Coastal Charm: Decoration Ideas with Shells

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Bring the seaside into your home with these creative decoration ideas using shells. Whether you have a collection of shells or need to find some, there are endless possibilities to incorporate them into your decor. From seashell centerpieces to adorning mirrors and vases, shells can add a touch of coastal beauty to any living space.


Key Takeaways:

  • Shells can be used to create stunning decoration pieces for your home.
  • From seashell centerpieces to adorning mirrors, there are various ways to incorporate shells into your decor.
  • Shells can bring a touch of coastal charm to any living space.
  • DIY shell crafts are a fun and creative way to personalize your decor.
  • By using shells, you can create a serene and beachy atmosphere in your home.

Seashell Decor for Tabletops and Mantels

seashell decorations

Bring the beauty of the beach into your home with seashell decorations. Transform your tabletops and mantels into coastal havens with captivating seashell arrangements.

Add a Beachy Vibe with Glass Bowls

Fill glass bowls with an array of seashells to create eye-catching centerpieces. The combination of different shell shapes, sizes, and colors will add a touch of seaside charm to your living space. Place these bowls on coffee tables, console tables, or dining tables for an instantly beachy ambiance.

Create a Focal Point with Large Shells

Use a large, natural seashell as a striking focal point on a bookshelf or mantle. The unique shapes and textures of these shells will draw attention and become a conversation starter. Choose a spot where the shell can shine and bring coastal elegance to the surrounding decor.

Tabletop and Mantel Seashell Decor Ideas Image
Fill glass bowls with an array of seashells
Place a large, natural seashell as a focal point beach themed home decor

Transform Frames and Vases into Coastal Statement Pieces

Add a touch of coastal charm to your frames and vases by adorning them with small seashells. Apply shells around the edges of picture frames to create a beautiful border. Decorate the surface of vases with seashells to transform them into unique coastal accents. These shell-enhanced items will bring a sense of tranquility and the beauty of the seashore to your home.

With seashell decor for tabletops and mantels, you can effortlessly infuse your space with the essence of beach themed home decor. The natural beauty of seashells combined with your creativity will create a coastal shell decor that is uniquely yours.

Shell-Inspired Lighting Fixtures

shell art

Enhance the charm of your bedroom or living room with shell-inspired lighting fixtures. These unique pieces of shell art and shell home accents will infuse your space with a coastal vibe and create a warm, inviting ambiance.

One way to incorporate shells into your lighting fixtures is by selecting table lamps with seashell embellishments. These lamps add a touch of seaside allure to your space and provide a focal point that effortlessly catches the eye. Look for lamps with delicate seashell motifs or lamps with a pearly shell texture for an iridescent finish.

Another option is to opt for pendant lights or chandeliers featuring shell-inspired designs. These exquisite lighting fixtures showcase the beauty of shells and cast captivating patterns and shadows, transforming your room into a coastal oasis.

“The natural textures and shapes of seashells bring a sense of tranquility and beauty to any space. Incorporating shell-inspired lighting fixtures allows you to bring a piece of the beach indoors, creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.” – Emily Jones, Interior Designer

When choosing shell-inspired lighting fixtures, consider the overall aesthetic of your space. If you have a neutral color scheme, opt for shells in soft, muted tones to maintain a cohesive look. For bolder interiors, explore lighting fixtures that showcase shells with vibrant colors, creating a striking visual impact.

Shell-inspired lighting fixtures not only provide functional lighting but also serve as captivating pieces of art that effortlessly elevate your decor. These stunning creations bring the beauty of the beach into your home, creating a space that exudes coastal charm.

Coastal Bathroom Decor with Shells

seashell accessories

Elevate your bathroom decor with the natural beauty of seashell accessories. By incorporating seashells into your bathroom design, you can create a serene and coastal atmosphere that brings a touch of the beach to your daily routine.

When it comes to seashell accessories, the options are plentiful. Consider incorporating soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and tissue box covers that feature shell motifs or even real seashells. These small details can make a big impact, transforming your bathroom into a tranquil oasis.

