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infrared heat bulb

Use of Incandescent Heat Lamp Bulbs

There are many different types of incandescent heat lamp bulbs out there. Not only do they have a wide variety of different colours, but they also emit a wide spectrum of light too.

To help you decide which kind of heat lamp to buy, here are some things you should know about them.

Mitochondrial Light Therapy

Mitochondria-activating red and near infrared light (600-1000 nm wavelength) are often used as an alternative to laser in the treatment of diseases.

  • This therapy is frequently used for breast cancer, head and neck cancer, osteoarthritis, sinusitis, and cystic fibrosis.
  • It is also used for treating edema, psoriasis, and acne.
  • In this particular light therapy, a number of light particles are taken out from the organism through a process called photobiomodulation and the life of the targeted tissue is prolonged by red light.

Light as a source of energy that penetrates deep into the tissue is quite a simple concept but to be able to use light in such a manner for therapeutic purposes is quite an art.

To perform the light therapy, small quantities of highly concentrated light are absorbed into the surface of the body tissue and the cells affected by the disease are photobleached.

This method is not only much cheaper but also minimizes side effects.

  • The ultraviolet light is absorbed by the tissues at their surface, causing the local cellular contraction, while the long wavelength ultraviolet light is photobiomodulated into the mitochondrial membrane of the cells in the vicinity.
  • The radiation energy is then transported into the nucleus of the cell via the mitochondria, hence maintaining the life of the cells.
  • The red light acts as a negative charge on the mitochondria and the excessive use of red light is associated with a fall in the intracellular calcium concentration, causing the cell death.

However, this is a temporary phenomenon, as the increase in the intracellular calcium concentration will release the intracellular magnesium from the cytosol, causing increased intracellular calcium concentration.

Several medical institutes in UK, have conducted experiments with the use of the light therapy for treating diseases such as bone cancer, head and neck cancer, prostate cancer, ry artery disease, etc. and also for treating eczema, psoriasis, acne, and eczema.

Single Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy is a Simple, Cheap and Alternative

The single infrared heat lamp is an inexpensive way to help with many health problems.

Though there are numerous other methods of alternative healing, this one is a very simple method.

  • What it does is heats up certain tissues in the body, such as skin and bone, in the same way as a heat lamp in a doctor’s office does.
  • This heat can actually be a lot less than the amount of energy used by a normal light bulb.
  • When the cells in the body absorb that heat, they become so much more sensitive to normal temperature.

For example, if you burn a hot pan or oven in your hand, that cold sensation can penetrate into the tissue and cause it to take longer to heal.

The best thing about this method of non-conventional treatment is that it works best for most conditions.

  • It is not only effective for facial wrinkles, but it is proven for treating the majority of other health issues, including high blood pressure, ulcers, asthma, stress, and even arthritis.
  • The reason it is so effective is because it triggers the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers.
  • Endorphins are what make people feel good, so if you can get your system in shape while you relax, then you will also experience a high degree of relaxation and a reduction in pain.

This single infrared heat lamp is a great inexpensive alternative.

If you have a flu-like illness, don’t take the chance of regular medicine being ineffective.

  • Try out this alternative method of curing the flu instead.

If you have any pain issues, don’t try to use non-traditional methods of healing.

Try a simple, safe method and you’ll quickly discover how inexpensive, safe and effective this method of alternative medicine is.

8 Scientific Backed Research Infrared Lamp Benefits

Amazing Infrared Lamp Benefits For Pain Relief – All You Need to Know About it

The Benefits of the Amazing Infrared Lamp For Pain Relief and Treating arthritis are vast.

The Incredible Product was developed by Arthritis Research UK and has been proven in many clinical trials.

As a result of the clinical trials many people have been able to come off prescription medication altogether due to the amazing benefits it provides.

Infrared light therapy can be very effective in treating both acute and chronic pain.

It is an easy and affordable way to treat pain without the need for prescription medication or over the counter pain relievers.

Amazing Infrared Lamp Benefits For Diabetic Ulcers

Amazing Infrared Lamp Benefits for Diabetic Ulcers has a lot of elements that can help improve the quality of life of diabetics.

