6 Quick Steps on How to Use Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy for Pain

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6 Quick Steps on How to Use Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy for Pain

infrared heat lampLight rays can beneficial for the human body and they can also be harmful.

The UV rays are harmful for the human body as they cause tissue damage, it can even lead to skin cancer. On the contrary, the infrared light comes with its many benefits.

It has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin for about 2-7cm which can increase the blood flow. The increased blood flow provides a good circulation in the whole body delivering healthy nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

When the cells receive the oxygen and nutrients, they become able to regenerate and repair themselves. The regeneration and repairing of the cells allow the humans to get rid of chronic pains.

What is Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy?

Infrared heat lamp therapy is just one of the many alternative medicine techniques used in medicine today.

It is basically a form of alternative medicine that utilizes infrared heat to activate the human body’s metabolism and to induce the growth of different type of cells and tissues.

To date, it has proven highly effective in many cases.

It also has the capacity to treat certain skin conditions, the most famous being eczema. Infrared heat lamps are quite expensive and you’ll find them hard to find if you are going to make a comparison with alternative therapy options like acupuncture, massage and Reiki.

What is Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy

What is Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy?

Infrared heat lamps use infrared rays from the heat source to induce cells to increase the production of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the body to increase the production of natural growth hormones.

With regards to growth hormones, they are responsible for the increase in hair, skin, muscle and bone tissue. This allows a healthier growth of new cells and tissues.

Infrared heat lamps have been proven to help with the strengthening of the immune system and promote the normalization of blood circulation.

The actual infrared heat, which is generated by the infrared lamp, is not released into the air. The primary function of infrared heat lamp therapy is to promote the production of vitamin D in the body.

There are other reasons why you may want to consider infrared heat lamp therapy.

In the treatment of cancer, it’s the only way to reach critical mass in the body’s ability to fight cancer. After having a procedure, you can get your skin to heal naturally without harmful chemicals or surgery, thanks to the treatment of infrared heat.

Does infrared light therapy really work for pain?

The infrared light therapy does work for pain because unlike UV rays, it doesn’t cause harm to the skin. Rather, it allows the skin cells to heal, increases the blood flow, increases the provision of oxygen and nutrients which efficiently gets rid of the pain.

To understand the scientific reason of the efficacy of infrared light therapy for pain is to the understand that nitric oxide is emitted through these light rays and when it penetrates through the skin, it reaches the arteries.

blood vessel

People can have various issues such as platelet clumping and irregular blood pressure but the nitric oxide maintains the blood circulation in the arteries, it also prevents any clumping of platelets in the arteries.

When the circulation improves, the intensity of the pain lowers on its own, due to the provision of oxygen and nutrients to the cells in the human body.

So, the answer of the question is quite clear that the infrared light therapy is extremely effective for pain. It also cures diseases like arthritis, bursitis, wounds and injuries, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and so many others. It is a scientifically tested and safe way of pain-relief.

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No surgery is required, no painful methods are adopted, just the use of the right wavelengths of infrared light is able to provide therapy for pain-relief.

How do you use an infrared lamp?

Infrared light lamps are cheap, easy to operate, safe and highly effective ways of getting pain-relief instead of opting for medication or surgeries.

The infrared light lamp is a lamp which emits invisible infrared light and you may feel some heat on your skin when exposed to it but it is because the infrared light is actually penetrating into your skin while improving your blood circulation. The infrared lamps are perfect for injuries, wounds, muscle ache and even wounds due to diabetes.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to effectively use the infrared lamp:

Adjustment of the lamp

The first step to effectively using an infrared lamp is to adjust the lamp where you can comfortably take the session, you can clamp it to a chair, to a desk or any other place where you can be comfortably exposed to the infrared light.

18-24 inches distance

Make sure that you are skin is not too close to the lamp, there should be distance of 18-24 inches to get the maximum efficiency from the session. As the infrared light rays are able to penetrate deep into the skin even with a certain distance so it is not necessary to expose the skin very closely to the lamp. The distance is important for the protection of the skin.

Eye protection goggles

Any time you take an infrared light therapy session, make sure that you keep your eyes protected with eye protection goggles.

Adjust the heat

The heat in the environment that you will be taking your session in should be comfortable. So, adjust the heat with the lamp according to your comfort. You don’t want the heat to be too high or too low.

Duration of the session

Next comes with duration of the session, each session must range from 10-15 minutes only and not more than that. Some people believe that greater time duration will be beneficial but it is really not. The advised time periods is the most ideal and effective, duration increased or decreased in comparison with the ideal time can be bad for health.

Therapy on your head

People take infrared light therapy sessions for their head too for pain relief. The time duration for this infrared light session must only be 10 minutes per session. Head is the most sensitive part of the human body hence it must not be exposed to any kind of light rays for longer than it is required.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you will get a highly effective infrared light therapy session through an infrared light lamp. However, make sure that you keep moving the specific part of body here and there in between the session.

How does infrared heat lamp help with muscle pain?

Infrared light therapy is effective for muscle pain, it is cost-effective, safe and scientifically proven way of pain relief. Muscle pain can be really bad for people as it can impact the day to day functioning of the human body.

