Red Light Therapy For Oral Care

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Laser Therapy Can Reduce The Amount Of Negative Bacteria In Tooth Gum

red light therapy reduces the amount of negative bacteria in tooth gum

Red light therapy reduces the amount of bad bacteria in plaque and gum tissue, allowing your gums to heal, by producing a red light that indicates that the bacteria are under control. This allows a new layer of healthy tooth tissue to be made, and you may even notice a reduction in the number of cavities that you have.

Scientific Research :

The light is produced from a laser beam that travels up to the top of your teeth, where it bounces back. This bounces off the top surface of the tooth and then falls back down into your mouth. Once there, the light hits the surface of the gum tissue killing bacteria.

This method is one of the most effective ways to treat gum disease. When used properly, this laser therapy can not only reduce the number of cavities you currently have, but can also provide lasting results.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

red light therapy disperses doses wavelengths to improve blood flow gum

The process of Red Light Therapy, also referred to as pulsatile light therapy (PLT), is a very effective means of treating gingivitis and periodontitis.

This process involves the delivery of ultra-short wavelength light pulses to the affected areas to treat both oral and systemic disease. 

The laser used in this process is designed to target certain wavelengths, which include red, blue and green. 

The goal of pulsating light therapy is to kill bacteria and restore health by increasing blood flow to the areas of pain. 

It is also used in many other medical conditions such as cancer, migraine and epilepsy. Many people have become quite enamored with the idea of using the technique to treat their ailments. 

Many people do not understand why the application of red light therapy is not used more commonly in the medical field. 

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However, the fact of the matter is that it is much easier to administer a treatment when it comes from an FDA approved source. 

This process is considered safe, effective and reliable. 

The process of Red Light Therapy is used to help alleviate pain and increase circulation and oxygen flow to the affected areas.

Red Light Therapy Improves Gums

red light therapy encourage cellular turnover increase circulation in gums

 It also stimulates the production of new cells, which results in better health. A study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine found that the treatment increased the production of blood cells. Blood cells produced from this treatment increased by about one hundred and twenty percent when compared with those from those who did not receive the treatment. 

Other studies have shown that it may prevent and even slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease

Scientific Research :

  • As a result of the improvements, scientists are beginning to investigate whether the treatment can be used to treat cancer.
  • Red Light Therapy is a non invasive procedure, so it does not need to be done under general anesthesia. It is administered through laser, radio frequency, ultrasound or electrical impulses. 
  • This procedure usually only requires a minimum of two treatments. The first treatment is designed to encourage cellular turnover and the second is meant to prevent the formation of abnormal blood clots. 
  • The latter treatment helps reduce inflammation and improve the healing process of wounds.

Laser treatment is usually done by applying light to the affected area using a light source. 

What is Red Light Therapy?

There are many people out there that may not know what red light therapy and damaged gum tissue are or why it is beneficial. 

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Many people do not even know that this procedure has been around for some time. 

This can actually be quite useful to those that suffer from periodontal disease, periodontitis, gingivitis, and gum disease. 

For people who have periodontal disease it can help reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of infection in the mouth. It can also help to prevent gum disease occurring in the first place. 

This can also help those who already have gum disease as well as prevent further damage to the gums and teeth.

red light therapy and damaged gum tissue

Red Light Therapy Help With White or Coated Tongue Problems

Red light therapy help with white or coated tongue problems

While the FDA has approved only a handful of products for use in the treatment of white or coated tongue problems, there are literally thousands of products available on the market which claim to treat this condition. Unfortunately, there is no known way that red light therapy can help with tongue coating problems as there is no direct chemical connection between the two.

The fact is that tongue coating is actually caused by a build-up of plaque and other microorganisms which get trapped in your mouth. As you eat foods that contain high levels of sugar, bacteria can multiply in your mouth and this causes a build up of bacteria and food particles which then cause white and coated tongue. Red light therapy is an excellent way to kill the harmful bacteria and this in turn kills the build-up of plaque.

However, many people have reported good results from using these products, but again there is no link between the two. 

There are certain conditions that may be helped by the use of a light or laser device such as sleep apnea and ulcers. 

However, there are also many situations where there is no relation at all between the two. So while it is true that the red light therapy helps with white and coated tongue problems, it is important that you make sure that the laser light source is safe.

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Red Light Therapy Eliminates Streptococcus Mutants And Other Bacteria

red light therapy eliminates Streptococcus mutants and other bacteria

Red light therapy eliminates bacteria and streptococcus mutants through a process called photothermal killing. It is used in various medical fields such as oncology, immunology, virology, radiology and immunobiology. 

It has the potential to kill not only the disease causing organisms but also on the normal cells that are affected by it. This method can be applied to remove or prevent bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms from infecting healthy cells.

Red light therapy uses a fluorescent or photo-curable dye (such as cyan) that reacts with certain types of bacterium to produce a reaction. 

When this occurs, the dye damages the DNA of the bacteria and thus destroys the bacterium. The treatment involves exposing the bacteria to different wavelengths of ultraviolet light

When the dye reacts with the DNA, the color changes, causing the bacteria to be destroyed. This is a non-invasive treatment that is safe and inexpensive. Some microorganisms can tolerate the treatment, but other bacteria are not suitable.

This type of therapy is considered to be more effective compared to antibiotics since it does not have side effects. 

Red light therapy is an effective way to eliminate bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms from infecting healthy cells and it is safe, so if you are looking for a quick and easy way to kill bacteria and other microorganisms then you should consider using it.

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