Planet Fitness Tanning Review

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Planet Fitness Tanning Review


This Planet Fitness tanning review will look at the Cost of tanning at this health club and the rules that apply. These rules can make the process of tanning more comfortable and safe. Planet Fitness is a great place to go for tanning and this company does a great job of keeping their beds clean.

Cost of tanning at Planet Fitness

If you’re looking for a quick tanning session, Planet Fitness is a great place to get one. They have a variety of tanning beds, and their booths are easy to use. They also don’t require appointments, so they’re great for frequent gym goers.

Planet Fitness has a Black Card membership that includes unlimited tanning. The card costs $23 a month and gives you access to all tanning beds at their facilities. The card also includes unlimited use of the gym’s fitness classes, gym equipment, and personal training sessions. However, there are a few restrictions.

If you have a lot of sensitive skin, you should be aware of how much time you spend in the tanning beds. You shouldn’t spend more than 10 minutes per session. You can gradually increase your time over time. You can also opt to buy a tanning bed at a Planet Fitness gym, which will cut down on your monthly payment obligations and membership costs.

If you’re concerned about your health, you should avoid tanning at Planet Fitness. According to the state attorney general’s office, tanning in these gyms has been linked to increased risk of certain types of cancer, and Planet Fitness did not provide adequate warnings about the risks to consumers.

Unlike many other tanning salons, Planet Fitness is very regulated. You’ll need a PF Black Card to use the tanning booths. If you want to get a Planet Fitness Black Card, you can join the gym’s Black Card Rewards program. Premium members can also join for free and earn points for services at the gym, including tanning.

Tanning at Planet Fitness is cheaper than most tanning salons. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the same quality of tan. For this reason, the cost of tanning at Planet Fitness may be slightly higher than that of tanning services at tanning salons. It’s important to remember that a tanning bed at Planet Fitness is used on a first-come, first-serve basis, and they may not be available at specific times.

Tanning at Planet Fitness is very similar to getting a tan at a tanning salon. Members of Planet Fitness Black Card can use tanning equipment anytime during club hours. But members should be aware that tanning beds are unmanned and shared with other gym-goers, so it’s important to know your limits.

Unless you’re planning on tanning regularly, a basic membership may be all you need. Just be sure to avoid spending more than 15 minutes per session. It’s important to remember that excessive tanning can cause skin cancer. That’s why Planet Fitness has policies in place to protect their members from this.

Planet Fitness offers stand-up tanning booths for people who are more concerned about the UV exposure. Stand-up booths provide a higher level of protection and are more comfortable to move around in. They also have more space than tanning beds. Plus, the bathrooms are cleaner.

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Health risks of tanning at Planet Fitness

There are several risks associated with indoor tanning at Planet Fitness. It is best to limit your tanning sessions to three times a week, and use eye protection when tanning. Planet Fitness has different kinds of tanning machines, including spray tan booths, traditional lay-down beds, and upright tanning booths. The lay-down beds are the most popular type of tanning beds at Planet Fitness, as they allow you to lay down comfortably while tanning. However, these beds can cause pressure points and creases.

If you’re looking to tan on a budget, Planet Fitness has affordable tanning options available in its facilities. These tanning beds are usually available for members 24 hours a day and come with timers to ensure you’re not overdoing it. Tanning beds can cause skin cancer and can cause other health issues, so Planet Fitness recommends that you limit your sessions to one per 24 hours.

Another risk associated with tanning is eye damage. You’ll end up with sunburn if you use tanning beds for long periods of time. Planet Fitness branches also expect you to keep the tanning beds clean. This is important because different indoor tanning lotions can build up on the beds. And some people don’t clean them thoroughly.

Planet Fitness tanning beds are of excellent quality, but you should limit your usage to ensure maximum safety. You should also read the manufacturer’s instructions before using the beds, as they contain warnings regarding the harmful effects of UV rays exposure. There are also limits on the number of sessions per day, as well as the maximum time for using the tanning beds.

According to the New York Attorney General’s office, Planet Fitness has failed to adequately warn members of the risks associated with indoor tanning. The risks include melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. In addition, the attorney general’s office has claimed that seven locations violated state laws related to indoor tanning. The company has also been accused of misleading advertising, despite the fact that the FDA only approves tanning for cosmetic purposes.

