Best Infrared Heating Pads 2022| Scientific Facts

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Are Infrared Heating Pads Good?

Infrared Heating Pads Are Superior to Regular Heating Pads

Infrared heating pads are superior to regular heating pads because the infrared rays emitted by these products goes deep into soft tissues about 3 inches deep into the : bones, nerves, muscles and tissues.

Because infrared has long wavelength, it can penetrate deep into the skin without having to rely on light. People using the product for back pain feel a relief after using the product since infrared affects the entire body.

  • Infrared is also able to work in other ways besides relaxation.
  • Infrared relieves the skin of inflammation, redness, and other skin problems. Since the infrared rays are absorbed by the human body, the results seen can be seen without any side effects.
  • This means that patients can use this technology on a daily basis for the results to show.

Scientific Research:


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How long can you use an infrared heating pad?

When Treatment is Over, the IR Heat Pad Will Immediately Shuts Off

  • The thing about infrared light therapy is that when treatment is over, the IR heat pad will automatically shut off.
  • The normal usage will be around 30 to 45 minutes on a daily basis.? You can use it as long as you want for health maintenance.

That’s right – you won’t have to worry about it shutting off if you use the right type of pad.

There are only a few manufacturers that actually provide heat pads that are user-friendly.

By being user-friendly, this means that you don’t have to flip switches to turn the heater on and off.

  • You can take your infrared therapy anywhere – you can use it in the car, at home, or at work.?
  • If you’ve ever had difficulty falling asleep because of the pain that a sleep disorder can cause, then infrared may be the answer for you.

Can You Sleep With Infrared Heating Pad?

Can you sleep with infrared heating pad

It is not as simple as you might think to answer the question “Can you sleep with infrared heating pad?” The short answer is yes, but it depends on several factors.

  • First of all, this type of heating pad will help you get some relief from any pain that may be causing you to wake up in the middle of the night.
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When your body feels warm and snug, you can go back to sleep.

  • The second aspect of the question of can you sleep with infrared heating pad is that when the area surrounding your body is warm, you will find it easier to relax.

Other people are having the experience of feeling relaxed and yet still waking up again because they feel as if their muscles are tight and their system is still congested.

This can also be attributed to blood circulation issues, although some may have the sensation that their breathing is still labored.

I personally sleep on my Infrared heating pad.infrared heating pad

What is the best infrared heating pad?

No products found.

List of Top 5 Best Infrared Heating pads in 2020

UTK 126 Natural Jade Stones Infrared Heating Pad

UTK 126 Natural Jade Stones Infrared Heating Pad

  • The size of this infrared heating pad is 21 x 31 inches.
  • Great to treat any part of the body.
  • Can use it on chair, bed or sofa.
  • 126 Jade stones are used on this infrared heating pad and jade stones generate negative ions!
  • FDA Approved.
  • Temperature setting are adjustable.
  • Flexible and great customer service 24/7 with 1 year warranty.

MediCrystal Amethyst Mat Mini Infrared Heating Pad

Medicrystal Amethyst Infrared heating pad

This is one of my favorites, Medicrystal makes high quality infrared heating pads.

  • This is about 18 layers of high quality materials and uses natural purple Amethyst crystals.
  • The measurements is 32 x 20 inches.? It is about 10 lbs heavier than most of the infrared heating pads. Comes with a high quality controller with timer setup.? Great warranty of 2 years.
  • You can use a combination of? UTK natural jade infrared heating pad if you wanted the jade stones benefits in conjunction with the Medicrystal Amethyst Infrared heating pad.
I personally use another Jade Infrared heating pad on my work office area aside from my bed.

Infrared mat on my chair

MediCrystal Amethyst Mat Natural Agate Gems Infrared Heat Pad

Medicrystal large infrared heating pad

This is my dream infrared heating pad.? Why?

Im saving up for this unique technology, it comes with infrared heat therapy, infrared light therapy 660nm to 850 wavelengths and the natural healing power of Amethyst.? What else can you look for, with all these to make sure that you do not get sick and always healthy!

Scientific Research on Infrared Light Therapy


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This is about 48″ by 22″, just great replacement for my infrared pad.

Thermotex Platinum Heating Pad

thermotex platinum

The Thermotex does not come with Jade stones or Amethyst but it utilizes carbon fiber to reach deep into your nerves, bones and muscles.

