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The Top 5 Infrared Mat Reviews

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Top 5 Infrared Mat Reviews

The infrared technology has marked its presence in a variety of different fields, and healthcare is among the most promising ones.

The infrared mats or these amazing heating pads have become one of the best and most demanded home healthcare devices that you can own.

Below I have mentioned the top infrared mat reviews to make your purchase journey smooth.

Dealing with chronic pain drains all the energy out of you, doesn’t it? It feels as soon as the middle age sets in, our body takes us to experience a different journey, one full of all kinds of muscle aches and exhaustion from the daily stress.

For a long time, I thought it was only me with this stressing pain in my back, and at time neck and shoulders, but as soon as I shared my experience with my friends and family, all of it changed.

Half of the people I know, some of which are working men and women while others are youngsters with good highs school and athletic life, experience pains of all kinds.

Muscle stretch from a jog, back pain due to weight lifting, shoulder ache due to long hours of sitting duties and what not!

It was then when I came to know about the super doper infrared heating mats that could help me relieve the pain without pharmacological intervention.

What are the infrared mats?

As we know that the infrared radiations are a form of electromagnetic energy falling between the wavelengths of 3 micrometers to 1000 micrometers. The infrared mats are a beauty designed by different authentic brands in different sizes mostly in the size of a standard yoga mat.

As I observed, this mat is composed of various layers, an operator and a heating element. On searching more about it, I found out that amethyst heating crystals, Jade stones, gemstones, and the tourmaline stones are the four top choices for the heating elements.

These various biotech materials combine to generate the infrared rays, negative ions and a light magnetic field that penetrates deep into the tissues giving relief form long-lasting pain.

It is said that the negative ion or an extra electron is easily absorbed by the human body and this calms the body and reduces stress. The mat increases the temperature of the body and this increased energy penetrates through the tissues, muscles, and bones leaving behind its soothing effect.

Comparison of the top 5 infrared mats:

Infrared mats Crystals used Technical specs Box Includes
1.      UTK FAR infrared heating pad Natural Jade stones 19 x 15 x 0.5 inches ; 2.3 pounds Smart Controller, Adjustable Temp, and Travel Bag
2.      Far Infrared 

Amethyst Mat

Grade A+ natural amethyst crystals and gemstones 75 x 59 x 2 inches ; 66 pounds Mat, protection cover, digital controller, 2-year warranty
3.      UTK Far Infrared 

Heating Pad for

Pain Relief for

Neck & Shoulder pad

Natural Jade stones  9.2 x 0.4 x 8.5 inches A smart digital controller, travel bag, mat, guide
4.      MediCrystal Far 

Infrared Mat

Amethyst crystals and black tourmaline crystals 59 x 24 x 1.5 inches ; 19 pounds Mat, controller, waterproof protection cover, air mesh pad, storage bag, and guide

Infrared heating mat –

3 in 1 therapy

Gemstones: 9 lbs of amethyst, 1 lb of jade, 1 lb of tourmaline ceramic Full body size 

60″ x 24″ (150 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm);Weight: 23 lbs

Gemstone heating mat, controller, Mylar foil sauna blanket, carry bag, lifetime trade-in and upgrade

The top 5 Infrared mats for you

Here are the shared experiences of the top 5 infrared mats that you can easily rely on for exceptional service.

  1. UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad

infrared heating mattress



If you are looking for a quality product worth your every penny then UTK far infrared heating pad is the one. I have tried many of them but the amazing heat-trapping quality of this mat and the smart controls that it comes with are simply the best.

I can say this with confidence as I have dealt with multiple infrared heating pads and some of the other fine ones are mentioned ahead.

Special features of this model:

  • The auto-shutoff feature of this mat after 4 hours is unbeatable, memory function
  • Is portable and comes with a 10-foot long cord
  • Digital smart temperature and time controls
  • 1-year warranty for non-human damage to the device


  • Safe and reliable with easy to use controls
  • Portable and light in weight
  • Can be used in the office or at home, while sitting or lying down
  • The range of comfy temperature settings


  • Few people faced size issues
  • Some report malfunction of the mat after use of a few months

The pad covers most of the body parts but to be clear it is a little small as compared to others. What beats this is the premium heat produces by the natural jade stones installed between its layers.

Furthermore, my experience of using this heat pad for chronic back pain tells me that the medium-high temperature range setting of this product is the best one. Try it yourself!



  1. Far Infrared Amethyst Mat by Ereada

infrared heating mattress



This FDA approved Korean product with 15 layers of different high-quality crystals offer an amazing experience of well being. Somehow you feel detoxified, relaxed and energized by the heat therapy that it offers.