When people first hear about diabetes, their blood sugar levels are not that high.

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People who suffer from serious health conditions should see a doctor for some type of medication to control their blood sugar levels.

This may include an Infrared Lamp Therapy for Diabetic Ulcers.

Amazing Infrared Lamp Benefits For Diabetic Wounds

With the rising number of people afflicted with diabetes, there is a great demand for the products, which helps to improve the blood circulation to the wounds of diabetic patients.

It is the most important factor for the healing of wounds, because it improves the circulation of blood and thereby reduces the chance of infections and the presence of moisture on the wound surface.

Infrared Lamp is a versatile device used to promote the healing process of wounds of diabetic patients.

The technology that makes the lamp a popular product is the use of infrared light emitting diode. The lamp uses this technique to activate the process of wound healing.

Amazing Infrared Lamp Benefits For Skin Anti-Aging

Are you familiar with the amazing Infrared Lamp Benefits for skin anti-aging?

The use of a professional and effective skin care system is one of the best ways to improve the look and feel of your skin.

It can also help fight acne and help you to prevent skin damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

  • It’s time to stop using harsh skin care products that may do more harm than good, because they don’t get to the root of the problem.
  • The best way to protect your skin is to use a skin care system that uses all natural ingredients, including powerful antioxidants and herbs. These antioxidants work in combination with collagen to increase the strength and elasticity of your skin.
  • Another product you should consider is the Infrared Heat Bulb for skin anti-aging.
  • It works by giving you a better and healthier looking complexion. It contains energy TK, which is known to absorb sunlight, thus preventing it from damaging your skin.

Amazing Infrared Lamp Benefits For Wrinkles

Utilizing Infrared Heat Bulb is used from a company called W.L. M, makers of the Theragen and BioSculpt.

If you don’t know about these products or haven’t heard of them before, then you are certainly in for a treat because they are one of the most effective anti-aging tools that are available today.

This method of infrared heat lamp has been proven to not only help your skin look younger, but also to prevent wrinkles and signs of aging on your face and body.

Amazing Infrared Lamp Benefits For Sagging Reduction

The Infrared Lamp benefits for sagging reduction are numerous. One is that the human skin can now absorb the infrared rays and allow its own antioxidants to keep the skin looking healthier and younger.

  • This will cause sagging to become less common.
  • The infrared rays will also help with circulation.
  • Sagging and puffiness are a sign of poor circulation.

You may want to consider buying a couple of these light bulbs for your home.

Amazing Infrared Lamp Benefits For Acne Treatments

Since infrared lamp for acne treatments has been used for a long time now, we now know that this method is quite effective.

This is due to the fact that the mixture of light from the lamp heats up the acne rashes and frees the infected area of skin.

So, how does the infrared lamp work?

The infrared light produced by the lamp radiates from it leaves a warm feeling on the boils and the rashes.

The beauty of this system is that the burns and pimples are almost totally healed within a few days or even weeks, depending on the extent of the acne treatment.

Amazing Infrared Lamp Benefits For Blood Circulation

If you suffer from varicose veins and want to try an Infrared Lamp for blood circulation, you are not alone.

Many people suffering from these pesky growths opt for this as a way to bring relief.

This is a common procedure to get rid of these veins, but it has a few benefits to patients who suffer from this problem.

The treatments performed at the doctor’s office are often painful, leaving patients with major problems.

Infrared Lamp, however, can be done without having to deal with the pain.

  • This is because these laser treatments can be done in the comfort of your own home.
  • These treatments work best when used on someone who suffers from a blood vessel condition known as a varicose vein.
  • A vein is a collection of blood vessels that are located near the skin’s surface.
  • Because of this fact, they become larger and weaker over time, causing them to become enlarged and irregular in shape.

When this happens, they can bulge out into the body, causing an increase in size and causing pressure on nearby tissue.

Electric Single Infrared Heat Lamps

Electric single Infrared heat lamps transmit invisible infrared rays (light) that are essential in many types of biological system.

These rays are very useful in the process of infection and the reaction of the host in eliminating disease.