  • This technology is not as great as infrared heating pads which i have mentioned above but if your are on budget and simply wanted to have a pain relief then this is an inexpensive affordable heating pad.
  • This carbon fiber technology is used on portable infrared saunas since this is very flexible, sturdy and lightweight.
  • The benefits is it is very portable.? Can be used on any part of the body that needs heat.? Very high quality.? It uses 3 heating elements.
  • The only cons is that, you do not get maximum benefits as compared to full fledge Medicrystal, UTK and HealthyLine Infrared heating pads.
  • But this works.? If you want to use it for office or while you are travelling and staying in hotels, then this is perfect!
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HealthyLine Natural Jade Stones Mat Negative Ions Heat and Energy Pads, Medium

healthyline natural jade mat

HealthyLine has been making infrared heating pad for a long time already.? With this medium size pad, it can easily be palced on different parts of the body.

  • It is very light weight.
  • It has jade stones for healing power and very good conductor in heat transfer to the deep tissues where blood circulation is needed most.
  • It also emits natural negative ions produced by the Jade stones.
  • The controller is easy to use.
  • Low EMF Device.

I only reviewed the best infared heating pads that is making them for a long time already.? They are all FDA and been in the industry with great customer service and workmanship.? You can never go wrong in choosing the above manufacturers.

In the future I will be including other manufacturers, but for now these are the cream of the crop!

Here are some facts on Infrared Technology.

An Infrared Heating Pad For Muscle, Joint and Nerve Pain Relief

  • An infrared heating pad for muscle, joint and nerve pain relief is designed to help you relieve chronic joint pain in the muscles of the nervous system.
  • It can be used to soothe muscle and joint pain caused by injuries, falls or nerve related disorders.
  • These pads contain infrared energy that helps to stimulate blood flow and reduce pain.
  • The pad works in that it not only warms your body but increases the body heat.
  • This will cause your body to release endorphins.

Endorphins are feel good hormones.

The decreased pain and increased feeling of well being from using an infrared warming pad can help people stay comfortable and focused on their daily activities.

Most people with pain in the muscles, joints and nerves find that their day to day activities are not as they used to be.

Since an infrared heating pad will lessen pain the day after use, they may be able to reduce or even stop taking the medication altogether.

Muscle and joint pain can be a real problem for some people. When someone suffers from chronic pain, they often turn to pain killers.

  • Pain killers come with side effects and some of them have side effects that could make the problem worse.
  • Many people with the problem of pain take these pain killers because they do not want to deal with the side effects of the pain killers.
  • Because of this, people with chronic pain often take these pain killers regularly.

Another problem that some people face is that since the painkillers contain synthetic opiates, these pain killers also come with a lot of negative side effects.

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It can lead to a whole range of other problems such as drug dependency, cardiac arrest and other dangerous side effects.

Infrared Heating Pads Deliver Far-Infrared Rays

Since infrared heat is more effective than other types of heat, these are considered the best heating pads for the skin.

IR heating pads deliver farinfrared rays

The technology is reliable and it is portable. It can be used for a long period of time since the user does not have to carry it and place it on a surface to be warmed.

In addition, the IR radiation does not cause any discomfort, thus minimizing the irritation.

  • Since the body’s temperature is increased, most of the heat that reaches the skin comes from the source.
  • This results in more energy transfer and less heating of the body surface.
  • The IR heating pads do not absorb moisture, since they only produce radiant heat.
  • They are easy to use and require only a small amount of electricity.

The infrared unit is also silent and is easy to set up.

The New Thermal Effect of IR Rays Causes Increased Blood Flow Quickly

thermal effect of IR rays causes increased blood flow quickly

The recent thermal effect of IR rays causes increased blood flow quickly and is a product of the accelerated vasodilatation that occurs in the skin, which can only be increased by increased blood circulation. The skin is the largest organ of the body and is surrounded by elastic fibers called elastin, which gives it its ability to respond to cold temperatures. The skin, like all other organs, contains cells that produce cells, tissues and, ultimately, body parts.

Why Infrared Heating Pads Are Superior to Regular Heating Pads?

Infrared heating pads are superior to regular heating pads because they penetrate deep into the tissue. This causes the skin to be more receptive to heat. Heating pads that are coated with non-latex, or biodegradable, materials offer less irritation and allow for deeper penetration. The heat from these pads can also be increased to achieve more intense warmth by simply adjusting the heat setting on the pad.

How Infrared Therapy is Scientifically Proven to Quickly Relieve Pain

Infrared therapy is scientifically proven to quickly relieve pain

Infrared therapy is scientifically proven to quickly relieve pain. The amazing thing about infrared, the actual procedure used to administer the therapy, is that it targets the largest portion of pain occurring in your body and removes it entirely. Best of all, the therapy is non-invasive, safe, and very easy to receive as a treatment for many common medical conditions.

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