How to Get Amethyst Lump Genshin Impact

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Welcome to this guide on how to obtain amethyst lump in Genshin Impact. Amethyst lumps are a valuable mineral that players can use to enhance their weapons and artifacts. They are a bit rare and difficult to obtain, but with the right approaches, you can farm them in no time. In this guide, we will outline various methods and tips on how to get amethyst lump in Genshin Impact. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these strategies will help you acquire this precious mineral and take your gameplay to the next level. Let’s get started!


Understanding Amethyst in Genshin Impact

Amethyst is a powerful crystal that has been used for centuries to promote healing and spiritual growth. In Genshin Impact, Amethyst Lump is an important crafting material that players can use to upgrade their weapons. Amethyst Lump is a rare resource that can be challenging to find, but with the right strategy, players can acquire it more easily.

Where to Find Amethyst Lump

Amethyst Lump can be found in the Liyue region of Teyvat. It is a rare resource that can be obtained through mining. It is essential to note that Amethyst Lump is not available in every mining spot in the game, making it even more challenging to obtain.

How to Mine Amethyst Lump

To mine Amethyst Lump, players need to use a pickaxe on the mining spots in the Liyue region. However, not every mining spot will have Amethyst Lump. Players need to pay attention to the color of the mining spot. The purple spots are the ones that have a higher chance of containing Amethyst Lump.

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Tips to Get Amethyst Lump

Now that you know where to find Amethyst Lump let’s look at some tips that can help you get more of this rare resource.

Tip 1: Explore Liyue Region

Exploring the Liyue region is the easiest way to acquire Amethyst Lump. Players should explore the region and visit different mining spots. It is essential to note that mining spots reset after some time. Therefore, players need to make sure they mine all the spots before they reset.

Tip 2: Use a Character with High Mining Ability

Using a character with a high mining ability can increase the chances of getting Amethyst Lump. Characters like Noelle and Ningguang have high mining abilities, making them a good choice for mining Amethyst Lump.

Tip 3: Use Resin

Players can also use Resin to get more Amethyst Lump. Resin is a resource that can be used to refresh the mining spots, allowing players to mine them again. Players can obtain Resin by completing daily quests or using Primogems to buy it from the shop.

Tip 4: Buy Amethyst Lump

Players can also buy Amethyst Lump from the Souvenir Shop in Liyue Harbor. However, this option is not recommended as it can be expensive, and players might need the Primogems for other essential resources.

Tip 5: Co-Op Mode

Another way to get Amethyst Lump is by playing in co-op mode. When playing with other players, each player can mine the same spot, which increases the chances of getting Amethyst Lump. However, players need to make sure to communicate with their team members and coordinate their mining efforts.

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FAQs for How to Get Amethyst Lump in Genshin Impact

What is an Amethyst Lump and where can I find it?

An Amethyst Lump is one of the many crafting materials present in Genshin Impact. It is purple-colored and is used to craft certain weapons and ascending characters. You can find Amethyst Lumps in many locations in the game, but the most common method of obtaining them is by mining them from certain ore deposits scattered across the game world.

How can I locate an ore deposit that contains Amethyst Lumps?

To find an ore deposit that contains Amethyst Lumps, you must first locate a mineable rock structure in any of the game’s regions. These are usually marked by a white circle on the map. Once you reach the rock, use your character’s attack to mine it. If you are able to obtain an Amethyst Lump, a notification will pop up on the screen. However, do note that the likelihood of finding an Amethyst Lump in a farming session is not always guaranteed.

Are there any additional methods to farm Amethyst Lumps?

Aside from mining, there is currently no other method to farm Amethyst Lumps in Genshin Impact. The only way to obtain them is by mining the ore deposits in the game. However, it is important to note that different types of ore deposits offer different types of ores, so it’s important to be aware of which type of ore deposit you are mining from.

Is there a certain character who is particularly good at farming Amethyst Lumps?

There is no specific character in Genshin Impact that excels in farming Amethyst Lumps, as the process of mining ore deposits is not influenced by any attribute of the character. However, using characters with elemental skills that can break stone structures quickly, like Klee, Diluc, Ningguang, and Razor, can help save time in farming sessions by clearing deposits more swiftly.

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What are some weapons that require Amethyst Lumps to craft?

Some of the weapons that require Amethyst Lumps to craft include Royal Spear, Deathmatch, Compound Bow, Sacrificial Bow, and Crescent Pike. Be aware that crafting these weapons requires a certain amount of Amethyst Lumps, as well as other materials, so farming sessions are necessary to acquire the necessary materials to craft them.

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