Infrared Massager Side Effects

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First of all, everyone is familiar with the benefits of Infrared deep muscle massage.

The primary reason for going to a message is to relieve ailments such as pain management on various parts of the body.


Pain management and alleviation on the body, muscle stiffness, leg, arm, and joints.

chronic back pain picture

Massage tries to go deep into the muscle tissue so that there will be improved blood circulation that heals and relieve stiffness.

This is a great benefit, especially for chronic pain sufferers.

Infrared Massager Side Effects

Infrared radiation is electromagnetic radiation which has invisible wavelengths compared to visible light. Infrared light is invisible to the human eye.

There is much clinical research that utilizes red light therapy that is shown to control cellulite, fat breakdown, scar healing and regeneration of the skin.

Numerous infrared devices specifically made for the facial health has come out in the market since infrared may rejuvenate the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and because of its deep penetration under the skin, it boosts collagen production.

infrared light therapy for skin picture

There is even infrared health mat that targets the whole body which will the best option for overall health. Here is an excellent infrared mat informational resource.

infrared heat mat picture

The best wavelength which will promote healing will be between 690 and 900 nm. Infrared saunas whether it be a traditional sauna, Ganbanyuko or a Portable infrared sauna deliver infrared light to the entire body or on specific areas.

The most popular home therapy is using a hot compress to relieve a variety of ailments. It would be better if you use an infrared heat therapy instead of the hot compress since it raises the temperature which will increase the blood circulation to the affected area, it will also penetrate deep into the skin about 6 to 8 inches which is best to achieve its healing process to take place.

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Health Benefits

Reduces Inflammation

blood vessel permeability

Infrared radiation goes deep into the skin about 6 to 8 inches which will increase blood circulation and dilate the surrounding blood vessel. This will result in vessel permeability.

Far infrared radiation has already been widely used for clinical research and health centers. There was a study on that the use of the infrared light therapy would help for inflammation issues.

Infrared treatment studies on rats reduced problems concerning immobility issues by lowering inflammatory cytokines and also decreasing the permeability of the blood vessel.

Enhance Exercise and Recovery

enhance exercise due to infrared therapy

Infrared light therapy can hasten the exercise recovery blues. Infrared radiation will ensure that the muscle stiffness and soreness will be relieved due to the increase in blood circulation.

Infrared aids the release of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a key component that helps improve blood circulation and acts as a catalyst for oxygen and nutrients to help in recovery.

Here is a very helpful resource on how an infrared heat mattress helps in physical fitness recovery.

With the regular use of infrared light therapy with surely shorten the recovery periods on intense physical training.

Can Infrared Radiation Help Protect Heart?

heart patient going for MRI Scan

There are a lot of people that have sworn that by regular use of infrared radiation treatment devices such as Infrared massagers and Infrared heat mat helps relieve symptoms associated with clogged arteries.

infrared massager

infrared mini mat

A research was done on repeated thermal therapy which involves regular visits to sauna has remarkably improved the vascular endothelial function in patients.

Since time memorial exposure to heat was used as a traditional therapy in vast diverse cultures. The study shows that repeated infrared radiation improves cardiac function with patients that have chronic heart failure.

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There are numerous benefits that can be obtained using infrared light therapy. Let us now list all the side effects when using infrared technology.

What Could Go Wrong With Massage?

Case on Swelling of Neck and Arms

There was a study involving a 66-year-old male with swelling of neck and arms. The study shows that he was subjected to 10 treatment visits of infrared heat massage for a duration of 1 month. This shows that this is an unusual complication that may arise with an infrared massage.

Case on minor discomfort

Another study was conducted if there is a negative outcome performed on 100 massage therapy clients. The majority of the patients, of course, came out to be very satisfied with the result and reap the benefits of muscle stiffness and alleviation of pain. Only 10% of the massage clients have experienced minor discomfort.

Case on an adverse problem on Neck

Seventeen case reports were conducted on the problems associated with a massage on the neck area. The neck area is a very fragile part of the body where it involves the head movement, stabilizing and upper part of the body.

There are numerous muscles including the swallowing functions and also the involvement in breathing functions.

The neck has 26 muscles: 10 pairs of 2 and 2 sets of 3. Neck muscles also attach to bones of the skull, spine, thoracic cage and shoulder girdle. It also houses the nerves that control the movements of the neck and connects to the central nervous system.

exposed view of the frontal neck anatomy

You see that the neck is a very fragile part of the body and it is imperative that the masseur knows which part has to be massaged.

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There where some cases of serious adverse effects with comes with the wrong massage techniques.

Here are some common side effects of infrared massage

  • It might distract patients into getting professional health to advise
  • Slightly impair the athletic performance because in most cases a set of warm-up and stretching exercises will do a good job instead
  • Existing injuries and chronic pain problems might get worse if the massage technique is wrongly applied
  • Stress on the nervous system with a wrong massage application
  • Might cause new injuries on internal nerve lesions due to over massage

There are not many documented side effects of infrared massage because the benefits outweigh the bad side effects.

This article shows you that when using an infrared massage therapy device it is essential that the user knows what target areas that needed to be applied.

This shows that the side effects will come about to improper usage of the infrared massage, improper massage techniques and improper intensity application of the infrared massage.

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