Is Microblading Too Dark?

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Is Microblading Too Dark?

microblading too dark

Microblading looks different on every skin tone, but an experienced microblading artist will be able to recommend a shade of pigment that will work well with your complexion. However, sometimes your artist may choose a pigment that is too dark for your skin tone. This can result in a grayish color on the surface of the microblading. Therefore, it is important to do some research before visiting a microblading artist and discuss the pigments used.

Avoiding dark eyebrow microblading

If you’re thinking about getting eyebrow microblading, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing you need to consider is the pigment used. If you opt for a dark color, you may risk the process fading to a lighter shade. This could result in uneven shading and random patches. A light pigment can be more easily blended with your existing eyebrow color.

During the healing process, the pigment will gradually fade over time. Usually, your eyebrows will look more natural within a month or two. After the first two to three weeks, your eyebrows may appear a little patchy and uneven. This is perfectly normal. However, it’s best to seek a touch-up appointment at least 12 weeks after the procedure.

In addition, avoid exposing your brows to the sun. UV rays from the sun can cause the pigment to fade quickly. The best way to avoid exposure to the sun is to wear a hat or cover your face when you’re outside for a few days after microblading.

The pigment used in microblading should be of high quality. A technician with little experience can cause damage to your eyebrows by using poor-quality pigment. Also, avoid getting microblading if you have liver disease. If you have any type of allergic reaction, you’ll need to consult a dermatologist.

The procedure itself involves making small cuts in the skin to create realistic-looking hairlike strokes. The procedure typically takes a few hours, but touch-ups may be needed in the future to maintain the desired look. A trained esthetician will also have the expertise necessary to prevent infection and other problems from occurring.

Afterward, it’s vital to follow the instructions given by your microblading specialist. Failure to do so can lead to scarring, infection, pigment loss, or discoloration. A mild cleansing regimen, such as a gentle cleanser, can help avoid these problems. The treatment should be followed by an ointment or exfoliant.

Is this normal ? I have never seen it that dark for a skin tone like mine,  even right after the procedure. : r/microblading

The second step in avoiding dark eyebrow microblading is to find the right artist. While you can search for a qualified artist through online search engines, you should also look for someone who is properly licensed and has undergone proper training. A high-quality microblading artist will have many satisfied clients.

Reversing a dark eyebrow microblading

If you are unhappy with the dark colour of your eyebrows, you can get a reversal procedure. This procedure involves the use of light pigment over the darker pigment. The result will be an eyebrow with a different shape and colour. However, the process is difficult and can leave traces on the brows.

Fortunately, there are ways to reverse the effect, but you must be patient and diligent. The good news is that the effects of microblading are not permanent and the results should return to normal in 18-24 months. In the meantime, if you are unhappy with the results, you should seek a touch-up appointment. However, you should make sure to wait at least a month before you make another appointment.

The result of reversing a dark eyebrow microbladING procedure is a temporary change. However, the pigment will fade away in one to two years, so it is a good idea to make regular touch-up appointments. Depending on the cause, the fading color may return again. You may also want to consult a licensed cosmetic technician to reverse your procedure.

If you choose to have eyebrow microblading done, you should find a professional and reliable technician. Look at their portfolio and discuss your expectations with them. A good technician will help you choose the right shade of pigment. They will want to make you feel good about the procedure.

Another way to reverse a dark microblading is to apply hydrogen peroxide to the affected area. This solution is effective and relatively inexpensive. But you should remember that hydrogen peroxide will cause a burning sensation on your skin. If the irritation becomes too much, you should wash off the paste immediately. Also, don’t apply hydrogen peroxide to open wounds, as the chemical will cause scarring.

After undergoing a microblading procedure, you should make sure to take good care of your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you should avoid alcohol, caffeine, and pain killers. Also, make sure you stay hydrated. Taking care of your skin after microblading is critical to achieving the best results.

Microblading Too Dark and Thick at First: Will It Get Lighter?