Looking for a creative DIY project? You can also explore shell-inspired wall art or frames. Incorporating seashells into your own unique designs allows you to add a personal touch to your bathroom decor. Use shells to embellish a mirror frame, create a seashell collage, or even craft a seashell-themed shadow box.

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Get inspired by the coastal beauty of the ocean and let your bathroom become a reflection of your love for the seaside. With seashell accessories and shell DIY projects, you can enhance the overall aesthetic of your bathroom and create a soothing space where you can relax and unwind.

Shells in Bathroom Decor

Seashell accessories not only add visual appeal to your bathroom but also evoke a sense of calmness and tranquility. They bring the coastal essence right into your personal space, transforming the ordinary into an extraordinary sanctuary.

Seashell Accessories Shell DIY Projects
• Soap dishes with shell motifs or actual seashells • Embracing shells in wall art or frames
• Toothbrush holders adorned with seashell detailing • Adding shells to a mirror frame or collage
• Tissue box covers featuring shell motifs • Crafting a seashell-themed shadow box

These simple yet stunning additions can elevate your bathroom decor and transport you to a coastal paradise.

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul.” – Wyland

Shells in Garden and Outdoor Decor

Extend the coastal charm to your garden or patio by incorporating shells into your outdoor decor. Not only will they add a natural and beachy aesthetic, but they will also create a soothing and inviting atmosphere.

One way to incorporate shells is by using them as border accents for flower beds. Place shells strategically along the edges of your garden to create a visually pleasing and cohesive look. The shells will add a touch of texture and elegance, complementing the vibrant colors of your flowers.

You can also use shells as decorative elements in potted plants. Simply scatter a few shells on top of the soil, nestling them among the greenery. This will not only enhance the look of your planters but also bring a coastal feel to your outdoor space.

To add an element of movement and sound, consider hanging a seashell wind chime or mobile in your garden or porch. The gentle tinkling of the shells will create a soothing and relaxing ambiance, perfect for enjoying warm summer days and nights.

If you want to make a bold statement, try placing large seashells directly on the ground. Choose shells of varying sizes and shapes and arrange them alongside rocks and other natural elements. This will create a striking focal point and add visual interest to your outdoor space.

Whether you prefer subtle accents or bold installations, incorporating shells into your outdoor decor will infuse your garden or patio with the timeless beauty of the coast. Let the natural textures and delicate colors of shells transform your outdoor space into a serene and enchanting oasis.

Repurposing Shells in Unique Ways

Get crafty and repurpose shells in unique ways to add a coastal touch to your decor. There are countless creative projects you can undertake using shells, allowing you to showcase your DIY skills and infuse your space with personalized charm. Here are some inspiring ideas to spark your imagination:

1. Seashell-Decorated Mermaid Bust

Transform a vintage or new bust into a stunning seashell-decorated mermaid using shells and glue. This eye-catching piece of shell art will become a focal point in any room or outdoor space, showcasing your love for the coastal aesthetic.

2. Shell-Inspired Candle Sconces

Add a touch of elegance to your space by incorporating shells into candle sconces. Attach shells to the sides or bases of candle holders using strong adhesive. When the candles are lit, the shells will cast beautiful shadows, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

3. Shell Artwork

Take inspiration from DIY projects and create stunning artwork using shells. Arrange shells in various sizes and shapes on a canvas or wooden board, then secure them with glue. Let your creativity run wild, arranging the shells into patterns, designs, or even spell out words. Once dry, hang your shell artwork on the wall and enjoy the unique coastal vibe it brings to your space.

4. Embellished Candle Holders, Coasters, and Decorative Boxes

Add a touch of coastal charm to everyday items by embellishing them with shells. Use shells to decorate candle holders, transforming them into beach-inspired accents. Create unique and customized coasters by attaching shells to wooden or ceramic bases. Additionally, breathe new life into plain decorative boxes by adorning them with shells, creating stylish storage solutions that also serve as eye-catching decor.

