Does led light therapy really work?

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Does led light therapy really work?

led light therapy panels

So, you may have heard about the amazing benefits of red-light therapy and you are wondering whether or not does red light therapy work for anti-aging purposes.

NASA had the same question in mind back in the 1990s and researched the beneficial aspect of led light therapy.

They managed to scientifically prove that specific wavelengths of red light delivered via light emitting diodes or LEDs can aid in several health issues, including fighting aging signs and also cancer!

Yes NASA made research on treating cancer, wounds, wrinkles and anti-aging and it works!

Hence, led lights work for anti-aging
treatment purposes, as they represent a natural, non-invasive method of treatment.

Top led light therapy products on the market

#1 iRestore laser hair growth system

iRestore Hair Therapy

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The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System represents an FDA-approved laser hair therapy system that can be used by both men and women who experience androgenic alopecia.

This device says it can boost hair growth in men aged between 18 and 48 and women between 18 and 60. It was clinically proven that this laser technology to treat hair loss is effective, as the majority of participants to the study experienced a significant improvement in both their hair growth and thickness after constant usage of the device for 6 months.

It is easy to use, comfortable and lightweight, making it the safest non-invasive way to stimulate hair follicles, to aid in growing thicker hair without any negative side effects.

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#2 Pulsaderm red led

pulsaderm for wrinkles

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And if you are asking yourself whether or not it is red light therapy good for skin, check out the Pulsaderm Red Led.

It is a device that can better your skin`s texture in 3 to 7 weeks of regular usage. In addition, it diminishes fine lines and wrinkles due to the fact that it boosts collagen production.

If used for around 3 minutes daily, Pulsaderm can offer you a youthful looking skin. It is an FDA-approved device that uses light at a wavelength of 650nm. So, if you are looking for an anti-wrinkle, skin firming product, Pulsaderm can be your at home anti-aging therapy.

#3 LightStim for Wrinkles

lightstim for wrinkles

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Does red light therapy tighten skin?

Well, the LightStim for wrinkles is the best answer for this question. Being an award-winning device, it was proven to be effective in tightening skin and diminishing wrinkles and fine lines in no more than eight weeks of daily usage.

It is an FDA-approved led light therapy machine popular and recommended by spa professionals and dermatologists. It is best to use this device before bed on cleaned skin. It will prepare your skin cells for the process of recovery that occurs when you sleep, which will get you a youthful looking complexion when you wake up.

Also, dermatologists agree the LightStim for Wrinkles has other benefits, such as being effective in killing bacteria and diminishing inflammation. This can be great for those that experience recurrent skin outbursts and need to keep their complexion as clean as possible.

#4 Norlanya photon therapy

norlanya phototherapy for face

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The Norlanya Photon Therapy facial skincare treatment machine comes with yellow and blue LEDs, along with red lights to boost the therapeutic effect of this machine. It has an interesting design with foldable panels that open wide enough, being suitable to treat the face and neck at the same time.

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This photon therapy for skin is recommended if you want to address issues such as acne, hyperpigmentation or better the elasticity of the skin. Keep in mind that you can use one color at a time for around 20 minutes.

So, if you are looking for a high-end photon therapy at home, this device might be the perfect choice for you, as it comes with all the beneficial aspects you might get from a salon therapy device.

Does red light therapy really helps sagging skin?

before and after light therapy treatment

So, the top 4 led light therapy machines
above seem to offer anything you might want from an at-home therapy device. Yet you might still wonder if it is really effective for treating sagging skin.

The secret of the effectiveness of led light therapy for skin comes from the fact that it supports the core processes of the skin cells.

This offers immediate results and benefits, that can last for a long period of time after the device was used. It is especially beneficial when it comes to treating sagging skin at home, as it balances the collagen production and it promotes cells regeneration.

If we have too little or too much collagen in our bodies, the skin can experience periods of recurrent inflammation or stress, which prevents cells from developing. When this happens, wrinkles appear or even scar tissue. This is the main reason why led light therapy really aids in dealing with sagging skin.

Is red light therapy safe?

Led light therapy machines are considered to be safe, as the LEDs do not feature ultraviolet rays. Also, it does not cause burns, like it is the case with other anti-aging treatments such as chemical peels or dermabrasion. Side effects are scarce, but in some situations after the first utilization of the machine, you might experience temporary redness or rashes.

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Led Light Machines are a cost-effective anti-aging treatment at home

Home LED kits can cost around 250$, making them cost effective when compared to the fact that one session of Led Light therapy at a spa can go up to 85$.

Also, for a spa session you will have to repeat the procedure once a week for around 10 weeks, which adds up to the price.

Led light machines for at-home anti-aging treatments are easy to use at all times, making them the best alternative to the expensive spa sessions.

They can better your complexion and diminish any existing problems, but you will have to use the device constantly to benefit from such results.

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