What Is Blue Light Therapy for Acne?

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What Is Blue Light Therapy for Acne?

blue light therapy for the face

Are you worried about acne problems?

face full of acne

Everybody once in a while faces problems with acne. Acne appear in the face particularly in the teenage years when there are hormonal changes. The hormones work together with the fats and bacteria on the skin to form acne.

You might consider using blue light therapy to treat acne troubles.

What causes acne on the skin?

At first, you need to learn how acne is formed, to understand how to get rid of them. Acne is formed with the presence of a male hormone called androgenic. The hormone combined with bacteria on the skin and fatty acids forms acne. Fatty acids come from the fat glands under the skin.

Hence, acne is formed in main areas where fat is stored. Such as face, shoulders, chest, back, etc.

What is blue light therapy?

blue light therapy for face

Blue light therapy is used as a skin treatment for improved skin health. When there is an acne breakout blue light therapy is used to keep the breakout in control.

On the application of blue light to the skin, the light wave enters the skin pores and kills bacteria. Blue light wavelength is harmful to bacteria, and so it cannot form acne anymore.

If the skin is exposed to blue light, the absence of bacteria reduces the chances of acne.

Another benefit to blue light therapy is that it removes oxidizing radicals from your face. These radicals cause aging of the skin. Hence, making your skin look better and younger.

How effective is blue light therapy for acne?

When blue light therapy is applied to the skin, it kills bacteria from the skin. Along with that the heat from the therapy reduces the oil glands of the skin. Hence, the skin has fewer bacteria and less fatty acid to form acne.

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Although blue light therapy manages to reduce acne from the skin, many people who do not like the results. They want something that effectively removes acne from their skin.

Sometimes blue light therapy is used with oral drugs to improve skin health. But even after that, the result does not show a marvelous improvement in skin appearance.

So, many people might think of alternative ways to treat acne problems other than blue light therapy.

Does Blue light therapy leave acne scars?

No, blue light therapy does not leave acne scars. But it sometimes it can leave moles and blisters. Both of the effects are temporary and will go away with time.

Does blue light therapy work for acne?

Yes, blue light therapy works as a treatment for acne, but only when the acne outbreak is mild. Since it is a natural process to kill bacteria and stop causing more acne, you cannot expect a clean, smooth skin after the therapy.

Most people expect the skin state that is not achieved by blue light therapy.

When acne is treated with blue light therapy, the skin is exposed to blue light for a short time. This can be for four weeks when the blue light is used regularly on the skin. It can be used eight times for fifteen to thirty minutes.

The results are noticeable in two weeks to four weeks after the treatment. You have to remember, blue light stops more acne formations rather than reducing the acne itself. So, it prevents acne on the skin rather than remove the acne that has already grown there.

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Is blue light therapy safe for acne?

Blue light therapy is safe for acne treatment. There are people who have sensitive skin, blue light would be a good option in treating this acne and kills the bacteria so that future problems will not occur anymore.

In addition to that, there is oral medicine for getting rid of acne. There are medicines which can be taken in conjunction with the blue light therapy. So, you might want to take a blue light therapy for acne. But the main problem is the long effects when you are taking prescription drugs.

Unlike using the blue light therapy which is non-invasive and there are numerous devices which can use to maintain your skin at home.

Benefits of blue light therapy

The therapy is preferred cause it does not have any serious side effects. It can be applied in the home, blue light therapy devices are available in the market. You don’t need to be an expert to apply them on your skin. It prevents acne outburst. The medicines for treating acne might be cheaper but they also have side effects. Might be cheaper but there are always side effects taking medicines.

Blue light therapy might be a good way to treat acne problems. But it also has some side effect that you need to consider.

If blue light therapy is applied to babies than it might cause the bronze baby syndrome. In this effect, the baby’s skin and urine turn into a greyish brown color, due to exposure to blue light.

The syndrome continues during the time of blue light therapy, and once the therapy application is over the symptoms fade away as well.

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Sometime blisters might also occur in babies due to blue light therapy. Of course, you should not use blue light therapy for babies and infants since they are very susceptible to any form of medicine of prescription drugs.

Blue light therapy can cause headache in some patients. It happens rarely.

If the blue light is used in some newborn, many moles might occur on the skin of the newborn. It only sometimes happens and needs to be looked out for.

Blue light exposure can cause some skin pigmentation. However, it disappears after the treatment is stopped.

When blue light therapy is applied, the eyes must be protected carefully. It can cause retinal damage. Even after wearing eye protection, sometimes the light reaches the eye and cause side effects. If the blue light influences different types of pigmentation somehow, then it can cause long term outcomes.

However, most of the side effects discussed are temporary and will wear away with time.

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Light therapies for skin treatment do not cause harm. Although they are costly they don’t have severe side effects. They prevent acne by killing bacteria on your skin. So, it helps to clean up your skin in the process.

People who are under skin medication might not be able to use blue light therapy.

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