Can An Infrared Mat Help To Clear Blocked Arteries?

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Infrared Mat

Lets first discuss a bit about Infrared light. Light and water are the main sources of life on our planet earth.

There it is coming from stars in the universe like our sun, traveling at a speed of 300,000 kilometers per second.

It is there and we take it for granted.

The sun our closest star and our main source of light rises and sets every day.

Day turns into night and night turns into the day but is it that simple when you gaze at the sky you marvel at its intensity.

Who knows how many stars there are.

This question has fascinated scientists and philosophers and dreamers throughout the ages. One of them was Sir Frederick William Herschel.

In the year 1781, he made a fascinated discovery of Uranus which is considered to be the first planet to be discovered in the modern era.

But, the discovery of Uranus didn?t satisfy his curiosity. He was now interested in finding the amount of heat passed through the color channels.

After his series of failed tests and experiments, finally in 1800, Herschel discovered a light which was beyond the known red light, it was called Infrared light.

infographic on infrared heating mat help remove blocked arteries


Usage of Infrared Light in Medical Sector

infrared session

Using infrared technology has recently become a huge trend, but it really isn’t something new.

There are many people that have long sworn by the benefits of using this type of light to treat a number of conditions that they struggle with.

The key is to understand how this light can affect your body and whether or not the results will be significant when it comes to clearing your arteries of dangerous plaque.

Currently, there aren’t any studies that can say with certainty that plaque is actually removed from the arteries with the use of infrared technologies, whether they be a mat, sauna or bed.

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They have shown, however, that it can reduce high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol.

These are two conditions that can have a significant impact on the health of your arteries.

High cholesterol can naturally lead to the build-up of plaque inside of your arteries, which can become extremely dangerous over time.

By lowering your cholesterol with the use of a quality infrared mat, you are then reducing your risk of developing clogged arteries.

However, this is not to say that there isn’t an ability to clear blocked arteries.

Many scientists are currently considering the topic and believe that it is a good possibility.

With all of the other health benefits that are known regarding this technology, there certainly is no reason to give it a try.

The key is to subject yourself to this light on a relatively regular basis in order to get the highest level of benefits.

Spending 10 to 20 minutes under this light a few times a week at first is ideal.

After a few weeks, you can reduce the frequency of the treatments, even though it is not required.

There is a good chance that once you begin to experience the effects of these treatments, which will take time to notice, that you will look forward to enjoying the light again.

Additional Benefits of Infrared Light

Some other benefits that are believed to result from using infrared light include increased health of the skin, many vital organs, and even the brain.

It is believed that it helps the body’s cells to rejuvenate and return to optimal health.


infrared heat mattress

Those that enjoy this light in beds, saunas or mats also report that they sense a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

It can help to reduce pain and inflammation as well, which of course will increase your quality of life and reduce the amount of stress that your body experiences.

Living with pain can be one of the biggest contributors to high blood pressure.

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When the body is in a constant state of stress it causes the arteries to restrict, increasing the pressure in the bloodstream.

This also causes damage to the arteries themselves, as it is ideal that they remain flexible and relaxed in order to remain as healthy as possible during a person’s life.

As we all know, having time to relax in itself is good for your health.


infrared sauna

It is also known to assist with detoxification.

This means that it helps the body to remove impurities that can lead to health issues over the long term.

Toxins, or free radicals, are believed to be a driving factor in the development of cancer cells.

The first damage the cells, and then those cells replicate.

By removing them from the body in a timely manner it greatly reduces the chance that they will be able to cause damage to your healthy cells.

Improvements in Auto-Immune Health Issues

Those that suffer from a variety of autoimmune disorders have also reported significant improvements in their overall health.

The reason for this could be the fact that the liver controls a great deal of immune function and this light has the ability to help the liver remove toxins and generate new, healthy cells.

If you find yourself getting sick more often than normal or suffer from issues with your immune system attacking your body, this treatment may be able to assist you in getting your system back on track.

IR – Is Safe or Not?

infrared radiation

Some may question whether or not infrared light is safe as there are other light sources that are harmful to humans.

The difference is that infrared is a more gentle source of light as its waves are longer.

Short waved light, such as ultraviolet light, causes damage partly because it causes too much excitement in the skin.

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This then leads to damage of the cells.

A benefit of the long wave light is it has the ability to help cells while also penetrating more deeply into the body.

This is why it is believed that it has the ability to improve the health of the organs as well as the skin.

It is also gentle enough to excite the cells into repairing themselves without causing any kind of damage.

Of course, is as true with changing anything in your lifestyle, it is always recommended to consult with your doctor about the safe use of infrared light therapies.

This can depend on any medications that you might be taking or conditions that you already suffer from.

For example, if you already suffer from very serious cardiovascular disease, it may not be safe for you to use a sauna that uses hot air as well as infrared light.

However, you may be able to use a type of sauna that only uses the infrared light to create warmth in the room.

It is always best to be sure that you consult with your doctor about your various options so that you do not accidentally cause more harm than good.

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While there isn’t clear cut scientific evidence to state that it can clear blocked arteries, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a try.

The list of benefits that come from using this technology makes it clear that it really is a breakthrough in natural healing opportunities.

If you have not yet taken advantage of an infrared mat, you definitely should.

Once you do you will likely look forward to making it a part of your regular health routine.

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