Planet Fitness Guest Policy

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Planet Fitness Guest Policy

planet fitness guest policy

Whether you’re a Black Card member or a guest of a Planet Fitness member, it’s important to read the guest policy before bringing your guest to the gym. You can bring one guest per visit, and the guest must be over the age of 18. However, the guest can only be in the gym for up to two hours, and they cannot use the equipment or bring gallon jugs of water.

Planet Fitness Guest Policy: Privileges, Membership and Locations

If you plan to join Planet Fitness, you may be interested in the Planet Fitness guest policies. It explains the basics of fitness clubs. Planet Fitness has nothing to offer. Generally it is described as a fitness center versus a gymnasium. Planet Fitness is renowned for its machines in its gyms and its facilities. However, many lack amenities similar to other fitness centers. Despite that, the membership still offers an excellent deal. This membership policy is among our best membership offerings.

Guests must be at least 18 years old

In order to be a member of Planet Fitness, you must be at least eighteen years of age. You are allowed to bring one guest to the gym with you, but they must be at least 18 years of age and show a valid photo ID. Guests are not allowed to use the locker rooms or other areas reserved for members. They must also sign a waiver before using the gym.

Guests may only visit the Planet Fitness gym with the owner or with a guest, unless they are accompanied by a black card member. Members may bring children as long as they are over 13 years of age and are accompanied by a member at all times. In addition, children under thirteen years of age cannot use the tanning beds or massage chairs. As a result, guests must be at least eighteen years of age to use Planet Fitness facilities.

If you are not sure whether you want to be a basic member or a VIP, you should first determine the location’s age requirement. Basic memberships at Planet Fitness cost $10 for an individual or $19 for a two-person household. You can also purchase one-time guest passes. These passes are valid for 30 days from the date of your first visit.

Guests may accompany a member at Planet Fitness if they are at least eighteen years old. Guests under the age of 18 must have the parent or guardian sign an agreement. Once the adult signature has been signed, the teen may then use the gym on his or her own. However, Planet Fitness requires photo ID as proof of legal age.

Guests may also join the club if they are accompanied by a member. The guest may visit as many times as the guest wishes, but must remain in the company of the person who invited him/her. For this reason, a guest must be at least eighteen years old in order to use a black card.

Planet Fitness Black Card members enjoy reciprocal access to all Planet Fitness locations. However, the reciprocity ends when a member visits more than 10 times in a single month. In addition to this, members may bring one guest per visit, but they must remain with the member at all times.

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Guests can only be at the gym for up to 2 hours

There is a dress code at Planet Fitness, so guests must wear closed-toe shoes and socks to the gym. The guests must also be over the age of eighteen and must not be using equipment that you are using. Also, you cannot bring a guest who has an expired membership or is a frequent gym goer. Your guest will be required to sign a waiver and may not be able to use some of the equipment.

There are additional amenities available at Planet Fitness gyms. These include hydro massage chairs, tanning booths, and Beauty Angel Enhancement machines. Some gyms also offer haircuts for members. While Planet Fitness welcomes guests, you must remember that your black card member privileges will apply, as guests may only be allowed in certain gyms for up to two hours at a time.

While Planet Fitness does not offer childcare, guests can bring an adult who is at least 21 years of age. They must stay with the member who brought them. This is because the gym does not want guests to wander around the facility without the member. A parent or guardian must be present for the guest’s safety and that of others.

While guests cannot use any equipment at the gym without a member, they can use the gym’s free weights, treadmills, rowing machines, and other exercise machines. Guests must be over the age of eighteen and must have a photo ID. If you are not a member of Planet Fitness, you can still bring a friend if the friend is at least 13 years old. During your visit to Planet Fitness, make sure to take advantage of their member discounts and benefits.

One of the advantages of Planet Fitness is that they hire people who enjoy working out. Whether it is a newbie or seasoned veteran, Planet Fitness hires people who love working out. As long as they’re prepared to take the job, they will do an outstanding job.

