Top 3 Best Portable Infrared Vein Finders Review

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Why is it important to use a Vein Finder?


Veinlite EMS PRO Portable Adult Transilluminator IV Vein Finder ...


Vein finder plays a very valuable part in medical therapy especially for: nurses, caregiver, medical professional and phlebotomist.

The vein finder gets rid of the requirement for sticking at awkward for the healthcare professional and places trying to find a vein. Individuals who are using vein finders for the time could have quite a range of questions to ask.

The vein finders reduce the time it requires pricking out of place to place trying to find a vein. Locating the right vein isn’t always an easy job. It’s worth every penny, though more costly than vein finders from the sector. Some individuals have veins which are almost impossible to discover when a lot of people have blood vessels.

There are certain patients with veins that are difficult to find such as:

  • Overweight
  • Elderly
  • Dark-Skinned Patients
  • Veins in Children
  • Paients that who went thru many intravenous procedures
  • Patients that are burn victims
  • Patients that are very impatient and restless
  • Drug users
  • Cancer patients going for chemotherapy

There is a statistics collected in hospitals that 25% of patients in which the needles are wasted because their veins are difficult to find and this is where this article will show you the recommended infrared vein finders available in the market.

There was as study made in British Journal of Anesthesia shows that difficult venipuncture cases proves that it is an essential arsenal for vein finder.

Vein finder devices will waste no time in finding a vein. This will reduce the extra costly mistakes on:

  • Syringes
  • Needles
  • PICC

National Institutes of Health mentions that the need for a machine to find veins will thereby make zero human errors when finding veins and will be easy to use for healthcare professionals.

See the graph below referenced from Sciencedirect that shows you the ratio of difficult venepuncture cases in different groups of patients.

graph referenced from sciendirect showing the venepuncture cases

Benefits of Infrared Vein Finder: the Ultimate Convenience!

The vein finder is perfect for obese people whose veins are difficult to discover, neonates and small kids.

In such examples, vein finder is helpful for patients and health professionals.

As veins are full of blood, they’d be visible, making locating them easier.

To be able to use the patient’s venous patrimony it’s vital to find visible shallow veins and then map them prior to picking the cannulation website.

If you’d like to use a vein finder it’s recommended to check whether it has the capacity to attain that to ensure. The vein finder gets rid of the demand for sticking areas searching for a vein in a patient, which can be cumbersome for the medical care professional and painful for the individual.

Here are the rundown of the benefits:

  • Vein can be easily located
  • Non Invasive and Painless
  • Avoidance of pain from wrong diagnose
  • No more waste of needles, syringes, PICC and midlien trays
  • Works Efficiently

What How Do Infrared Vein Mappers Work? Is – and What it Is Not

As veins are full of blood, they’d be more visible, making locating them easier. The vein finders within this article are some the ones to help others and nurses who must locate veins for assorted functions.

  • Locating a vein is a simple task.
  • It may be a process if you’ve got veins that are difficult.?
  • It offers patients who might be immunocompromised a sterile remedy because the gadget has been created to do not have any contact.
  • It features a low-battery indicator light if you need to change batteries.

These devices are proven to boost the validity of venous access, especially in pediatric or hard patients. They supply no information about the thickness of the vein the parameter to get clinicians to judge. The device needs to be kept against the skin to do the job.

Additionally, it has been demonstrated to raise the quality of care in neonatal and pediatric circumstances. Knowing that there are the targets is to achieve it at a way.

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It’s a battery that is rechargeable, Should you would like to purchase an active vein finder you ought to make sure.

What to Look in an Infrared Vein Finder

Cleaning a vein finder is important if you planned to use the product on women and multiple men.

The vein finder gets rid of the requirement for sticking at awkward to the medical care professional and places trying to find a vein in an individual which can be debilitating for the person. A vein finder which is created for kids has.

It’s designed to lie flat on a surface to permit users to place the leg or arm of the baby for improved illumination.

What to Look in an Infrared Vein Finder Features

The device has to be held against the skin to get the job done. It has been proven to raise the standard of care in health care and neonatal cases.

It utilizes non-contact technology that’s used to picture the subcutaneous vein structures. It’s essential to be aware that the unit is not adults and most appropriate for infants. In case the unit isn’t held directly within the vein, the image is going to be displaced by the position. It might still be employed on adults who have comparatively thin skin, although the device was intended to be used on infants and kids.

