Who Does Amethyst Like in Steven Universe?

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In the popular animated series Steven Universe, one of the beloved characters is Amethyst. Many fans of the show have been curious about who Amethyst likes romantically. In this discussion, we will explore this topic and try to uncover whether or not Amethyst has a crush on someone in the show.


The Complexity of Amethyst’s Character Development

Amethyst is one of the main characters in the animated TV series “Steven Universe.” Her character is complex, and her emotions and relationships with other characters are multifaceted. Amethyst’s character development is a significant part of the show, and her growth throughout the series is something that fans pay close attention to.

Early Relationships

In the early seasons of the show, Amethyst has a complicated relationship with Pearl, another main character. Amethyst often feels inferior to Pearl, who is more skilled and disciplined than she is. This causes tension between them, and Amethyst often acts out or makes fun of Pearl to mask her insecurities.

Amethyst’s relationship with Steven, the show’s protagonist, is also significant. Amethyst and Steven have a close bond, and she often acts as a big sister figure to him. However, Amethyst also has a habit of teasing and picking on Steven, which can sometimes hurt his feelings.

A New Relationship Blossoms

As the show progresses, Amethyst’s relationship with another character, Peridot, begins to develop. At first, Amethyst and Peridot are enemies, but they eventually become friends. Amethyst helps Peridot learn about Earth and its customs, and the two become close.

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Amethyst’s relationship with Peridot is significant because it shows how much Amethyst has grown as a character. She is no longer the insecure and immature character she was in the early seasons but has become more confident in herself and her abilities.

A Love Interest?

Many fans speculate about whether or not Amethyst has a love interest in the show. Some believe that she has a crush on Pearl, while others think that she might be interested in Steven. However, the most popular theory is that Amethyst is in love with another character, Jasper.

Jasper is a powerful gem and a former enemy of the Crystal Gems, the group of characters that Amethyst is a part of. Despite their past animosity, Amethyst and Jasper have a complicated relationship. They have fought each other numerous times, but there is also an underlying tension between them that suggests something more.

The Complexity of Love

Amethyst’s potential love interest in Jasper is significant because it adds another layer of complexity to her character. Amethyst is a character who struggles with self-esteem issues, and her relationship with Jasper could either help her grow or cause her to regress.

Amethyst’s potential love interest in Jasper is also significant because it shows how Steven Universe explores themes of love and relationships in a nuanced and complex way. The show does not shy away from exploring same-sex relationships or unconventional love interests, and this is something that fans appreciate about it.

FAQs – Who does Amethyst like in Steven Universe?

Who is Amethyst in Steven Universe?

Amethyst is one of the main characters in the animated television series Steven Universe. She is a member of the Crystal Gems, a group of gems who protect humanity and the Earth from other hostile gems.

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Does Amethyst have a romantic interest in any character in Steven Universe?

Amethyst’s romantic interests are not explicitly stated in the show. However, she is shown to be very close to Steven, Garnet, Pearl, and several other characters. It is possible that she may have feelings for one of them, but it has not been confirmed.

Is there any evidence of Amethyst having a crush on anyone in Steven Universe?

Throughout the show, Amethyst is shown to have a flirty and playful personality, but there is no clear evidence that she has a crush on anyone in particular. She seems to enjoy teasing and flirting with Steven, but it is unclear whether her actions are purely friendly or romantic in nature.

Has Amethyst ever been shown to be jealous of any character in Steven Universe?

Amethyst has been shown to experience jealousy on several occasions throughout the show. For example, she becomes jealous when Steven spends time with other members of the Crystal Gems, and she is also jealous of Pearl’s close relationship with Rose Quartz. However, her jealousy does not necessarily indicate romantic feelings for any of these characters.

Does Amethyst’s relationship with any character in Steven Universe have romantic undertones?

Amethyst’s relationships with other characters in the show are complex and multifaceted, but there is no overt evidence of romantic undertones. She has a strong bond with Steven, Garnet, and Pearl, but it is unclear whether these relationships are purely platonic or if they could evolve into something more in future episodes. Ultimately, it is up to interpretation whether Amethyst has romantic feelings for any character in Steven Universe.

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