Shell Crafts Ideas Description
Seashell-Decorated Mermaid Bust Transform a vintage or new bust into a stunning seashell-decorated mermaid that adds a coastal touch to your decor.
Shell-Inspired Candle Sconces Add elegance to your space by incorporating shells into candle sconces, creating a cozy atmosphere with beautiful shadows.
Shell Artwork Create stunning artwork by arranging shells on a canvas or wooden board, letting your creativity shine as you design unique patterns or spell out words.
Embellished Candle Holders, Coasters, and Decorative Boxes Transform everyday items into coastal accents by decorating candle holders, coasters, and decorative boxes with shells.
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Whether you’re repurposing a bust, creating artwork, or adding shells to functional items, these DIY shell crafts will infuse your decor with a coastal touch that reflects your personal style and love for the beach. Let your creativity soar as you explore the endless possibilities of shell art!

Shell Decor for Dining Experience

Elevate your dining experience and create a coastal-inspired table setting with sea-shell adorned candles. These small, charming details will bring a touch of the seaside to your meals, adding a delightful ambiance to your dining space. Whether you are hosting a special occasion or simply enjoying a meal with loved ones, sea-shell candles will make the moment feel extraordinary.

For a unique and personalized touch, use sea shells as place card holders. Write the names of your guests on small cards and place them inside the shells. This thoughtful gesture will not only add a coastal vibe to your table, but it will also make your guests feel special and welcomed.

To create stunning table centerpieces, incorporate sea shells creatively. Arrange a variety of shells in a glass bowl or tray, and place it at the center of your table. You can combine different sizes, shapes, and colors of shells to add visual interest and create a captivating coastal display.

Complete the coastal-inspired table setting by complementing it with table linens and dinnerware that evoke a beachy feel. Choose tablecloths, napkins, and placemats in shades of blue and white, reminiscent of the sea and sand. Opt for dinnerware with delicate seashell patterns or nautical motifs to enhance the coastal charm of your table.

Benefits of Shell Decor for Dining Experience Considerations
– Elevates the dining experience – Ensure the sea-shell adorned candles are safely secured to avoid accidents
– Brings a touch of the seaside to meals – Avoid using real candles near flammable materials and always practice candle safety
– Adds a charming and unique element to the table – Consider the size and shape of the sea shells to ensure they fit comfortably as place card holders
– Creates a soothing and relaxing ambiance – Select table linens and dinnerware that complement the colors and theme of your table

With shell decor for your dining experience, every meal becomes an opportunity to savor the coastal charm. From sea-shell adorned candles to unique place card holders and captivating centerpieces, these decorative elements will transform your table into a seaside oasis.

The sea-shell adorned candles will bring a touch of coastal beauty to your dining experience.

Summer Decor Inspiration with Shells

Embrace a beach cottage look for the summer by incorporating shells into your decor. Create a serene and relaxing beachy oasis by using coastal elements such as seashells, vintage oars, and glass bottles. Choose a color palette inspired by the sea, incorporating blues, whites, and sandy beige tones to evoke the feeling of being by the coast. To complete the coastal cottage decor, display beachy accents like starfish, coral, and nautical-inspired decor throughout your space.

Take inspiration from the sea and bring the coastal vibe indoors with these summer decor ideas:

Table 8.1: Coastal Cottage Decor Inspiration with Shells

Decor Idea Description
Seashell Centerpieces Create eye-catching centerpieces using a mix of seashells, coastal driftwood, and glass bowls. Arrange them on dining tables, coffee tables, or sideboards to instantly infuse a beachy feel into your living spaces.
Shell-Adorned Mirrors Add flair to your walls with mirrors embellished with seashells. Opt for a large statement mirror or cluster small mirrors with seashell accents to reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space.
Beach-Themed Wall Art Hang canvas prints or framed art featuring coastal motifs like seashells, starfish, or ocean waves. This artwork will bring a touch of the beach indoors and serve as a focal point in your coastal cottage decor.

Transform your home into a tranquil seaside retreat with these beach house decor ideas. By incorporating shells and other coastal elements, you can create a space that invites relaxation and serenity, capturing the essence of a beach getaway.

