Top Tips on Usage of High Frequency Facial Machine

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Top Tips on Usage of High Frequency Facial Machine

portable high frequency facial machine

Who Discovered High Frequency Machine?

During the 1800s Nikola Tesla discovered high frequency current. Tesla’s intention was to treat bacterial infection using the high frequency current. But in 1892, A French biophysicist D’Arsonval introduced the concept of high frequency current to treat skin disease and various skin conditions such as: wrinkles and acne.

It was during the 1970s that the high frequency current is actually used by professional Spa centers in United States, Europe for improving skin conditions.

Right now in this era, high frequency facial machine is very affordable and safe to use it at home and very inexpensive.

The high frequency skin facial machine is one of the most powerful weapons that one can possess in today?s world of perfection and beauty.

It is a popular treatment used by professionals to treat various kinds of skin problems.

high frequency facial machine

high frequency facial machine at home

The high frequency facial machine work by using a glass of high frequency electrodes enriched with oxygen molecules which treat the skin and create an anti- bacterial action which pushes away the toxins and fulfill your skin cells with nutrients and hydrating volume. Its safe oxygenating power of high frequency has many benefits such as

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Increase elastic and collagen production
  • Exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Due to its heat production and high oscillation level, it works on skin toning as well.
  • It not only shrinks pores but also prevents acne.
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Treats puffy or dark eyes.
  • Nourishes hair follicles for hair growth.

What are the operating principles of the high frequency facial machine?

Now we will answer some of the most common questions that people ask but first you need to know certain things about the machine.

  1. A. It has two different types of gases in the glass electrodes. The gas is vacuum sealed in the electrode. We put the electrode in the actual current and turn it on. The gas ignites.
  2. B. There is a neon gas and argon gas. Argon gas glows more like a purple or violet shade where neon would be of orange color.
  3. C. It has different types of electrodes i.e. dot- point shaped, spoon shaped, mushroom shaped and comb-like shaped.

electrode for hair use on high frequency facial machine

electrodes for face and hair

General steps before doing any kind of treatment

At first, like any other facial start with cleaning your skin. Wipe of any makeup and remove any kind of jewelry. Then start cleansing with any kind of cleanser that suits you.

After cleansing, place a gauze on your skin before applying the current. It allows you to get more oxygen in the skin which ultimately kills the bacteria.

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How to use high frequency facial wand machine for wrinkles?

As the high frequency facial wand tightens the skins by increasing elasticity and collagen production. For treating wrinkles, use mushroom shaped device.

Place it in the wand and start your treatment. You can also adjust the frequency of the current depending upon your skin. Focus on the targeted areas.

Your movement should start from the bottom and go to the top. Repeat this process for 5-10 minutes. The collagen and elasticity produced by it, will smooth away the wrinkles.

How to use high frequency galvanic facial machine for acne?

Repeat the same general steps.

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Start with cleansing your face, dry it and apply serum.

Place the gauze on your face and start. Increase the intensity slowly because if you apply too much frequency at once, it can dry out your acne.

Move the wand in circular motions and treat each area for 5-10 minutes.

You can also give a little spark to your acne by tapping the wand. And that is it.

Apply moisturizer afterwards.

The violet rays in the high frequency wand machine were created to treat anti- bacterial infections and for natural cleansing of the skin.

Does high frequency facial wand tighten the skin?

Yes of course, it tightens the skin. There is no doubting it.

The frequency improve the production of collagen and elasticity in the skin which stimulates the process of tightening. The oxygen produced during the process gives your skin a youthful glowing look.

Does high frequency facial wand help hair growth?

How to use high frequency machine for hair?

Again yes. High frequency treatment has been used for years to treat hair growth and hair related problems.

The machine has a comb electrode which gives low current and high frequency to the scalp for 2-3 minutes.

The current naturally revitalizes hair follicles by increasing blood flow and the oxygen purifies the area and open up pores as well as allowing the scalp treatment topical to go much deeper into the skin which makes the hair stronger and stimulates hair growth.

Will High frequency facial wand machine clear my skin?

When the electric current produced by the electrodes is mixed with the air outside, it infuses the skin with rejuvenating oxygen molecules.

It causes a circulation rush in the skin while warming the skin tissues.

The blood vessels contract in a very safe way and due to this, the vessels pushes away the toxins and the cells are given the nutrients and hydrated volume, which not only increase blood circulation but also increases cell renewal.

It takes away your acne, wrinkles, dark circles and any kind of impurities and improves the skin tone as well. So yes, the high frequency facial wand machine clears the skin like nothing else.

How often can I use High frequency facial wand machine on my face?

It depends on what you are treating. If you want to treat severe acne, then you can use it for 15-20 minutes on daily basis but 5-10 minutes for smaller areas.

If you are treating the scalp then use it for 10 minutes per day. In general, you should not use it more than once a day. Whereas in winters, it can dry your skin more quickly. So use it once every 4-5 days. You should keep in mind that treating more frequently or for more than the time which is required will not enhance the results. So follow the guidelines strictly to get better results.

Will High frequency facial wand machine kill facial bacteria?