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Guests are not allowed to bring gallon jugs of water

Planet Fitness has a policy that prohibits guests from bringing gallon jugs of water into their gyms. The company’s website has a full list of the rules and guidelines. To prevent accidents, it asks that guests keep their bottles in the holders provided and out of the walkways and aisles. It also prohibits guests from bringing gallon jars of water onto the gym floor.

A Planet Fitness employee recently told a man who was filming a video that he was not allowed to bring a gallon jug of water into the gym. He said the policy was set by the general manager. But the man protested, claiming that the gym was violating his rights.

The company also does not allow guests to use tanning beds or HydroMassage chairs. However, the company’s membership program has a great sign-up offer with loads of perks. It also uses a lunk alarm, which reduces noise levels while working out. The company claims that this is a symbol of their relaxed approach to fitness and their mission of creating a “judgment-free zone” for its clients.

Planet Fitness does not provide childcare, but it does allow guests over the age of 13 to join. However, it is important to note that guests of younger age are not allowed to use the tanning booths or massage chairs. Guests of any age must bring a valid photo ID.

Guest policies for Planet Fitness Black Card

Planet Fitness membership is available on all of our memberships, so customers are welcome at the gym. Some rules need to be maintained. These are Planet Fitness guest pass requirements that must be understood. Visitors can exercise on weightlifting machines. They can also use other facilities like courts if they are offered by the clubs. But the village could no longer use hydromassages, tanning beds or other advanced equipment. Guests in Planet Fitness blackcard holders can exercise at no cost to them, without paying. Guests can train using their Black Card.

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Can you bring a guest to Planet Fitness?

If you have Planet Fitness Black Cards with you you can bring everyone along to Planet Fitness. They must be 18 or over. In addition, they must bring their ID for verification. Keep in mind that it is impossible to enter without an ID. Visitors aged between 15 and 18 are welcome at Planet Fitness, provided their parent or legal representation has been granted by Planet Fitness. You should make sure that your companion is always with you and never departs. Black card memberships should work similarly to Planet Fitness family plans in this scenario.

How to freeze your Planet Fitness Black Card membership?

Suppose you think about ending membership and want to return it later. You could probably better halt membership than cancel it. However, the member cannot be stopped. You must demonstrate medical justifications. Your doctor will advise how long your vacation should be. You will now receive a membership freeze. After the recommended period membership fees remain due. Please note that decisions on approval of medical freezes depend heavily on individual departments discretion and decision-makers. Each club follows certain rules and procedures.

Planet Fitness Black Card Guest Rules

If you want a friend or bring guests you can use our fitness room. Guests may freely use various equipment or machine bars, as needed. They also have a bathroom available. Planet Fitness offers free WiFi and they can easily use this. Although a fitness center is run by franchises, the guests will sometimes have different privileges. Many hotels allow travelers to use other Black Card benefits, but most won’t. Extra features include hydro massage chairs, hair styling salons, hair salon hair extensions and beauty enhancing machines.

Tell me the Planet Fitness guest policy?

Depending upon where you train, Planet Fitness provides affordable gym subscriptions as small as $10 a month. The standard membership allows you access to everything you need at the gym. You can however upgrade to blackcard membership. The upgrade is more difficult but provides many advantages. The fantastic Total Body Enhancing Machines are all available as well as the soothing hydrotherapy beds. You may invite any visitor to Planet Fitness for no charge if they are Black Card members. It is amazing.

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Can you go to any Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness members enjoy free entry into their club and can depend upon their friendly service staff anytime and anywhere. Members of the PF Black Card receive additional rewards that can include bringing a friend free or access at any Planet Fitness location. In addition you can use the Planet Fitness locations worldwide and bring a guest anytime you visit the club and use shaman chair massages, tanning, and hydrotherapy treatments. Yuor Planet Fitness local club even has low-priced hot drink options.

Planet Fitness memberships

Because Planet Fitness memberships are relatively inexpensive, a single day pass for $20 is typically not necessary, since they offer top-tier memberships for $39.99. You should consult with an employee at your local Planet Fitness and ask them about their choices as guest members as well. A possible choice is to try gym classes for a month as BlackCard members rather than opt for a one-day pass. Black cards are available in stores for $19.99 each, and this membership is also a privilege for you.

