Electric Heating Pad Reviews

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Heating Pads

Why you should trust

I consulted the following authority for this guide:

Sports medicine specialist Michael S. Freitas, M.D., associate team medical practitioner for the University at Buffalo contest teams.

I also contacted team doctor for Daemen College, and advisor for the Buffalo Bills; Joel Hawk who is a principal engineer manager within UL?s small device division.

I also consulted a renowned journalist Cathryn Jakobson Ramin who is the author of curved: Outwitting the Back-Pain Industry and Getting on the Road to improvement.

I?ve tested and written about home goods and other goods for The Wirecutter since 2013 and have analyzed seemingly enigmatic products like paper towels, dehumidifiers, steam mops, and tax software. I?ve used heating pads myself in dealing with the abiding pain from two knee surgeries and a lower-back injury.


Who this is for

People use electric heating pads to relieve meat pain combine with menstrual cramps, arthritis, injuries, and other ailments.

Heat development blood flow where applied, helping to dilate blood vessels, improving circulation.

The development of blood flow to a treated area can help soothe athletic cramping, spasms, aches, and soreness.


Establish a heating pad on a new injury can irritate pain-create inflammation.

Frequent, prolonged, or otherwise awkward use of heating pads has been combining with burns and other ailments. You should argue a doctor before treating yourself with cold or heat.


How we picked and tested

From adept interviews, reading hundreds of reviews, and talking to people who readily use heating pads, we specified out our criteria for selecting out electric heating pads which were worth testing.? We studied top-rated, UL- or ETL-certified heating pads that offer:

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  • Three or extra heat levels
  • Abrupt heat-up
  • Arid and moist heat options
  • Easy apparatus washing of covering
  • An automated shut-off timer
  • An intuitive auditor with a long power cord
  • Our pick: Pure Enrichment authentic alleviation XL King Size Heating Pad

The Pure alleviation XL King Size Heating Pad was the favorite accord pad of our auditor as it offers features found in no other heating pad that?s similarly estimated.

The smooth and deluxe sides of its cover were our auditor? overall favorite, and while it manufactures a small bit more crackling noise when bending than some, it?s fairly quiet.

The authentic Relief?s six height of heating fall within the same general dimension as other pads? minimum and maximum levels but offer the littlest gaps between temperatures.

This addresses a common accusation among our panel of heating pad users that ?the medium is too low, but high is too hot? and makes it available to find the main temperature and adjust than pads with a narrow range of options and more massive jumps between settings.

Electric Heating Pads have health benefits but you must consider an Infrared Heat Mat since the heat goes deeper thereby giving you better healing benefits.

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