I was glad about how easily I fell asleep using this mat as my back support. The warmth offered by the mat was vastly comforting. Its durability is great and honestly, you can either go for this one or the one mentioned above without giving it any second thought.

Special features:

  • 7 heating levels
  • Double silicon EMF titanium heating system
  • Digital setting of temperature controls and session times
  • 75” x 59” queen size mat
  • Come with a 2-year warranty period


  • Offers great feel by covering a large body area with the mat
  • Light and thick
  • Comes with a protection cover


  • A little expensive
  • People notice that it is made in Korea



  1. UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad for Pain Relief for Neck & Shoulder pad

infrared heating shoulder pad



The number 1 choice was a mat from the same brand and the only point of keeping this model of the same brand at number three is it’s so damn flexible and comfortable.

My friend just loves the way it works and as her recommendation is trustworthy, I believe this is a good model to try.

All you need to do is place it around your neck and shoulder and let the heat relax you!

The FAR infrared, jade stones and negative ions just kill the pain.

It’s easy to carry size, good heating system, and the fact that you can wrap it around feet and knees as well makes it one of the top priorities.

Special features of the product:

  • Natural jade stones offer the best heating system
  • Digital controls for time and temperature settings
  • Auto shut-off, memory function
  • Pretty solid construction for a variety of use


  • Safe, long-lasting and offers therapeutic heat
  • Flexible pad suitable for the body parts like neck and shoulders
  • Heating pads stop after 4 hours
  • Functional and beautiful design
  • Can be used wherever you want


  • Might be heavy to keep on the neck

Though many customers reviewed it as something heavy to rest on the neck, I think that just depends on what you prefer more, its exquisite pain killing feature or the technical specs.



  1. MediCrystal Far Infrared Mat

far infrared biomat



The classy V-shaped crystals reflection on this vibrant mat always attracts me towards it. I have tried this one and simply love it because it is lightweight. It stays hot keeping my back warm for a longer time.

The controls are easy to learn and the mat is a perfect build-up of an 18 layer system.

Moreover, FIR heat therapy fixed most of my anxiety and uplifted my mood. I guess they say it right; it indeed detoxifies your body.

The auto-protection feature of the mat keeps you safe and avoids any possibility of getting burns at all unlike the electric mats.

Special features of the product:

  • Heating surface of 48 x 23 inches
  • 18 layers heating system with Amethysts crystals and Black Tourmaline stones
  • Comes with a waterproof cover
  • 2-year warranty period


  • Cost-effective and large enough for the body heat therapy
  • Promotes healthy sleeping and night rest
  • Good for physical and mental body peace
  • Biomagnetic pulsation and red light functions in some models
  • EMF-free


  • Slightly less flexible than others



  1. HL HEALTHY LINE – Infrared heating mat – 3 in 1 therapy

infrared heating mattress



The only reason to keep it at number five on the list is that of the affordability issue.

Without a doubt, it is among those which offer the best pain relief owing to its 17 functional layers, and semi-precious gemstones and Amethyst crystals; its price put many people in a little misery.

Those with severe pain go for it at once enjoying the full body size warmth and amazing temperature controls with 5 minutes starting time of the product while others consider the no photon light therapy a bit of a disadvantage.

Otherwise, its portability, use on all kinds of surfaces and its extra-EMF blocking layers impress the majority of the people.

Special features of the mat:

  • Comfortable mat with jade, natural amethysts, and tourmaline ceramic
  • LED display controller for temperature and time
  • Advanced filtration system and extra EMF-blocking layers
  • High-quality and non-toxic material used to make it


  • The heat penetrates up to 8 inches deep into the body
  • Flexible enough for use on the floor and chair
  • Auto shut-off timer
  • Soft and provides full body therapy


  • Expensive to purchase



Buyer’s guide for infrared heating mats

A buyer’s guide from a person who regularly uses the mat makes the purchase of the mat easy for others. Here are the few things that you need to consider when buying your heating pad:

  • The heating element used in the mat

The heating element of the mat greatly changes the quality and durability of the heating pad.

Mostly, the amethysts crystals, jade or black tourmaline gemstones are used separately or in combination.

Either way, they are stored within the layers offering great medical and metaphysical benefits.

Not only the heating elements help in vanishing or easing in the physical body pain but also alleviate the mood and improve emotional stabilities via body detoxification.

The Amethysts crystals contain superlative healing properties while Jade gemstones offer harmony and insightful dreams.

  • Cost of the mat

With the popularity of the brand, the cost of the mats tend to increase but the top five mats except the last one mentioned above are the cost-effective ones.

They offer great support, are durable and up to the mark according to the cost.

The added benefit of one or two year warranty period offers safety to your product. in case of any non-human damage, you can get it repaired without any extra cost.