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Infrared rays can be efficiently used to enhance the quantity of energy that the host has. More heat can be produced if more infrared rays are absorbed by the body.

Electric single Infrared heat lamps use infrared rays that can produce a higher amount of heat.

These rays have a natural property that is capable of absorbing light
and a particular wavelength of light.

  • This absorption process is due to the presence of a band of light that is emitted.
  • The body’s pigment layer is also a factor in the quality of infrared light that is taken in by the body.
  • Therefore, the efficiency of the lamp with respect to infrared rays is quite high and the more heat is produced by the body, the faster the metabolism is set on an automatic schedule.
  • By using the infrared lamp, you will be able to protect yourself from any
    type of injury as long as the intensity of the light emitted by the
    electric single Infrared heat lamps does not reach the brightness level
    that would be harmful for the eyes.
  • Infrared rays are a useful source of illumination.

There are a lot of advantages with regard to the electrical heat lamps.

These heat lamps are easy to install because it requires no special tools.

  • Furthermore, the electric single Infrared heat lamps emit a lot of heat that is ideal for disinfecting the body.
  • This type of heat is also good for improving your immune system and for detoxifying the body.

Buy IR Lamps (also Known As Infrared Bulbs) That Are Right For You

Here are some of the Infrared Bulbs Available:

TheraBulb Infrared Bulb

  • 600nm to 1000nm
  • 250 Watts
  • 10000 Hours


RubyLux NIR-A

  • 600nm to 850nm
  • 250 Watts
  • 10000 Hours

RubyLux Infrared Bulb

Philips Infrared Bulb

  • 600nm to 850nm
  • 250 Watts
  • 1000 Hours

Philips Infrared Heat Lamp

Zoo Med Infrared Lamp

  • 600nm to 850nm
  • 250 Watts
  • 5000 Hours

Zoo Med Infrared Heat Lamp

Exo Terra Infrared Bulb

  • 600nm to 850nm
  • 250 Watts
  • 5000 Hours

exo Terra Infrared Heat Bulb

Infrared lamps are large, reddish-colored, and extremely powerful.

You do not need any special skills when it comes to installing these lamps, and the best thing about these types of lamps is that they can be installed in clamp holder which is very inexpensive.

Before you make your purchase of an infrared lamp, though, you should
know what type of light it can produce and how to identify which one is
right for you.

DIY Near Infrared Bulb Facts

What type of DIY near infrared bulb you need is a 250-watt heat lamp. This type of bulb emits infrared light to help remove long-wave heat.

One thing that will need to be plugged into an electrical outlet is the clamp on socket.

  • A good thing about this type of DIY near infrared lamp is it will be easier to replace the bulb.
  • When installing it, you do not have to worry about any screws that may be
    loose in your ceiling.
  • The bulbs are easy to install so they will have a much longer life span.

They are designed to be very durable.

To summarize, there are many benefits to using a DIY near infrared bulb. This is a wonderful tool that can be used for many reasons.

No products found.

What to Look For When You Are Shopping For Ready-Made IR Lamps With a Stand, on Wheels?

This is useful if you have to put the IR lamp on a table or another surface that does not move or shake.

  • If you need it to be portable, you will find that the design that comes with it is very versatile.
  • The one that is going to come with the stand can be moved and changed when you get a more precise lighting fixture.

When you purchase a lamp that is on wheels, you will find that you can use the heat to warm up the bulb and switch it to the type of light that you want.

Skin Act 5 Review – The New Skin Act 5 Review Of The Week

Skin Act 5 has recently launched a new, improved version of its famous Skin Act 5 Head Infrared Heat Therapy Lamp.

This new product is said to provide an even more intense experience that is much more pleasurable and less painful.

Serfory Near-Infrared Light Therapy Heat Lamp Review

If you’ve been wondering if the Serfory near-infrared light therapy heat
lamp is for you, this review will help you determine if it’s right for

No products found.

How to Use Infrared Heat Lamp For Pain

How to use infrared heat lamp for pain is as easy as putting the laser into the infrared beam, using the infrared light to heat the surrounding area and then getting closer to the body for the last part of the process.

