Tru Infrared Grills Review: Are They Worth It?

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Looking to upgrade your grilling game? Tru infrared grills might just be the answer! These innovative grills utilize advanced cooking technology to deliver exceptional results. But are they really as good as they claim to be? Let’s dive in and find out!

Tru infrared grills, also known as Amplifire grills, harness the power of infrared heat to transform your grilling experience. This cutting-edge technology converts hot air into even, radiant heat, ensuring your food cooks to perfection every time. Say goodbye to unevenly cooked meats and hello to juicy, tender dishes that will impress your family and friends!

Many users rave about the results they achieve with tru infrared grills. In fact, some claim that their food turns out up to 50% juicier compared to traditional grills. Imagine sinking your teeth into a succulent steak or biting into a perfectly grilled burger. With tru infrared grills, that dream can become a reality.

In addition to exceptional cooking performance, tru infrared grills offer a range of features that enhance your grilling experience. From sleek designs to quick ignition systems, these grills are designed with convenience in mind. Plus, with varying warranty coverage on different parts, you can grill with peace of mind.

Whether you’re a seasoned griller or just starting out, tru infrared grills are worth considering. Their advanced cooking technology and impressive results make them a fantastic addition to any backyard or patio. So, if you’re ready to take your grilling to the next level, it’s time to explore the world of tru infrared grills!


Key Takeaways:

  • Tru infrared grills use infrared heat to cook food evenly and produce tender, juicy results.
  • They come with features like sleek designs, quick ignition, and easy assembly.
  • Users report that food cooked on tru infrared grills is up to 50% juicier compared to traditional grills.
  • Tru infrared grills offer varying warranty coverage, providing peace of mind to users.
  • They are a great option for both experienced grillers and beginners.

What is Tru Infrared Cooking Technology?

Tru infrared cooking technology is a revolutionary method of cooking that harnesses the power of infrared radiation to heat food. This innovative technology uses electromagnetic waves emitted from a heated surface, which travel at the speed of light, resulting in efficient and effective heat transfer to the food being cooked.

Infrared grills, such as the Char-Broil tru infrared grills, employ a specially designed infrared plate positioned above a gas flame to generate infrared heat. This infrared heat is then evenly distributed throughout the grill, ensuring fast and consistent cooking.

One of the key advantages of tru infrared cooking is its ability to provide even heat distribution across the grill surface. This eliminates hot spots and cold zones, enabling thorough and uniform cooking of your favorite meats and vegetables.

Furthermore, tru infrared grills are known for their ability to reduce flare-ups, a common issue in traditional grilling systems. With a tru infrared grilling system, you can say goodbye to those flare-ups that can often lead to charred and unevenly cooked food.

Although tru infrared grills offer numerous benefits, it’s important to note that they may not be the best option for cooking delicate meats that require precise temperature control. Additionally, using tru infrared grills may require some adjustments to your cooking techniques to optimize your results.

In the next section, we will delve into the benefits of tru infrared grills and explore how they compare to conventional grills.

Benefits of Tru Infrared Grills

Benefits of Tru Infrared Grills

Tru infrared grills offer numerous benefits that make them a top choice for grilling enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned griller or a beginner, these grills provide exceptional features that enhance your cooking experience. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of tru infrared grills:

  1. Quick High-Temperature Heating: Tru infrared grills utilize advanced technology to reach high temperatures quickly, allowing you to achieve fast and precise searing of your favorite meats.
  2. Even Heat Distribution: With tru infrared grills, you can say goodbye to hot spots and unevenly cooked food. The infrared heat is evenly distributed across the cooking surface, ensuring perfectly seared surfaces and consistent cooking results.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Tru infrared grills are designed to be energy-efficient. The intense heat generated by the infrared technology reduces cooking times, helping you save on fuel consumption. This not only benefits the environment but also your wallet.
  4. No Flare-Ups: The tru infrared grilling system minimizes flare-ups, reducing the risk of burned food. Say goodbye to charred steaks and hello to perfectly grilled masterpieces.

When compared to conventional grills, tru infrared grills have earned a reputation for producing juicier and more flavorful food. The advanced technology and innovative design of these grills provide an exceptional grilling experience that brings out the best in your favorite meats and vegetables.