People with diabetes, they may feel pain in their feet or calves, the pain is so bad that people are barely even able to walk. Some people may feel pain in their shoulders and arms.

However, the infrared light therapy is able to provide relief for all kinds of muscle pain by maintaining blood pressure and improving blood circulation in the body.

The infrared light therapy has the ability to emit wavelengths of about 650-1350 nm which penetrate deep down in to layers of the skin. In the muscle pains, the pain is caused by inflammation.

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The penetration of the infrared light deep into the skin increases the blood flow. With the increased blood flow, the body is able to get rid of toxins, unwanted chemicals and even inflammation.

Due to this, the muscle spasms stop. As soon as the inflammation starts going away, the intensity of the pain lowers as well and a point comes where it diminishes completely.

So, in simple terms, the infrared light therapy gets rid of the inflammation in the parts of the body causing pain relief.

How does infrared heat lamp help with back pain?

Back pains can be terrible, with immense back pain, people are unable to sit, stand, walk and even lie down on their own. Just as the infrared light therapy help with muscle aches, it helps with the back pain by penetrating deep down in to the skin layers. When it penetrates deep own, it reaches the blood vessels, stressed blood vessels may also cause pain.

The infrared light therapy has the ability to cause a healing effect on the vessels in tension by relaxing them. It provides the skin with a deep warming effect which gives a pleasant soothing effect to the skin while exposing it to only healthy rays of light.

Sun is also able to produce a similar effect but the problem is that the sun also has UV rays, UV rays instead of being beneficial for the skin are harmful. They don’t cause tissue repair but they cause tissue damage. Which is why, infrared light therapy is preferred because it is more effective and safer.

The infrared light with the help of nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels while increasing the blood circulation. They also get rid of any circulatory disorders by expanding the blood vessels and by increasing the blood flow throughout the body. Once this is done, the intensity of the pain decreases and the person feels relieved.

4 recommended infrared heat lamps for home use:

Infrared heat lamps are a cheap alternative of the expensive saunas that you may go to get pain relief. The saunas are expensive, you have to go from one place to another which can be hectic.

So, infrared light lamps are easier. You do the job at home, whenever you feel like and without spending so much money. The infrared light lamps are a onetime investment which will allow you to have multiple therapy session right at your home.

Pick the right time for you, where you feel comfortable and easy, clamp the lamp somewhere nearby and then take a session for about 10 to 15 minutes and right after the first session you will feel a difference because the blood circulation will improve, the cells will get oxygen and nutrients with which they will repair and regenerate. As the blood flow will get better, you will certainly feel a decrease in the intensity of the pain.

Are Infrared Heat Lamps Good For You?

Are infrared heat lamps good for you

The question about whether infrared heat lamps are good for you has been a burning question with all of us for years.

Not many people know the answers to this question and this is because they keep on visiting doctors and staying in hospitals that deal with treatments of various conditions.

They have also taken all the medicines prescribed by doctors and have been paying for them out of their own pockets or out of their retirement fund.

But one thing that we cannot deny is that no one really knows how the body should be treated by the use of these types of heat lamp.

Many people wonder if these infrared heat lamps are good for you?

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One of the most important things that has to be noticed here is that there are plenty of people who have been subjected to serious diseases by the use of these kinds of lamps.

These are the ones who have suffered from ulcers, skin diseases and other such conditions. What can be done with these people and what can be done for them? You can use these devices as they are to find out if the treatment will help to cure them completely.

These devices can also help you get rid of the effects of lack of sleep. If you keep on sleeping at night then you will wake up tired in the morning. With the use of these devices, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated at the end of the day. So what do you think of these infrared heat lamps? Do you think they are good for you? If you have been involved in a lot of research in this field then you can go through our website which contains all the facts related to this subject.

Here are the recommended ones:

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How Often Can You Use Infrared Light Therapy?

A lot of questions have been floating around in the minds of those who are looking into the use of infrared light therapy.

One question that has always puzzled me is how often can you use it.

It may seem like a new and strange concept, but this is not new at all. For the longest time, people have been using heat to stimulate certain parts of the body such as the skin or the throat.

There is no reason why you can’t do the same thing with infrared light. Let’s look at how this works. If you remember the original use of sunlight, then you’ll know that it is based on the fact that it can penetrate through the air and come into contact with the human body.

How often can you use infrared light therapy

This means that by getting out of the way of the sun light, you allow the light to penetrate into the skin of the person.

What does this mean for the person? By using the light, it will be able to trigger certain areas of the body to grow. By stimulating these areas, the body will then be able to grow bigger and healthier. This in turn will make the person feel more energetic and healthy.

You can do this in various ways.

You can use it through a special lamp or gel to use on the face or the body.

These methods can work best with a person who is already using heat therapy.

Another type of light that is used is called Gelsol.

In this type of light, infrared light is used to stimulate different parts of the body.

Since it can penetrate through the skin, it is used on the area that needs stimulation. So if you are looking for a way to improve your health, then infrared light may be just what you need.

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