  • Design and size

When it comes to picking the functional design and the appropriate size, always think about the main body area you want to comfort.

If you want a mat to ease your back pain, then go for the flexible, solid construction, midsize or queen size mats.

If you want to provide heat to a more defined body part like the neck, feet, knees, or shoulder; pick a suitable short size mat or the neck/shoulder heating pads for better service.


These are the top five infrared mats summed up in the review above.

As I have used most of them, I have a fair idea about the ideal features of each product.

Now, you can give it a quick survey and make your own decision without any difficulty.

Remember to put your priority on your health when parting with your hard earned money.  If you are healthy then likewise you have more capacity to earn.

Money is always there went you needed if you have good health!

I tried my best to help you in choosing which one that is suitable for your situation.

84 thoughts on “The Top 5 Infrared Mat Reviews

  1. This is a very educational post, as I had no idea these devices even existed. Do you have personal experience using these devices? How did you become interested in these mats?  Do they only work on muscular pain, or do they work on joint and/or bone pain?  What is the benefit of using one of these mats over a traditional heating pad?

    1. yes before i had some problems with back pain, poor blood circulation, weak immune system and was a bit overweight.  I used it for over a year and was profusely sweating when i applied it for over 2 hours on the infrared heating mattress.

      After my follow up check ups with i normally on an annual yearly basis, all the blood tests and readings were normal.  Until today im still using it about 4 days a week.

      The great thing about this is it contains crystals which slowly energize and heal you if you use it regularly.

      If you use a regular heating pad, it is also good but it doesn’t contain infrared which can go deep into your body to hasten the healing and of course the crystals which i have mentioned.

      They normally comes with amethyst or jade or other kinds of semi precious stones.

      Using it for the long term will only make you healthy and even look younger.

  2. I actually didn’t know about the existence of such infrared mats, until recently a friend mentioned it to me, and I decided to do some research on it, to see if it can help my son, who is always tired, mainly because of his eczema, and I believe there is some chronic internal inflammation. We’re trying to work on his diet, to see if that will improve his health. 

    Do you think these infrared mats will be able to help him?

  3. Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive review post and I can tell you I have taken some great insights from this review post.

    Thanks for the wide range of comparison, Special features, pros and cons of each Infrared mats is very helpful and it will help many in their purchase decision. Natural healing from pain is awesome, you not only discussed the problem you are providing solution for it, which is amazing.

    I loved how easy the review makes it for readers. No additional research needed and surely will give it a try.

    Best Wishes,


    1. Hello Paul,

      Thank you for your wonderful comments.  

      It is my duty to create this website and tell everyone about this technology that the infrared combined with semi precious stones will hasten the healing no matter what the condition of illness that you have.

      I truly wish that the infrared heating mattress will be mainstream so that everyone will enjoy the health benefits so that we may become more production if we are at the peak of our health and truly enjoy what life has to offer.

      I will continue to publish articles on this website on all kinds of infrared devices that is beneficial to our well being.

      Remember health is wealth.

  4. I think these are some great products to help health in a natural way.

    I have never heard of the infrared healing mats but what I read here is very interesting.

    Is there no concern because of electrical or magnetic flow around the body that can hurt the well being if used for a lot of times ?

    1. Yes of course i myself have been using it for the longest time.

      I feel great and healthy and so far when i do my yearly blood test, x ray, ultra sound there are no problems with my body.

      I use it around 4 to 5 times everyday and sleep on it.

      I just have to turn down the settings to a comfortable level when im sleeping, a level that is warm but not overly hot.

      If i wanted to go into healing mode then i turn the settings to near maximum so that i can profusely sweat out all the toxins out of my body and feel great after a session.

      I will continue to write article on this website to help people to understand the benefits of the infrared healing mattress

  5. I’m intrigued to find out that such devices exist to provide natural relief to pain and other health issues. It’s actually my first time of hearing about it and the comprehensive information you’ve provided makes it easier to understand its purpose. 

    While I find the infrared mats interesting in its application, I would like to know whether there any known side effect for continuous use. Also, I don’t understand why people noticing that the second mat on your list made in Korea as a con? 

    1. Hello,

      I have been using it for the longest time and i feel great.  I do not even look my age since it releases toxins via sweating.  It has the same principle as an infrared sauna.  I also go for yearly blood tests, xray and ultrasound and there is nothing wrong with me.  The infrared heat mattress is my preventive medicine.