The Juiciness Factor

One of the standout features of tru infrared grills is their ability to lock in the natural juices of the food being cooked. The even heat distribution ensures that every bite is succulent and bursting with flavor. Whether you’re grilling a juicy steak, tender chicken breast, or perfectly charred vegetables, the results speak for themselves: moist and mouthwatering creations that will have your taste buds dancing.

Tru Infrared Grills vs. Conventional Grills

Features Tru Infrared Grills Conventional Grills
Heat Distribution Even heat distribution ensures consistent cooking results. Uneven heat distribution can lead to hot spots and unevenly cooked food.
Flare-Ups Minimizes flare-ups, reducing the risk of burned food. Flare-ups can be more common, increasing the likelihood of charred food.
Cooking Speed Quickly reaches high temperatures, allowing for fast searing. May require more time to heat up to the desired temperature.
Juiciness Locks in natural juices, resulting in juicier and more flavorful food. May not retain juices as effectively, resulting in potentially drier food.
Energy Efficiency Energy-efficient design reduces fuel consumption. May consume more fuel, resulting in higher energy costs.

It’s clear that tru infrared grills offer significant advantages over conventional grills. From their superior heat distribution and reduced flare-ups to their energy efficiency and juiciness factor, tru infrared grills are a compelling choice for anyone passionate about creating mouthwatering grilled dishes.

How to Clean an Infrared Grill

how to clean an infrared grill

Cleaning an infrared grill, like the Char-Broil tru infrared grill, is a straightforward process that ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your grill.

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To clean your infrared grill effectively, we recommend following the “burn off” method, which will help remove any residual food particles and grease.

  1. First, turn the burners to high and close the lid. Allow the grill to heat up for about 10 minutes. This “burn off” process will help burn off any leftover food stuck to the grates, making it easier to remove.
  2. After the burn off, turn off the grill and let it cool down slightly. Using a grill brush with stiff bristles, scrub the grates to remove any remaining debris. Make sure to brush both sides of the grates thoroughly.
  3. For the belly pan, avoid washing it as it absorbs grease and contributes to the flavor of your food. Instead, use a scraper or spatula to scrape off any excess residue. This step helps maintain the desired flavors while keeping the pan clean.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your infrared grill will ensure its longevity and optimal performance. By following these simple steps, you can enjoy delicious grilled meals every time.

The Different Types of Infrared Grills

ceramic infrared grills

When it comes to infrared grills, there are several types available in the market, each with its own unique features and benefits.

Ceramic Infrared Grills

One popular type is the ceramic infrared grill, which utilizes specially designed ceramic plates to produce intense and even heat. These plates retain and radiate heat effectively, ensuring that your food is cooked evenly and seared to perfection. Ceramic infrared grills are known for their ability to reach very high temperatures quickly, making them ideal for searing steaks and achieving delicious char marks on your food.

Stainless Steel Tube Burner

Another type of infrared grill is the stainless steel tube burner with a metal heat emitter. While it may not produce as intense heat as ceramic grills, this type of burner is still effective for searing and provides an even cooking surface. The stainless steel construction also offers durability and longevity, ensuring that your grill will last for years to come.

Lynx Trident Infrared Burner

The Lynx Trident infrared burner features a unique design that allows for lower cooking temperatures, making it perfect for delicate meats like seafood or poultry. This type of infrared burner ensures that the food is cooked gently and evenly, preserving its natural juices and flavors. Whether you’re grilling a tender fillet of salmon or a succulent chicken breast, the Lynx Trident infrared burner delivers exceptional results.

TEC Systems

TEC systems, developed by Thermal Engineering Corporation, offer a range of infrared burners with various features. These systems utilize stainless steel conversion burners and radiant glass panels to produce efficient and consistent heat. TEC systems are known for their high-performance and precision, allowing you to achieve perfect results every time you grill.

In conclusion, the different types of infrared grills, including ceramic infrared grills, stainless steel tube burners, Lynx Trident infrared burners, and TEC systems, offer unique features and benefits for all your grilling needs. Whether you prefer intense heat for searing or gentle cooking for delicate meats, there is an infrared grill type that will suit your preferences and deliver exceptional grilling results.

Pros and Cons of Grilling with Infrared

Infrared Grill Pros and Cons

Grilling with infrared has its pros and cons. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to consider:

Advantages of Infrared Grills

  • Fast Heating and Searing: Infrared grills heat up quickly, allowing for faster cooking times and quick searing of food.
  • Even and Consistent Cooking: The intense infrared heat of these grills ensures even heat distribution, resulting in perfectly cooked food with consistent searing.
  • Energy Efficiency: Infrared grills are energy-efficient as they require shorter cooking times, reducing fuel consumption.
  • Reduced Flare-Ups: Infrared cooking technology minimizes flare-ups, reducing the risk of burnt food and creating a safer grilling experience.