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Planet Fitness promotional codes

Some websites offer promotional codes that you enter on their website. The Planet Gym guest pass is among the many promotional codes you can use to get free health services at the gym. Buying an fitness club membership is the perfect opportunity to experience how great the fitness club can be for you. Planet Fitness members are renowned for their incredible value-for-money rates. Basic memberships cost $10.

Basic and Premium Memberships

Planet Fitness likes simplicity and offers only 2 memberships. The base price is $10 per monthly option. Nevertheless, premium memberships are available for just $19.99 – they even have agreements to waive the initial cost for such a membership type. Despite its higher prices, the product remains extremely attractive. The franchises are also open to everyone (the franchises have about 2,000).

Is the PF Black Card worth it?

A membership in Planet Fitness provides unlimited free access to Planet Fitness offers. Planet Fitness provides free and convenient training for all your fitness needs. Planet Fitness has numerous locations in which it can be used. You have access to unlimited club facilities which include free wireless access and free hairstyles. When it comes time for gaining the confidence in your fitness, you should hire a qualified personal trainer, but we also have a huge amount in the back end.

Planet Fitness opens second Canadian location in Brampton

Planet Fitness Guess Pass Teen Summer Challenge

Another option for free Planet Fitness guest passes is for those under 15 years old. In 2019 Planet Fitness will offer an exciting summer challenge program for teens. From 15th May to 1st September a group aged 18 and under can train at Planet Fitness free. There is no commitment or hidden catch. A student can also apply for a $1,000 scholarship or a similar prize. If you are under 18 years of age you will need the help of an official parent or guardian to participate.

Other Planet Fitness Offers

Planet Fitness is a very attractive company because even without gym membership they can offer promotional offers where people can also earn free stuff for a small fee. For example, they are offering Audible for free to members until 31 August. Planet Health offers such offers to its members almost everyday, which means you will surely benefit from their membership. Planet Fitness is renowned for the extra services it offers in addition to the standard workout equipment.

History of Planet Fitness Club

Before trying the new basic membership at Planet Fitness, maybe you are curious as to how Planet Fitness began. The group was created in 1992 in Dover. When it was launched, Planet Fitness was like all other fitness programs on Earth — they specialized in the small part of the population usually frequenting a gym. It soon realized however that its owner was looking for a big potential to serve a much larger audience. How many Americans don’t go to the gym?

Benefits of a Guest Pass

Planet Fitness coupons for guests have numerous advantages. While there are no facilities in the Fitness Centre, when a regular visitor or family member comes here you can still try out the most popular activities including fitness equipment as well as free wireless. In some situations, however, you can use a Black Card membership for unlimited fitness training at the gym. This list includes some incredible advantages the hotel guests can enjoy.

Unlimited Guest Privileges At All Planet Fitness Locations In fact, you do have limitless guest privileges, which means you can take one person every visit an endless number of times, as well as bring a new guest each time.

Reduced prices on Reebok items

Just like cooler drinks you are welcome to buy Reebok merchandise at the gym. As guests, you are eligible for a discount on all purchases of merchandise. Although many of these benefits are available for guest use by Black Card members, their location will depend. Some clubs may have limited facilities, so checking the facilities before you enter the venue is essential.

Fitness Training

In an exercise room a client will be rewarded for participating in a free exercise program that assists with a healthy workout routine. It will give you a treadmill and a weighted leg press as well and allows you to train with a personal trainer during short fitness sessions.

Access to the HydroMassage and Massage Chairs

Relaxing in the comfortable hydro massage chair is also an option. It helps to relieve muscle soreness during exercises and may even aid reduce tension, promoting sleep quality.


Planet Fitness provides tanning services so that guests with a Black Card Membership may use that excellent facility. This gym offers a tanning room or spray tanning station.

Reduced Cooler Drink Prices

If you buy cooler drinks at the gym they can give you discounts. This beverage is chilled and will be refreshing after work workouts.