  6. Thank you for sharing with us ¨The Top 5 Infrared Mat Reviews¨. I did some research on the subject and I came across ¨Far Infrared Radiation¨ (FIR) and these reviews hold ¨Biomat¨ as a superior product to infrared mats. I´d like your opinion and whether you would recommend it.Biomat is manufactured by Richway International founded in 1997, based in Honolulu Hawaii. Biomat main heat source is infrared, but what makes it special is the output of 6.5 micron wavelength. Biomat founders claim is the same effect as ¨mothers touch for children¨. This infrared frequency sets it apart from other infrared mats and saunas, like the ones you explained in your post. Biomat claims it emits a heat that resonates naturally with the body, much like a mother´s soothing touch. Is this believable? It also includes Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) for about $1,350

    1. Hello Enrique,

      Yes you are right.  The Richway is more expensive but it does the job.  Remember that you cannot quantify a price tag when you are maintaining your health.  Health always comes first.  Money is always there if you work for it. Good Luck

  7. this is an interesting article. My mother has had back issues for years now and after trying a multitude of techniques and procedures there seemed to be no solution, until recently when I heard about these infrared mats and hence sparked my curiosity. but, with every good idea comes its issues. My concern though has to do with prolonged exposure to infrared waves. so will the prolonged use of infrared mats not lead to radiation? 

    1. Hello Tshego,

      I have been using it for a long time already and it already healed my various ailment conditions : back pain, arthritis and muscle pain. There is no radiation or whatever.  Infrared works on a different theory.  You can read more on my articles to verify.  The infrared mat are FDA approved for use. Remember health is wealth.

  8. I find this post very informative as I had no idea there’s such a thing as infrared mats that can be used as a remedy for back pains.

    Our department supervisor who is in her early 60’s has been complaining of back pains since 3 years ago. I believe this is a result of prolonged standing or sitting. As a temporary remedy, she often brings her microwavable heating pad to work. But when she can no longer bear the pain, she would ask one of our younger staff to give her a quick but heavy back massage.

    She once went to see a chiropractor which actually helped ease her pain for like 3-4 months. After that, she’s back to her heating pad. When I showed this post to her, she thought it’s a brilliant idea and she would like to of your top 5 recommended infrared mats. She just wants to know how often she should use them, for how long and how long will the effect last.

    1. Hello Alice,

      The infrared heating mattress goes deep into healing and some of the mattress contains semi precious stones such as amethyst or jade which would definitely enhance the healing process.  Health is wealth.  Good Luck

  9. Awesome glad you made a review on these infrared mats. I have done quite a bit of research on them, and have to say that I like what I have seen. I did not know there was a neck option too though, that is great information to know! Pretty curious what I will get when I decide to make a purchase. 

    1. Hello Cliff,

      Thank you for your comments on this review.  Take your time to think about it since i have made a very well written research and you have to make sure which one will suit for your optimum health.

  10. Thanks for the great information on infrared mats! I never knew that this was an option for relief. Your pros and cons added on to each section helped me with my section, and a shutoff function is a great idea because I would find myself falling asleep on it! A waterproof cover sounds great because the heat function could cause some perspiration. 


    1. Hello Dennis,

      Actually i put the temperatire settings to a comfortable level where i could sleep and wake up refreshed.  But of course sometimes 1 hour of high setting is enough to have profuse sweating that aids in the detox.

  11. Very informative review, the nature of my job actually triggered me into dedicating more of my time reading about the MediCrystal Far Infrared Mat because it is hectic and I have been in desperate need for something like this other than drugs, the back pain I feel most times makes me uncomfortable and worried. I will also what to know if shipping is also available for this product? 

    1. Yes its a health device that you can continually use it for long term without side effects.  Unlike if you take prescriptions which are all synthetic drugs and you do not know what effects that is already happening inside your body.  All drugs have side effects.  Holistic alternative approach is always the best method.

  12. I didnt know that these mats existed. Wow I will be looking into possibly purchasing something like this in the near future. My husband and I were in a rear end accident a few months ago do you think that a heating pad like this would be helpful in the healing process? Is there one that you prefer best for a mid-range price? 

    Thank you for your great review of these unique products.

    1. Hello Monika,

      This is a very high quality constructed therapeutic device which is beneficial for your healing recovery process.  The infrared device goes deep into your body tissues prompting to heal it.  The products that i have reviewed are all FDA approved.  If you browse my review of top 5 infrared heating mattress you will have several options from mid to high end models which suit to your needs.

  13. Before reading your post I had never heard of infrared heating mats before.  My only experience with heating pads was the ones you get at the drug store that are maybe a couple of feet square.  In other words small.  They don’t do anything but bring heat, nothing to do with infrared.  I’m intrigued by the possible benefits of the mats you wrote about.  Thanks for bringing them to my attention.  I’ll have to research them a little more, because my wife experiences pain in her legs and back a lot of the time.


