Infrared VS Steam Sauna

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Infrared VS Steam Sauna ? Which is better for health and wellness?

traditional sauna

If you have been going to the spa, then it is most likely that you are already aware of the different benefits of relaxation and detoxification.

Most probably, you have tried or even heard of saunas.

Nothing beats feeling the tranquility and total relaxation that a sauna can bring.

The health and wellness benefits that you get from sauna are major bonuses that you will surely appreciate. After a while, you may start to consider whether it would be more practical and more convenient to have a sauna at your very own home. In such a case, you would also need to choose between an infrared and steam sauna.

Sauna the Spectacular

When you think about the sauna, the first thing that usually comes to mind is ?heat?.

However, you need to understand that there are a lot of other factors that you need to understand and consider when it comes to saunas.

Some of these factors are a heat source, the minimum and maximum temperature, the particular purpose, the speed, the energy that the sauna needs to operate, the installation process, and the cost of saunas.

Knowing more about these details will help you make wise decisions about saunas.

Frequent Infrared

infrared sauna

With an infrared sauna right inside (or outside) your home, you can now enjoy the much beneficial heat as frequently as you desire. Here are some benefits of choosing an infrared sauna:

  • Easy breezy. You can enjoy the infrared sauna without needing other things in order to do so. You do not need stones and you do not need to water so you can just preheat the sauna (or not), get inside, and enjoy the warmth that will bring about numerous health and wellness benefits. This is one reason why some sauna aficionados refuse to classify the infrared sauna as a sauna. They say that a sauna?s heat should come from the water and the stones but the number of people who prefer infrared saunas continues to grow because of its convenience and easy use.
  • Controlled heat. Although some may argue that the conventional sauna gives you more control through removing or adding stones and pouring water at particular points in the duration of your sauna use, the heat inside an infrared sauna is also controlled in the sense that its heat does not become unbearable.
  • Straight to the point. The heat from the infrared sauna goes directly into your body from the heating elements in different spots in the sauna. Therefore, the heat penetrates your skin faster and as an effect, you feel its benefits faster than you would in a traditional sauna.
  • Loss is gain. With increased metabolism rate, you will lose weight faster when you use an infrared sauna regularly. Its effects are comparable to what you will get when you run. Only, it is a much more pleasant experience for all since it relaxes you and does not make you tired. The sudden increase in the speed of your body?s metabolism will also result in healthier blood circulation.
  • No more pain. Forget about muscle pains because the infrared sauna helps your muscle damages heal faster. You usually damage your muscles when you engage in an intense workout and these damages result in the need to stop working out for a while as you wait for your muscles to heal. It also helps get rid of muscle joint pains as well as tissue injuries.
  • Strong against sickness. A healthier immune system is yet another reason to be thankful for the infrared sauna. It strengthens your immune system so you get more protection from a myriad of health problems. While some people do not understand how this works, it actually heats your body making it think like it has a fever. As a result, your body systems work double time to protect your body from potential sicknesses.
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Dear Dry Sauna

People love tradition and doing things the traditional way. That includes the use of traditional saunas which are also popularly known as dry saunas. The method of heating up a dry sauna varies but the most traditional one is burning wood in a stove or something similar with a bucket filled with sauna rocks on it, and pouring water into the bucket with the use of a ladle.

Here are some unique benefits of using the dry sauna:

  • It gives better blood circulation. Since dry saunas are relatively hotter than an infrared sauna, it immediately increases your heart rate. As a result, it speeds up your blood?s circulation inside your body for up to two times. This is why it is highly recommended for those who suffer from unhealthy blood circulation. Healthier blood circulation is also the effect of increased metabolism rate.
  • It relaxes you. This is usually one of the main reasons why most people go to spas, specifically to use the sauna. This is a rather stressful world so pampering yourself once in a while is such a treat that you would definitely like to do more often. That is why more and more people are deciding to have saunas in their own homes. To maximize the calming and relaxing effects of saunas, you can also pair it with meditation.
  • It improves muscle and joint condition. When engaging in physically demanding activities (or the lack thereof), you will feel joint pains and muscle pains from time to time. Aside from helping you relax, dry saunas can also relieve joint and muscle pains. That is why it is usually a part of athletic training.
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Yes, it is time to get a sauna and enjoy all of its benefits right at the comfort of your own home.

Some saunas may even be shared with one or more persons so it can serve different purposes ? better health, bonding and socialization, and absolute relaxation. Infrared and steam sauna have almost the same benefits but infrared saunas help you get these benefits faster so consider benefits as well as efficiency when choosing the best sauna for you!

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