Infrared Massager Benefits

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Infrared Massager Benefits

infrared massager

A cold body with sore muscles can suffer severe muscle damage during intense physical activity and it is, therefore, necessary to warm them up to protect them.

This is where you can harness infrared massager benefits. Infrared rays are invisible to the human eye, but they penetrate deep into cells and produce heat.

What Is Infrared Radiation in Detail

The infrared radiation is nonionizing in nature and so it doesn?t damage the DNA structure of any living body like the ultraviolet radiation or the x-rays.

What is ultraviolet radiation?

This is invisible rays that come from the sun. Long term effects will lead to sun cancer. Too much exposure to sunlight is not good. The composition of the solar radiation is: 52 to 55% percent is infrared, 42 to 43% percent is visible, and 3 to 5% is ultraviolet.

Yes, it is true to go out to the sunlight to enjoy the positive health benefits. It has two sides of a coin, it can provide you the much-needed Vitamin D and a mutagen.

Mutagen is a chemical agent that may change the DNA and lead to cancer. That’s why people located in the southern hemisphere with light skin without enough pigmentation usually develop skin cancer, premature skin aging, and immune suppression and cataracts.

This is if you are exposing too much sunlight.

When you get enough Vitamin D then you have a lot of health benefits such as strong bones, endorphin levels, restoration of circadian rhythms.

The consensus is that you should not expose yourself too much sunlight to the point that you get a sunburn.

The mechanism of IR?s interaction with any biological tissue is quite unique within the spectrum of electromagnetic radiations.

The wavelength of infrared (IR) ranges from 810 to 3000 nm whereas the wavelength of far infrared (FIR) ranges between 3000 to 100,000 nm.

The Benefits of Infrared Massager

Infrared massagers are electromechanical devices that emit infrared radiation onto the user?s body. They have diverse application and are also recommended in certain medical conditions like extreme joint pains, back pain, soreness, etc.

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The main application of an infrared massager is to increase the temperature of the targeted tissue by concentrating IR. The effect can be compared directly to that of a hot compress and thus it has varied application.

Apart from them infrared massagers also have some other benefits which I have discussed later in this guide.

Helps in Improving Blood Circulation

blood vessel dilation

According to a journal published at the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the correct application of IR can improve blood circulation and permeability.

You must understand that infrared radiation is emitted from a “hot” surface. An object that is not hot will emit visible light. Thus, IR itself is the heat that can penetrate deeper into muscles, bones and even individual cells.

When infrared hits arteries and veins, it causes them to lose and thus leads to dilation. The result is a greater circulation of blood from the heart to all cells in the body and vice versa.

Relaxes Tight Muscles


Heat can do wonders to help your muscle relax but without focused or targeted infrared heat on a specified area, not only you will feel relaxed due to relief but also because of an increase in blood circulation.

When a body feels warm which releases a chemical called endorphin which helps to lower the stress level and makes your whole body feel relaxed.

What are endorphins?

It is a chemical reaction or molecules that are released by the pituitary and hypothalamus gland to produce a sense of well-being. Normally endorphins are produced after eating a sumptuous meal, listening to great music, eating chocolate and after a session of Bikram hot yoga!

It is also produced after spending extreme workout at a gym or from running.

Helps to Flush Out the Toxins

There is no need to explain the importance of massage in relieving joint as well as muscles pages. Furthermore, it also helps to expel the toxins away from the body, but the added heat may be even more effective for this process.

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The IR heat may also help to clean up pores and facilitate perspiration, all of which, when combined, can accelerate the process of eliminating toxins. And as blood flow throughout the body improves, IR can also facilitate in releasing foreign agents which shouldn?t be inside your body.

Spending a good sweaty sauna or a session on an infrared heat mattress is also a great way to release toxins.

Facilitate the Production of Collagen

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in any human body as it helps to strengthen the bones, maintain the youthfulness of the skin, and is a major connecting issue in various parts of the body such as the ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc.

Various studies have shown that sufficient production of collagen can help to support the overall natural skin?s health and even combat the signs of aging.

With efficient and regular infrared face massage you will see the reduction in the wrinkles, the dark spots and will also experience improved smoothness and skin elasticity.

Infrared Radiation Improves Your Mood

very happy mood

In a medical study which was conducted on 70 participants, it was found that the infrared light treatment on the acupuncture points resulted in an increased level of serotonin in the body.

Serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter that helps to relay the message is from one area of the brain with another and it especially improves the cells related specifically to the sexual desire, appetite, sleep, mood, etc.

Not only it can help you to feel good, but it can also help you with Syria depression like severe depression-like behavior.

Helps Improve Your Exercise and Recovery

The use of infrared radiation has the potential to minimize post-exercise recovery inflammation as well as pain and shorten recuperation periods. This provides you the ability to perform more intensive and more frequent training for more consistent results.

In one study, laser irradiation at 904 nm stimulated rat muscle tissue. It has significantly reduced the production of two inflammatory enzymes, COX-1 and COX-2. This also allowed the muscle tissue to do a total job in subsequent tests.

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In another study, infrared emitting fabrics improved the performance of football players during normal training. Players wore the tissues for 10 hours at night and found a moderate decrease in muscle pain 24 and 72 hours after exercise.

Infrared Radiation May Speed Up Healing

In many researchers, it has been found that infrared radiation heat can increase the rate at which your muscles are skin heal.

When the far infrared radiation strikes the body, it penetrates deeper into its muscles and causes increased production level of key factor such as TGF-?1 as well as the fibroblasts which mainly are the connective tissues. It also leads to the generation of other reparative cells in the body.

When TGF-?1 labor increases in the body it helps in reducing the production of various factors which leads to inflammation. The inflammation response period can be reduced significantly if the duration and the intensity of these key inflammation factors can be controlled.

Additionally, the infrared radiation can also help in increasing the formation of the connective tissues which not only helps in joint and back pain relief but also helps in post-exercise inflammation.

According to a study, the production of the epithelial cell increased significantly (by up to 171%) when the body was exposed to near-infrared light.


Beyond what I have discussed in this guide there are many others paid benefits of infrared radiation. But remember, just because IR is beneficial doesn?t mean that you should use it without approval from your doctor or therapist.

Just as you consult your doctor or physician before taking any drug for any disease, you should consult a medical professional before using any IR device.

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