Getting a sunburn is one of the most common causes of skin cancer in the United States, and women are particularly vulnerable. Skin cancer, or melanoma, is caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays, and indoor tanning beds are especially harmful. More than 400,000 new cases of skin cancer are related to indoor tanning in the U.S. each year, and the risk of developing the disease is significantly higher in women.

Indoor tanning poses a risk of melanoma by up to 20%, and increases the risk by 2 percent every time a person uses a tanning bed. Melanoma is the second-most-common type of cancer among young adults, and is one of the leading causes of death in young women and young adults.

Rules for tanning at Planet Fitness

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If you are a member of Planet Fitness, you have the right to use their tanning beds, but you should be aware of the rules. Tanning is a potentially harmful practice that can damage your skin. You should avoid using tanning beds on a daily basis and always use proper eye protection.

First of all, do not use tanning beds for more than 30 minutes at a time. They give intense light and can damage your skin. Also, make sure to use indoor tanning lotion and avoid outdoor tanning lotions. This will help keep your skin healthy and free of any nasty tan lines.

Planet Fitness has tanning beds available for members who have a black card. Black card holders have access to tanning equipment anytime they want. Otherwise, there are set times that are available for spray tans. Members are responsible for keeping their clothes in the bed, and should not spend too much time in the sun.

Tanning beds at Planet Fitness should be sanitized regularly to prevent skin damage. To maintain a clean environment, Planet Fitness provides paper towels and disinfectant spray for members. The spray needs to dry completely, but during busy hours, it rarely does. The lack of proper sanitation can cause skin cancer, so you should follow the rules for Planet Fitness.

It is important to wear safety goggles when tanning at Planet Fitness. The rays from the tanning beds are harmful to the eyes. People who do not wear goggles should not use the tanning beds. Sunglasses do not cut it. You should check the rules for your specific club before tanning.

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The rules for tanning at Planet Fitness vary depending on the equipment used. Using tanning at Planet Fitness requires a valid PF Black Card membership. Members who want to use the tanning beds at Planet Fitness should make an appointment first. While tanning at Planet Fitness is a great way to relax after a workout, you should avoid wasting your Black Card. Instead, use the Black Card on other equipment.

Planet Fitness offers two types of tanning beds. Level 1 tanning beds are low-pressure bulbs and contain strong UVB rays. Some Planet Fitness locations also have level 2 beds with arm and facial lamps. During a session, you should limit your time in the bed and apply sunscreen or moisturizer regularly.

While the rules for tanning at Planet Fitness vary, it is important to understand that these tanning beds are for Black Card members only. The tanning facilities at Planet Fitness are equipped with skilled staff to ensure the safety of members. You should also know how long the tanning session will last. If you are not sure, ask your Planet Fitness tanning service employee for help before you start.

Planet Fitness has admitted to misleading customers through misleading advertising. The company is settling the case, but it will pay a $50,000 penalty, stop offering unlimited tanning as part of its premier membership, and provide adequate training for employees in the tanning section. The attorneys general’s office also found that it failed to warn consumers about the potential health risks of tanning. The health risks associated with tanning include melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell cancer.

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How often can you tan at Planet Fitness?

The maximum number of tanning bed session may vary. Surveillance is necessary in order to ensure safety. Despite this, the tanning process takes 48 hours in general. Planet Fitness offers black card holders unlimited tan. The situation changed with the imposing of penalties on the accused. PF did not advise its customers about the skin cancers arising from tanning mattresses. Since this Court Decision, FPs tanning policy has changed. The companies are preparing all their employees to provide the tanning service to customers. A specific member of staff in certain branches tells us what session length should last.

Do Planet Fitness tanning beds work?

The tanning at Planet Fitness can feel like tanning in a tan salon. It can be done anytime using the Black Card Membership. Spray booths generally display time for use during booth hours. In addition, tanning beds can be rented during any time of the year for the branch. The symphony can be visited anytime in the day or evening. There are limits to tanning. Planet Fitness’s tanning gear has certain rules to keep in mind. Among these is Planet Fitness, which encourages users to take care of themselves. Ask staff or trainers if you need assistance or don’t know what you are doing.

