How Long Do Infrared Heat Bulbs Last?

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How Long Should a Heat Lamp Last?

  • How long should a heat lamp last? This is an important question for those who use them every day, or the people who have to replace them every year.
  • Since most heaters are made of glass, they don’t last forever.
  • When someone buys one, they generally get one that has a long life expectancy in mind.
  • Under normal circumstances when using an Infrared Heat Lamp for 12 hours to 15 hours everyday when using in a reptile terrarium lasts for about 6 months or more.
  • Mercury Vapour bulbs normally last for 1 year.
  • Ceramic heat bubs normally last for 6 months. About 10,000 hours of usage.

Tips For Selecting a Bulb

Some of the most common problems associated with replacing standard size bulbs in an existing fixture are things such as “the heat goes out”, “the bulb is hot” or just “the bulb is too bright”.

In any case, if you are using a bulb that is too large for your original fixture, you may find that once you have replaced the bulb, there will be noticeable heat loss, even if the original fixture did not heat up the bulb at all.

If you do notice this, it is recommended that you heat up the bulb before attempting to replace it.

It is a good idea to also use a level to make sure the bulb is sitting level and in proper placement.

Many times people are confused when it comes to selecting the correct bulb size for their fixtures.

Before you purchase a replacement for your fixture, make sure you know the exact measurement of the space you need to cover with the replacement bulb so that you can easily select the correct size.

If you are using a standard sized bulb, you should know that replacements come in various sizes. A small replacement bulb is often referred to as “dipsticks”, while a larger replacement bulb is often called “bulbs”.

Your Bulb Could Still Be Burning Out From Excessive Heat

your bulb could still be burning out from excessive heat

The Best Bulbs to Consider When Lighting Your Home

Bulbs should always be placed in a spot with proper ventilation.

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Do not place the bulb over a window that has direct sunlight because the bulb will not get as hot as you want it to.

It is important to remember that bulbs will not always be completely dark, especially when they are new; they may appear black at first, but they will eventually get warm-up.

In the mean time you can try placing the bulb on a table to allow it to warm-up naturally.

If you have a large space to work with you can always purchase several extra bulbs and place them strategically around the room.

Bulbs that are rated for a higher wattage can make the space look bigger.

When the bulb heats up it will create an atmosphere where it makes the room seem wider and the bulbs themselves will give off a nice glow.

Bulbs are an important part of any lighting scheme.

However, do not use them in too excessive of a way.

The amount of light a bulb can produce is dependent on the materials that the bulb is made from.

For example, tungsten bulbs that are manufactured using tungsten oxide will give off a stronger light than those that are manufactured using cadmium.

If you have a very large space to work with then you should always consider purchasing a bulb that contains a few more watts, but if you are working with a smaller space then you should consider using a standard bulb.

Is Heat Bulbs Any Good?

heat bulb lights will typically last for about 6 months and then burn out

When you first purchase one, you will not have to worry about this, but after a few months of use, you may start to notice that they are not as bright as they once were.

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This is because they are getting heat from the light that is in the room as well as being exposed to the air. If you have never bought a HPS, then you may not realize the amount of money that you will be saving over time.

When you compare them to other bulbs, including the LED lights, you will see that the HPS is a much better choice.

Is Mercury Vapour Bulbs Safe To Use?

It is widely believed that mercury vapour bulbs are completely safe to use.

If you buy the correct mercury vapour bulb it can be safe to use. These bulbs do not contain any hazardous materials and as long as you follow the instructions on the back of the pack it should be safe to use.

Mercury vapour bulbs should last you at least a year

You should keep your mercury vapour bulbs away from places where there are animals or insects. If you live in an area where there are lots of animals and insects then you should make sure that you keep the bulbs out of reach of these critters.

If you have a pet then you should check with your veterinarian before you use these bulbs and they will tell you whether or not they can be used safely with your animals.

You may find that the inside of the bulb has a little bit of mercury which is normal and does not need to be removed.

The good thing about these bulbs is that they do not get any worse than the original condition.

Mercury vapour bulbs should last you at least a year without needing replacement.

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When Should You Change Your Blown Heat Bulbs?

Most folks have never even thought about changing blown heat bulbs, but the fact of the matter is that it is something that you need to do. It will help your home stay up to 75% cooler during the summertime and the wintertime.

You need to change it immediately if it impacts your daily life on heating requirements.

changing blown heat bulbs every 3 to 4 months

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