Children or Adult use?

If it used for a child then the LED light should be lowered than compared to adults. There are devices that specifically for adults or for children. It is very important to get the right model.

Rechargeable Battery?

A low-battery indicator light when you need to change batteries which is an important feature. It would be good that the device can be recharged easily and allows multiple battery packs for swapping.

This feature would be very good to have so that you do not need to constantly buying new batteries all the time.

Cleaning Features

Cleaning a vein finder is important, particularly if you planned to utilize the product on multiple folks. You need to be sure the vein finder is readily sanitized and will not end up damaging the product if you do this.

Facial Veins?

There are cases that insertion of fine needles is needed for the face for a variety of reasons. Cosmetic, beauty, reconstruction for the facial procedures need a precise pinpoint of facial veins. It would be good to check that the model that you are going to purchase also has the ability to highlighting facial veins.

Light Shield

There are some models that need strong light to be emitted. It would be good to have a feature that will protect you from the strong light coming from the device. If there is a light shield then you may be able to see the veins more clearly.

Veinlite EMS Pro


Veinlite EMS PRO Portable Adult Transilluminator IV Vein Finder ...

Built-in white exam light mode that can be used in initial patient assessment. Powered by two AA batteries and with 24 colored LEDs operated by a single switch, the robust but easy-to-use EMS PRO? model is ideal for mobile medical responders.

Veinlite EMS Pro is the best to find general vein in adults and children, It has a built-in white exam light mode which can be used to make first assessments.

  • Powered by two AA Batteries and comes with 24 colored LEDs
  • Easily operated by a Single switch
  • Durable Model which is modeled after the proven Veinlite EMS
  • Mobile Medical responders usage
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To use the Veinlite, you have to dim the room and use the easy switch on and just directly towards on a perpendicular angle to scan the veins on the patient.

Use the Veinlite for:

  • Maps superficial veins
  • Imaging of Varicose veins
  • Checking spider veins

Weight: 13.4 ounces

LED Bulbs: 12 orange, 4 red (near-infrared wavelength), 8 white (flashlight mode)

Power: 150 W

Batteries: two AA batteries (3.5 hours of continuous use) Inside Ring Diameter: 21mm

Dimensions: 15 x 55 x 21 mm

Accessories included in the package:

  • Light shield (eye protection for the caregiver)
  • 50 disposable plastic covers (to prevent cross-contamination)
  • Adapter
  • Carrying case that attaches via a belt clip

Veinlite PROS

  • Lightweight, portable and ready to use ? hand-held device and comes with a carrying case
  • Easy One Swtich
  • Eye protection included
  • Disposable covers
  • 5-year warranty
  • Inexpensive


  • It is not rechargeable but the battery lasts for 2 months.
  • It does not work on dark skin with deep veins. The alternative specifically for dark skin is: Veinlite LEDX Adult Transilluminator Vein Finder?

Veinlite LEDX Adult Transilluminator Vein Finder?


Vein Finder Veinlite EMS PRO - Eray Medical Supplies Inc.

This is the only option for people who are dark-skinned or obese.

The powerful LED has thirty-two bright LEDs embedded around its large opening.

There are 24 orange lights and 8 red. This color combination is very effective for seeing deeper veins even if the skin is thick or dark-colored.


  • VeinLite EMS PRO 1970, Viewed 4 November 2019, .
  • Veinlite EMS PRO | Vein Finder for Emergency (VEMS 1970, Viewed 4 November 2019, .
  • Veinlite EMS Pro? 1970, Viewed 4 November 2019, .
  • Veinlite? Video Gallery 1970, Viewed 4 November 2019, .

Venoscope Transilluminator II

This device works for adults and children. The good thing about this is also quite effective for dark skinned and obese people


Venoscope II Transilluminator Adult / Baby Vein Finder | eBay

  • The Fantastic features of this Venoscope? II has obtained and set them in a transilluminator that better serves the particular requirements of neonatal patients. It features the exact same strong LED lights, but has become smaller and more mobile, which makes it much easier to move around neonates.

    The trendy lights are powerful enough to light up the toughest to locate veins without the chance of burning the infant. Developing happier babies makes more joyful nurses.

    The Neonatal Transilluminator weighs only 6 oz including the 3″AA” batteries.