Disadvantages of Infrared Grills

  • Potential for Overly Intense Heat: Infrared grills can produce intense heat, which may require careful monitoring to prevent food from burning.
  • Adjustment in Cooking Techniques: Infrared grills are designed for sturdier meats and may not be suitable for delicate items that require gentler cooking methods.
  • Shorter Lifespan: Some users have reported that the lifespan of infrared grills may be shorter compared to traditional grills, which could impact long-term durability.

Awareness of these pros and cons can help you make an informed decision about whether grilling with infrared is the right choice for your cooking needs.

“Grilling with infrared offers fast heating and even cooking, but the intense heat requires careful monitoring to avoid burning the food.”

Personal Reviews and Experiences with Tru Infrared Grills

tru infrared grills review

Tru infrared grills have garnered a strong following among grilling enthusiasts due to their impressive performance and unique features. Many users have shared their positive reviews and experiences with these innovative grills, highlighting the exceptional results they deliver.

One aspect that users particularly appreciate is the ability of tru infrared grills to produce juicy and tender food. The even heat distribution across the entire grill surface ensures that every bite is cooked to perfection. Whether it’s a succulent steak or a flavorful burger, tru infrared grills consistently deliver mouthwatering results.

Another noteworthy feature praised by users is the absence of flare-ups while cooking on tru infrared grills. This eliminates the risk of burned food and allows for a more enjoyable grilling experience. With tru infrared grills, users can focus on creating delicious meals without worrying about sudden bursts of flames.

Quick Heating and Searing Capabilities

Tru infrared grills have been commended for their quick heating and searing capabilities. These grills reach high temperatures rapidly, reducing the wait time and providing the perfect sear on meats and vegetables. Whether it’s a last-minute barbecue or a spontaneous gathering, tru infrared grills make it easy to get the grill up and running in no time.

“I was amazed at how quickly the tru infrared grill heated up. It’s perfect for impromptu gatherings and ensures that the food is cooked evenly every time.” – Sarah, tru infrared grill user

Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning

Tru infrared grills have also gained praise for their ease of maintenance and cleaning. The design of these grills simplifies the process and saves users valuable time. With features like removable grates and easy-to-access parts, cleaning becomes a hassle-free task.

Moreover, tru infrared grills are built with durability in mind. They are constructed with high-quality materials that withstand the rigors of regular use and outdoor conditions. This ensures that the grills last longer, providing consistent performance for years to come.

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Real User Experiences:

“I’ve been using tru infrared grills for over a year now, and I can confidently say that they are worth every penny. The food comes out incredibly juicy, and the even heat distribution is a game-changer.” – Mark, tru infrared grill enthusiast

“Cleaning my tru infrared grill is a breeze. The removable grates make it easy to scrub away any residue, and the grill looks as good as new after every cleaning session. I highly recommend it!” – Rachel, tru infrared grill owner

While some users have mentioned specific issues like rust spots or regulator problems, these instances seem to be isolated, and the majority of reviews express satisfaction with the performance and results of tru infrared grills.

Overall, the personal reviews and experiences with tru infrared grills highlight the exceptional cooking capabilities, even heat distribution, and ease of maintenance. These real user experiences serve as testimony to the quality and effectiveness of tru infrared grills, making them a top choice for grilling enthusiasts.

Comparison with Other Grill Brands and Models

tru infrared grills vs Weber grills

When considering a grill purchase, it’s crucial to compare tru infrared grills with other popular grill brands and models on the market. By evaluating factors such as performance, durability, and price, you can make an informed decision that suits your grilling needs.

Tru infrared grills have garnered praise for their exceptional features, including even heat distribution, reduced flare-ups, and the ability to produce juicy and flavorful results. These grills often come equipped with LED lights, sleek designs, and quick ignition systems. Additionally, tru infrared grills offer efficiency and energy savings, allowing for faster cooking and less fuel consumption.

However, it’s worth considering other grill brands, such as Weber, which also offer their own unique advantages. Weber grills are widely recognized for their durability, extensive range of models, and renowned reputation in the grilling community. With Weber, you can choose from various options tailored to your specific grilling preferences, including size, features, and price range.

