What Did Chandler Have Under His Gym Bag?

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Are you a fan of the beloved sitcom “Friends”? Then you probably remember the infamous episode where Chandler had to explain why he was carrying around a suspicious gym bag! What could he have been hiding? Let’s take a look and explore what was really under Chandler’s gym bag.

What Did Chandler Have Under His Gym Bag?


Chandler’s Mysterious Gym Bag

Chandler Bing, a character from the hit sitcom Friends, is known for being a bit of an enigma. He often has a mystery item or two tucked away in his gym bag. Fans of the show have been wondering for years, what exactly is under that bag? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the possible items that Chandler could have been carrying.

Chandler’s gym bag is often seen in the show, but it’s never opened or discussed. Fans have come up with a variety of theories as to what could be inside. Some of the more popular guesses include a spare pair of shoes, a laptop, or a variety of snacks.

A Spare Pair of Shoes

One of the most common guesses is that Chandler is carrying a spare pair of shoes. This makes sense, as he often has to run around the city and could possibly need an extra pair of footwear in case he gets a hole in his shoe or gets caught in the rain.

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It’s also possible that Chandler simply likes having a spare pair of shoes handy in case he needs to make a quick change. He could be carrying a pair of sneakers, dress shoes, or something more casual.

A Laptop

Another popular guess is that Chandler is carrying a laptop in his bag. After all, he’s often seen working on his laptop in the show. It’s possible that he’s carrying it around for convenience or for a quick getaway if he needs to get out of the house.

It could also be that Chandler is carrying a laptop for work purposes. He often has to travel for work and could be carrying a laptop with him to stay connected and get work done while on the go.

A Variety of Snacks

The final guess is that Chandler is carrying a variety of snacks in his gym bag. This makes sense, as Chandler is often seen snacking throughout the show. He could be carrying a variety of snacks in case he gets hungry while on the go.

It’s also possible that Chandler is carrying snacks for his friends. He’s often seen bringing snacks to gatherings or to the coffee shop, so he could be carrying them in his gym bag for convenience.


The mystery of what Chandler has under his gym bag has been a long-running joke in the show. While fans may never know for sure what is inside, it’s likely that one of the guesses is correct, be it a spare pair of shoes, a laptop, or a variety of snacks.

Related Faq

What was the item under Chandler’s gym bag?

Under Chandler’s gym bag was a box containing a mousetrap. Chandler had decided to take matters into his own hands when he found out that there was a mouse in the apartment. He thought it would be a good idea to get rid of it quickly, so he bought a mousetrap and placed it under his gym bag.

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What kind of mousetrap did Chandler purchase?

Chandler purchased an electric mousetrap, which is a humane but effective way of catching mice. It’s designed to shock the mouse with a small electric current to stun it and then trap it in a box. It’s a very efficient way of getting rid of mice quickly and without harming them.

Why didn’t Chandler just call a pest control service?

Chandler wanted to take care of the problem himself, as he knew that the mouse was in his apartment and he felt that it was his responsibility to get rid of it. Additionally, he wanted to do it quickly and didn’t want to wait for a pest control service to come out.

Where did Chandler place the mousetrap?

Chandler placed the mousetrap under his gym bag. This was a clever way to hide the trap while still having it in a place where the mouse would be likely to find it.

Did the mousetrap work?

Yes, the mousetrap worked. Chandler was eventually able to catch the mouse in the trap and get it out of the apartment.

What did Chandler do with the mouse after he caught it?

Chandler released the mouse outside in an area far away from the apartment. He wanted to make sure that the mouse would not find its way back and he wanted to ensure that it would be safe.

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In conclusion, the mystery of what Chandler had under his gym bag has been answered. It was a surprise to everyone that he had his beloved teddy bear with him. It proves that even the toughest and strongest of us can have a little soft side hidden away. It is a reminder that no matter what age we are, it is never too late to find comfort from the things we loved as kids.

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