    1. Yes the infrared will surely alleviate deep pain problems.  Long term use of it will greatly have your quality life back.  It took FDA approval for a long time thats why this product is slowly getting into the mainstream market.  Its good that the FDA acknowledged its benefits.

  14. My wife and I have been looking for an alternative to our electric heating pad. We both suffer from back pain. My wife’s pain is sciatica going right down into her legs. Mine is lower back pain so not as severe. However, in both our cases it is chronic.

    These Infrared mats seem to be just the thing we’re searching for. The UTK has a small one just for the back and it is reasonably priced for what we need.

    Thanks for the great article.


    1. Hello Ed,

      Its good to know that i can help in a small way on my top 5 infrared mat reviews.  I myself suffered many minor ailments like : arthritis, lower backpain, excess abdominal fat, hardening of the arteries.  Are have disappeared after using it for more than 10 years.  Thats why i created this website in a way to help people suffering from various conditions.

  15. This is an amazing review of infrared mats.

    I once had the pleasure to experience the use of a full-size infrared mat at the office of a Naturopathic Doctor. This was over 20 years ago and, back then, as far I know, it wasn’t accessible to the public, only if you were a health practitioner of some sort. Therefore, I never bothered to look for it even though I knew how helpful it was for me to reduce the pain I had for so long.

    Seeing your review was a blessing and I appreciate your eye for details because it makes it easier to make a decision.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hello Sylvia,

      Yes in this time it is getting to be more mainstream and affordable.  It is also FDA approved and there are many models and variations to choose in maintaining your health and well being.

  16. Infrared mats, so that’s how they heat up!

    All these while I thought these mats use some sort of coils inside which is heated up to give that warm sensation, didn’t know that they use natural jade stones and crystals to help with our backs, no wonder they felt so relieving when I use it! Correct me if I’m wrong but the infrared is used to heat up those stones right which in return emits those heat waves right?

    1. Hello Riaz,

      Yes they have used the same pricicples as the commercial ones that are found in Korea or Japan, where they have semi precious stones underneath a cemented floor where you can lie down and get tremendous benefits from profuse sweating in dextoxification of your body.

  17. Infrared has really been effective especially in the health industry. A good article you’ve written here on infra red mats. I’ve read that infrared mats can be useful in healing the body and can also help in detoxification. I think I like the medicrystal Far infrared mat. If a mat is bought can I expect maintenance from the supplier or what do I do if the mat goes wrong?

    1. Hello Louis,

      Yes of course you get support from the manufacturer. I can a small fee from Amazon referral.  You can buy it with confidence from Amazon since they have excellent customer support.

  18. Yep after you reach 40 the body is full of new pains from doing some of the simplists things that never had bothered you before. Every day is a new experience in pain, you wake up to some new pain and wonder just what you had done the day before, LOL. 

    These infrared mats sound like a life saver, and the cost is a lot more reasonable than I expected, at least until you go for the full-size professional mats that is :).

    I see that you said you sleep on it at night, I was wondering if it helps you sleep better?


    1. Hello Kim,

      Yes i put the temperature at 3 to 4 setting and sleep on it.  I feel very comfortable and wake up very refreshed.  I can sleep on hard surfaces which im accustomed.  I have lower pain thats why im able to sleep on hard surfaces.  I sleep on flat surfaces to keep my spine straight.

      If you can sleep on it then put the infrared heat mattress on another bed or sofa and then do 1 hour sessions everyday morning or night depending on your schedule.  I like to spend 1 hour sessions until i sweat profusely which works for me quite well.

      Health is wealth.

  19. This was a great laydown (no pun intended) of the top 5 infrared mats that you recommend! I know the value of these infrared mats, I have used them for years and they do help a lot for many maladies. The wide variety that are out there means that a site like this is important, as you rightly point out the pros and cons of the best that are available.

    I noticed that no prices are mentioned, but that is actually good, as in reality if you are thinking of investing in a mat like this, more important are the features and their effectiveness. I use the Far Infrared Amethyst Mat by Ereada, and it is very effective, and not that expensive.

    Most definitely I would buy any of the ones you have included in this review, they are all top-notch. This is like a lot of other products…You get what you pay for. It is better to get quality and something that will last for a long time with regular use than to scrimp and end up having to replace a cheap knockoff.  

    The buyer’s guide that you included is also very helpful. Many people may buy something they really cannot use or perhaps they will not be able to use the mat as they envisioned. The points you mention will help prevent this. Good review and useful too. Thanks! 

    1. Hello Dave,

      Thanks so much for your valuable insight. Me too i have been using it for the longest time.  I was using infrared long time before the new generation infrared heat mattress were out.  I have been using the 1st generation infrared heating mattress from Korea.

