Infrared Light Therapy for Face

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There are many benefits to implementing a daily face care regimen. Many regimens include moisturizers, serums, and cleansers; but have you heard about the benefits of infrared light therapy for your face? With endless options available, you can find an infrared light device to add to your daily skincare routine!

How Does Infrared Light Therapy Work?

The use of infrared light allows you to have a wide range of improvement through its application on your face. Infrared light can reduce wrinkles, reduce and remove acne, plump collagen, reduce dark or sun spots, lessen freckles, and smooth out the skin.

Infrared light therapy is safe, painless, and gentle on your skin. It is a natural way for your body to produce collagen, increase blood flow, and absorb nutrients.

Light therapy for your face can include the use of various colored LED lights, such as red, yellow, and blue.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is the most commonly found infrared therapy for the face, as its main purpose is to stimulate the cells that produce collagen. Collagen is the protein most abundantly found within the body. Collagen gives your skin softness, flexibility, and strength.

As you age, less collagen is produced, resulting in wrinkles, dark spots, and other blemishes. With a red light therapy device, the collagen cells will become stimulated. Once these cells are stimulated, new collagen will move to the surface of the skin. This will cause the skin to smooth out any wrinkles or fine lines, leaving the surface of the skin soft and smooth.


A good skincare routine for your face at any age can give your face healthy smoothness and softness that you deserve.

We have included one of the best Infrared light therapy devices for your face below. This facial machine covers all color bases, and allows you to use the device all year long!

NORLANYA Photon LED Light Therapy Facial Machine

If you don’t want to limit your options to just one color (red, yellow, or blue), then you shouldn’t have to! This NORLANYA LED light facial salon gives you the option to choose between red, yellow, or blue wavelengths.

norlanya photon led light therapy facial machine

Red – The red light is used for penetrating deep skin tissue. This penetration will stimulate collagen, regenerate cells, and improve wrinkles. If your goal is to reduce wrinkles, dark spots, and shrink pores, using this LED light on the red setting from 5 – 20 minutes will help achieve soft and smooth skin.

norlanya photon red

Yellow – The yellow light is used to improve muscle function, as well as improve the immune system. If you need to increase the growth of melanin or reduce pigment/freckles, 5 – 20 minutes on the yellow setting will improve your skin balance.

norlanya photon yellow

Blue – The blue light is used to treat and reduce mild to moderate acne, as well as other skin rashes, blemishes, and spots. In addition to treating these blemishes, the yellow light will also improve sensitive skin. This blue setting can be used from 5 – 20 minutes during a session.

norlanya photon blue

In addition to the three light settings, there are also two program settings you can choose from.

Program 1 is to be used daily during spring and summer. (Recommendation is 10 total minutes. Yellow light = 3 minutes, red light = 3 minutes, blue light = 4 minutes.)

Program 2 is for daily use during fall and winter. (Recommendation is 8 total minutes. Yellow light = 4 minutes, red light = 4 minutes.)


  • Three LED lights to choose from
  • Two programmable settings
  • Foldable & portable
  • Hands-free application


  • Expensive

LightStim Products

All of the LightStim products are FDA cleared and designed with specific LED lights, wavelengths, and colors. Each product is designed to play a precise role in your health and beauty regimen.

The LightStim for Wrinkles uses red light infrared radiation to produce collagen and remove wrinkles.

lightstim for wrinkles

The LightStim for Acne utilizes blue light radiation to fight acne, heal breakouts, and reduce scars.

lightstim for acne

The LightStim for Pain uses both deep red and light red infrared radiation to increase blood circulation and accelerates your body’s ability to heal.

lightstim for pain


Is infrared light therapy safe for my face?

Yes, infrared light is safe to apply to the face. The use of goggles or eye protection is recommended to keep your eyes comfortable during use.

Is red light the most commonly available color?

Red light is used for producing collagen, and collagen repair is required for reducing wrinkles. This makes red light therapy the most common, but other colors, such as yellow, blue, and amber, are also available. These colors are directed towards certain results, such as the reduction of acne or the removal of freckles.

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body. As you age, the production of collagen is slowed, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen creates plump, smooth skin. When collagen cells are stimulated and arrive at the surface of the skin, these wrinkles and lines are smoothed out, giving you a healthier and softer appearance.

Will infrared exposure damage my skin?

With its low level of radiation, infrared exposure will not harm, hurt, invade, or burn your skin. It is safe to use as directed by the device you use. There are no known side effects of using an infrared light designed for face application.

Can I use an infrared light device to treat pain?

Yes, one of the best uses of infrared technology is by applying the light to joints, muscles, and ligaments. Depending on the device you choose, you may also be able to use your device on a pet or animal’s injury.


Technology has developed and entered numerous areas of our daily lives. With today’s infrared light therapy technology, you can create younger, firmer, and smoother skin in a short period of time.

Great results are not made overnight! For best results, follow routine and dedicated use of your skincare products and devices. Through this regimen is how you will find yourself with a healthier, softer face.

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