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What is The Policy on Bringing Guests to Planet Fitness?

Free Wi-Fi

With free wifi, you can easily access the apps necessary for your fitness routine or enjoy music while you exercise.

Shower and Locker Access

You can also use the shower for washing up after exercising. A storage room will be allocated for your possessions.

Planet Fitness Black Card Deals & Discounts

Planet Fitness Blackcard is a promotional card with special offers. Planet Fitness also offers various promotional offers. Several examples are given. During your gym session you can purchase refreshments at a reduced price of 50%. Reebok offers 20% discount on any purchase. They offer a special deal and discount for Planet Fitness blackcard members. Contact your fitness center to get a detailed description of the options.

How much does a Planet Fitness Black Card cost?

Planet Fitness’s black card is $22.99 per year, resulting in a cost of $27.50 per annum. In addition to monthly fees, you will need a yearly fee of 39.90$. Costs for an annual Black Card PF minus taxes is $315. For more information about Planet Fitness Membership, contact your club’s office or customer care department and find the appropriate option.

How many times can a guest pass be used?

Planet Fitness guests passes are limited to use once daily, although that might vary for a few different areas. Please contact the Planet fitness facility in your town for information on how to use this pass. Planet Fitness Blackcard gives you the option of bringing a new guest every day at any time. Exclusive guest access to all Pf Locations.

Can my guest use my Planet Fitness Black Card?

You cannot have your Planet Fitness Card used on guests. If someone invites you to come along you have only access to the most basic gym equipment. Planet Fitness’s visitors usually have only physical fitness equipment and may not be able to use other equipment like the hydromassage or tanning beds.

How old should a guest be?

According to Planet Fitness Guest Pass rules, hotel guests must bring children under 13 if their parents allow. A guest must be 18 years of age. Please take note that guests who bring their personal ID are required. Those that do will be prevented from entering the building.

Planet Fitness Black Card Price

Planet Fitness clubs offers blackcard membership at reasonable prices to anyone, though Planet Fitness franchises are owned individually and prices may vary depending on location. PF Blackcards usually have a monthly fee of. Basically, it’s simple. Read: Planet Fitness Login.

What is a Planet Fitness guest pass?

Planet Fitness offers free guest passes to its membership to have guests visit Planet Fitness. Depending on what level of membership the same guest can access the facilities available at the gym, it may also depend on the level of membership.

How old do you have to be to be a guest at planet fitness?

Age limits vary depending on where the place is located. When your child is younger than 18 you may require parental consent. “.

Why do people like Planet Fitness?

Why are Planet Fitness membership fees so expensive? It’s possible for a variety of reasons.

Clean and spacious gyms

Keeping the gym clean is a priority of Planet Fitness staff. Rooms are always clean: the office staff, equipment, bathrooms and the lockers are all clean. Occasionally you will see the staff removing their cleaning tools.

Judgment-free zone

We have no judgment. They are famous. It doesn’t take a lot of nerves to go in to Planet Fitness. The company works to make everyone comfortable and secure in its environment.

Tons of equipment

Planet Fitness has several equipment options so there is something to match your lifestyle. The company offers a wide range of brands like weightlifting and cardio equipment.

Open 24 hours

Most PlanetFit facilities have a 24 hour service. In some cases they are open most days and nights. It works to fit your schedule and not yours!

Friendly staff

A bonus to the Planet Fitness team is the friendly attitude. They love it so badly it makes sense! They are happy to help you.

Free fitness training

Planet Fitness employs trained staff and even planet fitness personal trainer. These guys are here to help if you want help finding the best workout routine for you.

Can I bring a guest at Planet Fitness?

Nonmembers of any ages are forbidden from waiting for members at club events except PF Black Cards® guests. The fee for the week is the fee paid by nonmember guests/nonPF Blackcard® for the day of the workout. The cost per day allows prospective members to test the program before signing up.

How many times can I bring a guest to Planet Fitness?

A permanent guest privilege at Planet Fitness allows you to invite up to two visitors a week for free, but “endless” has no additional equipment.

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