      Good thing that the newer models have PEMF feature which is an added feature and will produce more benefits to your well being.

  20. To be honest before reading this article I had no idea about what is Infrared mats. This article actually explained me very well about what is Infrared mats. I learned what it can do. Good top 5 mats listed. They all look like a good quality product and can be really useful for the right people.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

  21. Well, by the grace of God I have not had pain in quite some time, but at one time I did have some terrible back pain and would have paid anyting to alleviate it.  Hopefully that doesn’t come back, but in the event that it does or some other pain, I will certainly keep your recommendations under consideration.  Honestly, I did not know that infrared mats existed and glad to be educated on this.  I did buy some heating pads, and while they gave a slight bit of relief, it sounds like the products you recommend here are much more penetrating and get to the core of the problem on a deeper level.  Thanks for this great information!  

    1. Hello Nathan,

      Cure your problem the natural way and not drugs.  Infrared heating mattress has the concept that is used for centuries in Japan and Korea.  They have the Bed Rock Spa that you lie down and detox your entire body by sweating profusely from the deep heat generated by the rocks.  Its called Ganbanyuko in Japan and they have thousands of these in Japan, no wonder Japanese are rated one of the longest-lived people here on earth.

  22. This took me back to my childhood!! I didn’t realize that was what these mats are for. My grandma (from Korea) always had one or two of these around and I had always thought it was just a regular heating mat. It is good to know that it is for muscle pain. I am curious how you came in contact with the infrared mats- would you recommend the mat over other methods of shoulder pain relief?

    1. Hello Veronica,

      Yes in Korea and Japan they have these Hot Stone Massage Ganbanyuko by the thousands.  No wonder the japanese are one of the longest life span people here on earth.

      When i was still living in the Philippines i accidentally came across to a Korean health center that sells infrared heat mattress and i bought one for myself and at time it was around $2,000 dollars.  Until now im still using it and even brought it with me to Canada.

      I never had any ailments when using it everyday, it became part of my health routine besides eating proper nutrition.

  23. I can’t think of anything I’d like more right now than an infrared mat.  Wow, I bet it would such a relief for my shoulder.  I have no idea why all of a sudden my shoulder is keeping me up all night, but it has been killing me.  I also get back pain periodically as well, and when I saw the picture of the girl laying on the mat with a peaceful look on her face, I though that would be me if I got myself one of those.  I am definitely going to, at the very least, get one for my shoulders.  They make one just for the neck and shoulders I see, so I am going to start with that one and then progress to the full body one eventually.

    I’m so glad you introduced me to this wonderful technology.  I will let you know once I’ve tried it.  – Babs

    1. Hello Babsie,

      Yes this is great information on the infrared heat mattress technology.  Actually this is used in Japan for centuries and it is called Ganbanyuko hot stone spa.  This is the portable ones that was made available and good thing that it is already available here for all of us to start receiving the health benefits and well being.

  24. Thank you fit this great post, I like  the fact that you have taken your time to come up and compile this list of the best infrared mat around, I have been on the look out for one and this post has given me a clue of making a choice.i think I I will go for UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad for Pain Relief for Neck & Shoulder pad because of it  digital control for temperature. 

    1. Hello Clement,

      Yes i think you got the right choice on the UTK.  Pretty soon you will be receiving the health benefits and it works as an anti-aging device as well.

  25. Infrared mats are very helpful when dealing with chronic pain in many people.Being an athlete i have been through a series of pain and recovery and i must say that infrared mats are very helpful. I have been struggling with finding the right mat since recently so i am happy i came across this post. I see a few that i like, will be making a purchase soon. Thank for sharing ! 

    1. Hello Jamiro,

      Thats why i enjoy reviewing devices like these, because it will truly help people to heal and enjoy life without ailments.

  26. My Mom suffers from chronic back pain, and even after two operations, she is still battling. Seeing these mats, I wonder if they may help her. I just worry because she battles to lie on her back as it is too painful. Maybe i should buy her the one that goes over her shoulders for her to try first as it is cheaper and maybe she can try it on her back and see if it helps the affected areas.

    Thanks for this informative review.

  27. Talk about body pains… I fit right in. This sight is very valuable to me because I live with various pain on a daily basis.  It’s something how we go about our daily lives while dealing with such discomfort.

    Sometimes I find myself not even being effected by pain because I’ve become so accustomed.

    I never considered trying out a heating mat before.  I have heating pad so why not a mat.  

    Your site will be extremely helpful when I decide which mat to purchase.  Thank you so much for this awesome information.

