Red Light Wavelength for Health

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Red Light Wavelength for Health

red light therapy

Are you aware of red light wavelengths?

The idea of using light for health benefit has been used for ages. In the past, light therapy was used by many civilizations to improve health. It was determined back then that light keeps our body healthy.

Now clinical researches are carried out to find out about them in depths. In the light spectrum, there are different colors of light from red to blue.

Each color of light has a different wavelength. The colors are separated in a spectrum due to their speed and wavelength. It seems that different wavelength has a different effect on our health.

infrared light spectrum

The red light wavelength is the smallest wavelength in the light spectrum. The light wavelengths stand in between ultraviolet and infrared. Infrared wave is the closest to red light. Along with red light, it also has some positive effects on us, if used wisely. Red light wavelengths When sun rays enter the atmosphere it carries energy in many sorts of wavelength. Some of the wavelengths are useful to us while others can damage cells. The wavelength that ranges from 650nm to 850nm can improve our health.

One of those wavelengths is the red light wavelength. It is because of the useful effects they are used in therapeutic treatment. When the red light is taken by our body, it helps the cells carry out its functions. So, more energy is produced in the body, that aids in healing activities.

Red light energy is carried in various wavelengths. The wavelengths of 620nm to 700nm belongs to the red light family. All the red light wavelengths have a good outcome on your body.

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However, some wavelength is stronger than others. The wavelength that is between 630nm to 680nm its powerful effects on the body.

Why red light is beneficial to us?

Red light wavelength has a positive effect on the human body. When we go outdoors, we feel good because our body absorbs red light from the sun. The sunray wavelengths have red light present in them.

The red light wavelengths enter our body and it activates our cells. Energy from the wavelength is absorbed by the cells and increases cellular activities. So, our cells function properly.

Mitochondria in the nucleus release more energy. The additional energy is used in cell multiplication. This means healing and rejuvenation of the body.

How red light is applied to the body?

red light therapy device

Although red light is good for the body, you cannot go out into the sun and soak all the red light you want. Sun rays come with many other wavelengths that are harmful to you.

One of them is UV rays, which is can cause skin cancer. To get rid of this problem, red lights are emitted artificially for therapy.

This is done with platinum LED and therapy lights. When the red light is emitted with the artificial process, there is no UV light or other harmful wavelengths. Your skin will only receive the red light that your body rejoices.

Other than wavelength that serves cancerous growth, there are also wavelengths promote premature aging. Using artificial method saves you from all those threats that come with sunlight.

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Additionally, you can choose which wavelength of red light you want to apply to your body. Whether you want the powerful red light or the mild one, you can select whichever you want.

Red light therapy combined with infrared therapy has many variations in wavelength. The variations differentiate them into many types of red light therapy. Such as:

  • Cold laser therapy
  • Low power laser therapy
  • Photonic stimulation
  • Biostimulation
  • Soft laser therapy
  • Photobiomodulation
  • low-level light therapy

All types of therapy, improve your health condition.

How red light therapy works?

When red light therapy is applied to a person, inside our cells there are substances called chromophores.

Chromophores are found inside the mitochondria of our cell, which is responsible to produce energy. The chromophores absorb photons from the red light and infrared radiations.

When it does, adenosine triphosphate is released by the mitochondria. This is energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate. In this case, more oxygen is taken to produce more energy and release it into the body.

After the process mentioned above, the energy is used in making elastin and collagen. Both of these help in cell regeneration. It’s not like the process would not occur without a red light.

But with the help of red light therapy, the process occurs faster, and produce more energy in a natural way. Hence, red light therapy has no side effects. The only possible harm it can do is burn your skin to overexposure of light heat.

How red light therapy improves health and mental conditions?

Along with red light therapy helping with health, it also helps to improve mental conditions. To understand how it helps, you will need to understand what happens inside our cells in stressful conditions.

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In stressful conditions, our mitochondria release nitric oxide. When nitric oxide is present inside the cells, it inhibits oxygen consumption. In turn, it eventually affects the production of ATP which is very important for us. If this continues the cells might die, which is bad for our health.

When red light therapy is used the photons absorbed by the cells continue the process of consuming oxygen. So, ATP production works well and carried out cell divisions.

Resulting in an improved mental state for the one receiving red light therapy.

When it comes to stimulating the mitochondria, red light has the wavelength that can penetrate through the skin and activate it to enhance your health.

Red light therapy benefits both our mind and body. One of the best reasons for choosing a red light therapy is that naturally influences your body to improve your health condition.

The entire process is natural, hence there is no side effect to the red light therapy. There are other types of light therapy that influences your body.

But only the red light wavelengths are able to penetrate your skin and improve influence the cells of the body. So, you will remain healthy and active as you absorb more energy from the red light wavelengths.

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