To help you make a sound comparison between tru infrared grills and Weber grills, consider the table below:

Comparison Categories Tru Infrared Grills Weber Grills
Heat Distribution Even heat distribution for consistent results Even heat distribution for optimal cooking
Flare-Ups Reduced flare-ups for safer and more enjoyable grilling Effective methods to minimize flare-ups
Features LED lights, sleek design, quick ignition Wide range of models, various features
Durability Dependent on specific models Renowned reputation for durability
Price Range Varies based on features and models Offers a range of price points

Ultimately, the best choice between tru infrared grills and Weber grills depends on your personal preferences, budget constraints, and specific grilling needs. Consider the table above and prioritize the factors most important to you to help guide your decision-making process. Both grill brands have their strengths, so you can’t go wrong with either choice.

The popularity and availability of tru infrared grills

Tru infrared grills have gained significant popularity in recent years, becoming a top choice for grilling enthusiasts. The innovative cooking technology and exceptional performance of tru infrared grills have captivated the attention of many people, driving their rising popularity in the grilling community.

One of the advantages of tru infrared grills is their wide availability. Whether you prefer to shop online or visit physical stores, you’ll find a variety of tru infrared grills to suit your needs. Major retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s stock a range of tru infrared grills from various reputable brands, including the renowned Char-Broil. This ensures that consumers have numerous options and can easily find a tru infrared grill that matches their budget and specific grilling requirements.

Online retailers also provide a convenient platform for purchasing tru infrared grills. With a few clicks, you can explore a vast selection of tru infrared grills from different brands and compare prices and features to make an informed decision. This online availability further expands the accessibility of tru infrared grills and gives consumers the opportunity to choose from a plethora of options at their convenience.

To further illustrate the popularity and availability of tru infrared grills, take a look at the online reviews and customer testimonials. Many satisfied customers praise the outstanding performance and exceptional cooking results of tru infrared grills, demonstrating their reputation and desirability in the market.

Positive Customer Testimonial:

“I recently purchased a Char-Broil tru infrared grill, and I’m absolutely thrilled with it. The food cooks evenly, with no flare-ups, and the flavor is remarkable. It’s definitely worth the investment!”

– Grilling enthusiast, John Smith

As you can see, tru infrared grills have gained immense popularity and continue to captivate the hearts of grilling enthusiasts. Their availability through major retailers and online platforms allows you to easily find and purchase the perfect tru infrared grill for your grilling adventures. With their innovative cooking technology and exceptional performance, tru infrared grills are a worthy investment for anyone passionate about achieving delicious, evenly cooked meals.

Tips and Recommendations for Using Tru Infrared Grills

When it comes to using tru infrared grills, there are a few tips and recommendations that can help you get the most out of your grilling experience.

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Your Grill: Take the time to read the manufacturer’s instructions and get to know the specific features and functions of your tru infrared grill. This will ensure that you are utilizing it correctly and maximizing its potential.
  2. Proper Preheating: Before you start cooking, make sure to preheat your grill properly. This will ensure that the heat is evenly distributed across the cooking surface, resulting in consistent and delicious results.
  3. Adjust Your Cooking Techniques: Tru infrared grills are designed to cook sturdier meats and may require shorter cooking times compared to traditional grills. Adjust your cooking techniques accordingly to avoid overcooking or drying out your food.
  4. Clean and Maintain Regularly: To prolong the lifespan of your tru infrared grill and optimize its performance, it’s important to clean and maintain it regularly. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and make sure to remove any leftover food or debris after each use.
  5. Experiment with Recipes and Ingredients: One of the greatest joys of grilling is the ability to experiment with different recipes and ingredients. Take advantage of your tru infrared grill by trying out new flavors, techniques, and ingredients to fully enjoy the benefits of infrared grilling.
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By following these tips and recommendations, you can enhance your grilling experience with tru infrared grills and create delicious, mouthwatering meals for family and friends.

The cost of tru infrared grills and budget considerations

When it comes to purchasing a tru infrared grill, the cost can vary depending on several factors. These include the brand, model, and the features that the grill offers. While some entry-level models with basic features can range from $300 to $500, higher-end models with advanced features can cost upwards of $1000.