Important Details About Indoor Tanning at Planet Fitness

Indoor tanning can help you achieve your desired tan even when winter arrives. Many people have glowing, luscious and sexy skin. Nevertheless, tanning can be harmful for skin either indoors or outdoors. Tanning occurs naturally when we are exposed to sun damage or other harmful effects. Tanning accelerates aging, causing skin cancer. The same applies especially if someone is misused or stays in it for longer than necessary. Indoor tanning machines are remarkably light absorbing. It only requires one minute. Most people do not know that this makes overexposure a serious problem.

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Benefits of Tanning At Planet Fitness

Although tanning may be hazardous, there are advantages, especially if used with PF. 1. It will last for a maximum of one year in any situation in which you pay for membership. Do NOT assume that you can workout every day or several times a day, because there are risks in it too. 1. This helps improve our fitness levels. After training there will be scheduled tanning sessions to assist you with your recovery time. 2. Beds can be easily cleaned. If it makes you anxious, our staff will make you feel comfortable. 4. Sometimes it is not necessary to book a meeting before you go.

Tanning facilities at Planet Fitness

Tanning at Planet Fitness looks like tanning in a tanning salon. The facility will have tan services for 1st primary return 1st served. You’ll start tanning soon! When a person goes late he should come. Black card holders will enjoy tanning services anytime during the gap hour. There must be a time. You can come anywhere you want for tanning. If it’s spray tanning, you need to check availability in the room for booths. It is also possible to access it at all times and use it to ensure it’s cleaned. The Planet Fitness branch is closed for up to 24 hours.

Tanning Equipments Available At Planet Fitness

There are several tanning tools in PF which vary from branch to branch. Some tanning products are listed below. Laydown Planet fitness tanning bed. Laydown tanning chairs give tans when relaxed and lying down. Traditional beds are also popular in the fitness world. Tantin sessions last about 15min. People lay down their beds with tension point and bright lights on beds. Because of those pressure points in tanning beds they can be easily avoided by the skin by blocking ultraviolet radiation.

Rules for getting tanned at Planet Fitness

The Tanning system is differentiated from the Planet Fitness branch. Many divisions use spray tans rather than tanning beds and tanning rooms. Planet Fitness encourages the use of equipment independently. Those who are struggling to use them will have an expert team to support you.

What is Planet Fitness Tanning Beds?

According to your Planet Fitness club you belong to, you can choose between spray tanning beds to match your requirements. Firstly you should know that unlimited tanning only takes place with Planet Fitness members who hold black cards. Otherwise there are separate fees for tanning. All Planet Fitness clubs have a different number of tanning tables that are used first come first serve. This will mean you don’t have to book an appointment to use this tanning bed, but you may find it not possible at that specific hour you’re looking for.

Unlimited tanning at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness provides a full-service tanning program on Blackcard. Then the company changed its behavior and PF didn’t warn their customers about the risks of a tan on their tanning bed. PF changed its tanning policies after court ruling. The company has agreed to train everyone involved in tanning services. In some branch, an appointed employee will explain when the meeting will last. The company said the technology will not be considered a pharmacological treatment and would not provide the necessary safety advice.

Essential Details About Indoor Tanning

Indoor Tan is an amazing method of creating an amazing tan whatever the season of the year. Some feel more comfortable with tanned, glowing skin. Having a tan is damaging your skin and can cause irritation. Tanning is the normal reaction of the body when posed by a UV-damaged surface that increases age and causes skin cancer. Especially for those who abuse their bed during their sleep. Machines that produce indoor tans are amazingly strong (around 26 times stronger than the sun! It’ll only take one day of light.

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How does Planet Fitness Tanning work?

It is not complicated to use tanning treatments on Planet Fitness. During the Black Card Membership, the cards you use can be used anytime you want. In clubs offering spray tanning the hours you can use the spray tanning service are set by the club. Access to tanning beds at Planet Fitness is available throughout all club operating days. For example, if a member is at the club which is accessible for the whole day then you can use tanning beds during the evening when you want.

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What kind of tanning beds does Planet Fitness use?

