How Many Calories Does Red Light Therapy Burn?

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How Many Calories Does Red Light Therapy Burn?

before and after red light therapy results

A treatment program which requires minimal effort and cost while allowing you to work on your body to achieve the results you want, without breaking the bank.

Sounds great right. What is this latest development within the weight loss industry, with claims that it can burn weight fast and should you pursue the treatment as part of your weight loss routine?

What is Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a beauty treatment program which sees a multitude of uses from growing plants in space to treat skin damage and can even help you to lose weight without lifting a finger.

red light therapy at home

A red light is shone onto a patient within a target area, the patient relaxes while a treatment time is completed.

Unlike UV rays which are found within the daylight, red lights within the ultraviolet spectrum are concentrated onto a section of the body which may have damage or excess weight to encourage the body to accelerate a healing process.

UV light spectrum

While it may not supplement treatment from healthcare, it can help to enhance or aid non-essential treatments at a low cost and low effort ratio!

The technology was developed by NASA in the 1990s and was developed to allow astronauts to grow crops while on space stations at a faster rate and was also used to help them when they returned to Earth and needed to regenerate the strength within their legs.

infrared technology on plants

NASA used the treatment alongside their usual recovery process, they reported that the therapy helped to speed up the recovery duration.

Burn Burn Burn

Red light therapy is the latest fad in the weight loss industry with many companies claiming that you can lose weight simply by targeting a fatty area of your body (and a supplemental diet, of course).

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Some sites claim that you can cause your body to lose as much as 50% more fat, simply by adding a belt fitted with red lights.

One claims that the technology is able to stimulate the fat cells in your body to burn them faster while your body is recovering from a workout, as well as citing additional benefits such as getting healthier skin.

Another site claims that you can lose up to 2000 calories per session claiming that their product will burn calories while the user is able to relax. They repeatedly report how easy their products are and how effective they are.

None of the sites uses any scientific sources to back up their claims but there are people claiming that they have seen the benefits of using the treatment, however, there are sources saying that there are some benefits to reducing blemishes on the body and promoting healthier-looking skin within a few weeks of repeated treatment.

How Much Does It Cost?

skin firming device

Red light therapy equipment aimed specifically at weight loss is cheap at a cost of around 50 to 60ish for a small entry-level device which claims to have all the benefits of the information above.

This will be a small handheld device you hold against your body for a predetermined/recommended amount of time, this varies between manufacturer but ranges between 10 and 30 minutes per session.

Alternatively, beauty salons have started to offer service to customers willing to use their more expensive and high-quality equipment. This is a standard price of around 20 per 30 minutes of treatment (London, UK).

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This may vary based on location so it would be best to do some research before committing to a salon or own equipment.

You won?t find this at any public healthcare system due to the nonsensical and unproven nature of red-light therapy. Taking advantage of this treatment needs to be completed privately.


There are no risks directly related to red light theory with proper use. There can be some eye damage if a user looks directly into the bulb. Using eye protection while using red light therapy products around your eyes is a mandatory part of using the therapy correctly.

Users may report that their skin turns red or have minor irritation if they use red lights although this seems to be uncommon. Burns can be more severe if users spend consecutive hours under the light (sleeping duration), but normal 30 mins of usage is a safe and harmless process.

Red light therapy is a safe treatment cycle which most likely won?t harm you. If you have any allergies or conditions you think maybe a problem, consult a local beauty parlour or, preferably, your doctor who will be able to advise you on your options and if you can go ahead with the treatment.

Is it For You?

Is red light therapy right for you?

There are many differing opinions and observations available on the web, but there isn?t necessarily a conclusive argument for or against the concept as a whole. Here is some extra information to help you decide what to do.

Red light therapy is a cheap and efficient treatment which could help you get the results you want faster. Options allow you to take advantage of this treatment, whether you want to commit to specialist equipment or use equipment yourself in your own home.

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infrared therapy home treatment

If you are on the fence about red light therapy, trying out the treatment under the supervision of experienced beauty specialists would be the best option.

They will allow you to see how to use your own equipment efficiently (by association) and allow you to see results. You will be able to judge by your own discretion if you want to commit to the program or not.

There is no denying that the best way to lose weight is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise, this will naturally help you lose weight and tone your body in the most efficient way possible.

healthy diet regimen

Red-light therapy is yet to be proven to aid with weight loss, however, there are people claiming that it works. Unfortunately, they don?t tend to be scientific professionals, so their claims are up to interpretation.

If you have any questions about the treatment or if you want more information on the effectiveness of red light therapy, consult your doctor before committing your money to the treatment which could make your life goals quick and easy, all at an affordable price!


Does Infrared Light Therapy Work for Weight Reduction?

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