Who is Vincent Fnaf to William Afton?

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Who is Vincent Fnaf to William Afton?

who is vincent fnaf

Vincent is a character that was created in FNAF. If you have ever played the game you may have wondered who this guy is and why he is called Vincent. Read on to learn more about the person who was given the name Vincent and how he is connected to the other purple guys in FNAF.

Who is Vincent Afton?

Vincent Afton is the main antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. He is also known as the Purple Man. His character is based on William Afton.

He is the owner of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. He was formerly the owner of Circus Baby’s. Eventually, the company began to deteriorate. It was decided to close the restaurant.

Before the real name of the character was revealed, people thought he was called the Purple Guy. However, the name changed to Vincent. This was done to make him different from the previous design.

Vincent has a lackadaisical attitude and wants to be in love. But his primary goal is to chill.

While Vincent is a character that is not directly related to the other three main characters, he has an influence on all of them. In fact, his name is mentioned in several songs. When he meets Scott, he promises to stay in touch with him when he returns to the U.S.

William Afton - Download Free 3D model by freddy1231 (@freddy1231) [e628e26]

Is purple Guy Vincent or William?

Vincent, also known as Fritz Smith, the Purple Guy, or the Phone Guy, is the owner of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and a major character in The Return to Freddy’s Classic (serving as the deuteragonist of the gameplay and the main antagonist/occasional protagonist of the minigames) During nights 1-5, he sends phone calls toVincent was the first test subject for the Remnant. The Remnant saved his life.


Note: It is no longer a canon for the TRTF story, however, this is what it was originally supposed to be back when TRTF 5 was still in development and thus it remains noteworthy. During 1943 Vincent worked alongside a young friend Gron in an unrelated project for the CIA The day after Grones’s husband died, he discovered Vincent was suspicious. They were looking into paranoia at their boss’s office to check whether the waters were clear.


Vincent had been scheduled as the main character of “Return to Freddy” 5 prior to its cancellation. Vincent was employed at Fazar Incorporated for a period before stepping down after learning what his boss had done to others in his company. He was also seen for murder, causing deaths in the TRTF saga and the disappearance of many others.


In the mini-game he’s been in this room all day when his friend BFP is crushed into a locker and appears at the scene and smiles at him. In the minigame an old memory appears in secret rooms again and if you come in he runs out of the room and takes a Golden Freddy head with him in his hand. Let’s get in touch, end this game. In Night Five minigames the player can play Vincent again inside presumably Fredbear’s Family Dining Room. The game eventually comes back to parts/service rooms in which sugar and lockjaw are sitting in the ground.

The Return to Freddy’s 4

Vincents walk animations. Vincents killer spigot! Vincent starting Night1-4Minigame. Vincent is moving toward Bonnies child. Vincent murdered Bonnies child. Vincent points out to Freddy. Vincent kills Freddy’s baby. Vincent moving toward his chica child. Vincent killed Chica’s baby.

Why is Crying Child named Evan?

The story is supported with the FazBear Fright stories The Real Jake in which Evan’s brother – Michael – who represents Michael Afton is also called Evan’s brother. According to theory, Michael is the brother of Crying children and the two brothers named Evan would have the same name.

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Why was Vincent afton released from the police?

After evidence was planted by William, Vincent was arrested for the murders of the Missing Children Incident — however, he was later released, as there was not enough evidence to convict him.

William afton redesign (feel free to rate) : r/GachaFnaf_2

Who is Vincent Afton?

Vincent Afton, better known as just Vinny, is a major character in BlueyCapsules.

Are there 2 purple guy?

It is actually two purple men. The main figure in this story was William Fton, an amazing animated animatronics engineer whose design and construction was known and loved by the fans of “The Animator”. He is also responsible for child deaths in FNAF 2 and FNAF3. August 30, 2017.

Who was the first victim of purple guy?

Now what evidence is there that Charlie was truly the first victim? As stated by MatPat in his FNaF 2 video, Purple Guy’s signature is luring kids to the back room.

Who was the first Afton?

William Afton founded Afton Robotics Inc., and founded Fazbear Entertainment as its CEO. . William was born to a married family of three children: his daughter Elizabeth Afton, son Michael Afton and the second, crying infant.

Is Vincent a villain?

Vincent serves as the antagonist to the 2004 action thriller “Collateral”. During the trial of Felix Torrena he killed four witnesses as part of a criminal gang of drug dealers.

William Afton | Design Concept by Wanelorm on DeviantArt


Vincent appears as his original form is purple in appearance and has black eyes, white eyes, and an enduring smile. Apparently the man holds a smartphone.

Who is Vincent Afton?

Vincent Afton or Vinny is one of the main characters from Bluey Capsules. His twin brother, William Afton, is married to Scott Afton.

Why is William Afton called Vincent?

In the early 1900s William Afton and his son Vincent were not canonized, resulting in the version of Vincent being pronounced.

Who is Vincent in FNAF lore?

Vincent Fton the 2nd (called PurpleMan by Animatorics) is the main antagonist in five night at Freddy’s series.

What is purple guy’s name?

William Afton William Afton is a major antagonist of the five-night series from Freddy.

Why does William Afton wear purple?

His body started rotting after being scooped and turned into purple.

Who is Vincent Afton?

Vincent Afton or simply Vinny is the protagonist in Bluey Capsules. The husband of Scott Afton is the twin brother of James Afton.

Is Vincent an actual character in FNAF?