The high frequency current has an anti- bacterial action.

When the high frequency electrode is applied to the skin, it generates oxygen after mixing with the air outside. That oxygen kills the acne- causing bacteria and calms inflammation. It cleanses your skin and makes it able to absorb more nutrients and minerals in the skin.

Can High frequency facial wand machine treat dandruff?

High frequency scalp treatment not only stimulates hair growth but also solves many other hair problems such as dandruff. The hair is divided into 5-5 portions and then the comb like electrode is applied to the scalp that stimulates blood flow and increase the process of generating new cells which makes your hair free of dandruff.

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Can I use High frequency facial wand machine for dark spots and under eye bags?

The oxygenation action produced by the high frequency electrodes creates a circulation rush and increases blood circulation which helps your product go deeper in the skin. This results in the reduction of dark spots and puffiness of your eyes. It fades the dark circles away and makes your eyes look brighter and fresher than before.

What is a recommended frequency of High frequency facial wand machine?

The professionals in spas, salons and skin care offices use the frequency of 100,000-2500, 000+ Hertz (cycles per second). But again the frequency is different for all skin types. If you have a sensitive skin then you won?t be able to bear a high frequency. So its better to check on your arm or some other area before applying it to the affected area or you can also consult a professional. Those who are using it for the first time and at home, they can operate it at 100,000 Hertz.

How High frequency facial wand machine remove blackheads?

High frequency facial wand machine produces oxygen molecules which cleanse your face and reduces the size of pores by penetrating deep down and cleaning out the toxins. Moreover, it controls excess sebum production which not only will make the skin smoother but will also eliminate the blackheads. The less the pores; the less acne and blackheads will occur. After the treatment, apply clay or mud mask on your face.

Can High frequency facial wand machine treat cellulite?

High frequency treatment is very effective for treating cellulite.

The professionals have used this high frequency, oxygen molecules producing machine to treat lymphatic drainage, increase blood circulation, exfoliate the skin, increase the production of elastic and collagen which promotes the growth of cells and increase their metabolism.

This process treats cellulite as well. Do target treatment and you will see the results.

How should I clean the electrodes of High frequency facial wand machine?

high frequency facial machine electrodes

You can clean your electrodes of the high frequency facial wand machine by a damp cloth or you can also wash them with hot soapy water in a glass or beaker and leave them in the sterilizing fluid for some time.

Dry them thoroughly and then store them in the UV cabinet until you need them again.

One other method of cleaning is to use rubbing alcohol on the electrodes. It will kill all the bacteria.

Can High frequency facial wand machine prevent future acne growth?

Yes, it eliminates severe acne and prevents future breakouts as well.

Use an acne product that is effective and soft on the skin. Combine it with the high frequency electrode and the results will be dramatic.

It cleanses the skins and remove acne- causing bacteria and harmful toxins from the skin while making it more receptive to acne creams and other acne products.

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With regular use of this, you can keep the acne away for as long as you want.

Steps for using high frequency facial wand machine at home

portable high frequency facial machine for home use

High frequency wand machine is as safe as a machine can get. It comes in handy and we will provide you with all the instructions that you need for starting your treatment at home.

1. Cleansing ?

Cleanse your skin first. Use any kind of cleanser that suits your skin and massage for 10 minutes. Give your face steam, if you can. Exfoliating the dead skin is important for effective treatment and remarkable results.

2. Product ?

Apply your skin care product depending upon the thing that you want to treat. For instance, apply an acne cream if you want to treat your acne. This will help in avoiding over- drying of the skin.

3. Selecting the electrode ?

The machine comes with different types of electrodes and produces glow of various colors due to different gases but it has been found that both of the gases are equally effective. So, you need to select an electrode based on your targeted area. Insert the electrode in the wand machine and turn it on. You can also adjust the frequency of the current according to your skin.

4. Starting the machine ?

Now after you have turned the machine on, put it on the lowest intensity because your skin can react badly to high frequency if applied at once. The wand will start making a sound and start its action. When you will touch the electrode to your skin, its electrode will produce oxygen molecules after combining with the fresh air and will make the electrode glow.

5. Motion ?

It is important that you follow certain moves when you are using the high frequency wand machine. You can move it in zig zag or circular motion around your skin and can also tap the wand to produce a spark while treating acne or dark spots. It maximizes the effect of your skin care cream or serum that you have applied.

6. Intensity levels ?

For beginners, it is recommended that they use the machine at a low frequency level for the first few days and if they think their skin has gotten used to it, they can increase the intensity slowly day by day. The low frequency is also as effective as the high one. So don?t make your skin uncomfortable and red by applying high frequency.

7. Moisturizing ?

After the treatment is done, apply moisturizer to your skin because the frequency can dry your skin out. It is important to keep it soft and moisturized for more effective results.

8. Sterilizing ?

Clean your electrodes after use. It does not matter if you are the only one that uses them. Cleaning and sterilizing the products are important because if you do not clean them then the bacteria can crawl back on your skin and it will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

So, these are the tips which will act as complete guide for you to use high frequency facial machine.

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