  28. This is the first time that I will hear about the infrared mats. They look very good and presentable. These are mats that I can easily carry along even while traveling. The good thing is that it is employing a natural ways of dealing with stress and aches. This will surely be a good buy for me. 

  29. Hi Admin! Thanks for your well-detailed review on the top infrared mats. Several people are really suffering from different kinds of body pain including me. Sometimes the nature of our jobs makes us experience such excruciating pains. I have been on the lookout for a nice way of getting relieved from both foot pain and back pain, your review has just given the opportunity to get rid of these pains.From the infrared mats you reviewed, I think I will be going for Far infrared Amethyst Mat. It doesn’t really matter to me if people noticed that it was made in Korea. The most important thing is being able to perform.

    1. Hello Gracen,

      If the infrared heating mat comes with Amethyst it will certainly be better for the better.  Crystal emit healing energy and coupled with infrared technology will even be of great benefit to your body.

  30. This technology sounds very interesting. I am one who has two points of views. First, I am a totally disabled Army Ranger that has injured in Desert Storm when my parachute collapsed about 75 feet above the ground. I had both shoulders tore out, several discs in my neck were crushed, my discs in my lower back crushed, both knees tore out of place, and my right hand crushed. As a result, I’ve had 16 surgeries in total. I’ve lived with constant, severe chronic pain for about 29 years and tried everything possible to help the pain. Visiting many pain management doctors and being on every kind of narcotic pain meds available with very little help. Chiropractors help momentarily. What I’m saying is that this looks promising and you have done a great job discussing the topic. Secondly, I was a former Electronics and Computer design engineer and I understand the technology used behind these mats. I am not being negative but I hope they work. I find that my severe chronic pain causes the stress and tiredness I have. It is a battle I live with every day. I would use it every day if I knew it would help me and I will research it and see what it can do for me. Thanks for the informative article.

    1. Hello Danny, Yes by all means you should make a research on this technology. This technology is actually used in Japan for centuries and there are thousand of commercial heat stone spas that they use to maintain their health. No wonder in Japan the people are have one of the longest lifespans. The heat stone spas in Japan is called Ganbanyuko. Here is an article in Australia about Ganbanyuko:

  31. I enjoyed reading your article comparing the 5 different heating mats.  You laid out your comparison very well and you discussed the topic very well.  I liked the topic and how it can relieve pain and stress.  I can look at this article from two different viewpoints.

    First, as a former Electronics Engineer and I understand the theory and concept behind the operation and design of the mats.  It seems that it would be efficient and each mat is designed well.

    Second, I was injured in Desert Storm as an Army Ranger when my parachute collapsed some 75 feet before it hit the ground.  As a result, I have undergone 16 surgeries and I live in constant and severe chronic pain 24 hours a day.  I’ve been on every kind of narcotic pain med there is out there and I’ve had every known treatment possible but nothing seems to work.  My severe pain causes my stress and in turn, I am tired all the time from dealing with the pain.

    I would be glad to try one of these mats to see if it would help me.

    As an engineer, I like the technology and I believe it would help many people who suffer from pain and stress.   I believe it is cost effective and would surely work.

    As far as the article and comparison are concerned, I believe you did a great job explaining the technology and how it would help potential people with pain and stress.  The article is well laid out and definitely written well.  You did a great job explaining your topic and the technology behind it.

    1. Hello Danny,

      Im sorry to hear that you had to live with pain and narcotics to relieve it.  I had sciatica before and was cured from my sessions with the infrared heat mattress and regular visits to my chiropractor.  Im very sure that using the infrared technology will do good to your deep tissue healing and lessen the reliance of drugs.

      Taking drugs will have some side effects since most of them are synthetics.  Let some pain be relieved using infrared technology.

      Japan has long been using this technology on its Ganbanyuko Hot Stone Spa for centuries and there are thousands of them in Japan where everyone maintains their health at its peak, no wonder their lifespan is one of the longest in the world.  Of course, their diet is one of the contributing factor as well.

      Health is wealth.

  32. Wow, I didn’t konw these existed.  We have been trying to convert our household into a chemical free environment recently and crystals have played a large part in all of this.  I suffer from back pain and miscle cramps – usually from trying to stay fit – it is funny how the human body works.  I will be checking these out for sure.  Thanks for your easy to follow review and post.


    1. Hello Paul,

      They are the next best thing to maintain your health.  It is not only proven to work but the side effect as an anti-aging device since it detoxify your body on every session of use.

  33. As I was reading this review, I felt like my body was telling me to get a mat, hahahaha.  I definitely feel the tension/tightness and fatigue in my body and had zero clue these even existed.  In your experience, are these mats more of a treatment kind of experience where you lay on them for a given time and then go about your day, or are they something you’d recommend sleeping on?  Both?  