Vincent afton 2nd (called Purple Man) is an important antagonist for Fivenight’s franchise.

Who is purple guy Vincent or William?

Throughout the Five Night Series William Afton is depicted as the “purple man”, an obscure Purple figure.

Why was William Afton called Vincent?

Reborna UA At that time William Afton was never formally canonised and was even called Vincent.

Is Vincent an actual character in FNAF?

The character of Vincent was first spotted in a series of Mentos commercials and then moved to LA to pursue a career in the movies. Despite his success in the industry, he has since been denied his dream of a relationship with Mandy Moore.

The name is a nod to the Rebornica’s Vincent. Unlike the real thing, the name is actually a misnomer.

While the main character is a sleazy jackass, the true character is not Vincent. Instead, he is just the latest in a long line of sociopathic killers. In fact, he is an agent of Felix Reyes-Torrena, the sociopathic hitman who is the villain of the FNAF films.

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While there are a lot of other characters in the FNAF franchise, the real star is the player character Michael Afton. He’s a physically and emotionally tormented young man trying to make amends for the sins his father committed.

The FNAF games are also a great example of how technology can be used to create fun, innovative and sometimes even evil characters. In particular, the phone guy is a cult favorite among fans.

Who is purple guy Vincent or William?

William Afton, also known as the Purple Guy, is the main antagonist of the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s series. Known for his child killings, the character was a serial killer. He had three children with an unidentified wife.

The purple guy is a fictitious character, created by Scott Cawthon. While he hasn’t been seen in the real world since the series’ end, his story is played out in the five games in the series.

William is a robotics genius, and is capable of performing complex tasks. He has a talent for putting on a show, but when it comes to killing people he’s more than willing to take a chance.

While it may be a bit of a stretch to claim that William has the most unique ‘facial’ of any character, he does have a’special’ look. His eyes are glowing white, and his neck is fairly long. This makes him appear to be quite tall.

William has a large brain and has the ability to perform complex calculations. However, he’s not exactly a genius, and his IQ isn’t on par with that of a child.

Why was William Afton called Vincent?

One of the most iconic figures in Five Nights at Freddy’s is William Afton. He is an engineer and the creator of the Funtime Animatronics. His signature catchphrase is “I always come back.”

When he first appeared in FNAF 2, Vincent was the only character who had a rotted skinned look. This was due to the design of his animatronic suit. In FNAF 3, however, the character took a new form.

While William Afton does have some pretty big shoes to fill, he certainly has the honor of being the most famous character in the series. He also holds the title for the most memorable catchphrase, which is “I always come back.”

However, Vincent isn’t the only purple guy in town. There’s also Glitchtrap, which is a digital virus that appears to be a clone of William Afton.

However, the most interesting design was actually the one that sparked the greatest controversy. That was the purple 8-bit interpretation of William Afton.

Another homage to William Afton was in the game’s Save Them minigame. There’s a phone call to the FNaF 1 Night 4 character that can be heard in the background.

Who is Michael to William Afton?

The question “Who is Vincent Fnaf to William Afton?” is not an easy one. In fact, there are many factors which can play a part in defining this character.

One of the first things to know about Vincent is that he’s not the same person as Vanessa. He was born in Great Britain and raised by an orphanage, which had a strict policy against siblings being adopted together.

Another thing to know about Vincent is that he’s a very sociopathic individual. When William was studying in the United States, Vincent followed him. After that, he became a hitman for Felix Reyes-Torrena.

Although his background isn’t completely clear, a lot of it can be gleaned from posters and phone calls from the games. There are also hints of a family dynamic that’s dysfunctional.

While it’s not known for sure who Vincent’s real name is, the name isn’t official. However, fans have come up with a few different options.

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Some people have suggested that the person he’s referred to as Vincent might actually be his brother. Others have gone as far as calling him Glitchtrap.

Who is the last Afton?

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Is there 2 purple guys?

If you are a fan of the FNAF series, you might have wondered if there are two Purple Guys. These are the child killers in the series. Throughout the series, both these villains have played a major role. In some cases, they even appear in the game as real characters.

The first Purple Guy is William Afton. He is the main antagonist in FNAF games. However, there is another one, known as “Purple-William”, who is a child murderer.

He was portrayed by Victoria Lolo. It was not revealed whether this character is an actor or a computer generated character. There is speculation that this character might actually be a human being, but no one has yet proven this theory.

Another Purple Guy is Michael Afton. This character is William Afton’s older son. His skin is a purple color, and his white pupils have been destroyed.

This character was modeled after his father. He is the twin brother of Vincent the 3rd. Unlike his brother, Michael does not turn purple before SL.

Who created Vincent Purple Guy?

The question of who created Vincent Purple Guy is an age old conundrum. Although there are a number of possible candidates, most have been eliminated by the powers that be. Among the names in the canonical lineup are: William Afton, Scott Afton, and Ballora Afton. And while the names may have changed, the names themselves have not.

There are many factors that go into determining who really created the purple guy. But for the sake of this article, we will focus on the more humane members of the pack. We will take a look at their respective traits and characteristics and then delve into their similarities and differences.

The first entrant is the obvious. In the grand scheme of things, the dude has been around for more than half a century. He was the co-founder of Fazbear Entertainment, a company renowned for the creation of Five Nights at Freddy’s, and also co-founder of Afton Robotics, LLC. His three children are also recognizable names in the game lore. Despite their relative youthfulness, a few of their sibling rivals have risen to the top of the prickly pear tree.

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