The process is quick and does not take any more time than what you would want to give in treatment.

The body can be placed in the lamp by doing a warm up first and warming up the body to the temperature required.

How to Use Infrared Heat Lamp For Wrinkles

Many people think that using an infrared heat lamp for wrinkles is a myth. It sounds too good to be true.

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But this myth is created by the fact that the common belief among people is that the use of laser and other treatments arethe only ways to get rid of wrinkles.

Wrinkles form when the connective tissues in your skin begin to shrink in size. The cause of this is aging. When the connective tissues shrink, it means that the skin loses its elasticity.

  • By using an infrared heat lamp for wrinkles, you can significantly reduce
    the skin sagging.
  • This is because the heat from the lamp will increase the collagen production that is present in the skin.

The list of infrared heat lamps can help you find the best lamp that can suit your needs.

TheraBulb Infrared Bulb

No products found.

In years past, many well-known healers were using TheraBulb products in their medical practices.

Since then, the product line has expanded into home medical products. Many of the healing wavelengths found in the product line are helpful in healing the human body as well as illness and injuries.

The RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Heat Lamp Therapy

No products found.

RubyLux NIR-A Near-Infrared Bulb is a human-grade, premium incandescent device.

It is highly recommended for patients with a variety of lung diseases including cystic fibrosis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema, as well as chronic heart failure.

There are no adverse side effects or risks associated with this product.

Philips Infrared Lamps For Healthcare And Bodycare Applications

No products found.

The use of infrared lamps for healthcare and bodycare applications is

Infrared heat lamps use infrared light to induce the process
of convection. Infrared heat lamps are of great value for the healing of
various conditions and ailments.

infrared heat lamps have been found to be very helpful in the treatment
of soft tissue injuries caused by a number of things like knife wounds,
burns, stab wounds, gunshot wounds and many other injuries.

Infrared lamps can be used to help the patients who suffer from a number of skin diseases and dermatological conditions like psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, acne and many others.

  • The Philips infrared lamps for healthcare and bodycare applications are designed in the form of warming and pain relief devices.
  • Philips infrared lamps for healthcare and bodycare applications are designed in the form of tissue heating and pain relief lamps for the enhancement of pain relief and the reduction of pain in a number of dermatological conditions.
  • The Philips infrared lamps for healthcare and bodycare applications are designed in the form of surgical instruments that are used for the
    treatment of skin disorders and wounds caused by skin diseases.

Zoo Med Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp For Snakes

No products found.

Zoo Med is an infrared heat lamp for reptiles that can be used for humans effective pain relief and heat management.

Zoo Med reptile lamps for humans can be used as a soothing sensation to relieve pain without the need of medication.

By using a Zoo Med infrared heat lamp for reptiles, your pet reptile will be able to feel the comforting warmth that only an infrared heat lamp can provide.

  • Zoo Med has perfected the technology to offer Reptile Heat Pumps for humans as well as heat lamps for reptiles, allowing you to provide effective pain relief without the use of harmful medications.
  • When it comes to the Zoo Med nocturnal infrared heat lamp for reptiles, the three most popular features are that they emit a soothing sensation that is impossible to ignore; they can be used for humans effective pain relief and heat management; and they emit high levels of infrared radiation, which penetrates through the skin in order to cause the heat to reach all the layers.
  • The high level of heat that is emitted is in the form of light and is converted into infrared radiation by Zoo Med’s patented IR Thermal Beam System. Zoo Med’s patented technology allows Zoo Med’s nocturnal infrared heat lamp for reptiles to provide effective pain relief without the need of harmful medications.

The Zoo Med nocturnal infrared heat lamp for reptiles has received many accolades from veterinarians, scientists, and animal lovers.

Exo Terra Spot Lizards Require Excellent Radiant Heat

No products found.

If you have ever spent any time caring for a reptile, you know how important it is to keep your lizard warm and comfortable.

There are several things thatyou can do to make sure that your reptile stays warm and comfortable.

The Exo Terra Infrared Heat Lamp is also very reliable since they have to be turned all the time and it also acts well for use with humans as it is with Zoo Med Infrared Heat Bulb

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