If you know much about sun and tanning beds, maybe you’ve heard of UVA and UVB radiation. These are two different types of sunlight rays which can be used on tanning beds. Some beds have UV A & UV B while others have either type of rays. These beds use common types that combine UVA/UVB light to create the tan you’re looking for. If you are planning on tanning beds and booths, you should know the difference between the UVA and UVB radiations in the sun.

Risk associated with Planet Fitness tanning beds

It’ll make it interesting. There’s a lot of danger involved. Keep an eye on these instructions. Read this document carefully for the best chance for success. The risks associated with sunburn in the fitness premises are the following: Are employees involved in reducing ultraviolet radiation in their environment? Customers will know how many hours they’re allowed at tanning stations and this information is aimed at customers.

The drawback of pressure points in the bed is that it causes tanning creases to avoid these problems change the positions frequently

What customers say about Planet Fitness tanning

Customers who tried Planet Fitness tanning were likely to come to the same conclusions. They say quality tanning offers at Planet Fitness keep coming back to them. While cleanliness and safety aren’t as good as salon tanning services, it’s possible for customers to obtain substantial savings using Planet Fitness tanning rooms.

Are Planet Fitness tanning beds good?

Different users differ regarding tanning at Planet Fitness. Some people are very happy with the beds they recommend. But other people reported bad experiences not necessarily on their beds and booths, but rather about their entire procedures in using tanneries. This is a list of two main complaints from Planet Fitness Tanners:

Types of tanning beds at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness offers different tanning beds with similar results. But sitting tanning beds can be much more enjoyable to use because they’re built on an exposed glass surface and can cause discomfort in certain individuals to use them in the evening or on the weekends.

Standing tanning booth

Gym in Farmington Hills, MI | 27640 Middlebelt Rd | Planet Fitness

Stand beds offer much more UV light exposure than lying down beds. Planet Fitness will restrict your bedtime. Because the illumination is intense, the condition can cause sensitivity and irritation even without an appropriate standard. Many people lose comfort in lying down during standups. It was selected for its ability to move quickly. It will allow you to lift your shoulders more comfortably and reduce your shoulders. There is no bed in this house and the bathroom attracts people. Because you’re not sleeping with lotion, this scenario may happen..

Lay-down planet fitness tanning beds

Planet Fitness Tanning Beds Review: Is It Worth? - caring of life

If you feel comfortable and comfortable, you absorb ultraviolet radiation. It doesn’t mean you can’t absorb ultraviolet energy because you feel uncomfortable. However, it’s easier to enjoy the experience when you relax. The hygiene aspect makes them less popular among people. Usually the person in the bed did not clean the mattress or clean it properly. Planet Fitness’s staff will be able to clean and provide the best possible service and make the time there enjoyable. Another factor is mattress glass that is uncomfortable.

Spray Tanning Booth

Spray tan is a very good way to tan and is much healthier than tanning beds. Spray Tan gives you immediate bronze and radiant skin with quick effects and may take 1-2 weeks. This san is not considered sewn and offers no bsenefit based on it. Several areas like knees and hands can also show uneven browning and spots on the skin. Spray-taning will remain safe, but you should avoid inhaling the solution.

Side effects of Planet Fitness tanning equipment

Avoid becoming overeager and think about your health risks. Possible side effects. Remember, the coins are divided into two parts. How can I lose weight? Read more: Total body enhancing at Planet Fitness: Planet Fitness: Red Light Therapy.

Risks of Planet Fitness beds

Planet Fitness Tanning Beds 2018: Unbiased Reviews (Lotion, Cost, Goggles?)

It might be fun having these devices available, but it is also very dangerous. Keep an open mind. Do not ignore warnings. Read this to make sure you know everything you have done. Some of the risks that come with tanning can be viewed as:

Contamination by others

The mattress has been cleaned with disinfecting spray and paper towels to ensure sanitary conditions. But you can’t guarantee that your bed was actually completely clean. The disinfectant should remain completely dry during the drying phase of the bed for optimal results. Nevertheless, many people do not wait. Also, take a bath prior to tanning.

