Do Infrared Massagers Work

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Do Infrared Massagers Work?

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First of all, we have to delve into this topic on the definition of an infrared massager. What is an Infrared massager? This is a technology that combines both deep muscle and infrared light therapy.

Benefits of Deep Muscle Massage

We are all familiar with the benefits of deep muscle massage. This can be compared to the Swedish massage but this method of massage has more pressure applied to the affected area.

The purpose of deep muscle massage is to concentrate its efforts to go deep into the muscle tissue so that there will be increased blood circulation to allow it to heal and relieve stiffness.

There are many benefits when you go to a deep muscle massage session, people normally have tremendous reduction pain especially those who suffer chronic back pain.

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Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy

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Let me explain first what is infrared light? Infrared light or Infrared Radiation is electromagnetic radiation which has longer wavelengths compared to visible light. The infrared light is invisible to the human eye.

Infrared light therapy uses low-level wavelengths of light to heal scars, wrinkles and skin problems. The infrared light is considered to be therapeutic and when it enters thru the skin it boosts energy production and regeneration.

There are numerous clinical studies that red light therapy eliminates fat and helps with weight maintenance. Red light therapy has been shown to control cellulite loss, fat breakdown and obesity management.

With the regular use of infrared light therapy applied on the skin, it will rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles, and boosts collagen.

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Benefits of infrared deep tissue massager?

Benefits of the combination of deep massage and infrared light therapy will result into the desired outcome by relaxing your stiff muscles and infrared light penetrates deep into your tissues which will improve your blood circulation, detoxification, enhance tissue repair.

The infrared massager, if it is equipped with an ultrasonic function, will try to breakdown the stubborn fats under the skin layer which will aid in achieving your desired weight goal.

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Infrared stimulate the blood circulation underneath the skin layer and the fat deposits are destroyed and it goes into the elimination process. When infrared heat goes thru the skin it raises the temperature and dilates the blood vessels so that there will be improved blood circulation.

There are actually numerous benefits in using infrared technology:

The infrared heat raises the temperature to around 42 Celsius or 107.6 Fahrenheit. It is very essential to healing because the infrared goes deep penetration about 6 to 8 inches under the skin and this will cause the underlying blood vessels to dilate help clear blocked arteries when using this on a regular basis.

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Do you know that infrared technology has been used in Japan for centuries? Ganbanyuko is a Japanese term for a hot stone spa. The floor is constructed with a large slab of black silica stone and heated. The method of this technology is that the black silica is heated and the person lies down for a session of around 90 minutes.

Why did I mention that Ganbanyuko in a way is comparable to an infrared massager? Black silica is a natural remedy for injury treatment and pain killer. Black silica produces far infrared rays and negative ions.

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Alleviates Joint Pain and Stiffness

Infrared can alleviate many problems with musculoskeletal problems such as sprains, muscle spasms, stiffness in joints. Using the infrared massager will truly solve this problem.

Improves Circulation and Cardiovascular Health

Infrared heat penetrates deep which will warm the blood and expands the capillaries and blood vessels which will greatly improve the blood circulation. If there is an impaired capillary surrounding the affected area the infrared will help in expanding the vessels with regular use and improved circulation will be achieved.

Improves Detoxification

It has been shown that the infrared light is able to detox heavy metals, cholesterol and carcinogenic substances in the body.

The best session when using the infrared temperature needs to be set to around 78 Celsius or 158 Fahrenheit and the duration for an achievable beneficial session is recommended to be around 45 minutes a to1 hour.

The water molecules in your body gradually collects the toxins overtime when exposing to everyday pollution and intake of unhealthy food that contains chlorine, lead, and mercury. When using the infrared on the body it will cause the water molecules to vibrate and destroy the ionic bonds thus the toxins inside the water molecule breakdown.

Improves Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body. When infrared therapy is introduced to the skin it raises the temperature. During a recommended 45 minutes to 60 minutes under an infrared therapy session, you come out profusely sweating and the result is improved blood circulation.

Side effect when using this on a regular basis will have a glowing glistening of the skin. Infrared can be compared also to a Hot Yoga session.

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Relieves Chronic Pain and Inflammation

There was a study on forty patients which chronic back pain for over six years. The group was treated with infrared on a wavelength at 800 nm to 1200 nm wavelength. The study concluded that infrared is effective in reducing chronic back pain and there were no observed side effects.

Infrared radiation promotes blood circulation and will improve one’s immune system. Improved blood circulation will reduce inflammation drastically. There was another study on the infrared’s help in alleviating inflammation.

Weight Loss

Infrared treatment session of around 45 minutes to 1 hour is equivalent to a 45 minutes walk. In this scenario when the body is sweating profusely via infrared heat session there is increased blood circulation. It will carry away metabolic wastes and toxins via sweat.

Red light therapy reduces fat and helps with fat loss management. Infrared stimulates the cellular energy production which makes your body run more efficiently. In other words, red light therapy helps in assisting in eliminating fat.

Infrared have been seen in many clinical trials and this is a good solution alternative as a non-invasive surgery.

I have comprehensive reviews on top infrared slimming massagers and this might be of help in achieving your goal.

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