Personalized Touches with Shells

Add a personal and unique touch to your home decor with shells. There are countless ways to incorporate shells into your DIY projects and crafts, allowing you to infuse your own style and creativity into your living space. From picture frames to jewelry dishes, here are some ideas to inspire you:

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Create Stunning Picture Frames

Transform plain picture frames into works of art by adding seashell detailing. Use a hot glue gun to secure shells of various sizes and shapes onto the frame, creating a beautiful coastal-inspired design. Choose shells in natural colors or pearly finishes to complement your photos. Display these shell-adorned frames on shelves, mantels, or hang them on the wall as a focal point.

Make Shell-Covered Jewelry Dishes and Trinket Trays

Showcase your small treasures and jewelry by crafting unique dishes and trays covered in shells. Start with a plain ceramic or wooden dish and use strong adhesive to attach shells in intricate patterns or create a mosaic-like effect. These custom-made pieces will not only keep your accessories organized but also add a touch of coastal charm to your dressing table or nightstand.

Decorate Mirrors, Wreaths, and Lampshades

Bring the beauty of the sea into your home by embellishing mirrors, wreaths, and lampshades with shells. Use shells of various sizes to create stunning borders or patterns around the edges of mirrors or lampshades. For wreaths, attach shells to the wreath base, intertwining them with other natural elements like twigs or seagrass. These shell accents will instantly elevate the style of these decorative pieces and give them a unique coastal touch.

Let your imagination soar and experiment with different shell DIY projects. The possibilities are endless, and the results will be one-of-a-kind creations that reflect your personal style and love for the beach.


Incorporating shells into your home decor is a wonderful way to bring the coastal charm indoors. Whether you’re looking for decoration ideas with shells, shell crafts, or coastal home decor inspiration, the possibilities are endless.

From seashell centerpieces and shell-adorned mirrors to DIY shell crafts and personalized touches, shells can instantly transform your living space into a seaside oasis. By embracing these creative ideas, you can create a soothing and coastal ambiance that will transport you to the beach every day.

So why wait? Let your imagination guide you as you explore the beauty and versatility of shells in your home decor. Incorporate them into your next project and watch as your space comes alive with the magic of the sea. Embrace the coastal charm and enjoy the beauty that shells bring to your surroundings.


What are some decoration ideas with shells?

Some decoration ideas with shells include creating seashell centerpieces, adorning mirrors and vases, incorporating shells into wall art, and incorporating shells into DIY projects like candle sconces or artwork.

How can I incorporate shells into my bathroom decor?

You can incorporate shells into your bathroom decor by using seashell accessories like soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and tissue box covers. You can also get creative with shell DIY projects like incorporating shells into wall art or frames.

How can I use shells in my garden or outdoor decor?

You can use shells in your garden or outdoor decor by using them as border accents for flower beds, placing them in potted plants as decorative elements, hanging seashell wind chimes or mobiles, or decorating outdoor spaces by placing large seashells on the ground.

What are some unique ways to repurpose shells?

Some unique ways to repurpose shells include transforming a vintage or new bust into a seashell-decorated mermaid, incorporating shells into candle sconces or artwork, and using shells to embellish items like candle holders, coasters, or decorative boxes.

How can I incorporate shells into my dining experience?

You can incorporate shells into your dining experience by using sea-shell adorned candles, using sea shells as unique and charming place card holders, or incorporating shells into table centerpieces.

How can I create a summer beach cottage look with shells?

To create a summer beach cottage look, you can incorporate shells into your decor along with other coastal elements like vintage oars or glass bottles. Choose a color palette inspired by the sea, with blues, whites, and sandy beige tones. Display beachy accents like starfish, coral, and nautical-inspired decor throughout your space.

What are some personalized touches I can add to my decor with shells?

Some personalized touches you can add to your decor with shells include creating picture frames with seashell detailing, making shell-covered jewelry dishes or trinket trays, and using shells to decorate mirrors, wreaths, or lampshades.

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