Increased risk of skin cancer

Skin cancer is heightened by tanning. The law applies in all weather and indoor tanning that exposes the body to UV astrophysical radiations. Some people who have little knowledge of tanning will spend a lot of time on ultraviolet tanning in an effort to achieve a glowing complexion.

Read the signs!

There is also a warning sign on tanning beds. Many even employ employees to help reduce UV ray exposure on customers. The client is told how long the tanning device should take.

Skin damage

Tanned sheets at Planet Fitness can produce UVB and UVB rays if they are not exposed enough. The beds cause some skin problems. Avoid over-use.

Tanning Bed Levels

Tanning Bed Level 1

Planet Fitness offers three tanning bed levels – Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. The level of intensity that a person can achieve will vary depending on their skin type and the device they are using. 
Level 1 features an medium-high intensity with a wavelength of 10,000 lux. It is perfect for people with light skin and is perfect for new customers who want to test out the beds before committing to a longer term membership. 
Level 2 offers an intense experience with a wavelength of 20,000 lux and is perfect for people with darker skin types or those who have more advanced tanning needs. This level should only be used by members who are experienced with tanning beds as it can cause burns if not used correctly. 
Level 3 is the most intense experience and offers a wavelength of 40,000 lux. This level should only be used by members who are experienced with tanning beds as it can cause burns if not used correctly.

Tanning Bed Level 2

Planet Fitness offers two tanning bed levels, Tanning Bed Level 2 and Tanning Bed Level 3. Tanning Bed Level 2 is the lowest level and offers the shortest time to achieve a tan. Tanning Bed Level 3 is the highest level and offers the longest time to achieve a tan.

Tanning Bed Level 3

Planet Fitness tanning beds come in three levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Level 1 is the lowest level and offers the least amount of tanning. Level 3 is the highest level and offers the most amount of tanning.

To get the best tan, it is important to use the correct level of tanning bed. Levels 1 and 2 offer a light tan, while Level 3 offers a darker tan.

Tanning Bed Level 4

The High-End Tanning Bed

Planet Fitness is known for their affordable tanning options. However, if you’re looking for a more luxurious experience, Level 4 might be the best option for you. At this level, you can enjoy an appointment with a skilled technician who will help you achieve the sun-kissed look that you’ve always wanted. Additionally, this level offers all of the features that Level 3 does plus: premium lotions and oils, personalized care instructions, and music to help motivate you as your tan develops.

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Most tanning tables on Planet Fitness have two tanning beds. They are high-power mixed-bulb bronzing-tanning sheets that lighten skin instantly. They are in the middle of the highway and will probably burn your head fewer times.

Tell me the best tanning machine on Planet Fitness?

Blackcard Members can use the tanning machines at Planet Fitness, which can be accessed from different locations. There is a standard tanned bed and a upright one. Alternatively, there are spray tanning booths available.

Gym in Monroe, NY | 475 NY-17M | Planet Fitness

Benefits of Planet Fitness tanning beds

Tanning is not free. These are all included in the cost of the Black Card. Getting a black card is a good way to get your tanning done, and on the planet fitness.

How do I treat psoriasis?

Psoriasis accelerates the lifecycle of the skin. Symptoms can be caused as new skin cells develop red spots and scales on skin surfaces. Scales tend to be painfully itchy. You are tired. While chronic diseases can happen naturally, they often require medical attention from a dermatologist. Lack of adequate lighting therapy is often the underlying factor. Using a tanning mattress for lighting treatment helps in eliminating skin sensitivity and is also possible that tanning bed can reduce skin tone. The Essence of a Person Who Already Has Skin Conditions.

Vitamin D

Adults usually spend the majority of their time indoors to minimize the possibility of exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D is largely found in direct sunlight and is vital to developing certain body parts. Often lacking vitamin A can lead to thin bones and soft, brittle or misshapen. Vitamin D maintains calcium and phosphorous levels in the blood because you can’t get direct sunlight. If you are unable to do it, spend 15 mins per day in the tanning room.

Layout tanning beds

The tanning bed lets you rest while lying back. When customers visit Planet Health, many want the same bed. A tanning bath takes about fifteen minutes to complete. The tension points and bright lights at night give you some relaxation in the sleeping area. Pressure points of tanning beds prevent direct exposure to UV. Pressure points on bed can cause tanning and crease. For this problem you need to change your position at least daily.