    Neonatal Disposable Protective Covers The Disposable Protective Covers are made from transparent plastic, no latex, and are made to insure the Neonatal Transilluminator LED lights in order that blood or body fluids don’t contaminate the lighting.

    The covers are about 9 inches long and packed in a handy box of 50 covers.

    Neonatal Transilluminator Detachable Cord The Detachable Cord for its Neonatal Transilluminator was made to disconnect if the cable is stretched too much. Just reconnect it and proceed.

Description of Usage from Manufacturer:

The use of our Transilluminator Vein Finder is a non-invasive procedure, and is done by placing the Venoscope? II on the surface of the skin of a patient in such a way that the high intensity light of Venoscope? II is projected into the subcutaneous tissue of a patient.?

The light causes the veins of a patient to contrast with the surrounding tissue, thereby making it easier to locate veins suitable for IV therapy and blood draws. This vein finder is an industry leader in quality and reliability.


  • Neonatal Transilluminator from Venoscope : Get Quote, RFQ, Price … 1970, Viewed 4 November 2019, .
  • Transilluminator | Vein Finder | Venoscope II 1970, Viewed 4 November 2019, .
  • Venoscope? II Neonatal Transilluminator 1970, Viewed 4 November 2019,

Wee Sight (Best Pediatric Vein Finder)

This a specifically used for toddlers and babies. This tool will decrease pain when drawing blood from infants. This device is very small that is very common in pediatric care units.

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TOP 8 Best Vein Finders 2018: Active, Passive, Portable & Infrared ...

This device uses high intensity LED bulbs which is in the range of 629nm to make sure that you can see the toddler’s or infants little veins.

This is shaped to position babies’s tiny limbs.

The LEDs do not heat up. This device works with 2 AA batteries.


  • Device runs for years
  • Can be used inside incubators
  • Curved design makes it easy for infant foot and hand
  • Can also be used for individuals with thin skin
  • Very light at 4 ounces
  • Does not need Tourniquet


Expensive but works great for babies

Vein Finder Glasses


Oxy-Iso Blood Draw and Color Blindness Glasses Review: Lightweight ...

You might wonder why there is still a need for this oxy-iso glasses when using the vein finders? These glasses are used for the following important purposes:

  • Filter UV Rays
  • Enhancing Veins
  • Improves the ability to see the reds and greens which is useful for correcting color blindness
  • The nurses and phlebotomists can now properly diagnose and precisely see the findings for:
  • Superficial veins
  • Rashes
  • Detect Blood Oxygen Levels

The special lenses filter the light that makes the vein finding a breeze which will appear fluorescence and glowing. This is an important consideration if you are drawing blood on a daily basis.


  • Inexpensive
  • Big coverage to protect from blood splatter
  • Impact resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Good for colorblind personnel
  • Easy to use it for the whole day


This can only be used on strong lighting conditions

Not comfortable if you are using prescription glasses

Accessories to Use with a Vein Finder


Many wipes comes with disinfectant to destroy germs and useful for cleaning the vein finder after each and every usage. You just have to be on the lookout that nothing wet from the wipes will seep in the device such as:

switch, led opening, wires

If liquid goes into the device it may cause a short circuit and malfunction which will eventually shorted the lifespan for an expensive investment.

Disposable Covers

This prevents germs from spreading on every occasion that you will be using the vein finder. These covers can be easily disposed off after each usage.

Hand Sanitizer

This will kill the germs that came in contact with the patient. Will also be good for cleaning the vein finder.

Medical Gloves

I think this is essential so that you will not get contaminated on germs from patients after drawing blood and using the vein finder.

Carrying Case

Needless to day that carrying case is particularly helpful if you need to carry this device around with you constantly. After washing and sanitizing the vein finder, you can simply slip it into one of these carrying cases which are small enough to place into a bag so that it will be protected from being accidentally destroyed.


In this guide, I just reviewed the most important vein finder detectors.

  • For adults and children, the best would be the Veinlite EMP Pro and for dark skin usage will be the Venoscope II.
  • For toddlers and babes will be the only product which is Wee Sight.
  • For paramedic vein finders, it is the Oxy-Iso

About Infrared

You know that infrared has many benefits besides from vein finders. Infrared is useful for weight loss, anti aging and even hair loss.

Please comment below if you have any concerns.


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