What You Need to Know About Far Infrared Mats?

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What You Need to Know About Far Infrared Mats, And How Often You Can Use One

far infrared mats

What is Far Infrared (FIR)?

Radiation which has a wavelength varying from 15-micrometers to 1-micrometer in the infrared spectrum of EMR (Electromagnetic radiation) is known as Far infrared radiation [1].

FIR is not visible to the human eyes as its photons have less energy than that of the visible light which usually have a wavelength of 400-nanometer to 700-nanometer.

A Far Infrared mat is typically the same size as a yoga mat.

These mats are essentially made up of 17 different layers of biotech materials which produce negative ions, far-infrared rays, and a gentle magnetic field.

All these components penetrate deeply into the organs and tissues.

The rays work on warming the body up which induces hypothermia. This triggers the self-healing processes of the body. The science behind this was first produced by NASA, and they were the first that documented the advantages of Far Infrared Rays on the human body.

Yet the rays produced are not only by heat. Some of these mats also use amethyst crystals. These crystals contain powerful piezoelectric properties that allow them to carry negative and positive charge simultaneously.

The amethyst crystals [2] have superconductive properties, that the Far Infrared Rays have to pass through. This is what results in longer wavelengths which are able to penetrate much deeper into the tissues and organs of the body.

The amethyst crystals also produce negative ions which are known for having a positive impact on clarity, mental health, mental energy, and drowsiness. They are also linked to improving allergies, sinus problems, and migraines. With amethyst included in these Far Infrared mats, it is possible to reap the benefits of negative ions and Far Infrared heat at the same time.

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Instructions on How to Use A Far Infrared Mat

To use one of these mats all that is required is to position the mat on either a carpet or hard floor and choose the heat setting. The mat will usually require about 20 minutes to reach the desired heat setting.

While the mat is heating up, many users prepare the space by turning on soothing music or using a diffuser with a blend of relaxing essential oils.

It is also important to have water close by and a towel to wipe away the sweat. It is also advisable to use a towel over the mat or a mylar-blanket for creating a Far Infrared sauna experience.

For a sauna experience, the mat should be on the maximum setting which is usually 78 degrees Celsius or 158 degrees Fahrenheit. This might take up to 40 minutes for the mat to reach the maximum temperature.

How Often Should an Infrared Mat Be Used?

Once the mat has reached the right temperature, the user should lie on the mat for between 40 minutes to 1 hour. If the user is not yet freely sweating after the first hour, the treatment can be extended by another 30 minutes.

Once the treatment is over, it is advisable to shower in order to wash away the sweat. The Far Infrared mats can be used once a day if the user desires, provided they make sure they remain well hydrated.

The Healing Benefits of Far Infrared Mats

The Far Infrared mat is designed to raise the temperature in the body safely, which creates a ?false? fever, caused by the deep penetrating heat. It is the ?fever? that then stimulates the user’s immune system to naturally produce white blood cells, antibodies, along with interferon which is what assists the body in protecting itself from microorganisms that are harmful.

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In various studies it has been found that FIR can sauna bathing can help user?s body to recover strength and endurance [3]. The study was conducted on 10 healthy males whose body where accustomed to sauna baths.

After the endurance tests were conducted, the test results were verified for normality by applying the Shapiro?Wilk?s test and the results obtained were significant at the p < 0.05 level.

Here is a list of some of the stand out benefits of using a Far Infrared Mat:

1. They are known to ease body stiffness, and minor joint pains.

2. FIR mat can help improves sleep when linked its linked to pain.

3. Helps to increases blood circulation.

4. Some believes that they increase the oxygen in the tissues caused by an increase in circulation

5. Promotes a restful sleep for people that suffer from occasional sleeplessness

6. The heat generated because of FIR helps promote sense of relaxation in the body.

7. Because of sense of relaxation, your body recovers from fatigue and stress.

8. Studies show that FIR can reduce inflammation [4] in areas where the heat is applied.

9. Relaxes and soothes

10. Relaxes the muscles where the heat is applied.

11. Relieves muscular pain that is minor.

12. Stimulate immune-system [5].

13. Studies show that FIR can help in Temporarily relieving pain in the joints linked with arthritis [6].

14. Relieves muscular pain in the back temporarily

15. Relieves muscle spasms temporarily

16. Relieve strains and sprains

When Not To Use A Far Infrared Mat

Individuals that have suffered a serious injury or trauma, should first find out from a doctor whether using heat is safe. In some cases, heat therapy can induce inflammation.

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These mats are also not suitable for people with hemophilia as these mats work on dilating blood vessels, which increases blood flow. The Far Infrared mats are not suitable for women that are pregnant or for people that have surgical or silicone implants.

Even though silicone implants will not rupture from heat produced by Far Infrared therapy, the heat may contribute to weakening these implants with frequent use. When it comes to surgical implants, always first find out from a physician to ensure the heat will not alter or damage the implant.

Certain conditions like erythematosus, Lupus, adrenal suppression, and MS will not respond positively to an increase in core temperatures. It is important to also consult with a doctor before using this type of heat therapy when the person has any type of underlying health condition.


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