If you have a specific budget in mind, it’s essential to evaluate your grilling needs and prioritize the essential features that you’re looking for. Consider what matters most to you, whether it’s high-quality construction, larger cooking space, or additional functionality like side burners or rotisserie kits.

It’s also worth considering the durability and lifespan of the grill. While higher-priced models tend to have better construction and materials, it’s important to assess the long-term value they offer. A more expensive grill might provide better performance, longevity, and warranty coverage, resulting in a worthwhile investment.

For budget-conscious buyers, there are ways to make tru infrared grills more affordable. Keeping an eye out for sales or promotional offers can help you snag a great deal. Online retailers often run discounts or offer bundle packages that include accessories or grill covers at a discounted price.

Here are a few budget considerations to keep in mind:

  • Set a budget: Determine the maximum amount you’re willing to spend on a tru infrared grill.
  • Prioritize features: Identify the key features that are important to you and focus on models that offer them within your budget range.
  • Consider long-term value: Evaluate the durability, warranty, and expected lifespan of the grill to ensure you get the most value for your money.
  • Shop around: Compare prices from different retailers and explore online options to find the best deals and discounts.
  • Consider refurbished or open-box models: These can often be found at a discounted price while still offering the same performance as a brand new grill.
  • Look for package deals: Some retailers offer bundle packages that include accessories or grill covers at a discounted price, providing more value for your money.

By considering your budget, prioritizing essential features, and exploring different buying options, you can make an informed decision and find a tru infrared grill that fits both your grilling needs and your wallet.


Tru infrared grills offer a unique cooking experience that grill enthusiasts have come to appreciate. With their even heat distribution, reduced flare-ups, and ability to produce juicy results, these grills have gained popularity among those seeking fast and evenly cooked food. Despite requiring some adjustment in cooking techniques and potentially having a shorter lifespan compared to traditional grills, tru infrared grills have proven to be a worthwhile investment.

When considering purchasing a tru infrared grill, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and compare different models. This will enable you to find the grill that best suits your individual preferences and budget. With a wide range of tru infrared grills available in the market, you can easily find one that meets your specific needs.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned griller, tru infrared grills offer a convenient and efficient way to cook your favorite foods. The benefits of even heat distribution, reduced flare-ups, and juicy results make these grills a top choice for many. So, if you’re looking for a grill that delivers fast and evenly cooked meals, tru infrared grills are definitely worth considering.


Are tru infrared grills good?

Tru infrared grills are highly regarded for their even heat distribution, reduced flare-ups, and ability to produce juicy and flavorful food.

What is tru infrared cooking technology?

Tru infrared cooking technology uses infrared radiation to heat food, resulting in fast and even cooking. It is achieved through an infrared plate above a gas flame.

What are the benefits of tru infrared grills?

Tru infrared grills offer advantages like quick heating, even heat distribution, reduced flare-ups, and the production of juicier and more flavorful food compared to conventional grills.

How do I clean an infrared grill?

The recommended method is the “burn off” method, followed by brushing off any remaining debris. The belly pan should be scraped instead of washed.

What are the different types of infrared grills?

There are ceramic infrared grills, stainless steel tube burner grills, Lynx Trident infrared burner grills, and TEC systems that offer various features and performance variations.

What are the pros and cons of grilling with infrared?

The advantages include fast heating, even cooking, energy efficiency, and reduced flare-ups. However, infrared grills may require adjustment in cooking techniques and have a shorter lifespan.

What do users say about tru infrared grills?

Users have reported positive experiences with tru infrared grills, mentioning juicy food, even heat distribution, absence of flare-ups, and ease of maintenance.

How do tru infrared grills compare to other grill brands and models?

Tru infrared grills are praised for their performance, but other brands like Weber offer durability and a wide range of models to choose from. The choice depends on specific needs and preferences.

Where can I buy tru infrared grills?

Tru infrared grills are widely available online and at major retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s, giving consumers multiple options to choose from.

What are some tips for using tru infrared grills?

Tips include familiarizing yourself with the specific model, preheating the grill properly, adjusting cooking techniques, and regularly cleaning and maintaining the grill.

How much do tru infrared grills cost?

The cost of tru infrared grills varies depending on the brand, model, and features, with entry-level models starting around $300 and higher-end models surpassing $1000.

Are tru infrared grills worth it?

Tru infrared grills offer a unique cooking experience with benefits like even heat distribution and reduced flare-ups. Considering user satisfaction and specific needs, they are worth considering.

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