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Top 3 Infrared Facial Wand Reviews

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Top 3 Infrared Facial Wand Reviews


infrared facial wands device

Infrared light therapy has shown outstanding results in treating problems and issues related to skin. If you look at different research and studies conducted to prove the benefits of these therapies, you will come to know that it is important to include this therapy to your skincare routines. Infrared light therapy is very helpful in reversing the harmful effects of too much sunlight. It might look strange that people are putting infrared light on their skin to improve their skin tone as well as other issues related to skin health.

Does infrared light help skin?

Yes, absolutely! The following skin benefits of this therapy will show how helpful infrared therapy is:

Does infrared damage skin?

rosacea problem on face

No, it doesn’t damage the skin. Infrared light therapy is helpful for the skin. Some people don’t follow the instructions, which results in some undesirable skin effects. However, it is their fault, not the side effect of infrared light therapy. Additionally, some people experience problems while using this therapy for the first time. However, this problem resolves after the first time use. So, we can say that infrared light therapy doesn’t damage the skin and is helpful for the health of the skin.

Does infrared therapy work?

Yes, infrared light therapy does work. It might be boring to use creams for your skin for months or years with no evident benefits. This therapy is the best option and allows you to replace those creams with this treatment. In this way, you can save a considerable amount of money by not buying those creams again.

You can see unlimited reviews of those who have used this therapy and got ideal results.

The healing process of wounds is accelerated with the help of infrared light therapy.

The red color light penetrates very deeply into the skin, more than any other visible-light colors. The cells of the skin absorb this red light and their growth is accelerated.

Two things, collagen, and elastin make your skin feel and look younger. These two form quickly, which results in younger skin than ever before. That is why it can easily be said that this therapy is very useful in clearing psoriasis, eczema, and other skin problems. This truly is a great healing approach.

Is infrared light therapy safe?

LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) is delivered through LED lights found to have no side effects as well as risks to the skin. This is unlike the high power laser that is used in clinics.

During treatment, these infrared rays won’t cause redness, inflammation, and the heat is almost unfelt. It will not burn your skin either.

So, you can say that it is quite safe to use infrared light therapy on your skin, as long as you follow the given instructions and don’t overdo it.

Why is the infrared face treatment good at home?

Infrared light therapy is used by more and more people regularly nowadays.

People are using these products to get rid of skin issues naturally.

The most exciting thing to note is that all this happens without any side effects. There are many benefits of having your infrared light therapy device at home. It is fast, cost-effective, and a very convenient way to resolve skin problems.

Is Infrared Light Therapy good for Face?

before and after treatment on light therapy for face

Yes, absolutely! Infrared light therapy is very beneficial for the skin, especially for the face skin. it not only prevents many skin issues but also heals many of those without any side effects.

What are the skin benefits of infrared light?

Infrared light therapy has the following benefits:

  • Infrared light therapy is one of the cheapest, non-invasive, and convenient methods to enhance the skin.
  • More youthful skin is another benefit associated with infrared light therapy.
  • Tanning beds can age your skin very quickly. Infrared light therapies are a much safer option for those suffering from a tanning bed. It will make your skin radiating as well as firm.
  • The approach also improves sleep, which plays a very important role related to skincare and treatment.
  • Red light therapy can reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines, repair sun damage, even out skin tone, and accelerate wound healing,
  • The tissue repair, as well as the wound healing process, is accelerated with the help of infrared light.

What are the Top 3 Infrared Facial Wand?

This is a very common question that comes into the minds of many people. That is why it is very important to give a satisfying answer to this question.

Top 3 Infrared Facial Wands

If you are looking for the best handheld led light therapy devices, we are going to show you the top 3 infrared facial wands. These are as follows:

1. Rika Led Facial Massager 3 color Photo LED Light Therapy Facial Massager, Light Therapy Device for Acne, Vibration Skin Firming Care by RIKA

rika led facial device

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Before using Rika Led Facial Massager, apply toner and serum. Ideal serum should be in liquid form such as moisturizing essence, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C serum, etc. During treatment, you might need to re-apply it.

Rika Led Facial Massager doesn’t get hot, so it’s not going to hurt you. This massager needs to be plugged into power during its use because it’s not battery operated. The ingredients of the skincare products make this product much more efficient. The vibration function of this device works in two modes i.e. Intense vibration in continual progress or discontinuous process.

You should use clarifying toner or serum for cleansing function. Anti-aging serum and other water-based cosmetic products such as Vitamin C/hyaluronic acid/collagen serum and face oil are used for anti-aging function.

LED light therapy

By eliminating the p-acnes bacteria LED light therapy helps in reducing the appearance of acne. To help naturally plump up the skin, it targets visible fine lines, signs of aging, and wrinkles.

This therapy requires no downtime and is a non-invasive treatment. When this treatment is coupled with treatments such as microdermabrasion, peels, and dermal rolling, it becomes an excellent treatment.

The power of 3 technologies is combined with Rika LED facial massager that includes:

  • LED light Photon Rejuvenation

· Ionic technology

· Micro-vibration

These three technologies work together to produce long-lasting results rapidly. It improves facial skin tone and contours. Also, through its state-of-the-art technology, it reduces fine lines and treats acne.

