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How To Use Infrared Massager

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How To Use Infrared Massager

Infrared light is invisible to the normal eyes and it penetrates deep into the body. Infrared radiation therapy is able to emit healing light in six to eight inches deep.

infrared wave spectrum

It increases the temperature which enhances the blood circulation in order for the blood vessels to dilate encouraging the free flow of blood for healing.

Infrared has many benefits such as Inflammation, Sleep, Immune System, Blood circulation, Pain management, detox and many more.

Pain management is the most common ailment when clients are looking for a solution using an Infrared heat massager. Heat therapy decreases joint stiffness, improves blood flow and circulation, reduces muscle spasms.

The gentle heat emitted by the infrared massager can also treat chronic pain in different parts of the body. Normally the joints from arthritis pain can be immensely relieved.

A traditional massage is most beneficial if the duration is around 60 to 90 minutes. But using an infrared handheld massager is more specifically targeted in one area of the body. Usage duration of 5 to 10 minutes with the infrared heat mode enabled will be best.

Some infrared massagers are very strong and it would be wise to start with a minimum setting and work on your way up.

Cordless or Wired

With the onset of improved technology, cordless delivers as much power as the wired models. The only setback when using the cordless is the duration of usage since the battery can deliver a specified time on usage cycles before getting another full charge.

People are used to the traditional body massagers and it is a good thing that we are offered a better alternative with the infrared technology infused to the traditional massager.

The infrared heat can double the pain-relieving efforts and faster muscle recovery.

Surprisingly the Infrared light therapy massager does not cost as the regular massager. There is no problem now with the affordability issues with a wide range of models available.

Usage Of Infrared Massager

infrared massager

There are many models available for an Infrared Massager. Make sure that the switch is in the OFF position. Choose the function that you desire.

Normally the infrared massager has a speed and heat settings. It would be best to select and start off with the minimum settings to be on the safe side and gradually increase to the desired settings that you need for your body to achieve the maximum healing result.

The proper usage is to use both hands on guiding the infrared massager to the area of the body. The best position is on a sitting, standing or lying down when applying it to the other person.

Known Side Effects of Infrared Massager

There would be problems using the infrared massager on diabetics. Diabetic neuropathy has to deal with nerve damage with pain ranging from numbness in legs to internal problems in the urinary tract, blood vessels, heart, and digestive system.

Diabetics cannot use this infrared massager because they might not feel the heat and might burn their skin unknowingly.

Pregnant women should never use the infrared massager since the electrical impulse will stimulate the uterus contraction and might cause unwanted premature labor.

Might have problems with Neck

frontal view of neck muscles

There were some cases on adverse effects on the neck if there is wrong massage techniques.

The neck is a very fragile part of the body and it involves a lot of muscles involving breathing, swallowing and head movements. You would be extra cautious using the infrared heat massager especially if the muscles are connected to your central nervous system.

Minor Discomfort

A research was conducted on 100 massage therapy clients and 10% have experienced some minor discomfort. Of course, the majority of the clients who go to the regular infrared massage would otherwise relieve more benefits than side effects.

This comes to mind on the proper massage techniques and pressure application. If it is done incorrectly it would result in these unforeseen problems.

The strange case of Swelling

A 66-year-old client has a rare swelling of neck and arms after 10 treatments of the infrared massager within the period of 1 month. This shows that a peculiar isolated problem that may arise on some clients.

There will be known side effects on the usage of the infrared massager if it is not used properly. This problem clearly would come about if there is an improper technique, intensity of the heat temperature and speed settings.

Always follow proper instructions when using the infrared massager.

There are not so a good deal of research and documented problem associated with the infrared massager.

Other Strange Cases

Headaches would be aggravated if there is an existing migraine. The most delicate part of the body is the neck. The neck which I mentioned before that the neck has many interconnecting nerve and muscles to the jaw, head, breathing part of the rib and central nervous system.

Injury from stretching can because if the infrared massager used on the personal arms and other parts of the body was stretched beyond its normal range of motion. Be always careful when using the infrared massager.

Micro Fracture can be caused by improper infrared therapy massage procedures. The minor problems that come about during the infrared therapy massage session is caused by human error.

Dislodge blood clots. 

blood clot on fingers

Blood clots are gel like clump of blood when you had an injury or cut. Blood clots are essential when you have a cut. If you unknowingly use the infrared massager on the blood clot on the part of the body and it gets dislodge then it will might get trapped in the lungs, brain or other tissues which can lead to high risk complications.

Perfectly healthy people might get into more problems if the infrared heat massager is not appropriately used. It would be best to check out all the precautions.

The most important things is before using the infrared heat massager make sure that there are no minor complications that would aggravate your condition.

The usage of the infrared massager minor complications are not common occurrences. Most of the problems that I have mentioned above can be prevented.

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  1. This is a good review on infrared massager and i enjoyed reading  it. Massage therapy is becoming a huge part of our daily lifes especially if you work in a sustained sedentary position. 

    and while visiting the spa to get a massage appointment, time most times does not permit this. having an alternative like a hand held infrared massager does go a long way in helping iron out the cranks and aches. I would definitely look int this and share this knowledge with friends

    1. it would be best if you have an infrared massager on hand.  the infrared messager is very beneficial especially if your work is related to desk job since there is virtually no movement

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