Getting a second visit after microblading

The first day after microblading can be rough, especially if your brows are very dark and thick. However, by day 14, your brows should look better. After this time, it is normal to have some redness, scabs, or patchiness. After the scabs fall off, your brows should return to their usual color.

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Microblading success is highly dependent on your skin’s tone, and the color you select can have an effect on the results. For instance, if you have oily skin, the pigments will not be absorbed properly and will push out. This will result in a more gray tone than the color you wanted. To avoid this, talk with your artist about the pigments they use.

Once your first microblading session has ended, it’s important to get a follow-up visit within a month. This is because sun exposure will make the color pigment fade faster. A second visit is a good opportunity to fill in gaps, add longer hairs, and make adjustments.

A touch-up session is critical to your eyebrows’ final appearance. A second session will take about an hour and should be scheduled at least 10 weeks after the initial procedure. Without it, your results will be less than perfect. The colour will start to fade significantly after four weeks, so it is important to schedule your visit at the earliest opportunity. If the pigment has faded significantly, a third session may be necessary to achieve the perfect application.

If the pigment is too dark, you should consider visiting a professional who specializes in microblading. Make sure to look at their portfolio and discuss your goals with them. Your technician’s goal is to make you look and feel great, so they will help you get the right shade of pigment.

Although microblading can last up to six months, the final result may fade slightly or significantly. A touch-up appointment is recommended every year to maintain the look. However, if you’re unsure of what’s happening with your eyebrows, make sure to discuss it with your artist.

A second microblading visit should take place about 4 to 6 weeks after the initial procedure. The second visit will smooth out any imperfections that have developed during the healing process. Furthermore, it will allow you to choose a darker color if the initial procedure was too dark.

What is microblading?

For example, the eyebrow blading may be darkened by sunlight and if there are no visible signs the brows will be darker. The microblading technique is a semipermanent cosmetic procedure in which microblading pigment is inserted in the upper layer of the brow. The eyebrows are microblasped with specialized microblades. It’s similar to embroidery in eyebrows. Each hairstyle is hand drawn with a natural touch to achieve the desired effect. It can be performed manually and you should carefully choose who will handle it. There are no accidents in our world! Usually pigments have an adequate amount to be stored on the correct skin surface; it should have a depth that is not too shallow.

Microdermabrasion & facials

Alternatively a specialized procedure is needed to remove a lot more pigment from the skin to improve the cell turnover of the body and to increase cellular turnover. Professional treatments like micro-dermabrasion or facial scrubs are a natural way to remove excess skin cells and remove pigments from the surface of the skin. The microdermabrasion is usually required several times if not three times, but after each treatment the lightens significantly. It is necessary at least 1 month before the eyebrow fades; it is almost noticeable for everyone but for you.

How Microblading Changed My Eyebrows and Why I'm Removing It

Reason to fade your Microblading

If you feel that the result from microblading may be disappointing then you may want to start looking for brows again as soon as possible. The natural fade will occur with time – usually within a couple months before and after the facial touch-up / perfection sessions are completed. It will take a long time until your brows have been cleaned. This will be the worst day to see how much your brow is comfortable. Your thickened brow may start to darken before the Touch-Up / Perfecting session. Also, don’t get worried it’s very normal.

What if they really look botched?

Obviously spotting dark brow hair could be an oversight. Those blemishes on chins can be seen easily but they seem quite unnatural. First of all, please make sure you research microblading artists in your region and find someone qualified to do the work so that you don’t have the problem you are facing. Depending on how bad your skin is, you can remove saline immediately after the wound heals. If you wait more than two years for treatment, it is likely to take six weeks to complete a different treatment procedure.

Exfoliating facial products

Beyond mild cleansing products, you may use some chemicals which accelerates the cell turning of the skin. Retinol also termed Vitamin A can greatly accelerate a patient’s turnover. It can typically take up to 60 years to “clean” skin before removing new skin. Retinol is effective at preventing wrinkles and can help you remove skin. Retinol makes your face thinner. It is a good reason to stop using before microblading. If the skin has thicker layers this will allow more pigmentation to go deep in the skin.

