Here’s 5 Awesome Benefits to Solve Eczema : Light Therapy

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Here’s 5 Awesome Benefits to Solve Eczema : Light Therapy


Does red light therapy work for eczema, acne and psoriasis?

Eczema, acne and psoriasis are some of the most commonly heard skin condition. Every person has suffered with at least one some time in life. Treating these skin conditions can be difficult and time taking. Many creams, ointments and lotions are applied to the skin to treat problems such as eczema and acne but no visible difference is seen in short periods of time. These conditions can take years to get better.

A lot of researchers have researched that light therapy is very effective for these skin conditions. a visible difference can be seen after taking short sessions each day. So, the biggest advantage is that the red-light therapy has is that it improves the skin with safety in lesser time periods as compared to other procedures.

The red-light therapy is the penetration of low-level lights rays into the skin to cause cell repair and regeneration. When the cells repair and regenerate, following are the benefits achieved which help with eczema, acne and psoriasis:

Decrease in itching

    When you are suffering from eczema, acne or psoriasis, there is an urge to itch different areas of the skin. This causes a lot of discomfort and irritation. However, the red-light therapy enables a decrease in the itching. This is because due the to red light therapy, that the wounds start to heal themselves.

    Lack of swelling

      It is possible for your skin to swell if you have eczema, acne of psoriasis. The swelling in caused due to the inflammation of the skin, bacteria and excessive oils can also lead to swelling. Nevertheless, if you start red light therapy while suffering from these conditions, even a few sessions will make you see the notable difference in the swelling. Make sure you are consistent with the sessions, with the regular sessions, the swelling will decrease day by day.

      Less pain

        Acne, eczema and psoriasis, all three of them can be painful. Some people have less pain and for some, it is the worst. The inflammation of the skin causes a burning sensation which also leads to a lot of pain. Taking red-light therapy sessions, you will feel a decline in the intensity of the pain. Eventually, you will feel that the pain will completely go away and you will just be left with some of the acne.

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        Healing of the skin

          Eventually, you will observe that your skin is going back to its best form. The pimples and rashes will start to fade. This is because the production of new cells and repairing of the old will cause your skin to get better. The red-light therapy is very good at healing the wounds.

          Diminishing of the skin condition

            People who have to deal with eczema, acne or psoriasis lose their confidence and they feel that these skin conditions will not go away. Some people even get depressed due to it, they limit meeting people, they limit going out because of the fear that they will not be liked by people. The sessions of red-light therapy will allow the people to gain their confidence back by looking at their skin clearing. A point will come where they will receive a fully clear skin.

            How long is light therapy for eczema?

            For people suffering with eczema, they can take a red-light therapy session of a duration of 10-15 minutes each day. However, it is more about the consistency and not about the time duration. People feel that increasing the time duration will give them the desired results faster but it so not true. Being consistent with their sessions will give them the results that they dream of.

            Key things for effective light therapy for eczema:


              If you are not consistent with your therapy sessions then you will be very disappointed because you will not see the results that you wished for. A research showed that people who got 2 minutes of light therapy each day showed better skin. People feel that they are not having a change in their skin so they stop taking light therapy sessions. So, consistency is the key, be consistent to see the most amazing results. Get your clear skin back.

              Time Duration

                No, you will not get clearer skin by increasing the duration of your therapy session. As they say that excess of everything is bad, so don’t be fooled that by increasing the duration of the therapy, you will see better results. Take a session of 10 minutes every day but if you feel that your skin is in a worse condition then you can increase the session to 15 minutes but not more than that. Do it regularly and be surprised with the results.

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                Does blue light help in eczema, acne and psoriasis?

                blue light therapy for skin

                Blue light is very helpful for people suffering with eczema, acne and psoriasis. It is because of two essential things which are:

                Removing excess oils from the skin

                  The skin consists of glands which are responsible for producing oil. Oil is naturally produced by the skin itself to keep the skin hydrated and to prevent it from dryness. The oil producing glands can sometimes become overactive and they end up producing more oil than what is needed. This excess oil is the reason of acne. The blue light penetrates through the skin and gets rid of the excess oil and help people clear their skins.

                  Fighting the bacteria present on the skin

                    The second thing that the blue light does is that it kills the bacteria on the skin. Not only oil skin is responsible for acne, inflammation and rashes. The bacteria on the skin also have the capacity to cause the skin to break out. By eradicating the bacteria, blue light helps people with acne, eczema and psoriasis.

                    What is light therapy for skin disorders?

                    Light therapy is very beneficial for skin disorders. There are so many skin disorders, people have acne, eczema, psoriasis. Some people have peeling skin, others have an uneven skin tone.

                    Some people have big pores on the skin. All over the world, different methods are used to treat skin disorders. The first thing that people do is that they rush to their dermatologist, the dermatologist may prescribe them some medication.

                    They may even get some creams, lotions or other ointments to apply to their skin. There are surgical methods to improve skin conditions too.

                    However, all the methods that may be used for skin disorders are quite expensive and the dilemma is that they never show the desired results quickly. Every procedure that is adopted asks for hefty amounts of money, care, consistency, and a lot of time.

                    Then comes in light therapy, whether it is red light therapy or blue light therapy, or even LED light therapy, these light therapies have the ability to heal the wounds, to make the blood circulation better, to decrease the pain, to improve the cell production and so many other benefits.

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                    When an individual start taking the therapy session, he may feel that nothing is happening in the first two sessions but right after a few sessions a visible difference will be observed.

                    The biggest benefit of these light therapies is that they come with no side effects, they are scientifically proven to be completely safe on the skin and they are super effective as well. Also, you don’t have to waste hefty amounts of cash because these therapy sessions are quite cheap and affordable in comparison with procedures that are done at the clinic.

                    To get complex procedures done on your skin, you have to take an appointment from your doctor, wait at their office for hours, spend quite a lot of money, and after all that end up being effected with the side effects of the procedure that you went through all of that pain.

                    Coming to the light therapies, you will have to make a onetime investment to get the specific device for a specific purpose. Then you can do the session at your home without asking for anybody’s help and without spending more money. Its easy and its convenient. You can treat the skin disorders on your own.

                    Top 3 products from amazon for treating skin problems using light therapy

                    Day by day, new devices for treating skin problems are coming out. For treating the skin problems, you can invest into light therapy devices and get amazing results without going to the dermatologist every month. Here are the top three products that we picked through our research:

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