Mat with Far Infrared Amethyst crystals


Our next product is the mini Mat by TUV&CE, a US certified company, with the healing power of Amethyst crystals.

It has a unique design, providing maximum comfort to the vertebral column.

The mattress has numerous temperature control sensors, and they provide the same heating throughout the mattress.

The mini Mat comes with a weight of 8.5 pounds and dimension of 32 x 20 x 1.5 inches.

You also get free cushion with the mini Mat.

It is covered with waterproof material to keep the Mat safe from sweat, water, and dust particles.

You can enjoy the healing power of the Mat with two years warranty and adjustable temperature.

Now coming towards the healing power, Amethyst crystals are for long duration used in eastern medicine.

They provide the body with negative ions along with the infrared rays which penetrate the muscle tissues and smooths the blood flow, relaxes the mass of muscles and body.

You get comfortable to sleep over the night and wake up fresh in the morning.

A satisfied customer told us that the mini Mat helps him to relax his body. It is quite easy to use, and the weight is also not too much.

The negative ions act to detoxify his body.

Another happy client adds that as the infrared therapy is quite efficient, and it is very different from the other heating mattress.

Numerous clinical physiotherapists also recommend their patient to use this Mat as they find it quite useful for relaxing muscles.

We also got some negative reviews as some customers find it uncomfortable and thick.

After reaching the set temperature, it turns off and starts getting cold. And an unhappy customer told that it is not long lasting as it died out just in 2 months of use.

But these reviews can’t account for the fault of the product as if a product not adequately used or there is some mishandling its lifetime reduces.


  • It is comfortable to use.
  • It comes with health benefits.
  • It is not heavy to carry around.
  • The mattress does not get overheated.
  • Temperature control is efficient.
  • It does not generate harmful radiations.


  • It gets cold after the temperature reaches the set point.
  • Its price is quite high.
  • The extension wire is not long

4.? Tourmaline Gemstone filled Infra Red Pillow.


Here come the pillows which are more than just a luxury of your bedroom.

It comes with amazing health benefits, which are due to the three gems? Jade, Amethyst, and Tourmaline.

They provide magnetic field, negative ions, and infrared rays to the body.

It brings comfort to your head, and neck with a dimension of 20 x 12 x 4 inches and 6 pounds of weight.

Either you want to relax your body for a few hours or go for a whole night sleep this pillow is suitable for both purpose.

You can also use these pillows with any other heating comforter as the pillow covers having stones easily gets off by a zipper.

One of the customers who had this pillow says that it is very comfortable to use, and with the crushed stones, you do not feel that you are lying on a rock.

Another satisfied customer said that as he started using this pillow to sleep, his medicine for thyroid problem intake reduced.

He started feeling better and lost 30 pounds of weight too.

Another happy customer said that it provides a comfortable sleep with excellent holding capability. It helps me to get immediate and sound sleep as I fell on my bed.?

Another satisfied customer adds that the pillow helps her to overcome her headache problem.

But as we all know, we have to lose something to gain something.

The price of the pillow as per some customers is quite high. One of the customers feels that the pillow is quite hard to lay on and is not suitable to use for a longer time.

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Another unhappy customer added that she has a quite bad experience of using this pillow instead of helping her with reducing shoulder pain it added to the severity.


  • It helps to provide comfort to the neck and head.
  • It does not use electricity.


  • It is not economical.
  • It may feel hard for some users.


Mattresses are available in the market with many companies claiming their product is the best.

I have provided you with 4 of the best mattresses available in the market with negative ion and far infrared therapy.?

You already have in your mind what your requirement is?

Now you can easily buy one for yourself and enjoy a comfortable sleep and wake up with a fresh, healthier, and active body.

Additional Helpful Information

Really Good Benefits With Negative Ion Mattress

The negative ions penetrate your skin and go deep into your body to assist in cleansing and rejuvenating your organs, tissues, blood vessels, and your skin.

Negative ion energy doesn?t make any bad effect on your body or skin.

It seems negative but you will surely get positive energy from it. It will help to penetrate your skin.

It can go deeper into your body and can help your body with some good energy. These negative ion mattresses help you to heal your body.

You can use this negative ion mattress in conjunction with a far infrared heat bio mat?to truly have a healthy body.

Quality Of The Negative Ion Mattress

The negative ion mattress is made with?viscoelastic memory foam. Viscoelastic memory foam is thermos sensitive.

It responds to your body heat. When your skin gets direct contact with the Negative Ion release layer you?ll start to get the benefits.

The skin will greatly absorb the negative ions emitted by the mattress.

In this process, you?ll get an?improvement to the blood circulation, re-balance the pH from weak acidity to weak alkaline. And you?ll get these beneficial effects all the time.

With the energy you lost every day you?ll get it back in every night. You?ll get a deep sleep every night.

The negative ion release layer was formed from 12 natural minerals.

It permanently and continuously releases high-density negative ion particles, improving your circulation and air quality surrounding you.

I have some recommendations for you as well in case if you wanted to an?infrared heat bio mat?in helping to relieve some lingering ailments that you might have.

I myself have been using infrared bio mats for a long time already and this can be compared as to going to a?hot sauna?but within the confines and comfort of your home.

infrared mattress

I have an article on the health benefits in comparison to going to the?sauna vs infrared heating mat so that you may also gain health benefits from using this awesome technology within your grasp.

Infrared heating pads are used to maintain your health and did you know that in Japan, they have a similar technology that has been in usage for centuries?

In Japan, they have thousands of?Ganbanyuko Stone Heat Therapy in which you go to the spa and lie down on a heated slab of stone which detoxifies your body and you come out profusely sweating.

By the way, there is a lot of other alternative infrared heat mattresses which you can decide with in-depth reviews.

No matter what method you used to maintain your health, as long it works out for you then continue using it. My purpose is to show you the technology that is within our grasp and its affordability.

This also shows that you do not need to schedule and go out on your way to a sauna or a professional clinic or even buy prescription drugs in alleviating your ailments.

I have also a small negative ion mat placed on my work chair so that I can receive 100% benefits in maintaining my health!

negative ion mat on my chair

I got this from Amazon and here is the inexpensive product.


The infrared heating mattress technology can be your cure and its an instrument in ally to tackle diseases and reclaim your health!


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