Infrared Heating Pad Systems

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Infrared Heating Pad Systems

Through the absorption of infrared thermal power, tissues are safely and gently heated appear in heightened blood flow within the treated area.

Your body?s natural response to this heightened temperature is to maintain a condition of homeostasis?a balanced environment or state of composure throughout the body.

To do this, your body responds with development in blood flow to the treated area.


    1. compact heating pad system for home, office or travel.


    1. Non-invasive, non-addictive pain alleviation of acute & chronic pain.


    1. Choose the perfect pain alleviation system for shoulders, knees/thighs or elbows/hands


  1. Will not burn or dry out the skin

The ?Infrared Therapy System is an acceptable, compact heating pad system that you can use at the house, in the office, while driving or on holiday to provide effective temporary pain alleviation wherever and whenever you need it.

The ?Infrared Therapy System produces infrared heating to provide deep biting warmth for temporary alleviation of acute and chronic pain.

The TTS Elbow/Hand System is perfect for those who deteriorate from Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or other problems caused by injuries to the hands, wrists or elbows.

The unit consists of two smaller adjustable bureaus utilizing 2 – 3″x 8″ infrared inserts joined together for better flexibility and relaxation of fit. Two elements, 120 volts 24 watts.

Pain from injury and chronic ache can be debilitating and keep you from competing in the activities you enjoy.

The Infrared Heat Therapy joint Wrap administer targeted Infrared heat therapy to the elbow and forearm.

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This joint wrap is specifically designed to fit comfortably around the joint and forearm to provide maximum heat disclosure to the affected area.

The Infrared joint Heating Pad is popular with golfers and those who play different racket sports as a treatment for injuries.

While many current heating pads tend to heat the exterior of the skin, the Infrared Heating Pad uses Infrared thermal power to send prolonged heat deep into the meat.

This development of blood flow, helping to deliver nutrients and oxygen, eliminate waste, and ease inflammation.

Additional Info:

    • Uses FAR Infrared Technology to send heat deep into the meat


    • protect and easy to use


    • Has long/low heat settings


    • mechanized by electric socket


  • comfortable for travel

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Infrared Heating Pad Benefits

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Benefits of Far Infrared Heat Therapy For Elder:

Elder is more likely to suffer from diseases such as chronic fatigue, arthritis, falls and injuries, chronic pains in the back and joints, inflated blood pressure, sleep anarchy and many other conditions.

Lifestyle habit and diet development are often part of the overall treatment of these conditions.

But there is also much to be said for a time-tested approach such as heat therapy and its updated version, Far Infrared Therapy, to FIR Therapy, which can provide natural pain alleviation

infrared therapy also element blood vessels to expand.

This expansion leads to Far upgrade circulation and allows the immune system cells and chemicals to converge on the injured areas to facilitate the healing action.

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