Tanned skin

It’s important to get a tan in tanning beds because they’re a great option. Almost all imperfections in skin are wiped away when tanned. Enhancement of posture helps ease communication and helps maintain a positive image. Most users of beds say tanning helps improve the beauty of the body and overall appearance. When your skin is tanned it blends naturally, without the presence of any particular difference.

Premature Aging

The tanning bed is a treatment for improving body looks and improving body shape, but the side effect is aging. Spending longer on a bed causes weakened skin and wrinkles. In addition, UV radiation is present in tanning beds that can lead to eye problems including photoconjunctivitis and cataracts. In addition, regular exposure to ultraviolet light will reduce immune system function.


The tanning beds are available for a relaxing experience. This bed will help you enhance the appearance of the room as well as give you an excuse to relax. When we lay down our beds we have an incredible relaxing experience. It also eliminates noise for relaxing. Plug in some of your favorite songs for fun on your bed!

Skin Dryness

Those who have sensitive skin may consider tanning beds beneficial to their skin as this helps reduce oil production. The tanning bed is uncomfortable but not suitable for those with sensitive skin. UV radiation removes skin’s oils, thereby leading to skin wrinkles as well.


Sunlight isn’t the principal light source in tanning beds. This doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have the burning effect in sunlight. You need to have skin that has fair skin to avoid any reactions or skin rash. How to get rid of a tan in bed?

Risk of cancer

Cancer is an awful disease that will kill any person at any time in life. However, it is shown that tannin-induced skin cancer occurs more commonly among people who are not tanning inside their homes.

AG: Planet Fitness Will Not Offer 'Unlimited' Indoor Tanning - CBS New York

Skin Safety Tips for Tanning

Every time you decide to tan, you have to take care of a few things that are necessary to safeguard your body. I have some suggestions.

The Black Card Membership Program

Planet Fitness’s Black Cards cost $25.99 annually. Black cards have a number of benefits. Price of Black cards vary based on branches.

Black Card membership

It costs only $22.99 per month. PF Blackcard membership has several benefits. Prices vary by branch for black cards. Please look at:

Perks of Getting A Black Card

You require an excellent fitness card and a Blackcard Membership to access tanning beds. The tanning booths are also available. The tanning area is accessible by guests passes. You are permitted to pass by contacting the black cardholder or bringing this from reception.

Safety Tips While Tanning At Planet Fitness

Using tanning beds and standing-up tables will require protection from UV light. Let’s see how we can improve on that.

Find out your skin type

Skin reactions vary to tanning beds depending on the type and size. Occasionally skin types can get longer tanned on tanning beds before burning. Tell yourself the limits of tanning using Fitzpatrick Scales. Fitzpatrick scales. Source: Wikipedia.

Time your sessions

Never choose a bronze color blindly. Use timers to accurately show the time when you were exposed to sunlight. Even though you are allowed to tan on your own at the booth, you have a limit to your exposure.

Use the Beauty Angel Afterwards

After finishing tanning beds, head over to the Beauty Angel RT 30 Total Body Enhancement machine for the treatments. This unit uses vibration therapy and red light therapy to rejuvenate and restore skin.

Use Eye Protection

Eye protection during the tanning machine. Some goggles can provide ultraviolet protection while sitting on the ground and others can be attached to the nose to use tanning booths on standup designs.

Avoid tanning daily

UVs can be tanned every day and you can retain tans even if you use tanning machines every day. Using tanning will cause skin imperfections. You should wait at least 30-40 minutes before tanning.

Should I tan before or after working out Planet Fitness?

Tanning before exercising is preferred; tanning beds or the heat of the sun help calm your mind. The sauna works similarly with your workout. You should also be hydrated so as to keep it warm.

Are gym tanning beds good?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, tanning can cause up to 400000 skin cancers annually. A 59 % higher risk of skin cancer is found when melanomas are first diagnosed at age 35.

What kind of tanning does Planet Fitness have?

Planet Fitness features a level 2 tan booth stand. Users sit upright during the entire session and are free to move both feet to increase the chance to obtain uniform color over a body part.

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