How Infrared Massager Works

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How Infrared Massager Works

infrared spectrum

Infrared light is very useful for people who are in some form of ailment especially: Chronic pain, arthritis, muscles stiffness, Joint related mobility issues.

Do you know that the sun naturally radiates infrared to your skin every day when you are walking on a sunny day? The sun radiation consists of visible light with wavelengths between 0.4 to 0.8 um ( micrometer ), ultraviolet light shorter than 0.4 um and infrared radiation which is longer than 0.8 um.

Fortunately, the ultraviolet light consists of only 5% of the three components of sunlight which I mentioned above. That’s way too much sunlight is also bad for you because it will cause sunburn, tanning, premature aging, and eye damage.

Did you notice that there are some truck drivers that are exposed to only one side of the face and during his driving tenure you will observe that a part of his face is badly photo aged.

photo aged skin

Infrared light which is between 400 nm to 800 nm is very beneficial to health.

It penetrates deep inside the skin and bones and what it does is it promotes the much-needed blood circulation. It goes deep around 6 inches to 8 inches to promote tissue healing. What the heat does is that the blood vessels dilate promoting the free flow of blood for deep healing and relieving pain.

What does the infrared light when it reaches the skin feel like?

infrared light heat on skin

When the infrared light hits the skin surface it the heat that people feel when exposed to the sun. Infrared radiation goes to the inner skin about 6 to 8 inches deep.

The good thing about the infrared heat is that you do not need to go out of the sun anymore if you have for example an infrared heat mattress minus the harmful UV rays of too much exposure to the sun.

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infrared mat

Infrared therapy is safe and there are virtually no side effects, in fact, it is even used in the medical neonatal intensive care in the hospitals.

Infrared therapy is also shown to help in cardiovascular problems in patients. It is shown that when infrared radiation is applied it increases the nitric oxide production.

What is Nitric oxide?

Nitric oxide is produced by the cells of the human body. This is very important for blood vessels healthy. With this nitric oxide, its job is to relax the inner muscles of the blood vessel which will cause the blood vessels to expand. In short, nitric oxide increases the blood flow and ultimately lowers the blood pressure.

So why do you need nitric oxide from infrared radiation?

In order for healthy blood vessels, nitric oxide is needed. It battles free radicals to reduce the oxidative stress which prevents the platelet accumulation in the blood vessels. It is the natural blood pressure regulator factor that our body needs.

So nitric oxide acts as a catalyst for normal blood circulation to deliver added oxygen and vital nutrients to the body tissues relieving pain, inflammation and injuries.

If you have problems with nerves on your foot, arms, legs or certain areas that you always feel twitching infrared therapy will come into play without the need for surgery. Some doctors even with the mild nerve problems will advise a surgery which is time-consuming and unnecessary.

I myself have my trusty infrared mattress where I sleep and never have major health issues.

infrared mat on chair

infrared mattress on bed for sleeping

The infrared massager is very useful after vigorous physical activity. This is true especially if you have sore muscles. There are a lot of people who go to the gym and have an infrared massager for post-workout recovery.

infrared massager

Why do you need an Infrared Massager?

Infrared heat massager works locally target to the main problem. It penetrates on a specific point. The infrared light penetrates deep into the skin about 6 to 8 inches and brings benefit to the injured tissue.

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This is good to know that it is noninvasive and can be used as often as you need it.

It can bring benefit to the injured tissue because it functions in two major factors.

1st factor – as mentioned above, it increases the nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is much-needed by the blood vessels. It makes the blood vessels relax and widen so that there will be free flow normal blood pressure to reach the damaged tissue for healing.

2nd factor – everyone inherently knows that regular visits to a massage therapist relieve inflammation, pain, and problems associated with mobility. Muscle stiffness and spasms will go eventually be treated.

What are some benefits of infrared therapy?


Regular use of infrared radiation is shown to reduce blood sugar. Infrared can help you get rid of expenses unnecessary medications.

Here is a story in research made in Diabetic foot ulcer. There was a clinical trial done on 50 patients in a hospital in Iran. The result was incorporating the infrared heat would drastically reduce the healing time on a diabetic foot ulcer.

Cardiovascular Health

People who regularly visit the traditional sauna reduces the plaque and fatty build up on the arteries. There was a study made in infrared radiation on cardiovascular heart problems on patients and this was the result taken from the study.

Evidence has indicated that FIR rays exert protective effects on CVD. Several weeks of sauna therapy markedly enhanced flow-mediated endothelium-dependent dilation of the brachial artery (P?<?0.001)”

The above quote has been taken from Far-infrared therapy for cardiovascular, autoimmune, and other chronic health problems.

This shows that people who have cardiovascular issues can benefit greatly from infrared radiation.

Blood Circulation

blood vessel

When you regularly utilize the infrared radiation in maintaining your health then there will be better oxygen levels to your body tissues and good blood circulation.

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The infrared light goes deep into your skin, body tissues and muscles where it produces nitric oxide. Blood vessels expand and widen where you will have normal blood pressure.


When there is pain and muscle stiffness people normally go to a traditional masseur. Of course, there are benefits produced when you go for a traditional massage.

The problem is that regular massage cannot get deep into the joints especially if it is inflamed.

The best therapy is the infrared massager. You can use a hand this tool to your masseuse or do it yourself and using the infrared massage will definitely relieve the injured joints and people who have lingering arthritis pain.

Healing Duration

Regular use of Infrared radiation will bring about new connective tissues on inflamed tissues. The infrared radiation is considered already to be alternative medicine. Far Infrared exposure had a better healing rate with increased blood circulation.

Chronic Depression

Infrared radiation could also help heal chronic depression and anxiety. There are studies that spending even short periods on infrared light There was a study conducted in Massachusetts General Hospital that infrared light therapy has been very helpful in increasing the brain activity which may help people with anxiety and chronic depression.

Perspective on Infrared Massager function

It is found to be a very effective way of reducing pain and relieve a wide range of ailments. It proves that infrared radiation is safe and effective. There are a lot of benefits when using this technology and with the regular use of infrared radiation, it will definitely restore the affected body part.

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