Infrared VS Regular Sauna

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So Sauna ? Infrared VS Regular Sauna

If you want better health condition and a mind that is sounder than ever, then it is time for you to explore saunas.

Saunas bring about numerous health benefits including healthy blood circulation, better cardiovascular health, easy and relaxing method for weight loss, excellent detoxification, and effective stress buster. With all these benefits, it?s not a matter of whether you should get a sauna or not anymore. The question is which sauna to get? People usually have to choose between infrared and regular sauna. Here are more useful bits of information to help you in such a dilemma.

In it to win it ? The Infrared Sauna Advantage

  • Slowly but surely.

When you cook food, you infuse spices and flavors better when you simmer it compared to rushing and cooking your food in shouting flames. This is comparable to how infrared sauna works. It adds ?romance? to the process. First, it gives off enough heat to open up your pores. It relaxes your body and prepares it for the real infrared sauna goodness. It is just like a warm-up before the exercise. Then, it heats up more, slowly and gently but surely that the heat seeps into your muscles and joints smoothly. It offers the heat that you get from the sun but what?s even better is that it does not come with harmful Ultraviolet radiation.

  • Come for comfort.

Since most people use saunas not just for health purposes but also for relaxation and general wellness, it makes sense that you should choose a sauna that gives off tolerable heat but still serves its purpose efficiently. This is one of the main reasons why infrared saunas continue to gain popularity in different parts of the world. It gives only up to a maximum of 150 degrees while the regular sauna gives off up to 195 degrees. This is why people who have low tolerance for heat go for infrared saunas. However, what it lacks in heat, it makes up for penetration rate so you can get optimum sweating and detoxification without the scorching heat.

  • Pretty Practical.
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While some people may think that infrared saunas require more electricity and therefore, are more expensive to use compared to regular saunas, the former actually needs just about 1.6 KW to operate. This is definitely much lower compared to the usual overall power consumption of the traditional sauna. With more frequent use, the difference is magnified resulting to more savings when you use an infrared sauna.

  • Best for the Body.

When your body is ready for the heat of the sauna, then you get optimum results. This is why the infrared sauna focuses not just on the heat but the direction, the penetration, and the distribution of the heat. It heats up your body?s inner core until your body gets the message and adjusts to the temperature. You will notice that you will sweat profusely without having to endure too much heat. Since the temperature is tolerable, then you are also able to stay for a longer time inside the sauna.

  • Fast and the Pure.

With a traditional sauna, it may take about forty minutes to get the sauna fully heated. However, infrared saunas only take about fifteen minutes. Therefore, the infrared sauna is recommended for busy people who still want to give time for their health and wellness. Instead of heating up the whole sauna so your body can get the heat, infrared saunas? heat goes straight to your skin and deeper into your body until it reaches your muscles and your joints, wasting no time and optimizing the time that you spend inside the sauna.

  • Toxins away.
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When you use infrared sauna, your body sweat will contain more toxins including heavy metals. This means that you experience intense detoxification that will bring about many health benefits and that will leave you feeling better in no time. You will also get rid of the chemical toxins in your body from the food and drinks that you intake as well as products that you intake or use on your body.

A Thousand Years of Detox ? The Traditional Sauna Advantage

  • In an instant.

While you have to wait until the infrared sauna?s heat reach the core of your body, you get maximum heat the very instance that you enter a traditional sauna. Therefore, its effects are comparable to when you engage in intense physical exercise. There is no waiting time with the traditional sauna. You will get the heat that you want the moment that you step into the sauna.

  • So social.

Most traditional saunas are built to hold a number of people inside. This makes the traditional sauna more advantageous when it comes to socialization instead of the infrared sauna which is often built for the use of a single person. This makes the regular sauna ideal for bonding with family, with a partner, or even with your friends whenever you throw a sauna party. It is both a healthy and enjoyable activity.

  • In control.

Although you can control the heat both with traditional and infrared saunas, you can only control the humidity with traditional saunas. To do this, all you have to do is to pour more water into the rocks if you want more heat or decrease the amount of water if you want lower humidity. This ensures your utmost comfort. Also, this process gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of different aromatic and essential oils as you can mix the oils with the water that you pour onto the rocks.

  • Hotter, longer.
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Since the walls and pretty much all the parts of the traditional sauna are heated up, you can still enjoy the heat even when the sauna stopped operating. This means that you have longer time to relax and detoxify.


While traditional and infrared saunas have their own unique benefits, it all boils down to your preference. Therefore, you need to consider different factors and even try both type of sauna out on gyms and spas before you make your final decision.

What remains the same is the health benefits that saunas bring!

But at times when everyone has a very busy lifestyle, the infrared heat mattress comes to the rescue, not only it is portable but you can use it anywhere at your home or arm chair.

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