    1. Hello Micah,

      Actually, when I get home I pre-warm the infrared heating mattress at a modest setting that I comfortable for me.  If your body is warm then there will be good blood circulation thereby making you healthy.

      Sometimes during the day when I feel tired I would just lie down at high setting until I sweat profusely and feel very good after 1 hour of detox session.

  34. This is a very comprehensive review of infra red mats.  I only get them whenever I go for my monthly physiotherapy massage and have never really thought of getting one for myself. Are they any different from the traditional heating mats? Is there any effect for a long term use of the same?

    1. Hello Rutz,

      These infrared heating mat goes deep into your tissue for healing and blood circulation which is very good for your body.  The only long term effects that I can see is an extremely healthy body.  Japan has been using this for centuries commercially with thousands of Ganbanyuko Hot Stone Spa centers all over Japan.  The ancient healing has spread all over Asia already.

  35. Thank you for a very throughout review about the mats. I do suffer from my back pain from time to time but what I suffer most is my menstrual cramps. It is like a curse every month I have to deal with the pain. Some is good and some is bad. I will considering getting one of these mat. My only concern is that the heat has to hold up because when the cramps hit I cannot move. Great review!

    1. Hello Nuttanee,

      Sorry to hear your back pain and cramps.  I’m sure that using infrared heating will relieve some of the symptoms.

  36. Wow!! I thank you enough for this wonderful, interesting and  informing post because I never believe this kind of devices really exist. This is really amazing, especially for old age people.  Do you have experience of using the device? Because the devices are doctors on their own aside from prescription. lol. These product are really helpful in times of health

    Need to help my Mum with of these

    Thanks for this comprehensive review 

    1. Hello Kehinde,

      This works wonders for everyone, you should try it out.  This is also an anti-aging device and will always keep you healthy.

  37. I really appreciate this very detailed and comprehensive review of the infrared mats. I am actually hearing about it for the first time.

    I never knew such a thing exist. I am particularly interested in the medicrystal infrared mats, it has all the features that suit me. I am thinking of getting one soon. 

    Thank you for this review. 

  38. I’ve heard of this type of products before and my boss actually purchased an entire mattress length embedded with infrared feature just to cure her back pain. Apparently, it works, but I have to say, they are really expensive. Even when checking on Aliexpress where most products are from China, a good quality mat can sell for hundreds of dollars. I was tempted to get one, but the cost is certainly a deterrent factor for now.

    1. Hello Cathy,

      I guess health is wealth.  I got one for myself and right now I have a productive day at work all the time and have a positive outlook.  Health maintenance and wellness is the answer.  Money can always be earned.  Health cannot be bought but if you maintain it then it can give you more time to earn when your health is at its peak.

  39. I am really glad that I stumbled upon this article as my mom suffers from back pain and this could actually help her. Honestly, in the beginning, I was thinking that these things can cause some sort of cancer and I was afraid of getting it for my family. Now, I get my doubts solved and I will definitely order one mat as soon as possible.

    1. Hello Daniel,

      This device is FDA approved.  And this is a small portable version.  The commercial ones are used in Japan for centuries, Ganbanyuko Stone Heat Spa

  40. I really enjoyed this article. I’ve been curious about infrared technology and wasn’t aware that they used so many natural elements (the stones) in the mats…big plus for me. I really like the idea of the neck and shoulders one and being able to give my neck some therapy while still being able to work at the computer. I’ve definitely learned something new and your review gave me a great intro to them. Thank you!

  41. Thank you for compiling these products. Very interesting. 

    I have a few questions regarding the materials used. How are these crystals or gemstones sourced? Does it affect the overall weight of the mat? As well as how would one cleanse or wash the mat? Are there covers that can be removed? 

    I look forward to researching and learning more about this technology.

    1. The gemstones are normally the crushed types and normally inexpensive. Yes, the overall weight will increase because of the gemstones but they are essential since they offer healing effects in conjunction with infrared mattress.  You can buy covers from your local supermarkets that can be washed.

  42. Thank your for this wealth of information, i have never heard of infrared mats before some strangers were discusiing its benefits and i over heard. So i decided to do some research and i found your post. I have a parent whonis always complaining of lega nd back pains but i just have a question Are the mays totally save and cant cause electric shocks and are there no long term effect of using this mats on the body? Thanks

  43. Thanks for these product reviews of these infrared mats. My grandma have one for her backpain and to keep her warm (she get’s cold really easily). She hs it for over 7 years now and I dont think it is as effective anymore so it maybe time for her to get a new ine. I know these things work with their negative ions which give many health benefits and pain relief. I might concider get one for myself. But would you suggest these for pregnant women?

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