When will my microblading become lighter?

This dark stage is followed by scabbing. The scab usually forms from day three to day four and they fall down over time. When a person falls off, the skin absorbs pigment and carries on with fresh skin. If the new color of the skin blends, it displays the actual colour of the microbladed skin. Usually the scabs are removed in light phases referred to as ghost phases and your brow may appear light due to new baby skin. Once healing has ended, they are normal.

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How can I fade my brows after a botched microblading?

Microbladeing is the technique which deposits pigments within the dermis but without intervention it can be permanently removed. Tattoos are permanent and this explains the need to know the skill level of the artist before attempting any type of job. Your epidermis slough out naturally, and when they do slough off they retain tiny quantities of microblading pigment. If you leave your brows alone with no touch-up Microblades, they will naturally fade for about six to eight weeks.

MICROBLADING MY EYEBROWS | Day 1 to Day 10 | My Experience & Advice -  YouTube

Why do my eyebrows look so thick after Microblading?

You’ve probably noticed eyebrow lines that appear thicker than expected. As soon as you have your brows microspread, they may appear darker. You must also remember that eyebrow change has taken place significantly which takes some time to get used to and can sometimes be confusing. The dark brows will appear thicker without changing their width as they are naturally more noticeable. You should notice your brows softening and lowering over time.

Don’t follow aftercare instructions

If your results improve by following the following after-care procedures, you should follow them as soon as possible. So, a person who wants the brows to fade will have to follow the following aftercare directions. Clean your hair daily and gently at bedtime. You will need to be vigilant if you touch your brow. This technique causes minor damage to skin but can also cause permanent recurrence. Keep an eye open for the proper healing process.

Will they shrink and lighten?

Yeah!! Usually it is. On their 2nd and 3rd days after treatment, it was darkest for them. When they’re fresh, they begin healing. The healing phase lasted about four weeks and by these dates the cells would lose 40% pigment. Moreover, they are less noticeable and are natural. It’s an important issue for all clients and they panic on day 3 because they think that it’d never come back.

Tell me the best way to fix a microblading problem?

It’s all about patience. These situations are totally normal and most people have similar symptoms after microblading. This is particularly evident in those who haven’t had brows before the treatment so they can’t adapt quickly. Its browsocks. You can take it a little while and accept it. If you do not have eyebrows you may find it too obvious and you may not even notice it.

Does Microblading look bad at first?

It can sometimes be hard for eyebrows to appear like they were before microblading. Depending on the procedure your brows may be Microbladed with red and swelling around it. But that softens within a week. Hopefully it will fade out. Scabs can also appear at 5am and cause skin irritation, but it is necessary not to scratch because it can literally take out the color from the skin and make it look irritated.

Sweat & Exercise

Next, we sweat…and then sweat! Sweating is able to dissolve the skin pigments and to release the pigment to the surface to be removed. The word sweat means dripping sweat. It is important that you exercise, and you must do so especially during intense workouts. Make your body sweat a little more every 3 weeks – 3 times a month. Mix in sweat and gentle cleansing in morning and evening.

Sauna (preferably FAR IR sauna)

During the summer months, saunas can help you sweat (without exertions) and detoxify your body. In the first 30 seconds, the use of an Infrared Sauna will make you sweat and will be extremely beneficial in healing the skin and reducing microblading. Depending on where you live you can just have the hotbox in the gym. Use a sauna three times daily or until the skin is sweaty for 30 mins.

What if they don’t get lighter?

Unless you make it right the hair will be less visible. It’s possible the edges are very uneven too. A 6-8 week checkup is a good way to get rid of imperfections that have been created. It’ll be necessary to get a brow artist brow brows and make sure they understand your brow and what they can help you with.

What causes eyebrow microblading to be dark?

Eyebrow microslashing are semi permanent makeup procedures. Your brow will last longer. If this doesn’t work out, you should wait. Some people’s eyebrows are too light. The cause of your eyebrows microblading is determined. There are several causes that make your eyebrows look very thin.