It helps in reducing wrinkles, improving skin elasticity, and face contour. Additionally, it rejuvenates your entire complexion and diminishes blemishes.

The powerful function pulls the dirt out and removes other debris from deep in pores that make your skin clean and refreshed. The ION and Nutri-function pushes active ingredients in skincare moisturizers and serums deep present into your skin as well as improve their effectiveness.

led light therapy device

LED lights and photon REJUVENATION

Red Light:

This light increases blood circulation to diminish wrinkles. It tightens the skin and encourages the production of new skin cells.

Blue Light:

BLUE Light has an excellent effect of curing acne. This light diminishes inflammation and kills the bacteria from the skin. It prevents skin breakouts.

Green Light

This light calms and balances the skin tone and helps in the breakdown. It also prevents pigment production. Green infrared light is an excellent treatment that helps in making the skin even and bright.

2. Photon Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Facial Skin Care Mask, Project E Beauty 7 Color LED Mask

This device is designed for facial beautification.

Natural light waves are used by this device that is transmitted by LEDs into the skin. Each color of light has beneficial effects on particular skin conditions. It inhibits melanin pigment formation. Additionally, it helps in improving skin elasticity. Wrinkles are reduced and prevented by this device.

project e beauty facial device

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  • Natural light waves that improve the look of skin

· Each color of light has beneficial effects on particular skin conditions.

· Easy to operate

· Portable

Natural light waves are designed for facial beautification by The Photon Beauty Device that is transmitted into the skin by LEDs. All colors of light show beneficial effects on particular skin conditions. It inhibits the formation of melanin pigment and improves skin elasticity. It consists of:

  • LED Mask X 1

· Remote Control X 1

· USB Cable X 1

· Power Cord X 1

· Full English User Manual X 1

Power Settings

The photon beauty device is effective at all intensity levels even in the lowest setting. To achieve maximum results, using the highest power level is not necessary. The level of power varies according to the person. To obtain the optimal result, you should start with the lowest setting and raise the power level gradually.

Only 10-15 minutes are required for each treatment. 3-4 treatment is required in a week. You can reduce it to 1-2 treatment a week after the results have shown.

This mask is cost-effective. The skin starts looking smooth and the pores become smaller. It also makes the few annoying zits disappear. The difference can be shown within a few uses of the mask. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished by using this mask.

project e beauty photon facial mask


You can enjoy this light therapy comfortably in your own house.

  • It helps in working to build collagen
  • It reduces visible signs of aging
  • It restores healthy, glowing skin
  • It reduces age spots, sun damage, and redness
  • It improves the skin’s clarity and prevents future breakouts

3. Rejuvenation Mask Pro LED Light Therapy Mask For Anti-aging, Brightening, Improve Wrinkles. Tightening and Smoother Skin by Lift Care

This mask is revolutionarily anti-aging all in one remarkable system. For a more youthful appearance, it helps to transform and rejuvenate your skin synergistically. This mask aids in boosting collagen in the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished by using this mask. It is easy to use. By just putting on the mask for 10 minutes a day, you can see cumulative restorative effects.

rejuven facial mask

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Rejuvenation Mask

The Rejuvenation Mask is an anti-aging light therapy mask. The principle of different wavelengths is used by the LED Facial Light Mask therapy.

By utilizing the 7 different colors of this therapy helps in penetrating the pores and also promotes cell metabolism. This mask is a fundamental solution for skin aging problems. Blood circulation is boosted and collagen production is increased by utilizing this mask. It also improves skin and achieves whitening breakout control.

Each wavelength has a different effect that helps in handling different skin problems. Rejuvenation Mask is a practical mask solution. By touching a button, the mode can be switched easily and also intensity can be adjusted.

rejuven facial mask usage

Steps to use

Firstly you have to strap on the mask and fit onto the face. After that, you’ll start the treatment while closing your eyes. By following these therapies you can have the result:

  • Red light

Production of collagen is stimulated
with the red light. The most essential protein that is used for repairing damaged tissue and replacing old ones is collagen. This is best for fine lines and large pores reduction.

  • Blue light

Bacteria are killed by this light containing Porphyrins. Due to the high affinity, the blue light can kill Porphyrins with this wavelength. The calming sensation is present in blue light that is very effective for hypersensitivity.

  • Greenlight

Greenlight helps in balancing the color pigmentation. Greenlight targets melanocytes, melanin-producing cells that are located in the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis. This light works well with brightening cream for skin lightening effects.

  • Yellow light

To replenish the cells’ energy, yellow light improves the exchange of oxygen in the cells. Yellow light promotes lymphatic drainage, flushes waste from the skin, and it also improves rough skin, skin redness, and spider veins.

  • Purple light

To repair breakout scars, purple light is a particularly good treatment. Improving sleep cycles of soft blue light gradually enhances cell energy.

  • Sky Blue Light

Sky blue light produces a particular kind of pure blue light. It occurs naturally on a sunny day that helps in feeling energetic.

  • White light therapy

This light is emitted by the sun and it provides an overall balance of cellular renewal and flushing of toxins.

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