Pigment Used Is Too Dark

The process of microblading uses various pigment types. The colour varies. This is a sample of different colours by Mellie. Even though Microblading Technicians usually choose the colors for their pigmentation or mix them for a particular purpose, your opinion remains the most important priority. When choosing the correct shade, it is best to first check your shade selection first. You will need to know if you prefer dark brows or a soft skin tone. They will then be able to decide on what colours to use. This is what makes microblading professionals so important.

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Let it be

When the eyebrows are too dark as they’re just about finished, just let it rest for a moment. Once your skin starts to recover you can see your final results usually very dark. The wound normally takes seven to 14 days to heal. However the appearance could continue changing or fading over time. All the time the eyebrow microblade fades. So you might want some repairs for your car. If you think you have to fading something that really is too dim, then there’s another way to get it fading more easily.

Ignore aftercare instructions

Microblazing and microscreeners are here to provide you with the necessary after-shave instructions. This guide helps you maintain proper skin healing. One instruction would most likely consist of keeping the place dry. I’ve been looking for a shower cover. However, even if we have to ignore it and try to minimize the amount of water, we still have to keep our ears clean and our brows clean. The cleanser can be taken daily or nightly. Keep your eyebrows clean to prevent infection.

Eyebrow Microblading Is Freshly Done

It is possible to use microblading to place pigment on a person’s skin to create small wounds. This wound will need healing and you can see the final results. Sometimes eyebrow hair does not seem as good after an eyebrow brow procedure is performed. This may also appear to be too light. Sometimes a lot of it will go away before the whole healing is complete. There are ways for your eyebrows to be darker without dark spots and blemishes. It is dependent on why this happens.

Usually, darkening and thickening occur immediately after a procedure and in the first ten days.

This situation is completely normal and most people go through the same after microblading.


Sweating will also reduce eyebrow microbrows. A hot workout with a lot of sweating may be beneficial in fading eyebrow hair creases. This helps to remove eyebrow creases, but also helps improve your body health. A visit to the sauna is the best method for sweating. If a person sweats it helps remove microbladder pigment and helps remove the pigment on their skin and eyebrow hair.


The pigment may also be removed through microdermabrasion. There’s another way of exfoliating, but it takes more time. Normally the process is carried out by professionals. It helps to remove dirt from the skin. You can’t see your results from one microdermabrasion session, you will need multiple treatments to reverse the problem.

Immediately after the treatment your brow area is slightly irritated and this contributes to the appearance of a darker pigment color.


Exfoliations should only take place in cases of a damaged eyebrow. Use a chemical exfoliator for faster cellular turnover. There are many chemical exfoliators you can use. Retinol can be used for accelerating cell turnover. Whenever you are taking retinol, make sure you start with a very low concentration.

How do you fix too dark microblading?

Professional treatments such as facials with cleanser can remove dead cells on skin as well as remove pigmentation. During a few sessions of microdermabrasion you may notice an intense “lightening”.

Why do my microbladed eyebrows look so dark?

After treatment your brows may feel very sensitive causing darker pigmentation. If the pain disappears within a few days, the color starts to become soft. In addition, excess pigment can be “captured” on skin surface.

As your skin heals, this excess pigment sheds (this is the peeling that we told you about) and so lightening the overall appearance.

Hair stroke brows tattoos practitioner advises that when the scabs comes off after 7 days the brows would appear much lighter.

Can you lighten your microblading?

If you don’t like your old tattoos on your natural brows, we can lighten them with a pigment lightening solution. Microblading process deposits pigments.

Eyebrow color usually fades as the scabs fall off with an approximate range of seven to ten days.

Will my eyebrows lighten up after microblading?

The eyebrow lightens with eyebrows heal completely. There will be no downtime during the microblading operation. The brow will recover within 5-7 days.

New skin cells will also form over the pigment that is embedded in the skin, which again softens the overall appearance of your brows.

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